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Review #1, by hogwartsheirWho I Am: Chapter 3

19th December 2010:
I am in love with this story. update ASAP

Author's Response: Thank you!! I will, the next chapter is done, it's just a matter of posting!:)

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Review #2, by hogwartsheirAll Your Pretty Little Lies: All Your Pretty Little Lies

23rd November 2010:
That was absolutely fantastic! I loved it!!!

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Review #3, by hogwartsheirJust a Dream...: The Dream

15th August 2009:
awe i like this it's good

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. :)


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Review #4, by hogwartsheirJames and the Giant Storm: Parenthood

6th August 2009:
awe this is so cute!!! I love it!!

Author's Response: It's nice to hear that people like (even love!) this one. =] Thanks for the review!


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Review #5, by hogwartsheirPadfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

4th July 2009:
awe this is so cute and funny. I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you I am gkad you loved it.

Thank you for the review :)

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Review #6, by hogwartsheirUntitled Cedric/You story: Chapter Five

11th June 2008:
I was so sad i thought that you abandoned it. But now i'm thrilled that you're writing again!

Author's Response: I know and I apologize majorly for making you all think that *I'm sure youre not the only one*. I just couldnt get myself into writing it. I cant say it was writer's block because the basic storyline is already written for me in GOF, I just need to think about what could happen on Cedric's side. I am getting back into writing this again. Now, I am just going to jump between HP and Twilight *my latest obsession*.

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Review #7, by hogwartsheirDecember's Frost.: Death's First Calling

9th June 2008:
It's absolutely addicting update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. I have plans to update it soon so it really all just depends on how long it takes validate.
Once more, thank you.

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Review #8, by hogwartsheirAbnormal Magic: Stealing

9th June 2008:
OMG i love it, you must update

Author's Response: I will, but I have decided on switching off between the rose/ scorpius story every and this, so it shall be updated about every other week.

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Review #9, by hogwartsheir:

9th June 2008:
awesome job... interesting pairing but interesting is what makes this site so great

Author's Response: there is going to be more than just this pairing so just keep reading.

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Review #10, by hogwartsheirThe Lost Hero: Who am I?

21st February 2008:
It's Awesome completely awesome

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Review #11, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 11

20th February 2008:

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #12, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 10

7th December 2007:
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG u betta rite more itz amazing but i want vinnie to become friends with them again! PLEZ RITE MORE! PLEZ.

Author's Response: haha, I should get on that right now. Thanks for reading :) I promise an updates coming, I just don't know how long its gonna be.

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Review #13, by hogwartsheirGirl Meets Boy: Horrid apologies

8th November 2007:
hey its i noe u asked for a banner but checkur e-mails and go to the site i told you about to get a banner ok? Good story by the way!

Author's Response: Oh thanks!! yay hopefully i can get one up!!

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Review #14, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 9

22nd October 2007:
OMG write more! what happened with oliver wats his problem. write more asap!

Author's Response: haha no worries, I'm writing, slowly but surely. School is a pain, but I'm writing as much as I can. I'm updating uber soon :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 8

28th September 2007:
whats up with Oliver? Write more ASAP I luv it :) :) :) :)

Author's Response: updates coming soon :) thanks for reviewing.

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Review #16, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 7

4th September 2007:
its really good

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #17, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 6

29th August 2007:
that was really good i nearly cired about Satine and Neville Keep up the good work !

Author's Response: wow, thanks! I'm sorry you almost cried haha.

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Review #18, by hogwartsheirWitches, Wizards, and.... VAMPIRES?: Alexa's Beginning

29th August 2007:
great job :)

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Review #19, by hogwartsheirA New Beginning: A First Class Ticket To... Your First Class

22nd August 2007:
good job :)

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #20, by hogwartsheirThe Angels and The Marauders: Leanne's Revenge

13th August 2007:
totally kewl story if ur in need of a banner ic could make one for you just anser the relpy and i'll make it but tell which characters and stuff to use. (aslo tell if and/or how you want it animated (if you want it animated)) kk :)

Author's Response: Thank you soo much, but i've already got a banner waiting for me to use, but i'm having trouble getting into my e-mail account, so if i still can't get into it by about a week, I would love you to make me one. I will contact you and you could send it 2 my myspace account. Thanks 4 reviewing!

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Review #21, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 5

13th August 2007:
great job rite more right away :)

Author's Response: I'm on it :)

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Review #22, by hogwartsheirA New Beginning: The Train to Where?

13th August 2007:
great job

Author's Response: Thank you soooo much!!!! Danielle, you rock and your stories rock and this website rocks!! =] haha. rockin.

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Review #23, by hogwartsheirThe Edge of Forever: On the edge of forever

11th August 2007:
omg awesome

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Review #24, by hogwartsheirCharlene Weasley: "I have 5 siblings" "No dear you have 7'

10th August 2007:
it's quite good i really enjoyed it:) However you kinda rushed it a little bit. BUT it was a really good chapter and it kept me interested :)

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Review #25, by hogwartsheirJust To Love: Chapter 4

5th August 2007:
it's so good

Author's Response: why thank you!

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