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Review #1, by LaurenTHide & Seek: Commiting to Her Heart

30th May 2008:
well done!! that was brilliant... although now I really need something more...!!!

Author's Response: Haha thanks, hey Lauren would you like to be my beta reader???

send me an email on

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Review #2, by LaurenTHide & Seek: Late

30th May 2008:
"so even the Hufflepuff table could here him."---> hear
"Walking back to the Head commen room"---> common room

Author's Response: Thank you once again :D

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Review #3, by LaurenTHide & Seek: Some things never change

30th May 2008:
"defiantly"-> definitely... like finite... except definite-ly
"Well were living and working together now"---> we're... or we are... not were...
sorry that my first review was a "fix ur spelling" type one...

okay well here's the deal... i'm a review at the end type person because I hate reviewing and then seeing it all totally contradicted in the next chapter...

Unless of course spelling or grammar really irritates me- i'm a bit ocd on that count- then i will write before then...
a little update though, it started off well!!

Author's Response: Yes yes belive me I know all about my mistakes, I tend to write them and update as quick as possible so my readers won't have to wait so long.
thank you though. xx

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Review #4, by LaurenT:

24th May 2008:
Don't take this the wrong way or be offended or anything, but have you put this entire story through an online english translator? it just seems that the words are out of place, like if you did... sorry if you haven't...

Author's Response: No I haven't and it's okay, my grammer and spelling isn't all that good. but thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by LaurenTA Strange Puzzle: Mirrored Magic

24th May 2008:
oh i get it... okay in that case, ignore all my previous reviews

Author's Response: xD! I couldn't ignore them!! Thank you for every one of them!! ^_^

Is it still in the inclining to 'liking' side? Guess I have to wait and watch! Thank you :)

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Review #6, by LaurenTA Strange Puzzle: The Inferi

24th May 2008:
unless of course the happy with one friend dead quote was supposed to hint about his change of sides... then of course keep it the same.
Lol it took me this long to realise it though...
Still deciding, but an update, I am leaning towards liking it more in this chapter =P

Author's Response: Hey-a! No, I'd be faking if I said that that was what I intended...but now that you say it, maybe I'll keep it that way ;)

YAY for the liking!! ^_^

Thank you SO much for sticking by!!

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Review #7, by LaurenTA Strange Puzzle: Dead beloved

24th May 2008:
Sorry that my first feedback has to be negative

the line- "I’m happy with one dead friend,"
it sorta doesn't work... I know what you mean but it comes out the wrong way... it should be something more like "I have one dead friend already, i dont want anymore"

just coz its out of place with his apparent sadness

I haven't read enough to get an opinion of the story, so i'll check in with you later, probably at the end

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for the pointer ^_^ Constructive criticism is what am looking for and am glad you could help!! I'm getting the chapters edited...and soon, I'm sure all my chapters will be as vibrant as I want them to be!

Thank you :)

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Review #8, by LaurenTA Love Story: Our Perfect Family

21st May 2008:
i do, i do!! c'mon next one plz!!

Author's Response: haha.. yes yes...

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Review #9, by LaurenTHello, Stranger: Chapter 17: Discovery

21st May 2008:
Hi, I'm the sort of person that prefers to review right at the end of the story, when I have had the chance to read everything there is.
Firstly, Tom Riddle was 16 in the diary preserved form.

Can I just say that I really like this story. You have the right amount of believeable character interactions coupled with that softer Malfoy that so many others have butchered.

There are very few (if any) grammar and spelling mistakes, which I thank you for, because a story with spelling and grammar problems is very difficult to get in to.

I like your original ideas for having harry, ron and hermione go back to Hougwarts... I would happily read this story as the actual 7th Harry Potter book.

I am a very big Draco/Hermione fan, and I especially like that you haven't gone totally cliche with the relationship between them because often that is all too unrealistic.

I enjoy the storyline, it is very interesting, with plenty of twists and turns to keep us all wanting more. I especially liked the idea of tying Draco to the Order with the unbreakable vow, I haven't seen that before.

This is the first HPFF that i've read in a good year and a half, so thanks for making it an enjoyable read =)

Finally, better keep posting more chapters coz I'm dying to know what happens next!!

Author's Response: Wow. What an amazing review.

Okay. So I messed up Riddle's age in that chapter, I think I was ten years off. I have to remember to fix that sometime. Thank you, though.

I love that you think the characters and their actions are believable. That's really reassuring.

And yes, I know what you mean about spelling and grammar. I know that that is usually someone's first impression of a story, and I had to have mistakes. So that's good.

Originality is pretty important to me. It's sometimes hard to find the line between inspiration and plaigarism (spelled that wrong, probably). I just have to say that _Kreacher_ gave me the idea of giving Hermione an alias and disguise. So thank you, _Kreacher_! But other than that idea, I make everything my own. :)

What I find interesting is that people actually enjoy reading the random stuff that I pull out of my mind. It all really depends on the time of day and stray thoughts that are floating around in there at certain times. I swear, this story would be totally different if I wrote certain chapters on different days. I think I'm probably confusing you.... Anyway, I think that the Unbreakable Vow made Draco's joining the Order way more believable. It was only practical that McGonagall do that after he knew so much. Like I said, though, I can't believe any of this story fits together because most of it is total randomness.

Again, thanks for the great review! Reviews like these really boost my confidence. :)

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Review #10, by LaurenTHate, Prejudice and Secret Intentions: Nightmare Game, Part Two

12th December 2007:
oooh good, its not over yet :D

that was great! slytherins and gryffindors working together... genius!

Author's Response: Heh, this just made me smile. Thank you, LaurenT. ^_^ Makes me feel all Chirstmasy.

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Review #11, by LaurenTHate, Prejudice and Secret Intentions: Nightmare Game, Part One

12th December 2007:
wow! that was... wow
who'd have thought the story would end up like this...

yes, im still here :P hehe
that was an amazing chapter... can't believe its nearly over! i don't want to read the next 1 coz then it'll really be over :'(

Author's Response: Oh, *huggles*. I'm so glad you're back. And you already noticed that it's not the end yet. ^_^ Yes, I have too many ideas in my head still. Must get it all out. Thank you, dear. I always wait for you to review. ^_^ Makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Hih!

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Review #12, by LaurenTWhen the Sun sets: Chapter Two: Discovering

26th November 2007:
awww its over! just as i was starting to get into it

Author's Response: I know! I read it myself on word, and I was like wow! this goes by really fast... but the next chapter is almost out, I just have 2 type it! :P


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Review #13, by LaurenTWhen the Sun sets: Chapter One: Meetings

26th November 2007:
my head hurts from crying... but that was last chapter... not this one

Author's Response: Aww! I'm sorry! (I'm sorry 4 saying I'm sorry, but I apologize a LOT, even 4 stuff I didn't do...)


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Review #14, by LaurenTWhen the Sun sets: Prologue

26th November 2007:
you have managed to do what none of these M angst fics have done today, made me cry. I really need to cry, so thankyou

Author's Response: Um.... You're Welcome? I'm sorry for making u cry, but if u needed it...


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Review #15, by LaurenTThe Scorpions Kiss: Butterflies

12th October 2007:
oooh i like!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by LaurenTMagic Works: Magic Works

9th September 2007:
lovely! Warm and fuzzy feelings

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Review #17, by LaurenT:

3rd September 2007:
tis really short!!!

Author's Response: i know, sorry - big chappie coming up

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Review #18, by LaurenTTruth Be Told: Truth Be Told: Part One

21st August 2007:
aw! so sad!! poor little Scorpius!

Author's Response: Haha, I know, but his lot will get better :)

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Review #19, by LaurenTA Scorpion's Rose: Chapter I

21st August 2007:
nice start! update soon!

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Review #20, by LaurenTApples, Oranges, and the Trees They Fall From: Apples, Oranges, and the Trees They Fall From

20th August 2007:
awww! I wanted to see what she wrote!

This is great, all the Rose/Scorpius fics that stemmed from the 7th book are all really great! A fresh take on the old Draco/Hermione!
Good Job!

Author's Response: I was going to put in more of her letter, but I thought that if I did, I would probably end up killing it. XD I'm definitely loving Scorpius/Rose, though, and I'm glad that you liked this story!

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Review #21, by LaurenTThe Scorpion and the Rose: Chapter 1

20th August 2007:
hah I bet its James... okay, well "sence" is spelt sense. Doesn't Scorpius have blonde hair like his dad?
good start! and variation having both Albus and Rose in Slytherin. I've not seen that yet :)

Author's Response: scorpius i decided would take some traits from his mom....
Thank you! i hate how they are always were you would expect them to be!

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Review #22, by LaurenTAlbus Potter And Hogwarts: The Hogwarts Express

20th August 2007:
good first chapter! has alot of promise.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'll have the second chapter up soon, but first I have to wait for another story to get validated

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Review #23, by LaurenTA New Generation: Start-of-Term Feast

16th August 2007:
it's brilliant!

Author's Response: thanks. i'm really glad you like it.

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Review #24, by LaurenTThe Unknown Secrets: Chapter 1-The Meeting

3rd August 2007:
lol tis good so far... just needs some more :) good potential

Author's Response: im glad you like it. i kno i get it alot that my chapters are too short, but im trying to work on it!! im glad you think it has potential. and thanks for not heckling me about having Scorpius laugh after being socked. no one gets the fact that its out of

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Review #25, by LaurenTThe Tales and Strifes of Albus Potter: Chapter Two: Scorpius Malfoy

3rd August 2007:
oh poor Rosie!!! :'(

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