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Review #1, by NeuroticNutThe Spaces In-between: Spaces

13th November 2007:
Hok. I loved it. It's was so... how should I put it... I can't! I've decided I can't put into words. But the idea for the obsession thing is great! It's so cute, and funny, and cute, and funny... did I mention cute? What about funny?

Anyway. I loved it. You have some tense errors though. Fix them and it would be perfect!

Author's Response: No, you didn't mention cute or funny. Hehe. But I think I get the picture.

THANK YOU!! Hehe. I feel much more cheerful now after bombing my Science test. Much more giddy.

Urgh... I hate tense. Past tense, present tense... basically any kind of tense. I'll look over it soon and hopefully find what you spotted. Thanks for catching that.

You rule!

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Review #2, by NeuroticNutMail: The First and the Last

10th November 2007:
I love the movie, so, naturally, I like the story.

But I'm sad to say that you have several errors, not in plot, but with grammar, spelling and such.

Author's Response: Oh thanks!

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Review #3, by NeuroticNutThe Horrible World of Disney and the Even Worse World of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Horrible World of Disney and the Worse World of Witchcraft and Wizardry

18th August 2007:
It's almost funny the way he goes, "OH NOS!" I've posted another one-shot if you'd like to read it! I love your reviews!

Author's Response: OMG!!! *does the really happy dance* OF COURSE I'M GOING TO READ IT!!! Your like one of my fave authors. :) :) :)


Oh, and thanks for the review! :)

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Review #4, by NeuroticNutHost Club Dilemma: Caught

19th July 2007:
Heeheehee! I LOVE the Ouran Highschool Host Club! *adores* Hermioen and ginny aare going to have a fit when they discover where Harry found himself. Update!

Author's Response: Yes, I'll update very soon, hopefully. I just need to tweak a few more paragraphs and I'm all set.

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Review #5, by NeuroticNutWagers in Love: Couch Flying and Clown Faces

28th April 2007:
Alright, I figure I have to be here. It's good. And barely worth the wait. But good. I like that they had to shrink Pansy's stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm sorry it took so long. But hey, I am answering my reviews :) hehe. And I really, truely am sorry for the whole blowout thing. Adios amiga,


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Review #6, by NeuroticNutHogwarts Sanitarium: Mental Getaway

21st April 2007:
YAY!!! UPDATED!!! I almost forgot to check this story, but I'm glad I did! You shoul ddo it more often. Update, I mean. I love this story. *is having issues typing correctly right now, sorry* *must stop* *cries at the idea*

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Review #7, by NeuroticNutUnscathed: chapter 2

20th March 2007:
Ok, hi, me again.

It was better in the beginning of this chapter then the previous chapter was throughout. But the good-ness tapered off very quickly...

1. Godric's Hollow does not, nor ever did, belong to the Potters. It belongs to Sirius, plain and simple.

2. Sirius wouldn't give Draco tp his mother. He wouldn't give anything to his mother, she hates him!! He's a blood traitor!

3. Two words: Dialogue Tags.
- Try them, they won't bite, honest! I used to have a problem with them, but I'm better now, thank god. But really, give them a shot. ;)

Author's Response: i'm just going to reply to your numbered points
1.i completely forgot that sirius owned godrics hollow(its what you get for reading the books at 1 in the morning

2.Sirius' mum is dead in this.i was referring to her portait and i can't remember what he saying about his mother but it was probs sarchastic

3. dialogue tags?huh. never heard of em!no wonder my friends think i'm a tad slow!
thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #8, by NeuroticNutUnscathed: James Potter:the man who lived

20th March 2007:
Ok... ummm. do you really want me to review? Yes? Well, ok... now, remember, I'm being honest but NOT MEAN. This was written horribly. The plot line that's unfolding is great, but just poorly portrayed. You need much more description and detail. Also something in between all of the speech.

Ok, you asked for it remember that. A bit sugar-coated, but needed I expect. I would re-write it and have someone beta it. Feel free to somehow send it to me and I'll insert notes concerning the problems or funki-ness that I see.

Man, that sounded stuck-up... I'm not saying that I'm a better writer then you... it's just, I've read a lot of stuff by better writers then you. Much better. Try my friend's stories. Her name is whocares. She's great.

Good plot!

Author's Response: don't worry i'm glad that people give me reviews with constructive criticism!they really help.thanks!i'd love to dsend it to you!whats your email address?i will totally work on what you said,i would actually love it if you would review my other story as i would like your opinion on it.
ps that was my first ever chapter so i was a tad inexperienced

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Review #9, by NeuroticNutFragments: Rewards

20th March 2007:
Some errors. Minor mostly except that Harry was not old enough at this point to be able to talk. At all. But other then that, it's good! :) And you need to delete all the extra spaces between paragraphs.

By the way, thanks for telling me that you had written another one-shot. Perhaps you didn't want a review. Let alone a read.

Author's Response: Well SORRRY didn't know i had to tell you everything i do. :P

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Review #10, by NeuroticNutSnow in Winter: Snow in Winter

5th March 2007:
AW! FLUFFINESS-NESS!!! Yay! We all love it. And we know it. I get the novel comment now. Oh and I haven't heard your idea for the next one-shot... which I DO want to know!!! I'll beta it if you want, you know I like reading your stuff before everyone else does. ;)

Author's Response: Fluffel-y-y! lol, yeah... I know you enjoy rading my stuff before the general public, but I just don't know if I can allow you the privilage any longer... Naw, who am I kidding? I need your input! And desperately, too! I thought I had already told you about the sedond one though... hunh. Weird. Thanks for the reveiw, chica! *muah*

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Review #11, by NeuroticNutBlast into the Past: meeting THE Slytherin King

28th February 2007:
*is reviewing*

Nice, good plot, good dialogue, little else though. *pointed look*

Author's Response: i know! but hopefully it'll get better! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by NeuroticNutBlast into the Past: The problem with floo powder

28th February 2007:
Hi, I don't knwo if you remember me, but I'm 1/4 of ASF4. I'm reading your stuff, I would assume that you don't mind a bit. So now, on to any critique I may have...

You need to go back and delete all the extras spacing in between everything. It's wide apart and I had to constantly scroll. I know it's not your fault, that's why I never said so. :D I liked Hermione's last thought!

Author's Response: hey NeuroticNut, i know who you are! anyway thanks for the info, i didn't realise *oops!* and yeah, i like hermione's thought to! thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by NeuroticNutWagers in Love: A Reunion of Sorts

28th February 2007:
NAH-HAA!!! SEE, I REVIEWED! Ok, I'm done yelling. Macy seems mean to Cora. And here I thought they were friends. Whatever. Yay chapter 4 *spins noisemaker lazily*... ... ... I wish they would hurry up and validate chapter 5.

Author's Response: Oh, the enthusiasm that radiates from you is infectious... *snores*. Macy isn't really her friend, she's Gloria's friend and Gloria takes pity on Cora... sort of. I guess. Cora doesn't have any real good friends, as is apparent. Validation takes a while, you have to be patient, m'dear! Yeesh!

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Review #14, by NeuroticNutWagers in Love: Bickering Girls and Hard Pinches

10th February 2007:
Oh, wow. I still find this terribly clishe.

Author's Response: That's because I didn't change it. :)

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Review #15, by NeuroticNutCarnival Town: Carnival Town

5th February 2007:
AW!1 IT'S SO SAD! But sweet at the same time. ;) I've already read it, you know I like it. And your wish for another read has been granted.

Author's Response: Yay! You know, I was just complaining. I didn't expect you to actually go and review! lol. But I love you for it! *huggles* Estoy muy feliz, porque te gusta mi cuenta (??) whatever. I don't actually speak spanish, so... yeah. Thanks!!

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Review #16, by NeuroticNutWagers in Love: Placing Wagers

1st February 2007:
Hello! The spaces in between the paragraphs are there, but I'll go fix it soon. Not bad. A little surprised that it's up suddenly, I don't remember ok-ing it for posting. Not that I wouldn't have, just nice to be asked, you know? BUT YAY IT GOT VALIDATED SO QUICKLY! Nice job, Emma. Except for that 25 galleons seems like WAY to much money. Just saying ;D

Author's Response: Alrighty then. I'm answering for Emma since she gave me the go-ahead and I'm sick of these pooping up under "unanswered reviews". So here I am! Replying! To me... *ponders*

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Review #17, by NeuroticNutHogwarts Sanitarium: Father, Meet My Dogfather

26th January 2007:
IE! You updated!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Thanks you for FINALLY updating! *is ungodlyappy because favorite story is updated and it's hilarious*!

Author's Response: Hehe, yep. Thank you!

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Review #18, by NeuroticNutThe Way To Say Good-Bye: Too Little, Too Late- The Way It Ends

16th January 2007:
. um. right, whatever. Shouldn't be rated mature. really, shouldn't. anyway. Not my sort of thing. Need to explain why no one in the higher years will date him. It's only very lightly implied. I other words: CANNOT BELIEVE YOU USED THAT SONG. =P

Author's Response: Sheesh....NN it's just a song :) Haven't I already explained that :P You know I love you!!! And it's rated Mature for later chapters. Reasoning comes with later chapters as well.....
Thanks again NN,


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Review #19, by NeuroticNutThe Runaway: The New Arrival

4th January 2007:
Well, isn't Emma just smooth. lol, I've read it already on your laptop, but I had to read it here officially anyway! Yay for the downstairs computer! :D!!! ... a smiley with exclamation marks after it, unusual, but I like it, do you like it, I'm sure you do, right, what was I talking about, I don't remember, I guess I'm just weird like that , this has too many commas, wow, but maybe, no, it's becuase. lol, how about it's just because I spelled because wrong? hahaha, oh well. Love the story, but the Slytherin doesn't seem Slytherin enough. Isn't she in Gryffindor? If she is, why did he even sit with her? Or are you saying that despite about 500 years of history, the two houses are finally getting along? If so... interesante, no? heehee, have fun writing the rest, and as always you use the humor. I especially liked the part whenSadie woke her up and Emma was all *shove-off-i'm-sleeping-and-don't-want-to-see-your-fugly-face* lol! But again, you used gaggle at least three times. I believe that you did trim it down since I reaqd it over, but still. It was fine anyway, I just think that you could write something much better. ;) I got to go do homework now. oh goodie! Just geometry! ...oh, and a paper, and biology sentences, and biology worksheet, and. ytch! English! no! oh well, bye, babe!

Author's Response: You have no idea how much I love you right now! I love reviews like this, that are about a half a page long and tell me what I did wrong! You leave great reviews, chica. Joshua doesn't seem very Slytherin in that scene, does he? Hopefully, his Slytherin nature is gonna come out more in the next chapter. But you did get one thing wrong: she's a Hufflepuff. Besides, I think Joshua's a bit of a playa (lol, cannot believe I said that...). Thanks for the review, Chica. Good luck with that homework XD High school sucks, don't it?

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Review #20, by NeuroticNutFantastic Staff and Where to Find Them: Welcome Aboard

27th November 2006:
I love the opening chapter! It gets you really motivated to read the rest of the story, and not many stories do that. You made the story itself, and any other stories you may have written sound like the most eloquent of fics that may ever pass by on my computer screen.

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Review #21, by NeuroticNutHogwarts Sanitarium: Race Against Time

20th November 2006:
AIE! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Please? :'-S PLEASE?!?! *throwing childish fit* ... ... *still fittin' around* Love your story! It's... different and, for that reason, refreshing. Now, I'm off to read more of your stories, if you have more that is. *thumps up* CREATIVE! Brownie points to YOU!

Author's Response: Lol, I will. More stories... eep. They - well the're kind of bad. Original, but bad and old and sucky. Thanks, though!

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Review #22, by NeuroticNutSupergirl: Through My Eyes: Supergirl: Through My Eyes

16th November 2006:
I LOVED IT! WO! So great, yet so sad at the same time. It was awesome.

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Review #23, by NeuroticNutTears of Joy: The First Time

27th September 2006:
AAWWWW... *sniff* *giggle* *wipes tear* A few mistakes you know... Your "[b]" and "[/b]" aren't the correct terms to get the bold thing. You know the right ones, USE THEM!! HAHAHA!!!! yeah... *cough... cough* YOUR STORY ROCKS!!! I've never read one from Regulus' POV. It's interesting. It really is. No this isn't sarcasm. Oh, your trust in me is so great. No, REALLY!!!! YOUR STORY IS FRICKIN COOL!!! Oh, and I'll talk to you later about the ride to HC. Time and crap and stuff. heehee, am I vague? A nine out of ten because Of the few mistakes you have, and because I'm like that. THIS STORY(!!!!!!!)... is cool.

Author's Response: WHAT???? THE TAGS DID WHAT?????

*smacks head against keyboard*

I hate html formatting. I'll go fix that. And thank you for your review without sarcasm.

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Review #24, by NeuroticNutDeath To James Potter: A Relatively Dignified Leave

11th August 2006:
I Love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give you a TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks :)

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Review #25, by NeuroticNutOh i believe in yesterday: Final Battle

13th July 2006:
Of course I'm right. Aren't I always? lol, jk. 'Twas good, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: shank ya, too bad about your cp, maybe it was the demons 0.- lol anyways i'm coming out with two new stories, lets see if i can keep up. lol ttyl chica

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