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Review #1, by MetamorphUgly Love: Surprise Visit

17th July 2011:
Hey, it's been a while. I actually stopped coming to the site because there were no updates from you. I randomly came back and was very excited.

It's hard to replace a computer with the way the economy is right now. Stuff like that nowadays is either expensive or crap. Or it's expensive AND crap.

So you have a new baby? Congratulations. Boy or girl?

Reviewing time!
He's understandably upset. He just lost someone very important to him. But he needs to get his act together for the girls.
Theo would be a great best friend. I attack my best friends when I'm upset like that too, and most of them take it about the same.
I hate it when people don't tell me about other people that are going to be around! Scorp and I are very, VERY alike.
Indira seems like a wise lady. I don't know why, but I have a feeling Scorp should listen to her.

I think that if I would have gotten into this sort of thing (kids and whatnot) with a girl when I was 17(last year, lol) I would have grown to be almost exactly like you're writing Scorp to be. In fact, are you telling my future?
Don't answer that.

Good to see you back!

Author's Response: Hi!
Oh my. Really? I'm glad you came back. I've missed being able to talk with you.

Yes, it is hard. The economy isn't bad where I live, but things are expensive, especially when you have to order and have them shipped from a different country. Then add in other expenses and I'm lucky to even have a computer right now. Haha! I got a Toshiba. Love it to bits.

Boy :). And thanks ^^.

Yes he does, and he knows that. He doesn't outwardly show his upset, but kids are more perceptive than we think. They sense that he's not as happy as he used to be, and those private conversations they keep having are because of that.

I know right? There aren't many friends that would take it. Good you have friends like him. They should be treasured.

Me too! Theo didn't know that it would upset him. He figured that since the guests were mutual friends of them both, that Scorpius wouldn't mind. Scorp is in a weird mood though, and since he isn't sharing with Theo, he can't know for sure why he's being a grouch. Some time with friends should get him to relax, he figured.

Indira? She didn't have much lines here, and it was just normal conversation. Did you perhaps mean Asteria?

LOL! I should hope not xD. Scorpius's life isn't one I want anyone to be living. Especially considering future chapters. Though, if you become like Scorp, that wouldn't be a bad thing. He's a great man, imo; he just doesn't make all the right decisions. If he did, he'd be perfect, but no mere man can hope for perfection, so yeah xD. I'm sure you're better than Scorp though, :D.

Good to see you back as well! And thanks so much for the review! I would have responded to this yesterday, but the site was being weird.


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Review #2, by MetamorphBreaking the Quidditch Code: Another Kind of Courage

1st December 2010:
I think the Ravenclaws should have jumped in for the disabled Gryffindors. Then it would be a joint victory and we would have a little glory...

Anyways. Maybe Meta will be nicer.

Good chapter, can't leave a long review right now, got a project due in Mythology and a quiz in AP Gov.

Oh, and we got snow. Almost got out of school early today cause of it.

Author's Response: I think some of the Ravenclaws may have joined in, but I don't see Kay Davies joining the fight any time soon haha! And you're right, Maybe Meta will be nicer...if James is lucky haha. Get that project done, missy! I hope you get a fabulous grade! And ps. Awesome you got out of school early! That's the best :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by MetamorphBreaking the Quidditch Code: Not just Broken (Shattered)

14th November 2010:


He's just going to say bollocks on the code? His precious code? WTF??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That being said, the chappie was good.

Author's Response: Haha, apparently when feelings are that strong, and that sudden, James doesn't care about anything. Surprise, surprise. And how will he deal with that? Uh ohh. Anyway, thanks for the review, I really appreciate it :)

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Review #4, by MetamorphBreaking the Quidditch Code: The Friend Zone

2nd November 2010:
Coulda swore I reviewed when I read this the first time.

Meta has a reason, maybe. But justified or not, she's still a b*.
Avery's dad had better have a good reason...
Paloma, eh? She looks like a captain...
Yeah. Avery and James are totally going to break the code. And make babies. Simultaneously.

Fun Fact: There's a website called "" and it came up as J.K. Rowling when I put this chapter in.

Author's Response: That's the thing about Meta, you know? There is a reason, but it's not a good one. It's a selfish one. Because she's all about Meta. As for Avery's dad, you're right. He'd better. Or else both Avery AND James are NOT going to be happy.

You think Paloma over Wes then? Could be a toss up.

Simultaneous code-breaking and baby making. Oh la la!

1. I'm awed you considered putting my chap in there.
2. The results make me giddy.
3. Thanks :)

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Review #5, by MetamorphAnd the American Svengali: Part Two: Courtship of the Girl Who Knew Enough

24th September 2010:
I think that you should have had a Harry/Rachel bit before getting Harry/Ginny back together. Just my opinion.

I loved Part One and I'm enjoying Part Two just as much. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I'm a total Harry/Rachael shipper (I've never told anyone) - but I want this darn thing to be canon... I dunno if I could see, canon-wise, Harry having a girl before Ginny you know?

Glad you like it though! I have drafts of writing where they actually do start to get together, it works so well too! Ahhh well, what can you do?

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Review #6, by MetamorphProblem: Ooh, narrow stairs

23rd September 2010:
It was obvious that it was Al. You've alluded to it before, right?
Or maybe I'm mixing up two fics. I don't know.

MOAR PLIX. < Interwebs freak for "Update soon please"

Author's Response: I can't remember =/ Blimey, I can't even remember my own story!


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Review #7, by MetamorphBreaking the Quidditch Code: Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

7th September 2010:
LOL. Is that the hidden swimming pool?

Good chappie. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Don't tell anyone where it is.

Thanks :)

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Review #8, by MetamorphReal Ladies.: Of Scouts and Futures.

10th August 2010:
Yay for AP classes and marching band. What AP classes do you have? I've only got Government (yay social studies)

I don't know if this if flowing as well as the other one yet. I'd need to read the next few to get into it, you know what I mean? I normally wait till the first few chapters are out to read sequels (unless I REALLY liked the first one) because it just flows easier.

That being said, I did enjoy this chapter, but I will need more to evaluate further. -wink wink, nudge nudge-

Author's Response: I've got AP US History [my teacher graduated from Harvard, so I'm kind of squeeing about that.], AP English III, [with the teacher who personally taught every single student that failed the writing test in our state], and AP Chemistry [with the teacher that, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty much in love with. Because he's such a genius.]

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Review #9, by MetamorphBreaking the Quidditch Code: Eyeball Torture, A Shower, and Purple Silk

8th August 2010:
Blue headband... Was she eating redvines as well?
Lol. Dikrats. You're on a starkid kick, aren't you?

I like this chapter. Fillery but not fillery at the same time.

Author's Response: Oh, yes. I wanted to make a few references and you definitely got them :) Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by MetamorphGold: Two hands Are Not Enough For Five Mugs

6th August 2010:
Oh crap. Lol.

Gold is in trouble. I can't wait to see how this goes down.


^In human, that means "I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter."

Author's Response: Hi again!

Hehe, moar plix? Is that in a different language, or is that like 'more please' written all cool? I suppose I'll just have to FIND out by googling it. :P

Hehe, I promise to update as soon as I can! :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by MetamorphGold: Invitations and Reunions

5th August 2010:
What the hell is a Hufflepuff? Anyways, shouldn't Lucy be able to FIND Lorcan? Hehe.
I love AVPM.
You just got favorited because of that. (Well, not entirely. But it made up my mind.)

I've enjoyed this so far.


Author's Response: Hi there! :D

Well, to answer your question, Hufflepuffs are really good finders. ;)

Oh, wow you favorited my story because of that one line? I FIND that facinating! :D

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #12, by MetamorphLadylike.: Of Standing Up and I Love Yous.

19th July 2010:
This story was such a rollercoaster, in my opinion. Dom changed so much over the course of the story. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I look forward to Real Ladies, and I understand the band camp thing ENTIRELY. I'm a 5th year veteran, and I'm telling you, take as much of a break as you need. But trust me, it's much worse when you're section leader and only you and one second trombone know their parts after having music for two months. Try dealing with that.

. -_- Sorry about that rant. What do you play?

I enjoyed this. 10/10

Author's Response: A good roller coaster! Awesome. :)

And yeah, marching band... /shudder. This is my third year, but I'm already a captain- one step above section leader, suckers! This year, my fellow captains/leaders have named our group- we have to gather together for 'council meetings' every so often to discuss problems and fellow band members who are being difficult- 'Messina's Army' because we're all such Harry Potter nerds. :)

I play clarinet. Badly.

And thanks!

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Review #13, by MetamorphBaby Steps: Kids.

4th May 2010:
Lol at the "I bit my finger" part. My friend did that at lunch a few weeks ago. Finished his food and ate his finger. Almost. Except he drew blood.


I thought it was funny how handily they whipped James and Fred. Ownage.

Author's Response: Haha, I've done that before too, just a bit of personal experience I decided to include, haha.

Haha, I didn't want Fred and James to win, hence their ownage.

Thanks for your review! (:

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Review #14, by MetamorphHugo Weasley's Cool Ideas: The Genius of Hugo Weasley

1st May 2010:
Er.. You do realize Dobby is DEAD, right?

Other than that its good.

Author's Response: Oh, about that! It'll be explained in the next chapter, I promise! Perhaps I should've put that in an author's note, but it will be explained in the next bit!

Thanks for reading and reviewing - I'm so happy that you liked it!

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Review #15, by MetamorphHoliday: Holiday

29th January 2010:

Really, it is.

“No, you didn’t!”

Simply epic. 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much!

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Review #16, by MetamorphUgly Love: Letting Go

26th January 2010:
OMG! Sorry I took so long to read and review. Life rears its ugly head. The school semester switch is killing me, I'm addicted to root beer and Xbox, I haven't slept in about a month (not well, anyways), I have to prepare 2 solos (1 vocal, 1 trombone), I don't understand my new Chemistry class at all, and the drama in my HS band is overwhelming.


Anyways. How have you been? As much crazy stuff in your life?

On to the actual reviewing part:
WOOO HO! Lucy and Scorp... Nevermind.
Wow. Still hopelessly devoted to that arse? Lucy, you idiot.
She just had to play the Rose card, eh? I don't like Lucy anymore.
... I thought Asteria was nice???
LuScorp is dead, eh? Scorp doesn't want it to be, but it is. Almost.

Good chappie, but a bit short for as long as we waited (but I couldn't read it when it came up anyways, so oh well.)

Author's Response: And sorry I took so long to respond. My computer hasn't been the best lately, so it's hard to do anything without it freezing. So yeah, life does like rearing its ugly head when unexpected. Sorry the semester switch is killing you. Haha, not a bad thing to be addicted to root beer and xbox, not at all ^^. And if you haven't prepared those solos yet, good luck with it! Sounds stressful. Ew drama, hope that clears up. Always puts a damper on things, for sure.

I've been okay, I guess. Not being able to send in updates because of my computer is making me annoyed, but, I'm hoping that all corrects itself soon. So the only true crazy thing is my computer's lack of cooperation. Yep. Nothing near as interesting as your life =P.

Haha. I guess there can't be any real Lucy/Scorp action without me throwing a crowbar into the mix. Iunno. I guess I don't like happy endings? xD
And yes, still hopelessly devoted to Bryce. Wish she weren't, but ah well. Such is life, I suppose. Calling her an idiot is pretty accurate. I say much harsher things in my mind whenever I write anything with her that involves him, lol.
Wel, Rose has suffered because of 'em. And he does have two kids with her, so it was something pretty hard to ignore. Fail Lucy -bops-.
Asteria is nice. Just pregnant and hormonal and Scorp's an idiot so it's only natural for her to tell him something mean, haha. I'm sure she regrets it.
Hm. Dead? At the moment, yeah. Dunno how it'll revive itself but we can all hope, yeah?

Sorry about the shortness =(. I really, really wanted to write something longer but then I just got annoyed with the chapter and its inability to easily write itself, so that was the result. I'll try better for the next one!

Thanks for the review (:.


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Review #17, by MetamorphScorpius' Weasley Christmas: One

3rd January 2010:
Ahah. Roflcopter. Rofflesox.

I believe this is epic.

-Metamorph stamp of approval-

Author's Response: Haha, thank you, darling! I'm flattered -bats eyelashes-


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Review #18, by MetamorphA Tale of Felix Felicis: Of Pesky Prefects, Night Sneaking and Enchanted Mirrors

3rd January 2010:
You graduated in winter? How??? Congrats, but how?

Wow. James really is an idiot. He had one chance to make it up to the girl he loved and blew it. I don't think even I am that dumb.
Lol. Fat head > Arse. Manly giggle.
Im guessing Peter told James, then Sirius and James, then Remus, Sirius and James. Right? The dozen has to be an exaggeration.

I love this story, keep it up now that you have it rolling again.

I keep forgetting that the queue is open to TA's so i forgot to look at your page. Sorry it took so long for me to get to this. -goes to sink teeth into horde of Jellyman updates-

Author's Response: It's summer here in sunny Australia :D Our school year finishes in December :)

And yes, James is a complete fool it seems. LOL, I agree. And Peter told anyone who would listen :P

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And TA is a privilege :) Thanks again!

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Review #19, by MetamorphAlong Came Lucy: Surprise

23rd December 2009:
Oh. Wow. I was rereading this, and I didn't realize even that I hadn't reviewed on most of ACL. I am so severely sorry.

So. This + TDW gives me a lot of insight on Ugly Love. Rose says Davies is fit + Rose plans something + Scorp is trying to escape from Rose = Lyra and Carina Davies?

Please don't let ^that be true. PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!

I had entirely forgotten that Rose was a Lion. Why didn't you correct me before, when I said that the girls came from two Claws?

I think with a few teenie tiny edits, you could keep this and TDW so they are entirely compliant with each other. Like:
1) lol numbered list.
2)Numerous complaints get the Quidditch Cup back into play.
3)Since Scorp isn't gonna play much of a role, then you might as well have him interested in Lucy.
4) Davies and Lucy could be going out... As far as Lucy knows. He could be living the single life without her knowing.
5)You could reference parts of ACL from Dusty's perspective? Like Dusty could see Scorpius fall out of the tree, or something.

Oh well. I can't tell you how to write, I mean, c'mon, look at my authors page. I write HORRIBLY. So yeah.

You know, I never realized it, but you write in the present tense. I could never do that. Everything I have ever written was in past.

Yeah. Do you have TA status? They didn't leave it open to TA's this time, I don't think so it doesn't matter.

I'm really using this review as a means of communication, so it looks more like a really off topic private message than a review.

You know what you did wrong in this chapter? You left it as a cliffie. Grawr.

Ok, I'm done now.

Author's Response: :). That's okay. I'm just glad you were interested enough to read/review the sequel ^^.

Ahaha. My lips are sealed. Though, with Davies' brown hair, I don't think its possible for him to be the father. The girls have strawberry blonde hair, so I'm inclined to think that a blonde was in the picture here. Somewhere ;). This is all hypothetically speaking, of course. Though I think Draco's happy with your deductions. Anything that has Scorp not in the equation as far as the kids are concerned is okay with him.

I don't know why I didn't correct you, to be honest. I guess it just slipped my mind to include it in the response, haha.

Oh, a number list, lol.
2 - Actually, that's a very good idea. Working it back into play would make for some good tension. Since Daiball means people from different houses playing on the same team, with Quidditch back in play there'd be so much conflict. Or, in my mind anyway.
3 - True. We'll see =P.
4 - Hm. Their relationship could be not so obvious to everyone else. So much so that Rose doesn't even know. Could be interesting o.o.
5 - I can, I can. It'll be interesting to see all of this through Dusty's eyes, that's for sure.

Thank you for suggesting all of this. Gives me plenty of ideas ^^.

I'm sure you don't write horribly. I haven't read any of your stories. I should go do so when my review queue clears : D.

ACL was my first ever attempt at both first person and present tense. Now I've forgotten how to write in past tense -.-.

No, I don't. Would be nice to have it, though.

Aww, sorry. I had to. This entire story went differently from my mental plans. Scorp wasn't to ever date Rose. But, I prefer what happened in here better :).

Thanks for the review! And the suggestions. I'll keep them in mind ^^.

~L. Kelley

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Review #20, by MetamorphUgly Love: The Invitation

19th December 2009:


Well, my guesses were entirely off. The first one was the closest.

Molly wants the girls in dresses. Hah. Getting Carina in a dress will probably like getting my little cousin in a dress.
Lucy's ENGAGED? WHAT THE -phrase bleeped out for safety- IS SHE THINKING?
Scorp does the normal "tries to confront but ends up looking like a complete arse" thing.
Wooo! Oh crap. Lucy == Rose. Stupid Weasley family love triangle. This could get quite ugly.

Loverly chapter. And so quick, too.
Still a few more chappies, eh? I noticed you didn't flip the status to Completed. That just means there is more amazingness to look forward to. Yay.

PS: Yay, I made an authors note!

Author's Response: WHA? indeed. I think of everything Scorp expected, that's the last one. I figure he'd have liked it if he wasn't in the know, you know?

Haha. Carina hates dresses. If she could alter her school uniform, so would. Lyra's going to think it's so cool. Maybe you can coax your little cousin into a dress and Carina won't mind so much? :)

LOL. She has mental issues, obviously. But hey, she's the only one who is blind to everything Bryce is doing. Being engaged to him is great for her mind anyway.

He always ends up looking like one, eh? The least he could have done was waited until he was sure her work was over, but I guess running on pure emotion makes you do dumb things.

Stupid Weasley family love triangle, indeed. Now you're seeing the reason for the story's title, lol. Things will get really ugly.

Yeah, I wrote it in a couple hours, lol. Since you asked for one before the queue closes :).

There's more than a few chappies left. This one will probably double Along Came Lucy's chapter count; at least I'm hoping/expecting it to. I don't want to leave things unresolved this time, so there's a lot to cover.

Yeah, you meed an author's note ;).

Thanks for reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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Review #21, by MetamorphUgly Love: The Announcement

16th December 2009:
Holy crap, how did I miss this?

Oooh. I wanna steal Zabini's house.
Woah. Asteria is preggers, eh? Maybe this kid won't be his for real and he can shut the hell up about Scorp's kids.
Wow. Draco is like, wise, and stuff!
Awww. 'Cissa turned out to be a good granny. She came a long way from the Death Eater she once was.
Uh oh. Molly's appearance CANT be good.
Guess #1: Lucy wants help getting revenge on Davies for cheating yet again.
Guess #2: Lucy is dead.
Guess #3: Molly wants to know why her sister is obsessed with Scorp and is going to try to figure out.

Care to try to squeeze out one more chapter before the queue closes? Pretty please? ; )
Keep the awesomeness rollin'!

Author's Response: :)

I want the Zabini house too. It's just so amazing to think about.

Haha. I wish he'd shut up about Scorp's kids, but I doubt Asteria would cheat on him. They really do love each other.

Wise? Who would have thunk it, huh? He has his moments. His son is really suffering, after all.

Haha. More like the wife of a death eater. I always felt like she had some good qualities.

Not good at all. Can't tell you why she's there, but everything will be revealed in the next chapter :).

I'll try. There's still a few more days so I'll see if my mind cooperates long enough to complete the chapter.

Thanks for reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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Review #22, by MetamorphUgly Love: Ask Her

9th December 2009:
Oh ho ho hoh!

That could have ended badly. He covered well.
She's nice. Not like Lucy-nice, but nicer than Rosie.
Ah. His never ending obsession with Lucy rears its head.
Carina, you sly dog you. Trying to hook your dad up.
Errr. He lied to them? WHAT? Scorpius, you were making us men look good, too!
Mr. Malfoy? Really? Theyre HIS GRANDCHILDREN! Or so you let us believe...
Eww. Dinner at the Zabinis. Gits.
Astoria is good at shaming Scorp. Hah.
Fake smiles suck. I happen to have mastered them in 8th grade. He must have mastered them in his 7th year.

Good chappie. Been away from my computer (stupid energy-sapping band concert!) and just saw this. Me likey.

PS: You should have heard my trombone solo. It was worth the utter lack of energy it created.

Author's Response: Surprisingly, he did. He doesn't think too well on his feet, for a Ravenclaw. But I guess there's a difference between being book-smart and having the ability to lie. Some of his Dad's traits are in him, after all.

Yeah, she is nice. That scene isn't going to be the end of her, because I happen to like her as a character.

Well, it rears its head again in the next chapter. He wouldn't be Scorp if he doesn't think about that girl more than his necessary. Stupid Bryce and his blocking ways. Wouldn't be a story if he wasn't around, though.

Won't be the last of Carina and her match-making ways. If she were smaller and had wings, she'd make a good cupid. If you totally ignore the fact that her arrows are off target, hah.

Psh. That's Draco for you. He doesn't care, proof or no proof.

You and Scorp are alike, then. And he def. mastered them in 7th year. It was necessary.

Hahah. Wish I could have heard it xD.

Thanks for reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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Review #23, by MetamorphLights: Home Is Where The Heart Is

21st November 2009:
Uh oh. That ain't good.

Scorpius is really warped: Getting thrown out of cafes isn't a normal person's idea of fun. Oh well.

Nice chappie.

PS: You and Leigh Kelly update on the same day EVERY TIME. I get a dose of Jellyman AND a chapter of Ugly Love, so that is major happy.

Author's Response: Scorpius is...self-destructive. He's lost :)

Really? What a coincidence! Well, I'm glad I make you happy, thanks for reading! It really makes my day when I see your reviews :D

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Review #24, by MetamorphUgly Love: Real Talk

21st November 2009:

My one-line summarizer/response thingy:
Scorp... Irresponsible? NEVER!
Ahaha. Carina the Matchmaker. Love it.
Rose Family Member #1: Hermione. Meeting goes well.
Rose Herself. Scorp barely survives.
Rose Family Member #2: Hugo. Near death experience to Scorp.
Scorp gets himself knee deep in s**t yet again. Ha.

This just went up today (Saturday), right? I checked yesterday and it was not there, so yeah. Good chappie. Might wanna slow things up some more, this is still REALLY fast paced.

Author's Response: Psh. I don't know what Scorp's going to do with that kid. It seems like her current and only goal in life. Getting someone for her Daddy, that is. Will she succeed? Who knows?

He has a habit for getting himself into trouble. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Hugo in coming chapters. At least so I can mess with Scorp some more =D.

Yeah, it went up yesterday (Saturday). I'll see what I can do on the slowing it down end. I just figured if I included certain things you guys would get bored, but going too fast isn't a good thing either.

Thanks for reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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Review #25, by MetamorphUgly Love: In Pieces

12th November 2009:
Oooh my gosh. Cool.

Lyra and Carina are both smart. Better be, coming from two 'Claws.
Poor girls. Their mom isn't very good.
Scorp tries so hard to make everything work out. He's a great person. I really like your characterization of him.
Bryce is still an a**hole. Figures.
I can't wait to see if it's true about Rose.

I can't wait for the next one. This was great.

PS: Did you get the name Lyra from the His Dark Materials series? I just finished reading those books, so that was the first thing I thought when I saw this. I love that name.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is a great guy. Just has clouded judgment at times, but hey, who can be perfect? On the Dad front he's great. Sometimes I think he just has to let go, though.

Hehe. I hope you get both Scorp and you get your answers.

Actually, no. Never read those books. Are they good? I just went through a list of star/constellation names, since that seems to be a trend for those from the maternal side of the House of Black. Draco, Scorpius, and now Lyra and Carina :).

Thanks for reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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