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Review #1, by ljosberinnMy Perfect Day As Felix: My Perfect Day As Felix

27th May 2006:
okay, firstly; i personally don't think wizards and witches wear muggle-clothes. you know when wizards try to wear 'muggly', it usually comes out wrong, like wearing a two-piece swimsuit over your clothes and all that? so i personally don't feel it's right making them buy jeans and tops and all these muggly clothes but you're not the first to do it and you won't be the last :)
secondly, james couldn't have come all through the fireplace, could he? i mean, can you really go by the floo network and appear whole inside hogwarts? i'm doubtful.
but apart from those two critiqued points, i enjoyed reading it. i would've wanted to know why you think lily did choose james at last, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless :) you get a seven in rating from me.

Author's Response: Thanks for the honest review. In reverse order, then:
I do actually have a fic on how Lily got together with James. It fits in with 'The Way It Winds Down' coming soon.
I got the idea of Flooing from when Harry and Sirius both had little head convos in OoTP. I thought, well if their heads can stick through the fireplace, why not the bodies? I'm sure Hogwarts would have some kind of system to stop random people popping in and out of school unwarranted, but for the purpose of this fic I didn't tackle that issue.
Finally, I never actually thought about them buying Muggle stuff. It really never occured to me, so I'm on my guard for the future. But as Lily is Muggle-born I'll allow for her to buy Muggle stuff.
Thanks for the review- I really appreciate it! -'tree

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Review #2, by ljosberinnWeakness: Weakness

27th May 2006:
now i really started crying. that was beautiful. you are extremely good at this, especially for your age, it's quite incredible. you have great control over the english language, you stick so well to the characters, you give one a deeper insight into the person's emotions and thoughts, one could almost believe it was something rowling herself was thinking. stunningly beautiful.

Author's Response: Oooh, thanks so much, you're very kind!! Meep, I donno that it's very JKR-esque, but I do try to make it good. ^_^ I love to write, after all! Thanks again! Much love!

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Review #3, by ljosberinnWithout a Choice: Without a Choice

27th May 2006:
wow, that's an amazing story. extremely well written, you dig so deep into draco's mind but you stay so true to his character, which makes it very believable. i almost cried, i really do pity him. i do believe that he only did it because he had no choice. great story anyway, i'm giving it a 10 in rating (it's my first ten, so feel proud! ;))

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