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Review #1, by Hermione Potter452Boyfriend: Sisterly Affection

8th December 2010:
bahahah. wow. i am really impressed. can i ask you a question? how in the world did you get so well at the art of copying and pasting? i mean, really. it's a brilliant job you've done. every single word is exactly the same as it was when Molly Raesly posted it! i'm shocked, really.

now, lucky for you, i happen to be Molly Raesly's best friend. and i am proud to be her best friend. i am positively sure that my best friend wrote this story all by herself. i know this because of all of the inside jokes written into it. and the last time i checked, my best friend wasn't you nor anyone named "Rose."

as the writer-of-this-story's best friend, aka NOT you, i am obligated to have her back at all times. what you did/are doing is seriously not - for lack of a better word - cool. really? plagiarism? that's what you have to resort to? is your writing THAT bad? you couldn't seriously have expected to get away with this, without Molly's ridiculously large fanbase, me, OR Molly herself finding out.

alright, so i'll give you SOME credit for actually erasing and retyping a new Author's Note. that must've taken some time. so kudos for that. i guess.

i think it needless to say, but i'll take the time to type out some words in a phrase that i actually put together, rather than copying and pasting it into this little box.


i doubt you'll take the time to read this. you know, maybe if reading this review was as quick and easy as right and left clicking with your mouse, you would.

rating for this story itself as written by Molly Raesly: 1098723487345908123/10.
rating for this story being on this site because you copy and pasted it:

- Molly Raesly's (the writer of the fan fiction story "Boyfriend") best friend

p.s. i forgot to mention... you realize this is FAN FICTION. and you PLAGIARIZED it. you plagiarized fan fiction. how pathetic.

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Review #2, by Hermione Potter452Girl, 17, Cute but Insane: Closet

27th August 2009:
oh, laurennn!!

hi! this chapter seemed oddly familiar. when was this posted? did you steal it from one of your other stories? haha. i loved it though! i feel so proud of you. you and your improved grammar. my lauren's growing up! =D

umm favorite quote...ahh. this one.

Oh my god! You bastard! I can tell by the sound of the crunch that its a Dream Orgasm chocolate bar! Those are really expensive! They are special because pixie dust is mixed into the chocolate batter. Creating an explosion of tastes, sending your taste buds into an chocolate orgasm frenzy! You just laid your filthy mutt teeth into it without so much as thanking the chocolate gods for making such an exemplary piece of chocolate! You make me sick!

hahah. i love your lupins. oh, the famous skittles line. never will it be forgotten.

aaawesome chapter!! update! i won't say soon, because that would be hypocritical of me. but saying "update" by itself to YOU is practically saying "UPDATE NOW, BITCH!" hahah. ahh, i missed you.

~ Danica

Author's Response: Haha Danica you know me too well..and I'll put in the skittles quote in the next chapter just for you haha.

Hahahhah update now Bitch hahahaahaha. I miss you too! College is CRIZZAZZZYYY right now. If you got a facebook we would be able to chit chat better...but because you're a non-conformist and I don't use aol all that much, we are stuck :/


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Review #3, by Hermione Potter452Dizzy With You: Dizzy With You

24th August 2009:
ahh!! you're back!! i've missed you!

wow. you get some ridiculously awesome ideas for one-shots. i don't know how you do it. this one was really really interesting. i was sad that it was rather short, though. haha. i don't watch grey's anatomy, so i'll pretend that you came up with this scene all by yourself. =D

awesome job!! i really hope you write more!

~ Danica

Author's Response: OH! Hello again! I have to say...that you are so one of my favorite people I've ever met here. And thanks for the brilliant review...I was hesitant to put this up cause it got rejected like 500 gazillion times. Or twice. Whatevs. But yes, I do have another coming through the validation line right now. Thanks!

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Review #4, by Hermione Potter452Keys: Reply Letters and Other Small Issues

1st July 2009:
holy moly, alexa. i think that's the best written chapter you've ever written. of anything. siriusly. you've delved more into detail and stuff. it was really good!! i applaud you. haha.

so, uh, that said...i hated it. =D no, it was REALLY good! i like the way she discovered remmy's furry problem. and the idea about the cuts. AHH!!! is he gonna have a SCAR?!?! ahh!! HOT! hahah!

oh boy. umm, so, yeah. amazing chapter, sis. really. amazing. brilliant. absolutely spiffing, indeed. and you BEST be updating quicker!!


p.s. oh, yeah! the chapter didn't get rejected!! yay for you! email me your response. hahaha.

Author's Response: i personally think my best was OBVIOUSLY the fred/alexa gush scene! haha jk. that sucked. The Bubbles.

but oh my golly gosh! thank you!

and OMFG (did i really just say that?) a SCAR. gasp. sexxxy.

see you in like 30 minutes!

alexa (who has ben hypocritically scandalized by you saying you hated it [=)

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Review #5, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: Flash of a Firefly

14th June 2009:
Aww!!! That was adorable! I love your lee! he's adorable. his speech was amazing. I want a boy like that. or...just a boy to begin with. haha. yeah, I'm bitter. haha.

umm, so yeah. I'm kinda sad that there isn't a lot of Oliver woodness going on. (p.s. sorry for the weird random capital letters. I'm on an itouch.) I miss is sexiness. but other than that, I loved this chapter!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Reading on an itouch? impressive! Sorry about the lack of dear Oliver. You'll have him back soon, I promise. Thanks so much for the review, glad you liked Lee. I love him.

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Review #6, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: Hook, Line, and Sinker

12th June 2009:

#1 - I'M SO SORRY!!! for not reading or reviewing your stories in FOREVER!!! i don't know why i haven't. ahh! i'm sorry!! but i'm back now! so yay! haha.

#2 - this chapter was, as usual, awesome and hilarious. i loved the pond scene. and wood. of course. he's just so hot. i don't think i can take not having a real one for myself anymore.

#3 - i need to read chapter 6. oh, lee jordan.

~ Danica

Author's Response: 1. That's OKAY! I was wondering where you were actually. You sort of disappeared, which was a bit sad. But you're back now! Yay!

2. I'm glad you liked it. This one was fun and a lot of people seemed to enjoy it.

3. Yay! Lee is the best, isn't he? Can't wait to see what you think! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by Hermione Potter452Mum Sends her Regards: Ramble on and on and on...

16th March 2009:
hahahah. that was really amusing. i love james. and his ramblings. and his toast stealing. loved it!! great job!

~ Danica

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Review #8, by Hermione Potter452From Hatred to Love: Joining Forces with Jessie

12th March 2009:
HEY! i don't get why i don't have reviews for all your chapters. haha. umm. actually, i don't any other way to contact you, but through reviews. haha. i don't mean to be pushy...again. and again. haha. but i don't know if you saw, but A Spectral Memory Untouched was updated. haha. i noticed that you didn't favorite it, and if you're like me (favoriting stories just so i know when they're updated), that might be why you haven't seen it. again, if you meant to not go and review, that's perfectly cool with me. haha. i'm not bitter. i'm not TRYING to be pushy. haha. just informing you! haha. sorry if i came across that way!!! i just love reading your thoughts on my stories!

update this story!! haha. or your other new james/lily story. i miss it!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, Danica I totally forgot to favorite it! Ah, stupid me! I apologize, my lack of reviewing meant nothing except that life has been crazy and I totally forgot. But you can bet your life that I will do that right now! lol.

And if you need to contact me, I'm dramaqueen6 also on the forums, and on fictioncentral. can e-mail me if you want. I can find a way to get that to you. Because hpff e-pals are fun. My british pen pal and I met on here and we still chat all the time! Ellie is so cool. lol.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know!

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Review #9, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: To Spinnet Cottage

6th March 2009:
holy crap! i review chapter three. go down to eat dinner. come back, and there's an UPDATE?! you're insane. incredibly insane. i don't know how you do it. and they're such long chapters, too! i won't lie. i'm jealous of your powers. haha.

this chapter was brilliant. Bastian's so...weird. haha. i hate it when guys interfere. it's so irritating! they're such babies. hahhaha. and yayyy! they're back! i missed all of them! especially Fred and George. kinda sad there weren't any Janey-long-legs jokes. haha. but wow. this chapter kept me on the edge of my seat. Bastian's stupid. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina! Fred and George! where the hell is Wood?! that was my thought process throughout this chapter. haha. it was pretty insane.

oh, and sorry it took me so long to review chapter 3! i've been busy, what with staying at school from 8am to 9pm. blech. but now i don't have basketball, and the musical is all i have to worry about! yay! more being a freak on hpff time!

LOOOVED it!! i'll be anxiously waiting for an update!! which, by the way, doesn't mean in 2 minutes, this time. hahah. just kidding. happy writing!!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Well, it HAS been a week and a few days...but I know what you mean. I was in a sour mood earlier and I knew posting a chapter and hearing from my wonderful readers would make me feel better. And it has! Sorry for the lack of Jane-leggy jokes. Usually the reason I post them so fast is I write them ahead of time. Right now I'm on chapter 9. I write really, really fast.

But that's fine about the reviewing, I'm just glad you can sneak in a little extra time for what we call a nice guilty pleasure. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by Hermione Potter452Breaking the Quidditch Code: Woman Problems

6th March 2009:
hahah! i love the last line. i really like Avery's character. she's pretty cool. and James! he's freaking awesome. i'd love to have him as my quidditch captain. food at 11pm? heck yes! haha. Freddy-boy is quite an idiot. but lovable one at that. and Bink!! for some reason, i really love his character. he's witty and seems like he would be the cocky type, but he really isn't. he just kind of is. and then the whole thing about him being an only child and lookin out for the Potters is adorable. i'm a family-oriented freak too. i love his character.

and oh my merlin of merlins.

Im your brother. If you were going to do it you would have done it last year when I put red coloring into the lake to look like the Giant Squid died.

HAHAHAH!! i laughed SO hard at that! that line was HILARIOUS! looove it!!

i love love love the way this story is going! update soon!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. I had sooo much fun writing this. James's character just cracks me up. This one is taking me a lot longer to write than Keep Away/Hide and Seek but I think it'll be worth it. Anyway, glad you like it!

...and I just posted yet another chapter to Hide and Seek.

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Review #11, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: An Awkward, Sexy Conversation

6th March 2009:
holy moly!!!

now i'm the one coughing up a storm! poor Alicia. damn. that sucks for her. and Lee. aww! poor Lee! way to spring that on us all so suddenly. i had to read the letter over again just to make sure i read it right. haha.

alright, so the rest of this amazing chapter. haha. AHH!! PERVY WOOD! i was waiting for that. mmm. i want Wood. mann. Jane's so lucky. awesome friends. awesome dad. Oliver Wood. she's got the life.

i love love love this chapter! twas written briliantly, twas hilarious, and twas freaking surprising. it was perfect! i can't wait for an update!!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Haha, I'm really glad you liked it! And yeah...that letter was my favorite part of the chapter. That's why it was a filler. Because I had to get from what happened at the beginning all the way to that and I knew that had to be the very end. And I agree, Jane does have the life...for now, anyway haha.

Thanks for the review! I'll have the next chapter up soon. I was waiting for everyone to see it that usually does, but for some reason I have half the reviews I usually do...strange :) Thanks so much!

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Review #12, by Hermione Potter452Rocking Chair: The Rocking Chair

4th March 2009:
EEE!!! a new story! this was amazing. i really don't think you have to change anything in this. if you think you should, then by all means, go right ahead and i'll read it again! but, i loved it. i loved that it was a letter. it was so sad! poor Arthur. you made me feel really bad for him. and that's a very good thing! brilliant writing!! really. i love all of your stories. they're so good! i'll be keeping a lookout!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Hey! Look who it is! I'm so glad you liked the story and POV. I always felt kinda' bad for Arthur and Molly since J.K didn't expand on their love story as much. But, I got this inspiration after watching a Grey's Anatomy episode where this guy's pregnant wife dies from a brain problem and it was horribly sad!!! And then I just had to write this. Thanks for the review dear!

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Review #13, by Hermione Potter452From Hatred to Love: Detention with your true love

17th February 2009:
hey. you have no reviews for this chapter. that's sad. haha. i'll review it for you!!!

HI! so, i don't remember what EXACTLY happened in this chapter, but the title of it is giving me a vague memory of it. and i kinda remember that i loved this chapter. haha. just like i did all the others!!

soo...while i'm here, and speaking of memory and remembering... i don't know if you saw, but the SEQUEL to A Subtle Touch Unseen is up!! i'm not trying to be all, "READ IT! NOW!" haha. i'm just making sure you know. it's called A Spectral Memory Unseen. get to it when you get a chance! i love your reviews!!

alright. awesome story! are you gonna update it any time soon? haha. i'll be waiting.

~ Danica

Author's Response: Danica! Hey hey hey! Thanks for telling me that the sequel is up! Oh I'm so excited to read it! And don't worry about it, I'm glad you told me, because I've been so busy I might not have noticed, myself!

And yes, sadly I lost all my reviews for this chapter when all the reviews got deleted a few months ago...Thanks!


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Review #14, by Hermione Potter452Keys: Hellsey's Head on a Silver Plate

14th February 2009:
hahaha. the title's funny. and REALLY random. well, actually it does sorta apply to the entire chapter. because of the whole rant letter. HAH! i found a way to make it make sense!!! i'm good. ahh. you thanked me. specially. hahah. YOU'RE WELCOME!!! i'm honored to have been inspiration for your kickass character. kickarse, if you will. haha. sirius is funny. and HAHAH! "is that normal?" red face. oh, alexa.

AWESOME JOB!!! and sorry it took so long for me to review!!

Alexis Jordan "Lexi" Ghiradelli

Author's Response: blah!

sorry. im bored.

yes, the title is random [= but it just goes so well with my personality, the randomness that is.

yes dear, i did thank you specially. dont let it get to your head though. sirius is quite funny. and yes. red face. you should have seen it at the play last night.

and damn straight i did an awesome job. and damn straight it took you so long to review. youve never been on time tohugh dear lexi so i should be used to it by now.

yours truly,
Alexa Lise Ghiradelli


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Review #15, by Hermione Potter452Breaking the Quidditch Code: To the Hospital Wing (already)

14th February 2009:
ahhh!!! hi!!

i have a feeling this story is gonna be AWESOME. i just love that it's in James's POV. i think it's the first full-guy POV story i've read on this site. and i LOVE it. already. i really like his relationships with his friends. stupid stupid Nia. grr to her and all the other stupid girls in this story. haha. love love love all that you write! it's amazing. thanks for sharing!!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Thank youuu! I'm glad you like it. I actually prefer writing in a guy's POV. I'm not sure why, my Jane character was out of the box from me. I think she turned out nice. I'm pumped for this James story because I planned out the whole thing...and it's exciting. So thank you and I'm so glad you're on board!

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Review #16, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: Riffraff Reserves

12th February 2009:
EEE!!! love it. love it love it love it. yes, Mr. and Mrs. are jerks. and i hate them. with a passion. fiction or not. whatever. they're jerks. arses, if you will. haha. poor poor Jane. but i do love Jane's dad. he's freaking awesome. i wanna be his friend. haha. and Oliver. AHH!! he's amazing. geeze. do i yap about anything else other than the way you portray your characters? hmmm...nope. don't think so. sorry for sounding so redundant! but i really really do love your characters and your writing altogether. it's brilliantly amazing. update soon, please! again!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Aren't they just jerks? It frustrates me. :) i'm glad you like Jane's dad. He's the friendly sort of guy, isn't it? I love writing him. I'm glad you love my characterization because that is what people rave and love in my workshops too. I love my characters. I've gone and fallen in love with my James from my other story now... :) So now Jane and James...hmmm. Thanks so much!

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Review #17, by Hermione Potter452Hide and Seek: Janet or Juniper or JoJo

7th February 2009:
ahh!!! chapter 1 and i love it already!! siriusly. i know i said it billions of times in my reviews for Keep Away, but the way you interpret and write Oliver's and Jane's characters are PERFECT. i love them both. and i'm really really glad that Oliver didn't freak out when he found out she read the letter. ahh. it's perfect. iii always pictured Oliver to be uptight, yet very laid back, and that's exactly how you write him. thank merlin. and i really really love Jane's relationship with her dad. he's hilarious. LOOOVE it!!

ahh!! update soon soon soon! i can't wait! go! now! ...please!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really appreciate all of your reviews, especially this one because I worked very, absurdly hard on the characterization of Oliver and Jane. I feel like too many stories have a damsel in distress and then Oliver jerk-face Wood helping her out. That's just not how I see Oliver. He has depth, you know? He has a story. But anyway, thank you and I promise the updates will be just like Keep Away's...meaning quick :) Thanks!

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Review #18, by Hermione Potter452Falling Out Of Perfection: Red Courage, Red Blood and Desperate Heroes

24th January 2009:
oh my. that was really really really good. siriusly. it was amazing. you did a REALLY good job writing everything. you wrote her emotions perfectly. i liked how you made each step a year of her life, a lot. it was brilliant. amazing job.

just a couple writing things i caught:
everytime a new person has dialogue, it's a new paragraph. like, when lily talks it's a paragraph. then when james says something to her, that's another paragraph. but it's all good. you made it clear who was saying each quote.

and the last "no" that lily says. that was kind of confusing. i dunno. i kinda thought she was saying no to his asking her not to leave, or something. i dunno. maybe it was just the way my brain worked when i read that. haha.

other than those two minor things, this story was amazingly brilliant. AMAZING job! please keep writing! you're really good!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Awww thanks! It's so friggin' cool when I get a long review. Love it. I should go back and fix the dialogue, so, will get around to that eventually. And I'm still thinking about that Lily line...I want to get it perfect before I change it, ya know? But thank you so much for the review! It so made my night.

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Review #19, by Hermione Potter452Beloved of the Outcasted: All A Lie

24th January 2009:
go harry!! you're awesome. haha. aww. poor malfoy. tear tear. well, carina's a jerk. hahah. just kidding. sad, but awesome chapter, des!!! and NOW i get it!!! the whole eve in the screen thing. gottt it. haha. wow. awesome job!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: haha yay! happy. thank you ver much. yup poor malfoy. next few chapters gonna be carina's view. haha i actually did a serious chapter. it's heartbreaking.

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Review #20, by Hermione Potter452Keep Away: Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

19th January 2009:
AHHH!!! oh my goodness. oh my vegetables. that was BRILLIANT! haha. aww!! george and katie!! they're adorable. and so is mr. wood. he's amazing. haha. you write his (and EVERYBODY else's, of course) character brilliantly. i love it. i love this ending chapter. i love this story. i love your writing. it's just amazing. thanks so much for sharing your wonderful writing talent with all of us on this site!

and TCHYEAH i'm squeeing! ahh. a sequel. more wood. more jane/wood seens. i'm lovin it already. and i love the little tidbit you gave us. jane's so funny.

so, i should be studying for finals right now...but i thought i'd stop by and read and review the final chapter to your wonderful story. congratulations on your completing it!! canNOT wait for the sequel!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Oh your vegetables? That's serious! Thanks so much--I'm so glad you enjoyed it and are really excited for the sequel. I'm so excited too! And I agree, I should be doing so many other things right now...pfft. Oliver and Jane are much more important, don't you think? Can't wait to see what you think of the sequel! Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #21, by Hermione Potter452Beloved of the Outcasted: Dangerous Visitor

16th January 2009:

HUH?! i'm so confused. ahhh! haha. i don't get the whole Eve on the screen, but it's really mountains, but i have no idea. haha.

aww. that's sad! and interesting. very well written. keep it uppp!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Ah yeah I'll explain it more in the next chapter, but it's pretty much just magic Eve has somehow put together to find magical beings who are living in the muggle world. Muchas gracias chiquitta!!!

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Review #22, by Hermione Potter452Beloved of the Outcasted: The Mermaid and Her Prince

9th January 2009:
hahahah!!! oh boy, oh boy. they're finally together!! take THAT, barnes and noble!!! i like the last line. and the last scene. and how funny malfoy is. and all the little funny stuff in this chapter. brilliantly written, des!!! you're welcome, a bunch!!! can't wait for the next chapter!

~ Danica

...i wanna be on the beach right now...

Author's Response: Mmhmm Barnes and Noble is gonna get some shocking news hahaha. Poor poor guy. Maybe he should be gay...hmm...that'd be a pity. Yup, I tried to make Draco as much as a real guy can possibly be - he better be one right? ;P Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #23, by Hermione Potter452Keep Away: Breaking the Snog Record

6th January 2009:
oh my goodness. i LOVE this story!!! Oliver Wood is amazing and the way you write his personality is brilliant. i love it. i like Jane too. she's an interesting character. i looove love love the twins in your story too!! they're HILARIOUS! their fetish with Jane's legs and everything is so amusing to read. i just really love the way you write JKR's and your characters. it's perfect! i was literally hyperventilating when i saw that you updated. ahh!! i LOVE this story!! one more chapter left. aww. but i like the way it's ending. weird. i just ended my story too. it was sad. AMAZING JOB!! happy writing!!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Aww gosh, thanks so much! That means so much to me. It really made me smile. I can't believe how much I have fallen in love with this story. You know how much? So much that I'm working on the sequel. It probably won't be up for a little bit, but I have some really awesome ideas for it so I hope you get a chance to check it out when I post it. Thanks again for the fab review, I really appreciate it and thanks so much for the feedback :)

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Review #24, by Hermione Potter452Flying through the Petals: Walking Down

5th January 2009:
WOWZA! that was really interesting! and surprising! you write really really well. your grammar is perfect and i like your descriptions of things. the only thing i'd say otherwise is that i think you should've said something at the end as to why she didn't choose Ron in the end, or something. it kinda seemed a little random, her not being with Ron, but with Seamus instead. but other than that, AMAZING job, i dare say! and no, i didn't catch that it wasn't Ron before the end... haha. i'm too dim. unless it's really obvious in a way that i can catch, i usually believe whatever the writer is telling me. hahhaa. but no, you hid it REALLY well. i applaud you for your first fanfic! i hope you keep writing!!

~ Danica

Author's Response: Aw jeez. Thanks for the amazing review! I'll be grinning everytime I look at this story now. The end did seem slightly untied...well, I'll go back and edit. I have a couple ideas. But, again, thank you for the quite grand review! And I'll def. have encouragement for my next piece now :)

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Review #25, by Hermione Potter452The Goblet of Fire: My Way: The Triwizard Tournament

3rd January 2009:
AHHH!!! AMANDA! first of all, i'm SO SO sorry for taking an EON to read and review your chapter!! so so sorry! but i am now!

and i LOOOVED ITTT!! ohh, amanda. is it bad that i kept picturing the greenhouse field trip twilight scene merged with the biology mitosis scene in my head while i read that?? haha. love it. i like this story a lot. i'm excited to see some cedric-y goodness!



p.s. i don't understand why nobody's reviewing you!! maybe you should get a banner. an AWESOME banner. haha.

Author's Response: hahaah. peoplee are reading it.
not that many... but i have like 70 reads...
they need to review! haah.

lol i kinda picture that too... its creepy. especially cause i cant help picturing cedirc as robert pattinson... haah

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