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Review #1, by NeverAgain_____xWolfsbane: Intoxicating Shampoo and Redheads

11th August 2010:
Hi there!

I never review, and I mean NEVER, though I practically live on this site. But, I figured with this being close to the end of Wolfsbane, I'd write one.

Before I get into the actual review, I have to say, you're one of my favorite authors on here. I love your plots, the character development of not only your OC's, but the characters that we already know and love. Your stories make for an enjoyable read with the perfect amount of drama and romance.


I really enjoyed this chapter. The banter between James and Charisma was very enjoyable, and I liked how she confirmed it for herself that James was unequivocally hers. But Dixie needs to wake up and realize her and Freddy just need to get together! Like now!

I thought the bath scene was very funny. I actually read the chapter on Sunday, and then the movie Wild Child aired for the first time in America that night. Watching, I found that the bath scene in that movie to be reminiscent of the one in your story. Were you inspired by the movie? Or was it just a funny coincidence? Either way, I was sitting on my computer giggling away. :P

Maybe there is finally going to be some common ground with Evie! Yay! She's still not the nicest girl, but Charisma seems to have a bigger sense of propriety and that's evident in the way she acted towards Evie in this chapter.

Finally, UGH ROSE. WHY?!?!?!?!

I've really enjoyed reading all of your fanfics, but I particularly loved this one. Wolfsbane was beautifully crafted, and I really love the affection that James and Charisma had before they got together, and how it grew into a romantic relationship later on. I'm going to miss this story! It made me laugh, cry, smile, and wish for a boy like James. But I suppose that was the point, right? Really great story.

Holly :)

Btw, sorry for the longest review ever!

Author's Response: So I log on to my computer after a long day and I see this review, you've definitely made me a very happy person. :D
I'm glad that you decided to review, it's nice to know that people are enjoying the story.

James and Charisma, I figured that they would have some sort of rivalry or slight argumentative side even now they are finally dating, despite the fact that it was joke-y.

Dixie does need to realise doesn't she? But that will be the sequel. I have almost finished it and it should be up in about a month. :)

I have actually been asked this before, but no I had forgotton about that scene in Wild Child. I had been to a sleepover a few weeks before writing this (ages ago :P) and one of my friends had gotten out the old dressing up costumes, so we were all sat in weird clothing. One of my friends ran a bath and got in (in her jeans :/) and I just kinda thought that I wished that I could fit something similar in to one of my stories as I had such a great time. But when I think about it, the two scenes are rather similar :P

Evie and Charisma have finally started to see common ground, it only took them, what? - Seven months? :D

I'm so glad that you like all of my fan fics. This one is like my child, so to hear that this is your favourite just makes me smile. :)

You definitely get the award for most amazing review! thank you so much. I love the long-ens.

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Review #2, by NeverAgain_____xDecimated Dreams: Little Love Notes, Sexual Desires

4th March 2007:
I find your story interesting.

Also, I'm going to point out the thing no one else noticed, looking over the reviews.

The title of the story comes from "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance.

"From decimated dreams, your misery and hate will kill us all."


Author's Response: Well done, NeverAgain!! Are you a fan of their music too? They're my favourite now!!

Yep, I certainly took the title from there!! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. It means so much to see that people are actually liking this!! :) xx

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