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Review #1, by wild4harryp01231The Virgin Count: That Love Logic

3rd March 2008:
First Review for this chapter! Even though someone will probably take it before I'm done. But whatever. There were no reviews when I started reading. So there.

Neville's extended metaphor is amazing. Wow. And I loved the Neville/Luna at the beginning. The only thing about that was it bugged me how Neville was avoiding her and trying not to even be seen with her. I found that slightly OC. Also, the second bit of the chapter gave off a Harry likes Hermione vibe which slightly bugged me due to my avid Ronmione shipping. However, I really like this story. Haha. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. I really like your sense of humor; it's awesome. Update soon!


Author's Response: Never mind, it still counts!!!

Lol! Extended metaphor!

Yeh, I know Nev's a bit OOC, I'm just a shameless manipulator out for the comic value ;P I do apologiuse!!!

DONT WORRY! I'm not doing any harmony!!! Just wait and see!

Thanks for reading and reviewig, I'm glad someone else gets my sense of humour! Lol!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #2, by wild4harryp01231Whisper: Prologue

9th February 2008:
Oh, oh, yeah for Rose/Scorpius! I'm really starting to love this pair. Wayy too fun. Though it's really short, I enjoyed it, especially the beginning. Great job, and that's really all to say! I'm adding it to my watch list, so I'll review better when there's more! :)

Author's Response:
I'll be sure to make the next chapter longer. :)

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Review #3, by wild4harryp01231Somes Vel Spiritus III: Somes vel Spiritus III

8th February 2008:
That was fun! Well, not fun, I suppose, but it was very good. Not my favorite of them (that'd have to be Remus's), but great all the same. Gosh, I wish I could kidnap your writing talents for a while, hun, cuz they are really really subperb. If I could write half as well as you, I'd be one happy camper. And Fred next?! YAYH! Makes me wonder who he's gonna see. This series rocks, loff! Let me know when the next one goes up, because I missed this one! I haven't talked to you in forever. :( I love it, put the next one up soon!!!


Author's Response: KENZIE. ^_^
thank you so much! :blushes:
the next one hasn't even been started yet, but i have had the general plot idea and several scenes worked out, so maybe it'll be on paper soon enough. ^_^
IKNOW. go to tst! (: thank you!


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Review #4, by wild4harryp01231Life Isn't Always Perfect: A Decision And A Promise

8th February 2008:
Hey! I'm really enjoying this story! I've had it on my favorites for a while, and I just actually got around to reading it. I love Ron/Hermione, and I also love the fact of Ron with all of those girls! This is a really great concept; please keep it going! I'll be waiting for the next chappie! Great job!

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Review #5, by wild4harryp01231Of Red and Silver, Gold and Green: Chapter 1 Of Mixed-Gender Rodents and Well-planned meals

29th January 2008:
I really really like this, hun. Rose and Scorpius are a favorite of mine, and I really like your characters. No one is acting Mary Sue-ish, which is VERY good, and I like all of them. I really like Albus, especially, and how close he and Rose are. I also think it's great that he has the courage to hang out with a large group of girls. I don't know many guys who'd do that. :P Anyways, it's great! I've favorited it, and I can't wait to read the next chapter! Great job, sweetheart!

Author's Response: I'm starting to love Rose and Scorpius myself, too (obviously :P) and I'm so glad you like mine.
I think Al and Rose would get on well, looking at their ages - most people I know get on well with their cousins ;) and hey, he's a Gryffindor, he'd be brave enough to hang out with girls :P
Thanks so much for favourite-ing and for this great review! *hugs*

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Review #6, by wild4harryp01231Of Waffles and Roses: In Which the Proposition is Shared

4th January 2008:
Ooh, cookie! I like cookies...

This was really really cute. No one was OOC (thank goodness, you know how it can get with the Marauders) and you pulled it off really nicely. I'm glad that you kept it at a one-shot, too. I liked this a lot, great job! Off to see what else you've written! :)

Author's Response: Who doesn't like cookies? (; (

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Review #7, by wild4harryp01231White For Silence: Yellow, Red, White

2nd January 2008:
I saw the banner for this on TDA (it's really georgeous, btw), and so I thought I'd check this out. This is literally one of the best one shots I've ever read. Ever. Everything was flawless, and I didn't feel like I was reading something that was 6,000+ words. I wasn't bored; there wasn't a dull spot. Everyone's character was spot on, especially Snape's. This is georgeous and amazing. I love it. Defineatly on my list of top 5 one-shots. Fave +, this is insanely good. Thanks for the wonderful story, and I can't wait to see your books in a bookshop someday. Stellar job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you like the banner, and I'm glad that the queue finally opened so I could put it up. *stares at beautiful banner*

Anyways, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful review. It made my day, especially this line: I can't wait to see your books in a bookshop someday. It made me giggle so happily, because I'm trying to write original fiction.

I'm so very glad you liked it, and thanks so very, very much for leaving this beautiful review.

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Review #8, by wild4harryp01231Hermione's Diary: The Showdown, The truth of the diary, and much much more drama.

24th December 2007:
Cuteness! Very very cute. Same problem with the spacing as last one, but I'm sure you know that already. I'd suggest maybe a little more description or beginning variations and things like that, just to give it a little more spice. It's like diologue is a plain cake, and all the other stuff is the frosting and candles and things. (Yes, that was a terrible metaphor; I just can't seem to think of a better one.)

You're doing really well. I love the Ronmione in this. Goodness gracious. Also, great grammar, really great. I have to go help my dad wrap presents, but great job! I'll check out more of your stuff later! Oh, and merry Christmas!


Author's Response: really? i thought i'd fixed that. oh well, merry christmas! i'll review one of ure stories!

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Review #9, by wild4harryp01231Hermione's Diary: the book

24th December 2007:
Hey! May I just say, I love Ron/Hermione. Adore them, so this is very tre magnifique for me.

The first thing that I noticed was that it was kind of hard to tell what people were saying what, because there weren't lines skipped between paragraphs. It's usually okay not even to say who's saying it, if you've established a pattern. Like:

"What are you doing?" Ron asked, looking puzzled.

Hermione shrugged. "Just my homework, why?"

"Well, I was just wondering."

Yes, like that. Other than that, I like this concept. Your characterization of all of the characters seemed spot on, except that Hermione was maybe a little too girly. But I tend to do that, too, and so do a lot of people, so don't worry about it.

Also, just a tip, I'd suggest getting a banner if you're having as problem with not getting a lot of reads or reviews. the-dark-arts dot net has some pretty amazing artists, and I could even hook you up with one if you just asked me in a review on one of my stories. Also, really don't worry about your read/review count. How many reads or reviews your story gets really is a luck of the draw. Just keep trying.

Looking at your bio, I noticed that you're pretty new here, and you said you're young. (Just out of sheer curiousity, how old are you?) I'm fifteen, but I started to be interested in writing at the age of eleven. I know it can be kind of tough, but just hang in there. Keep writing, and believe in yourself even if no one else does. (Oh, and Pokemon?! That's really fun. I love those, especially the video games. You should try writing a Pokemon/HP crossover. Those are fun.)

Wow, sorry for how sentimental that got. I just wish someone had told me that when I was new. Good luck with your writing, hun, and feel free to contact me through a review if you ever need a banner or anything else! Off to the next chapter, and I promise that review won't be as sappy. ;)


Author's Response: I'm 12, and right now i'm writing a story that i'm sending to a PUBLISHING company, or hoping to anyways. and thanks for the advice, i like when i have lots to read! :.)

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Review #10, by wild4harryp01231:

16th September 2007:
I am sooo sorry for my horrible speed on this. I feel terrible. I'll make it oober long to make up for it. Sorry again.

I'm not so sure Hermione's second favorite thing would be homework, personally. That's just my perception of her. I'm really excited by the Ron/Hermione-ness of this, since I ship them crazy hard. It's just magnified by the fact that I'm listening to Accio Love by Ministry of Magic. But anyhow. I like the name of the column as well; Ask Mia. Having Hermione write a collumn is something I've never heard fanfiction-ed about before. It's a really unique idea for a story, and I like it. The thing I noticed, though, is that Hermione seems just a tad too over-obsessive about Ron or something. Her thoughts just...I don't know how to explain it other than they weren't especially Hermione. I like this idea, and I think it could be carried out well, though. I'm gonna favorite so I can read the next chapter. Again, I am so sorry. I hope you can forgive me! Great job, hun!


Author's Response: Thanks ^_^ I'm glad you like it

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Review #11, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Doing The Hippogriff

14th September 2007:
Great chapter! I had fun reading this one! It was the little things that really made it one of my faves. The Fred and George thing was great, such as "I Follow You Like You’re A Hinkypunk ". Amazing; you rule. Plus, he's up! YAYH! I must speed over to next chapter! Adios!

Author's Response: thank you kenzie! ^^
*hugs tightly*
yay! he's up! xD
bubi! :P


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Review #12, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: The Innocence Of Children

14th September 2007:
Yayh Mary! :psychoanalyzes the two lines of Remus and Tonks-ness in this chappie: Since they're at home, does that mean that John's okay? Or that he's not in the hospital anymore? Maybe?

Anyways. Lily's life's really not too fun right now, is it? Great amazing chappie; I love it. Ron's thing was a great idea. Wonderful, you rule, YAYH! :rides her psychoanalyzation of John Lupin to chapter 22:

Author's Response: :P
yep, john's at home. ^^

nope, tis not :[ thanks so much!! xD


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Review #13, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Hocutius

14th September 2007:
No chapter image this time! That took me by surprise. Anyways. Whoah. That was very intense. I loved it, though. With the whole alternating thing. Just awesome. I'm sorry for how much this review sucks, but I REALLY wanna know what happens. Whoot. :hires a pep squad for Mary:

Author's Response: haven't got this far yet ^^ thanks for remindin me *goes to post request*

thanks so much! lol xD *hugs and pushes towards next chapter*


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Review #14, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Muggle Games

14th September 2007:
I'm back! Miss me? I was actually planning on reading this this weekend, but your PM of John bribery pushed me along. Oh my goodness. I love “It’s so… turbo.” I might just have to use that in a conversation sometime. But anyways. Amazing as always. I want Harry to wake up already. Seriously. But I'm loving the playstation thing. That was a great stroke of genius on your part. Especially how George was better at it than Fred, because people are usually more inclined to have Fred be better at things, and George tag along.. Could I just borrow your creativity sometime? Pwetty pweeze? It was sad at the end, how she's still so immersed. Amazing, 10/10, here I go!

Author's Response: KENZIE! *tackle hugs*
thank you! xD
george rocks. end of. fred rocks too (double-duh.)! *hides 'creativity'* :P
thanks so much!! xD


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Review #15, by wild4harryp01231Daddy's Hands: Epilogue

12th September 2007:
Whoah. It's all done! That was a great way to end it, even though it really makes you wonder. REALLY makes you wonder. Whoah. I totally should've foresaw the Kenstella thing before I did, but you pulled it off amazingly. It was a kinda JKR-esque thing, where you mentioned it in passing, and then it came back at you. I also loved how Norah offered to be Keeley, but Hermione told her no. That was great, and very Hermione. Amazing job. This is one of my favorite stories, defineatly in my top twenty, if not top ten. Wicked awesome job, hun; I really admire you. 10/10 on the entire story as a whole. Keep writing, never give up, and I hope I'll pick up one of your books someday!


Author's Response: OMG! *blows nose* thank you so much. no one really said anything about the kenstella, and i'm glad you enjoyed that bit. but most of all i'm glad you enjoyed the story. it really makes my day, and i'm smiling like mad now. haha. YAYAYAYA! top 20! lol. and thanks so much, i admire you more for leaving such an amazing review. lol. thanks loads.

Keep writing, never give up, and I hope I'll pick up one of your books someday!

AHH! I LOVE YOU! lol. xx

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Review #16, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Placing the Blame

3rd September 2007:
Whoah, I noticed you got new chappie images this time! I saw it was big! :P Poor Ginny. Poor Lily, too. Great chapter! I'm sorry my reviews are really starting to go down the toilet. I'm just running out of things to say! I can't wait until I can keep reading, but I have to take a break again. You rule, as I've assured you almost every chapter. Great job, I can't wait to read more! 10!

Author's Response: :] yep, i did!
it's okay :D i'm glad to have some reviews for every chapter!
lmao, thanks so much! *hugs*


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Review #17, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Four Months

3rd September 2007:
:squees at the little bit of John-ness in this chapter: He's not dead; he's not dead! And I totally noticed Remus saying he hurt someone at Hogwarts. Now I wanna know who... :P Poor Ginny and Lily. I'm still loving George/Equin. That's so cute! George cracked his spine?! Whoah, he's really messed up! I didn't think it would be that bad. And the whole Playstation thing; that's gonna be so fun!!! I'm excited, now. Really excited! Guess what you get! 10! :rides George's wheelchair to chapter 18:

Author's Response: *squees also*
that would just be cruel to kill wee john!
ooo... laterz. :P
yep, george cracked his spine. :[
thanks so much! *hugs*


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Review #18, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Different Reactions

3rd September 2007:
:bounces: Great chapter, I really hope Harry wakes up soon. I love how you didn't really have Ginny care, it makes sense. She has more important things to worry about. Awesome job, I wanna keep reading! 10. Love the "I have to get my life healthy" line. :whoots her way to chaper 17:

Author's Response: thank you!
thanksss!! *hugs*


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Review #19, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Tabloid Rings

3rd September 2007:
:pops in: I like this chapter. George/Equin... I love it. That's really cute, actually. I forgot to tell you this earlier, but you pulled off the Malfoy has a twin thing well. So there you go. I don't get why it's so horrible, though, that the tabloids know. I mean, they would've found out at some point. But anyhow. Great, amazing chapter. You rule. 10/10. I wanna keep reading, sorry for the crap-ness! :skips over to chapter 16:

Author's Response: thank you! :]
that's okay... scared of mary sueness. :P
tabloids... its just, the whole world knowing your private life and such?
thanks so much!
its not crapness!!


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Review #20, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Awakening to the Worse

3rd September 2007:
I have to wait until chapter thirties to find out what happens to John?! :frowns and pokes Mary: Sadness. Anywho.

Harry's not looking too good, is he? And he flat-lined? Whoah, that's bad. Can't wait until next chappie, so I'm gonna go there. 10! :apparates:

Author's Response: well, the full story. :D

nope. he's not too good :[
thanks so much!


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Review #21, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Break In

3rd September 2007:
Here I am to read! YAYH! Okay, this chapter is gonna be angsty. I can totally tell. Another verrry long chappie.

George is still in a wheelchair? Wow. Wakie Doggie?! That's awesome. Omg, Marietta's a Death Eater, too!! That rocks, that does. Now just enlist Seamus (I don't know why; I've never enjoyed him) and we'll be all set! OMG, Fred has a thong?!?!?! I'm dying laughing, oh my gosh! Wow. I just realized how many times I've said OMG in this review. I feel like an idiot now.

Oh wow. That was sweet-ness. How Hermione turned up, too. Whoah. I love Equin's name, too. It's awesome. So I love this story. To death. But I am oh so tired. I'll review more tomorrow! Hope these seven new ones can hold you over!!! :P :cough:JOHNLUPIN!:cough:

Author's Response: yep. it is! :D

and yep. george was seriously hurt. *huggles george* wakie doggie :P
yep. fred is full of surprises :D
[i think it's angelina's...]
lmao :D

thanks so much!!! *hugs tightly*
john lupin = chapter thirties. :D


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Review #22, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Together

2nd September 2007:
Well, you can't see the times between reviews, but it's been a while between chapters 11 and 12. Like, over an hour, probably. I had to write a paper. The Lucky Charms rainbow is very...long, see.

Anyhow. Harry needs to learn. Standing up makes him pass out. :P Cho's a Death Eater?! Or a prisioner? I always love it when she's a DE in stories. I don't know why, it's probably because I've always hated her. A lot. Whoah. You're doing really well. Go Mary! :cough:John Lupin!:cough: Sorry for the crappy review, but I wanna get in a few more chappies before bed! :rides Mary's newly formed pep squad over to chapter 13:

Author's Response: no problems ^^ as long as you enjoy it!

silly harry. *boffs his head* *apoligizes*
a prisoner. she got dragged in with marietta, and back out.
cho = uberfemaledog.
thanks so much!


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Review #23, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Just Wishing

2nd September 2007:
Mary! Okay, I was sooo afraid for Lily. I was afraid she was gonna die. Wow. You are an amazing writer. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I'm sorry that I'm starting to review so crappily. I really wanna read as much as I can. One thing though. :cough:I really wanna know about John Lupin right now! They're in the same hospital, just walk down the hallway, someone, anyone!:cough: Okay, I'm done with my very long cough. :rides the Lucky Charms rainbow to chapter 12:

Author's Response: poor lily :[
thanks so much! *hugs tightly*
john lupin will be in chapter thirties. :]
:D thanks kenzie!


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Review #24, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Discovery

2nd September 2007:
Whoah. I scrolled down the page to start the review, and it's long. Looong chapter 10. And I'm scared by the picture. Something tells me we shall see no butterflies in this chapter. Just a hunch. :P Ok, so I just noticed that you're doing weird things when you have somebody say something. Such as "Alcatraz,”“Never try and contact him AGAIN!”. That's the only thing I've ever seen in one of your stories, but that's happening quite frequently. Just so ya know.

And I was so right. There was an absence of butterflies. But seriously, oh my goodness. Great job, and I hope they're all okay! (:cough:wants to know what happened to John Lupin extremely badly:cough:) I'm sorry, but I REALLY wanna read more. Adios!

Author's Response: looong chapter ^^
nope. no butterflies.
whats happening? must check. O.o

yes. there was. :P
thanks so much! john lupin will come in much later. :]


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Review #25, by wild4harryp01231Daddy Returned: Torture

2nd September 2007:
I love your reasoning. Because...because. Gosh, this story went from roses and butterflies to Dementors and dungeons real quick. :P This chapter isn't one of my favorites, mainly because I just read Chamber of Secrets, so I'd kinda just read the CoS flashback. So I kinda...skimmed it. But ya, other than that, this is a good idea. Plus where you're hiding her. That's a good place. I don't have much to say, so I'll just apparate over to chapter ten, shall I? :apparates:

Author's Response: lol :P
it has hasn't it? :D
thanks so much ^^ *hugs and disapparates with kenzie*


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