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Review #1, by The_DementorDear Lord Voldemort: Dear Lord Voldemort

14th April 2007:
that was hilarious.
Keep up the good work.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Andrew, I'm glad you liked the story :) ~Cat

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Review #2, by The_DementorGangsters.: The Post-It Note.

24th March 2007:
Pretty good.
Keep working on it.

But also, in your credit for the banner, my name is The_Dementor.
with an underscore.
sorry if i sound rude.

But I like your story!
Keep Creating.


Author's Response: heyy!
Sorry about that. I'll fix it. Thanks again for the banner!

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Review #3, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Twenty-Four Hours

25th February 2007:
Great Chapter.
This story is coming along great.
I forgot to say this in my last review on the last chapter, but here it is:
And the pancakes.

Author's Response: thank you. ^_^
Indeed it is.

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Review #4, by The_DementorI Won't Say I'm In Love: Hmm, Hard Question

22nd February 2007:
I liked this chapter...again.
But I feel like...i dunno, the mood wasnt set right?
I ahve no idea, maybe it was me being weird again.
oh well good chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! If you feel that I can improve in any way, then please let me know. I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Curiosity Killed the Cat

17th February 2007:

that simple.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #6, by The_DementorObsessed: Boyfriends and Letters

12th February 2007:
Good story!
Update soon--got it?
By the way, I would love to make you a banner if you would like one.
If you do e-mail me:


Author's Response: ok thanks I'll email you!

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Review #7, by The_DementorI Won't Say I'm In Love: Attractive, Huh?

9th February 2007:
Great chapter--again.
Your very funny by the way.

Also would you like me to make you a new banner?
Im not really all that proud with the one i made--but if you like it, dont worry about it. But if you would like me to make a new e-mail me.


P.S. 10/10.9

Author's Response: thank you, and I really like the banner you made me, but if you want to make a new one then yes please! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Marissa

4th February 2007:
Melody is smarted then that. She shoudlnt have ran.
And what stopped Sirius?
Anywho, good chapter.

Author's Response: Andrew, you have to remember that just seeing your ideal boyfriend kiss someone else, i't'll get to you. She didn't really think "oh, marissa is forcing him"


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Review #9, by The_DementorI Won't Say I'm In Love: A Little... Party

1st February 2007:
Another hillarious chapter.
That simple.

Author's Response: heheh thank you very very much XD

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Review #10, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Spilled Secrets

28th January 2007:
good chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you.
I will!

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Review #11, by The_DementorLove and Hate: Truth or Dare

24th January 2007:
This is a good story.
I like it.
If you want, I would be happy to make you a banner.
If you want, just e-mail me at:

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Review #12, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Empty Threats

21st January 2007:
fun chapter.
Seriously, Marissa needs to be pushed off the Gyffindor Tower.
I hope she dies.
Cant wait to see what happenes next!!!


Author's Response: Yup!

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Review #13, by The_DementorI Won't Say I'm In Love: But of course, the Marauders Talk

19th January 2007:
Good chapter!Again. I like this story, its quite funny.

Author's Response: heheh thanks, i like writing this story, and it's kinda like my sense of humour

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Review #14, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Swish and Flick

13th January 2007:
Great chapter. UPDATE NOW.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #15, by The_DementorI Won't Say I'm In Love: Never In A Million Years

13th January 2007:
I liked this chapter. But I would liek to know moew about her friends. They seems funny. Well UPDATE SOON. Got that? Good.

Author's Response: thank you very much, her friends are some of the main characters in this story, so they come up a lot. and it will be updated as soon as possible =D

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Review #16, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Just Shaken

7th January 2007:
i liked this chapter.
a little racy thoug Caroyn

but still good.

Author's Response: Racy?
What do you mean racy?


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Review #17, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Rain

6th January 2007:

its good.
keep up the good work.


Author's Response: ^_^
Thank you bunches of snuggly soft teddies.

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Review #18, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Will You, Lily?

6th January 2007:

but seriously, hoe does Sirius know all this stuff? It worries me a bit.
oh well.


Author's Response: Thank you.
No need to be worried.

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Review #19, by The_DementorLiving Irony: Living Irony

6th January 2007:
errr...that was...okay. I knew that she was with Harry. but wanted the Voldmort the whole time. I liked it a lot, but the twist at the end wasnt that fun for me 'cause i knew it the whole time.
but all in all, it was a good story.

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Review #20, by The_DementorCat and Mouse: Cat and Mouse

4th January 2007:
wow, that was terrific.

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #21, by The_DementorSaving Ana: Prologue: A Realist in Peach

1st January 2007:
i like it...a lot. good job.

Author's Response: hey thanks!

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Review #22, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Snogging By the Shrieking Shack

1st January 2007:
i loved it. Their so cute. And i love the way you write. Everything seems so smooth and i really feel like im their.
update soon.

oh by the way. i love how you dont forget about Peter. Everyone else does int heir stories.



Author's Response: Why thank you, Andrew.

I'm glad you like my writing. Haha. It takes a LOT of pratice to make things flow smoothly. Or at least it did for me. ^_^

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Review #23, by The_DementorPretty Girl: Yellow Tulips Mean Hopelessly in Love

30th December 2006:
hahahahahahaha i hope Marissa DIES!

great 'chappie'
i. loved. it.

Author's Response: Nope.
That wasn't foreshadowing. muhaha.

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Review #24, by The_DementorMerry Christmas, Ginny: Merry Christmas, Ginny

28th December 2006:
-flings self at you-
Carolyn's brother.
i liked it.
god job.

Author's Response: WOAH! *falls to the floor* Hey Andrew! Thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you loved it.

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Review #25, by The_DementorHurt: Chapter 1

28th December 2006:
i like it.
good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it!!

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