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Review #1, by fireceltiephoenixShadow of a Hero: Chapter 2: An Idle Mind is the Devils Playground.

15th October 2007:
And again the foreshadowing pours off of this story like a river. It was the ending that did me in, Court. I can see that Albus and Rose will be in for a heap of trouble. And this...Jimmy character I fear is only the beginning. Of course I might reaching, but putting this new dark force before Rose and Albus's 'mistake' might just be foreshadow enough to show that they might be next on this figure's list. Not intentionally mind you. Hell, they might be witness to something, which is still not as good as it should be. Occlumency. An interesting tactic. Not many can master it so I am anxious to see who this dark figure is. I have a feeling that we will find out soon enough, since it seems as though he will be going to the festivities as well. Despite Neville's security, there are no doubts in my mind that the poor guy is going to fail in some way and it won't even be his fault.

I am anxious to see what's going to happen, Courtney. Great job!

Author's Response: Candy!

You know, when you leave me reviews that are so descriptive I'm left in awe of your writing ability, it makes me smile like a buffoon all night, right? Well, it does!
I daresay you'll get at least some information on this dark character, or at least his goals, rather soon. Thank you again, dearest, for taking the time to read and review these chapters. You are really so sweet and so supportive. I hope you know how much I appreciate it!


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Review #2, by fireceltiephoenix A Vampire's Tale: Chapter One

15th October 2007:
Besides the fact that I know I'm going to like this female vampyre, you brought Blaise into the entire picture. *swoon* And, to make matters even better, Blaise likes Hermione. *sigh* You have done three things in this chapter that I love and adore. *bows at Dracana's feet* You are amazing. This chapter was everything and more. You could feel the fear dripping off of Blaise even as he just stood in the alleyway then again after the vampyre lured him out of the Hog's Head. Her laughter echoed in my ears. You know I love strong female characters and I'm hoping against hope that your female vampyre is going to be completely 3-D. (Which I have no doubts she will be) Your imagery was stunning. The vocabulary in this piece was remarkable. Dracana, you simply have me at a loss for words. This chapter makes me hungry and want more. I cannot wait for an update.



Author's Response: I must do some character development on this female vampire, I think. I most certainly will bring her into the story a lot more, but a little further on now, I think. And yeah, Blaise with a crush on Hermione is going to be fun to write!! I will certainly, for your sake, try VERY hard to make this female 3D, and if you want anything out of this story, just tell me . . . *has an idea to dedicate the whole story to Fire* *grins* I have random thoughts like that.

Anyway, woot for the imagery, and you're just too nice. Lol, is there nothing to fault? I won't be insulted, promise!! :) I'll update soon, promise xx

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Review #3, by fireceltiephoenix A Vampire's Tale: Prologue

15th October 2007:
In reality they are only waiting.

And, Dracana, so am I. *is speechless* This prologue was so intense that there are absolutely no words to describe it. You know me. I am just beginning to embrace the darkness of my writing and to feel the intensity rolling off of this beginning chapter is absolutely amazing. I already see foreshadowing. Between the mention of Dark Evening and the description of the female vampyre...*sigh* This prologue is wonderful. I'm literally running to the next chapter to find out what's going to happen.

*sits back and watches the darkness ebb in*


Author's Response: Heh!! Love your reviews, hunny!! Ohhhh, your writing is so amazingly dark I'm in love with it. Lol, don't trip as you run . . . Ok, that wasn't even funny, lol, but I try. *sigh*


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Review #4, by fireceltiephoenixJust Play Your Cards Right: Just Play Your Cards Right

15th October 2007:
“What’s the first thing you’re going to do once you get out of school, Teddy?”...“Oh, you know,” he smiles, the tilting edge of a knife that slits across his face, but a warm jovial flicker to outsiders. “Kill my godfather.”

I swear, Dracana, those are some of the most chilling lines I have ever red. Goosebumps traveled up and down my arms. And to know that it was my innocent Teddy that spoke them even gave me more chills. This one-shot is absolutely amazing. If you wanted to, honestly, I think you could bring it into a short-story or novella. It is absolutely stunning in its imagery. You can feel Teddy's seething anger and even Harry's confusion at the end. His impatient tendancies grew and even his supersititions were dead on the money. Absolutely and utterly fantastic!

Even this line got to me: He’s just Teddy. His father’s son, his mother’s child. Teddy Lupin, the one who put to death the boy Voldemort could not. How true that sentiment is. Teddy had, indeed, put to sleep the man that even the history books deemed as the strongest and most powerful wizard alive couldn't do. I am absolutely astounded by this story, Dracana. I know why its on my favorites list. The King of Hearts...sigh. I never before pictured Teddy like this, but its rather interesting to see him in this light. Hats off to you, Dracana. This is one of the best Next-Gen fics I've ever read.


Author's Response: Hey Fire!! Thanks so very much for reviewing!!

I wrote the first part of this around 2 am because the plot hit me and I knew that if I didn't start writing it then, I never would have written it at all. Aw, yes, you're innocent Teddy isn't so innocent in this *cackles* The bad boys are always the best :) Do you think so? I'm not sure that anyone would read it if I turned it into a bigger story, but it's an idea, certainly. I promise that if I do I'll notify you. And emotions are always my favourite to write, because every one has emotions and looks at something in a different way. Ooooh, and the superstitions are things that I feel also, so I poured a fraction of myself into his character to try and shape him out. Seriously, I'm totally wierd when it comes to superstition - if there's a crease in the bed I think it's going to be a bad day, lol.

Ah, you're too nice to me *grins* Thanks so much for your great review, Fire *huggles*

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Review #5, by fireceltiephoenixThe End: Prologue

12th October 2007:
Since I know the other version of this story, I do suppose that I should be patient and wait for what's to come. I like how you started the background of the story and set up how Scorpius and Albius interact. The comeback about Rose not being his girlfriend was a nice touch as well. It was a short prologue but I like how you went about it. I can't wait for the rest of it, Jessi. Great job as always.

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Review #6, by fireceltiephoenixShadow of a Hero: Chapter 1: Curb your Enthusiasm

9th October 2007:
Trouble indeed. This is just a foreshadow of what's to come if I know you, Courtney. You can sense it just by the two scenes that you have given us. Neville seems too cautious for something not to happen at the ceremony. You can feel the dark clouds coming in from the east and wanting to settle in for as long as they want to. And even the train ride with Albus was just as scary. Three Slytherins and not one of them a Malfoy. But they do parallel Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy much like the new trio - Rose, Chloe, and Albus with an addition and quite surprising to say the least, Scorpius. Victoire is not one of my favorite characters and she seems just as snobby as I pictured her. The shocker was James and the way he acted. He might have defended his brother but he doesn't seem anything like Harry. I wonder if there's a reason why... Trouble...I think that will be your word for this story. I see it coming in like gust of wind but lingering.

Great start, Courtney. I can't wait to read more and as always...wonderful!

Author's Response: Candy,

I know I already tackle, glomped and attacked you on MSN about this review, but I want to reiterate- this absolutely made my day. You are so kind, so sweet and so supportive, and I hope you realize what a wonderful person you are, dear.
I love that you took the time to not only read and review, but to analyze and form such in-depth opinions on things! You've really taken review giving to the next level! :P I love your insight into the characters, the comparisons and contrasts- it's so exciting to see what someone reading thinks as things develops!
I truly hope that future chapters continue to please you, but count on your candor all the same. Thank again, darlin'! You're truly a peach.


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Review #7, by fireceltiephoenixTurn Back: Turn Back

5th September 2007:
Since I have just suddenly gotten onto the Sirius/Lily ship bandwagon, and I saw this new one-shot from you, I thought I would review. *smiles* Let me start from the top...

The symbolism of James in the room was apparent from the very beginning. You never even had to write him in. James was a 'spirit', so to speak. Between just the ring on Lily's finger and Sirius's 'sight' of him in the room made James's appearance omnipresent - if that makes any sense. He's always there, watching, as if this dark cloud cast over the scene.

Love, even in its simplest form, can never be explained. Sirius is feeling that now - a weight on his chest and something more than he could ever possibly fathom. It's with a woman who is his best friend's wife. A woman, who in all parts, is a temptation and a sin that is thrust upon him with her appearance on his doorstep every night. Why would he give that up if give the opportunity? If he has the chance to sleep with the devil and enjoy it, then he's not going to give it up. Lily is, and always will be, his temptation. Even in the heat of the moment, the thought of James will always be lingering in his mind and the thought of the different type of love Lily feels for him.

I felt the crack of his bones. I felt his heartache and even amidst the tears, I felt his sorrow. Sirius was living and breathing in this story and I could feel every emotion that he was going through. Even in the flashback (which was very well done) I could feel his anger even though he knew that he didn't mean the words. He struck out in anger and regret. He struck out at Lily because he had no one else to strike out at. Everything that he is and was is because of her. To even lash out at her broke his heart in two. And I could feel the regret as Lily closed the door behind her...leaving Sirius to wallow in his self-pity and regret.

As for the ending...just the simple I'm sorry spoke so many volumes. After the death of James and Lily...after everything that he had gone through he was still sorry for it all. It wasn't just sorry for not picking up the phone and not just sorry for not being there. But he was sorry for what he had done to her. He was sorry for what he had done to James. Those two simple words spelt out everything you were trying to convey in this story. It was right to the point and made me feel every emotion that you poured into it.

To say that I'm going to cry is an understatement. Bawl and sob maybe. LOL! Violet, this was a beautiful one-shot to a practically new ship that I'm falling in love with. I know I can't stop writing my own short-story because I'm fascinated with the pairing. I wanted to say great job and I can't wait to read more from you. *hugs*

Author's Response: Wow! This is quite a review, Candy! ^_^ You've hit the nail on the head with regards to Sirius' feelings about his relationship with Lily - he's stuck in a trap between loving her and being friends with James, and he's too deep to get out. And when he finally broke, he took it out on her - like you said, she was the only one there to take it out upon.

Aha! You got the multitude of meanings attached to the "I'm sorry" - Sirius means it in so many different ways, none of which he can express because they're too deep, too painful. It's so simple a thing to say, but what's around it, why it's being spoken, makes it impossible to say.

Thank you very very much for reviewing and loving this story. It means a huge amount that you have and do. I am sorry for making you cry, though. :( I never thought that I'd put that much into the story.

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Review #8, by fireceltiephoenixA Marauder's Vow: A Marauder's Vow

28th August 2007:
I'm so glad that I just chatted with you and you got a plot bunny out of it. LOL! I am slowly beginning to like Sirius/Lily and this fic is helping me secure the pairing. I loved how the letter was actually addressed to Sirius and not to James as he thought. Lily was definitely a go getter in this one. Absolutely brilliant. It was hard to see him so heartbroken in the end though. He just looked like he was going to fall apart. It just pained me to see him like that. *hugs Sirius* Great job as always, Jessi. Remarkable one-shot.

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Review #9, by fireceltiephoenixLeaving All That Matters Behind: Big Girls Don't Cry

27th August 2007:
Oh, Jessi...if you only knew how hard I cried when I first read this. Reading it again made me just realize how special the bond between father and daughter is. Seeing Luna grow up...move away from the fantasies her father loved so much was a definite change. A Healer...a woman who no longer believes in montraipsies. Yet her father, a man who is wise beyond his years...a man that she looked up to, still lives with a deep amount of hope. That's the only way it can be described - hope. And all this time, Luna had thought she was going to have to lose her father much like she had her mother. But instead, it was a complete role reversal. A magnificent one-shot, Jessi. One of your best. It truly holds a place in my heart.

Author's Response: Wow, Candy!! *blush* Thank you SO much! I really appreciate all the compliments. You're right - hope is exactly what keeps Luna tied to her father... it's the bond of family and always seeing the best in people despite differences you may have - or grow to have.

Thank you SO much. This review means a LOT to me. *hugs*

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Review #10, by fireceltiephoenixRunaway: Fear

25th August 2007:
Suspense...ingrigue...mystery...Scribby! Unbelieveable beginning. I cannot wait to read the rest. I don't have much to say in this one because I'm just waiting to read the rest. Who is the girl? What happened to her in the forest? Does she truly have a connection to Harry? There are so many questions that need answering and I can't wait to find them all out. Great job, Scribby!

Author's Response: Candy!! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how surprised I was to see your name I'm actually sort of embarrassed too. Thanks for the kind comments though. This was my first attempt at writing fiction EVER so I know it needs a lot of work. Especially the beginning chapters. But I'm glad you seem to like it so far. lol. You're a sweetheart. Thanks again for the review Candy! *huge hugs* :)

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Review #11, by fireceltiephoenixDestiny or Despair: Coming of Age

25th August 2007:
David, what a great chapter. To see the sadness in Harry as he celebrates his 17th birthday was heartbreaking. I felt for him as he was surrounded by friends and family but not by the woman he loves. But to see his joy was a great thing when him and Ginny finally got back together. I'm just curious as to what was written on the parchment. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Great job!

Author's Response: Hi, Candy!

Thank you for the kind words and review!

This story was and IS all about H/G. Knew DH wouldn't be a 100% Ginny-Fest, but I wanted to write one and allow FF lovers to read one. Hope they like it!

Yeah, it's sad Harry has to sacrifice love for the greater good. I guess in this circumstance he would look back at how they'd gotten on, making this far more than his 'relationship' with Cho.

The parchment . . . Hmmm, sure you'll find out soon enough ;-)

Thanks again and hope you continue to read this and leave reviews. Every review helps.

Dave =D

A/N: It's been an interesting few months for me =D Sorry for the lack of updates. FINALLY started typing 22. Hope it's with you all soon!

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Review #12, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 7

25th August 2007:
OMG OMG OMG! It was HIM! From the beginning I too easy. But here it was! I always go back on my gut instinct and I shouldn't. I can't believe it! Had me guessing all the way to the end and he was right under our noses.

Angie, I do have to say that this story was an unbelievable tale. It was one that I will never forget. It inspired me to write Murder of Sirius Black. I want to thank you for writing this story...keeping me on the edge of my seat...and giving me a mystery that I wanted to solve. Excellent job! It's definitely on my favorite's list.

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Review #13, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 6

25th August 2007:
Okay I totally pictured Indiana Jones! Go Harry! I can feel the heat between him and Cho now. You can hardly deny it. And who is this guy?! I mean really...just tell me! LOL! Amazing story!

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Review #14, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 5

25th August 2007:
Okay...I like numbers (because I like to do accounting) but seeing all that made my eyes cross. LOL! Seriously I am not good at riddles but you are definitely making me want to try. Harry's seething anger made me shake...poor Cho. Great job Angie!

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Review #15, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 4

25th August 2007:
Cho is on the ball! I mean...when I read her in the books, I never thought her to be this intelligent. (Sorry...not a huge Cho fan) But to see her in this light gives me a completely different perspective on things. Thank you for that. I can't wait to see where they're going!

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Review #16, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 3

25th August 2007:
Oh to be back at Hogwarts with familiar faces brought a chill to the story. For them to not know what's going on and even to think that there might be more killings is just...*brrr* And of course Draco is on the top of the list. He would be a suspect on Harry's list. But that would be too simplistic...not something a Malfoy would do. Great job, Angie. If I can get chills...its a great story.

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Review #17, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 2

25th August 2007:
More and more riddles. GAH! I'm SO not good at them. LOL! You definitely know how to weave mystery in with riddles and intrigue. An unbelievable tale, Angie. Excellent job!

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Review #18, by fireceltiephoenixThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 1

25th August 2007:
Oh my god! Angie, I wish I would have known about this story when it was first published. I feel SO behind in reviewing it. Da Vinci SO has the hints of it yet still completely in the realm of HP. The riddles are absolutely fantastic! So intricate and real. I could feel the frustration pouring off of Harry as he read it and couldn't figure it out. Even Cho's triumph as she did figure it out. Excellent job, Angie! Chapter 1 is a great start to a wonderful story.

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Review #19, by fireceltiephoenixGoodbye Pansy: Goodbye Pansy

23rd August 2007:
Unbelievably vivid. I did like imagery. I could invision and feel everything that Pansy was feeling. I got chills toward the end. Excellent job! I never really liked Pansy but I actually felt bad for her in this. Great writing!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, I can't thank you enough for this review! *blushes* But I'll try! Thank you x 3847389476238478324!

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Review #20, by fireceltiephoenixOne Last Wish: One Last Wish

16th August 2007:
Jessi, that was very moving and touching. It was nice that Tonks let Remus see the REAL her at the end. There were imperfections and Remus saw through it all. He still saw the beauty of the one he loved. Excellent one-shot, Jessi. Great job!

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Review #21, by fireceltiephoenixWhenever You Remember: Whenever You Remember

16th August 2007:
*cries...sobs* OMG! Jessi...that was...holy hell I'm speechless. That was AMAZING. I really have no words to describe that. That was probably one of the most moving and captivating one-shots...fics...that I have EVER read. I'm really crying...sobbing over this story. Yes, I can see why you dedicated it to Mon and David. They definitely deserved the dedication. Hermione, Harry, Ron...they are you, David, and Mon. A perfect one-shot from a truly talented and gifted writer. You deserve every bit of praise you get. Your words truly do move. I stand and applaud you, Jessi. The highest praise imaginable. *hugs*

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Review #22, by fireceltiephoenixCall Me Lily: Call Me Lily

16th August 2007:
Call me Lily. Did you see that? BOOM!

Priceless, Scrib! Utterly priceless! It was an amazing one-shot. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I read it. Lily was just...omg! LOL! And James...yes I can see why he fell in love with her. LOL! But the end was just fluffy and romantic...and perfect. Everything about it, Scrib, was perfect. Yes...I can see this being the reason why they got together. Especially after she said he can call her Lily. Excellent job Scribby! *hugs*

Author's Response: CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG *attacks with hugs* You are such a sweetheart, I swear. Aww, I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you liked it and that it made you laugh. I just wanted to make people smile, and I'm especially glad I achieved it with you because I hold your opinion in high honor. :) Thank you SO much for your lovely comments hun! I appreciate it greatly. You're awesome. *hugs*

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Review #23, by fireceltiephoenixNot Again: Not Again

16th August 2007:
What an emotional ride. I could feel Sirius's anger at the end and Snape's loathing. The friendship between Sirius and Remus still seemed strained because of their years apart and their opposing opinions, but yet the love between them was still there. It was an interesting and wonderful take on the small gap of time between Harry reaching the Ministry with the DA and the Order coming to their rescue. Well done!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so very, very much. The scene with Snape and Sirius was my biggest concern, actually, because I didn't want Snape's portrayal to be OOC. (He's never a character that I can write very easily.) So, I'm glad to hear that it worked well, and the emotions in all of them were believable.

Sirius and Remus ... My two favourite characters, and their minds are fabulous places to explore. Twelve years apart would have an influence on ANY friendship, after all, and I wanted to show that. I'm glad to hear that you felt it worked.

And thank you once again for your reviews. I absolutely LOVE your stories, so it's great to hear your opinion on mine.


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Review #24, by fireceltiephoenixDestiny or Despair: Departing The Dursleys

16th August 2007:
What an unbelievable little twist. I never saw that coming. Petunia giving Harry a photo album of Lily's. In actuality, I didn't think that Petunia would have anything of Lily's left. Vernon was dead on in his portrayal. I could feel the hatred pouring off of him toward Harry. And Harry's anger with Ron and Hermione on the playground - confounded. Excellent job, David. I can't wait to read the rest!

~Candy (fireceltiephoenix)

Author's Response: Hi, Candy!!

Thanks for stopping by again. I appreciate it!

Well, I always had Petunia down as a woman that's been denied a great gift and having to set herself out the 'normal life' due to lack of magical ability. Not really disliking Lily, just resentful at her for having magic and her parents being so proud of her being a witch.

Vernon was always going to hard on Harry. Not sure what else to say, because not everyone's read DH as yet. Great character, though!

Ron and Hermione have (sadly for Harry) been able to have less exposed lives, thus enabling them to enjoy a more normal summer. Harry's always been trapped at the Dursleys and I guess, even though he knows it's for a minimal and final time, feels hard done by and still suffering from losing Dumbledore and seperating from Ginny. It's tough being the Chosen One!

Thanks for the review and hope you continue to enjoy!!

David =D

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Review #25, by fireceltiephoenixDestiny or Despair: Draco's Reward

9th August 2007:
Hey David!

As promised, here is the first review of many. For a first fic, it is unbelievably impressive. The detail, the attention to canon. It is remarkable to see Draco so fearful yet determined. Only evil can come from what is forseen in this chapter. I cannot wait to read the rest of it. Excellent work! You should be proud of it!

~Candy (fireceltiephoenix)

Author's Response: Hi, Candy!

Thanks for stopping by here.

Thank you. I appreciate the vote of confidence!

I'm boring, I guess in a way, that everyone here seems to be very canon.

Draco's a very interesting character. We know more about him from DH, so the exactness of this fic is tested. I dunno. I'll let readers be the judge of that.

Yeah, this fic is rather dark. I guessed Book 7 would be (we all did) no wolk in the sunshine, so this fic's all about that . . . Plus obviously Harry and Ginny! =D

Thank you for the kind words and I hope you return for more. I'll be getting back to writing very soon, so CONSTANT VIGILANCE for updates =P


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