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Review #1, by ev11000Legacies: Crusader: Ravenous

2nd January 2010:
come on 50+ plus reviews on 2 chapters. UPDATE please im dying here! 3 months still a helluver lot better than your last gap but still! the quality of the work more than shows you still know how to do it and the silly large response shows you've got fans i mean your in like the top 1-3 for epic harmony and i personally would vote you for number 1! Also i both chaps I've only seen 1 grammar fail and it was tiny like missing 1 letter near the end of ch 2. Also the story is gold the virus while on a similar line to other things that have been done it's different in awesome ways which is really surprising considering how many hundreds of thousands of stories there are out there. Now come on and hurry up with ch 3 already.


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Review #2, by ev11000The Brotherhood: The Beginning: Weak

31st October 2009:
excellent. very powerful stuff. i was kinda looking forward to them half blasting the library but what cha gonna do. btw the start was dark.. really don't let that happen or if harry doesn't kill voldy i will

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Review #3, by ev11000Legacies: Crusader: Hostile Negotiations

21st September 2009:
Again i must applaud you but I'm sorry the james bond bit was just f-ing brilliant but i have to wonder whether they bought the 100 man march bit as seeing a twit riding round on a flaming motorcycle like a ghost rider aficionado kinda makes the mini invasion seem a little implausible. I must also assume that the other person with the cursed eyes is the basis of the medusa stories? if not then you have me stumped but the references to greek mythology were far to numerous to over look and in your normal way you've got me literally chomping at the bit to read the next one and if you don't hurry it up i might just kill myself (checking hpff every few hours cannot be good for you). I must reiterate and congratulate you once again on the perfect combination of laughs, drama and action so don't you dare stop!

Author's Response: It is not conceivable to Alectrona that one man made it past the hydras so she assumes he's the last survivor of an attack force. Thats why she asks, twenty, fifty, and harry messes her up by saying 100. She doesn't understand the tone and inflection of sarcasm thats why his response flies way over her head. This sort of fire blazing motorbike one man army thing is Harry's style ever since the first fic. Actually the first three had similiar scenes like this. Only grim didn't. Lol Thanks for reading and yes I shall update soon. Respect.

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Review #4, by ev11000Harry Potter and the Eccentricities of Death: Some Things Never Change

25th July 2009:
hmmm intriguing (first post *i think*) very nice please for the love of god don't let the potters meet the longbottoms fate as i think that would be to dark a twist... don't seriously.

Author's Response: We'll see, soon, I hope.

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Review #5, by ev11000Harry Potter and the Eccentricities of Death: Riddles in the Light

16th July 2009:
very very good!!! I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this story and would consider a rampage if it was discontinued. so dont ;P

Author's Response: Well, happily I don't think you'll have to consider anything of the sort as I don't plan to abandon it. Already have three more chapters being looked at by my beta, and another in validation right now.

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Review #6, by ev11000Dark Lord Rising: The First Task

7th July 2009:
poor wittle dragon... but seriously Dumbledore has some serious issues

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Review #7, by ev11000Harry Potter and the Eccentricities of Death: A Timely Death

7th July 2009:
pure brilliance a bit chaotic to read but i think that may have been your intention and if it was i must congratulate you I'm gonna miss the green eyes but i suppose its not to big of a loss. please if you would update often i think this could rank in my all time favorites so :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope the rest of the story will make more sense, but yeah, Death tends to go from Point A to Point D then back to Point C before moving onwards to Point M and making odd assumptions regarding Point B.

Anyway, I already have 5 chapters finished, (though Chap. 5 is still with my beta) and Chapter 2 is being validated as we speak.

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Review #8, by ev11000Potters' Of The Caribbean: Booger.

22nd June 2009:
nice i was laughing through most of it glad you have restarted I'm curious as towards how long before they meet but I'm looking forward to the next installment

Author's Response: Thank you, I thought it may be time for a comeback! :) thank you!

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Review #9, by ev11000KryptonianMutant: Rumors and Parties! 90210 All Over Again Part 1

2nd June 2009:
hmm a very long wait but hey we all love suspense. good to see its restarted

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Review #10, by ev11000Hidden Agendas: The Night of the Animagi

27th December 2008:
im on honestly worried for umbridge i think a hail of arrows and a pissed giant will be the least of her problems

Author's Response: We might get to that, but I don't think it'll come up. She has bigger problems with two ex-Death Eaters and several Aurors gleefully plotting to make the rest of her tenure at Hogwarts as miserable as they possibly can.

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Review #11, by ev11000Hidden Agendas: Making Amends

9th November 2008:
very nice and i can guess what the two mistakes were and they're both ginger ;P

Author's Response: The two books that are most about those d&*ned carrots are the mistakes. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by ev11000:

31st May 2008:
nice don't understand the age thing but maybe since your don't go that far back normally you do age just unnoticeably so when they did a super jump they de aged but nice Q? any godlike powers they've picked up over the years?

Author's Response: thanks for tip, ill try and get a beta reader, and post a new first chapter, thanks for te review :)

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Review #13, by ev11000...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...More Needles, First Meeting...

8th May 2008:
why no more big cool demon thingy i liked it it was fluffy :P but seriously i want to see some caboom style payback maybe an explosion they claim to be a nuclear device hehe 51 megatons and the record is broken

Author's Response: I know but its hard trying to balance out the demon thingy!!! I mean is the bosy completely equipped to handle such powers...what the hell Ill chuck it in as a comeback or rather as a dark side to his personality so stay tuned...thank you for the review and the idea!! I like the 51 megatons hint hint....KAAAABBOOOOMM!!!!

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Review #14, by ev11000Potters' Of The Caribbean: Rum?

25th April 2008:
so close but yet so far im guessing their going to basically be doing that scooby-doo thing where they run past each other repeatedly hm should be fun:P

Author's Response: Ah, Scooby-Doo, fond memories.

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Review #15, by ev11000The Living Dead: The Age of Love

5th April 2008:
hah id put money on that bet and i know id win due to the fear of ownage you'd receive if you didnt and how many chaps are there gonna be 30? :( 40 :I 50 :') (tears of joy fool)

Author's Response: The epilogue is chapter 32. It's written, checked, and ready to go.

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Review #16, by ev11000The Living Dead: The Battle of the Tower

25th March 2008:
hah harry disassembled more death eaters than ron could imagine and says he'll kill him i want to see this im guessing the head badges will be coming and i know who their going to i wonder what "ginny" realy looks like ? *SCREM*

Author's Response: Since I don't say what she really looks like, I'll just tell you here. She has dark hair, and dark eyes, but her eyes can look red. As a metamorphmagus she can look like anything she wants (think Tonks).

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Review #17, by ev11000The Living Dead: The Poisons Master

18th March 2008:
dude im guessing either hermione is realy trying to be close to harry without being with him or rons bought out all of the W.W.W amortia love potion love the chap length the fact the horcrux was a little easy was kinda weird but cant realy complain it seems like Voldy to be complacent when guarding as he thought it would only be Dumbledore & co going after them. a fight where the vamp tries to get hermione but harry gets pissed would have been uber cool then he realizes who harry is and is like oh shiny! and says something like after you then Harry is like i thought people gave up on this joke last year:P

so about the hermione/slimeball (not snape as thats grosser than. wait kinda hard choice got to go to the judges) ill be filling a complaint to the misuse and abuse of animals dept. for your torture of harry and i will allso be bringing this up in the vampire high council this coming thursday. oh yes we know what atrocities have been committed in these pages.

that would be cool he gets summoned to a vampire council as like the vampire king dies or some other shizzle:P and people vote for harry but he declines and just gets given a shiny vampire thing for furthering their chance of regaining their souls.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review. And you're right about Hermione trying to be close to Harry without being with him, and about someone buying out the twins' stock of love potions. It just wasn't Ron...

The R/Hr ship will sink with all hands, don't you worry...

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Review #18, by ev11000The Living Dead: Weasley vs. Potter

14th March 2008:
yay now where did i put the pin on the purple-goo-exploding-ginger-powered-anti-writer grenade. that was a bit non harry like even vampire one it seems a bit excessive but seeing how he's been pushed recently its not unexpected keep going :P

Author's Response: He is a bit out of character, but a vampire that's been pressed that much is close to snapping. In fact, just last year, Dumbledore pressed him just past the point of no return.

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Review #19, by ev11000The Living Dead: Amortentia

10th March 2008:
yay ebil ginnys trying to do something fluffy rofl fluffy like Fluffy and the Basilisk ahh ultimate ship:P anywys i think i get it you need to think in a reverse sphychosomatic way :P hehe people never understand my big words like. getthemtogetherorimurderyou!

Author's Response: Yeah, I can see why, lol. Don't worry, there will be more harmony in the next chapters.

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Review #20, by ev11000The Road Not Taken: Developments and Ironies

8th March 2008:
ooo pls come forward to neville but wait then he'll blame him and be angry but he could tell him his parents would end up how they did

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Review #21, by ev11000The Missing Boy: Chapter Fourteen

8th March 2008:
perfect. "stronger he will rise." freekin awesome love the story yay another bloody prophecy just what we need but will harry be able to use his hands etc or will he like use magic to float and be like kinda statue that you cant hit but fires back? that could be fun but a bit strange for the story maybe a stance like bit when he's fighting sometimes?

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Review #22, by ev11000Harry Potter and the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not: Dudley's Lament

2nd March 2008:
kill kill kil! surely it would have made more sense for harry to have caused dudley so much pain he wished he'd die?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, I appreciate the support.

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Review #23, by ev11000Harry Potter No Longer: The Plan For Freedom

2nd March 2008:
nice i want a spirit wave :P why does he always go to america oh well keep writing

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Review #24, by ev11000All Thanks To Hermione Granger: The Express

29th February 2008:
yay you wrote more yay no demon harry you mentioned something about another being brought back but who? voldie cuz that would piss me off mm maybe one of the spells she has is similar to his little waves whatever they are so they can relate and live happily ever after :P

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Review #25, by ev11000Flame of the Dragon: Chapter Nineteen

27th February 2008:
yay ultimate prank war haven't reviewed in a few chaps sorry was o busy reading :P love it and this silly part of the story is spectacular

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