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Review #1, by SmexyVampireThe Worst Kind of Slytherin: Love, The Marauders

20th July 2007:
You had better update son.
This is so good!
Normally I don't like stories written in second person, but this one is just too good!
Reggie makes me smile.

Author's Response: Haha, well, thanks... and I'll try my best to update soon, promise!

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Review #2, by SmexyVampireScarlet's Fangs: A New Kind of Club

20th July 2007:
This is looking like one amazing story!
I do hope you update soon.
This is so good!

Author's Response: I'm sooooo glad you like it soo much, your review defiantly made me feel good, plus I think it motivated me to write more! woot I'm going to start writing right now.Thank you so much for the review and as I wish every one I hope you have fun reading the 7th book:)

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Review #3, by SmexyVampireSummer in the Snow: Lily's Worst Nightmare

26th June 2007:
I am so happy that James is there.
What happened to you updating?
Like, any of your stories, actually.
I do love this!

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Review #4, by SmexyVampire:

12th January 2007:
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful chapter! This was just great. Roger is a stupid git. But I must say that Oliver, though he was only actually in it for like two seconds, was just as wonderful as always. I just love that man! Well, I hope that you write more soon (and, yesh, I know I have another chapter read and reaview after this). This was just great! ~ Daryl!

Author's Response: aw thanks! Hmm, I thought I included more Oliver here...or maybe it was in the next chapter..oh yes, the next get more Oliver then, so stay tuned. :)

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Review #5, by SmexyVampirelOve me fOr me: [always the friend, never the girlfriend]: Chapter Two: TAKE ME AWAY

3rd January 2007:
Hey once more. I really like it, but it seems like it's moving too fast. I mean, it's there first day there and they're already snogging people and telling one another who they fancy. Other than that I really like it. And one last thing, if Oliver's a year older why is he their potions class? Well I hope you update soon! ~Daryl!

Author's Response: Yeah, I've been trying to re-do this whole fic because I know what you mean with the whole moving too fast thing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by SmexyVampirelOve me fOr me: [always the friend, never the girlfriend]: Chapter One: CHANGES

3rd January 2007:
Hello there! I love this story! I love Oliver and I couldn't resist! It's so sad that she has to move and all, but I know that no matter how many friends I have I would rather live in London then stupid America. I really hope you write more after the next chapter, which I think I'm going to go read now! ~ Daryl!

Author's Response: Yeah London > America, in my opinion. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side? Thanks for your review! It was lovely. Glad we share the Oliver infatuation ;)

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Review #7, by SmexyVampireThe Black Sheep: What are friends for?

1st January 2007:
How could you leave it right there without Reggie?! I hatechuuu right now! I don't think I can ever talk to you. Well, until I get more Reggie, that is. Teehehe! I hope that you are writing the next part right now! I would love that *wink wink*.

Sirius, I hope you are right. It would be wonderful if Tyler liked your brother. I mean, he is so much better than you! But I love you, too, so don't cry!

Tyler, I hope that you hurry up and get with Reggie. NOW! Other than that I have nothing to say!

This was a wonderful chapter! It was a lot better than the last. I hope that you can post more son! ~ Daryl!

PS: I posted the next chap in my Reggie story. So if you want to read, feel free!

Author's Response: Elo again :P I know i know, but don't worry! Regulus is coming in more next chapter! i mean he has to right? Or maybe he won't. You guys don't know yet. Errm, i can't respond for my characters :P so you'll just have to guess what they say. Lol, love reading your lovely lengthy reviews hun! they're the best! Thank you!!

Sangeetha xxx

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Review #8, by SmexyVampireThe Black Sheep: Magical Messages

1st January 2007:
*Kills* This was extreamly short! How could you?! *Brings back to life* I can't just leave you dead, I need more of this story. However, I really hope that you can make the rest of the chapters longer.

This chapter was slightly boaring, no offense. But I was just her and Sirius writing letters to one another. But Sirius, how could you be so mean!? I guess that way she'll go for my dear Reggie, but still! You're stupid and even more stupid!

Then as for you Tyler, why did you even bother telling him?! I must say that was a little stupid.

So now that I'm done talking to made-up people I want to tell you the wonderful author that this story is just wonderful! I must go and read the next chapter now! ~ Daryl!

Author's Response: Lol, i know short chapters, BUT i wrote these some time ago so guess i wasn't sure how long for them to be. Yeah, I understand how it can be boring don't worry no offence taken especially as there was so Reggie in it for you :P look you've even got me saying Reggie now!!! Lol, hehe, wonderful author? I don't think so! don't worry more Regulus (yes! i sed it) shall be coming in soon
Thanks for reviewing i love reading your reviews!!

Sangeetha xxx

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Review #9, by SmexyVampireWhat Comes Around: The Rap Battle

21st December 2006:
OMG! I love you! This was amazing! I think I'm gonna have to go and have a rap battle right now! I think I shall, I think I am! I love the name Brandon, by the way. Everyone I know named Brandon is REALLY hot, so I'm expecting him to be amazing! Is he a fifth year, too? That would be so cool! OMG yes! Lol, yeah, you should post soon, that would make me obber happy!

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you for reviewing! I was about to suffocate here!

i have... plans... for him. yeah, he's a fifth year. We'll see how soon I can write another chap up. Luvvvv you!

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Review #10, by SmexyVampireMy new job: The breakup

21st December 2006:
YAY! This was an amazing chapter! I'm happy yet sad that they broke up. I just don't know if I like Sirius or Sev better, tis so hard to chose! I love how Sarah reacts to everything! Well, I must go and finish this! Ahh!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks :)

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Review #11, by SmexyVampireCaught, Once Again, By a Hot Boy, While Curled Up in a Ball, Eating My Hair: Water, Water Everywhere

16th November 2006:
YAY! I'm so beyond belief happy you posted! This was such a good chapter! I love Dublin! She makes me so happy! I really like the whole everything, the "vision", the Lavender, the Hermione (surprisingly), the Harry (*drools*), and well, everything else that I am just to lazy to list.

Well, this is by far, one of the best Harry/OC stories I have read in a long time! You have even made me want to write right now. I think I shall go do that! Well, post soon!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you for the incredibly kind, wonderfully effusive review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter - and I drool over Harry, too. We have that in common :) I think I'm blushing after reading all your amazing compliments. I'll have to try not to let them go to my head :) Good luck with your own writing, and I plan to post (hopefully) in the next few days.

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Review #12, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Requests and Responsibilities

7th November 2006:
Okay, let me mention something really quick first, Sirius and them didn't find out about Remus until their second year.

Now that we've got that over, I want to say I love this chapter! This was by far your best written chapter, or at least in my opinion. Everyone seems to be just perfect. But I do agree with delta when she said, "The only thing that I would find slightly unbelievable is that Sirius, Snape, and Remus all like her." I mean, I can understand that someone has to like her, otherwise this wouldn't be romance, but all three?! Sorry, but I just can't see that. Also, she is a Slytherin.

Well, I cannot wait for more! I was so happy when I saw that you updated! I was almost dancing! Well, until next time, farwell, and good night/day/afternoon/whatever time it is.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

Hmm...really? I will have to check the HP Lexicon about that. I was unsure when they found out about Remus being a werewolf. If I can confirm that, I will definitely change that.

I enjoyed writing this chapter. It was a scene that I had in my head since I started writing the fanfic and I was eager to actually get it down on paper. I wil say to you the same thing I said to Delta: Be careful in assuming that Sirius, Severus, and Remus all "like" Preia. Of course, they are all fond of her, but in very seperate distinct ways. Right now, it all seems like the all "like-like" her and this is my intention. The nature of their feelings toward their girl and the types of relationships they have with one another is going to become an even stronger theme and you may be a bit surprised about what is in store for them....

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Look foward to Ch. 11!!

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Review #13, by SmexyVampireblind.moonlight..: The Kill

4th November 2006:
'Ello there love! This is looking just gorgeous! I can't wait for more! I know what I'm about to say is really hypocritical, but, UPDATE SOON! Please, I love this too much! I

Author's Response: Whee, I shall update.

We're the new golden trio!

xwolfsbanexwerewolfx - SmexyVampire - Insanely Loserish

I'll have to make a pretty image concerning that.

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Review #14, by SmexyVampireTo Love with Hate: Unlikely Talks

31st October 2006:
I just love this chapter! Twas so good! I just love your writting, tis so good! You are brilliant! I wish I could write this wonderfully! I think I must kidnap you and make you write for me! That shall be fun!

Well, I just hope that you post soon and that everything is going well for you!

Author's Response: Thank you,really but I know my style could improve a lot.haha I don't think I like the kidnapping part but whatever you need just tell me;) I can't tell you how sorry I am for leaving you all hanging but it's been really hard for me lately to find some time to write..I'm thinking it all up in my head and at the first chance I'll write it and post it,promisse!!;)

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Review #15, by SmexyVampireThe Black Sheep: Midnight Tyler?

29th October 2006:
I love this! Reggie! *glomps him* I think that you are such an amazing author! I wish I had your skill! I really need to be able to write a convincing Reggie. I should work on that...

But yes, I am so hyper. Ice and Cursive (best band ever!) is making me hyper. And so while I was reading my arms were flaling in the air and everything! Twas in insane!

Well, until next time. Ado

Author's Response: Me? An amazing author? Meh. I have no skill darling, my writing is terrible :P He's convincing? YAY!! Never heard of Ica and Cursive but if the make you hyper enough to enjoy the fic then fine by me :P. Now you continue flapping your arms in that little insane world and i shall join you!! Must exprience this brilliant hyperness!
Thanks for reviewing hun! I enjoy reading your reviews *grins*
Well until next time it is. Au revoir

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Review #16, by SmexyVampireThe Impossible: Chapter 4

27th October 2006:
I love this story! Tis so good! I can't wait for more! This is just grand! I love you Draco! I love you Blaise! I love you Sev! Post sooooooon please! ^___^

Author's Response: Aww thanks, I will post the next one soon.

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Review #17, by SmexyVampireWanton Confessions of a Teenage Witch: A Very Long Chapter about Roger, Oliver, and the Snape-Lupin Love Affair

25th October 2006:
Where is she? You must tell me! This is going to eat away at me! This was insanly long and I have no idea how to review it. I will just leave by saying it was glorious and that Severus is REALLY fun to sing, but, sadly, Remus isn't as fun! ;__;

Author's Response: lol yeah...I got a bit carried away with this chapter, didn't I? :P

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Review #18, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Surprises and Secrets

25th October 2006:
You go Remus! I still don't get why Dumbledore told them, it was kind of weird. But man do I need more! You really need to post more, this is just so glorious! I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

Dumbledore's reasosn will be revealed in Chapter 10. Look foward to it! I will try to post it soon!

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Review #19, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Unforgivable Curse

25th October 2006:
I love this! I can't believe Severus, how could he? He used to be such a... I don't know, better in some way. However, I still love him and this story! Now I must read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!

Severus' development is really fun to explore. I love getting into his head and really exploring how he goes over to the "dark side".

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Review #20, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Wolfsbane and Worries

25th October 2006:
Oh my love! This is just shiztastic! I swear this can't get any better! I love you Sev and Sirius! I'm so glad you called Sev Sev that made my day! I must be on my way, this is just so good to stop for long!

Author's Response: I love that word! Shiztastic!

Sirius is fun to write as well. He's such a dreamboat! haha

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Review #21, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Christmas Concerns

25th October 2006:
WHOOTY! I love this! And I would love to stay and read and review more, but tis midnight and I was supposed to be in bed by 10. Reading makes time past too quickly!

Author's Response: Thanks again for another review! I am happy when the same readers come back for more!

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Review #22, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Between Friends

25th October 2006:
Severus! I'm sorry, but thats fun to sing, too! I'm in a very big singing mood, in cass you haven't noticed. I just love this. I love Sev in this chapter. I'm so glad that he was been such a sweatie at the end! Well, now six is waiting!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I love writing Sev! He's a great character and I really enjoy exploring his persona.

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Review #23, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: A Boy Named Remus

25th October 2006:
Remus! His name isn't as fun to sing as Srius' but tis still fun! Try that one too! I love this story as I have said countless *cough* 3 *cough* times before!

I must go and read now! I just love this!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I will have to try to sing Remus too haha!

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Review #24, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: A Boy Named Severus

25th October 2006:
I loved it! I love Remus and Sirius and Sev and everyone! This is just so good! I must go read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by SmexyVampireThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: A Boy Named Sirius

25th October 2006:
Sirius! Did you know that his name is really fun to sing? Try it! Sirius! I'm having a lot of fun with that! I just want you to know, besides that Sirius is fun to sing, but that this was a very fantabulous chapter! I just loved it!

Sirius! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review!

Haha, I haven't sang Sirus' name, but I shall try it and see!

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