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Review #1, by firebreathingradishesHex: Pilot (1/3)

31st January 2007:
Hello! I'm here to leave you a review. :) Lovely start. Lester Prentice is my type of character- evil, vicious, yet very suave. Oh and poor Ron! It's nice to read a non-H/Rfluff story where Ron is the one of the main characters. And I was very surprised when the gun turned out to be a water gun instead.

The two short interjections about Harry and Luna are rather confusing.
Perhaps, it's just me, but those two scenes didn't really add anything to the chapter besides just being a breaker in between the fight section.

Speaking of the fight scene, I really like how you write action. I must say that your Luna is characterized wonderfully. She's so Luna-y that it reminds me of JK Rowling almost! " Part of her dress had to be tugged out of a sticky patch of Golden Syrup. She didn’t comment, just turned to pick up her notebook and hat. The backs of her bare knees were sticky too." This little detail was cute. :D

Great work and keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

You aren't the first to bring up the two little scenes. All I'll say is with hindsight they might have been a mistake.

I hope you'll enjoy the rest,

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Review #2, by firebreathingradishesWander By Me: Propositions and Protestations

28th January 2007:
"Well, we don’t really make many friends, you see. In fact, besides one another, we’ve never made any friends,’ I explain.

‘But, we’ve just recently realized that that’s our fault for not realizing that, despite the somewhat unbalanced distribution of coolness amongst our peers, there is someone worth getting to know,’ Roz adds. ‘And that would be you.’

‘So, since we don’t know how to do this properly – ‘

‘Because we’ve never actually done it before –

‘Lily Evans,’ we chorus. ‘Would you like to be our friend?’ I suppose it’s either very appropriate, or very creepy, that we’re both kneeling on the floor as we say this, and I can tell that Lily is warring between the two sensations as well.

‘Er, that would actually, er, be rather nice I think,’ she says, sounding quite surprised at herself. ‘Yah, I think I would,’ she continues in a much surer voice.

‘Excellent,’ Roz beams, standing up.

I bounce to my feet and nod. ‘Right then, what should we do first?’ "

Roz and Kellyn remind me so much of Fred and George. That ^ was the first time I literally laughed out loud while reading a fanfic. Great work once again.

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Review #3, by firebreathingradishesWander By Me: Sucker Punch

28th January 2007:
Dear lessformore,

I am in love with this story. Yesterday I stayed up to 1:30 in the morning reading up to Chapter 21. And now I'm back to leave reviews and finish it. :)

Kellyn is such a funny and intriguing character. And haha... Punching Sirius Black? That's brilliant. Great work. Now I'm moving on to review other chapters.

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Review #4, by firebreathingradishesIf You Take Time to Look: The Past

24th January 2007:
Oh wow. Plot twist-revealing-thing! Poor Kayla. Her father was killed by... Luscious Lucius. Poo. I really like how Kayla felt a connection with the dementors and wished to get closer to them while all the others shielded away from them. It's very original. She's such an interesting character--- I feel a connection with her. And I thought it was so sweet how Draco and Kayla worked on homework in silence in the library together. :) So adorable in a nerdy-Ravenclaw way.

"His face, tear stained and bloody with dry dirt rubbed all over his skin. The sleeve of his robes had been torn and blood stained, and his eyes – his normally vibrant, emerald eyes – were dead with fear; so dark they almost looked black." Wonderful description of Harry after the Third Task!

The only thing that bothered me (and it's very very detailed and unimportant) was "she [Cho] howled like a werewolf on the night of a full moon." Maybe it's because I'm a fan of Cho, but I can't see her sobbing so loudly like a werewolf. I personally think she's more refined and quiet. But that's my impression of her.

Anyways, excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Well, I'd be lying if I said Cho was one of my favorite characters...*sheepish grin* but I agree it might be a slight exaggeration. Still, to Kayla -- who is, shockingly enough, similar to my Draco -- showing so much emotion is something she doesn't understand. So even the most normal amount of sadness could seem like a gigantic amount.
I'm glad you liked the description of Harry -- it was one of my favorite parts in the whole chapter. In fact, it's what inspired me to write "Their Blood on Me".
I'm glad you like it!

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Review #5, by firebreathingradishesThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Requests and Responsibilities

16th January 2007:
Ahh! Another wonderful chapter. Preia is such a great character and the dynamics between her Sirius, Severus, and Remus are... :D. Excellent work! the WWAND program is so exciting. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I am enjoying writing about their little "love square". It's very fun. Writing about the WWAND program is also a lot of fun as well. I've been taking my time writing about the program because there are a lot of details I want to incorporate, so I am making sure it is done right! Please check out Chapter 11!

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Review #6, by firebreathingradishesSilent Wedding Bells: Matters of the Heart

15th January 2007:
Amazing chapter. Very long, but wonderful throughout. Camilla and Severus = :D. Except now there's going to be some drama. But isn't there always? Great work. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Yep, drama makes it all interesting! Thanks for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #7, by firebreathingradishesAn Issue Of Trust: Secrets

15th January 2007:
This story is genius. Absolutely genius. I had to wait until I got to this last chapter you have posted in order to review.

Everything is so realistic. Harry, Snape, Remus, Dumbledore, Malfoy... All of them! Your language is brilliant and your portrayal of Snape (but gah! I hate him (future him)) is perfect. There were many times in the story where I burst out laughing at the sheer genius of your Snape. I can't wait to see where the rest of this story goes. Keep up the great work! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very, very much! Genius? I am very flattered. I am especially glad you find it realistic, and the characters well portrayed. Snape more so than any others, as he is the main focus of the story and so easily hateable in the first bit. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest as much. Thank you again =)

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Review #8, by firebreathingradishesThe Itsy-Bitsy Spider: Superman

14th January 2007:
Gosh. An excellent chapter to remind me why I love this story so much. I like how you weave Arachnae's present self with her past, if that makes any sense. And the almost formal language you use suits Arachnae very well. Great work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the language. I'm not sure I even try to make it formal, but if it works... I'll try to keep it up, then.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by firebreathingradishesTheir Blood on Me: I'll Never Forget Them

10th January 2007:
Oh wow. I absolutely love the last line. "Their blood is on my hands and I will never forget their names"...

None of them seemed to understand that I was just one man – one man amongst an army of thousands more. I wasn't the strongest, nor was I the bravest – I wasn't the most talented, or the smartest. I was just a man who had been protected by his mother's love as a child, and had the whole world thrust upon his shoulders at the age of eleven.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #10, by firebreathingradishesIf You Take Time to Look: Dreams

1st December 2006:
Ooo. Nice dream writing. That's tough! Good work.

Yay for Harry-PWNAGE and interaction with Kayla. Hahaa. I'm glad you made Draco feel bad inside when he totally owned Harry in the face. It just shows how he has a mask all the time and that he isn't all that bad.

And I also like how Draco was thinking about how he would be a murderer by the end of the year. "Especially if he succeeded in his task by the end of this year. In fact, by the end of this year, he would forever be a Death Eater. He would forever be marked with the murder of a great man." It's rather... ominous. :O

Great work once again!

Author's Response: I'm actually very proud of my dream, so I'm glad you liked it.
Harry-PWNAGE? :P
I agree, I liked the scene too. I'd always wondered what it was going through Draco's mind when he taunted Harry or got him in trouble. I know that sometimes, I'll say something and right away I'll be like "Crappp...shouldn't have said that!" or something along those lines.
And I'm glad you caught onto that 'ominous' little paragraph.

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Review #11, by firebreathingradishesIf You Take Time to Look: Fears

26th November 2006:
Yes, you're very good at that--- making his thoughts very out of character (in a good way though!), but then keeping his cold, arrogant demeanor when he speaks. I totally love that aspect of your Draco. He's weak and hurt inside and he hides behind his facade.

Blaise, Pansy, Goyle, and Crabbe were so canon, I almost thought I was reading the actual books! Good work on keeping them realistic.

I love the ending of the chapter. :] Great work and keep writing. Can't wait to R&R ch.6

Author's Response: Yeyy! You like the way I write his character!
I've gotten some people saying, "Draco wouldn't act like that!" and it kinda bugs me -- because he still DOES act the way he normally does. We're just getting a look inside his brain.
Cause, c'mon. If you had never read HBP would you say "Oh yeah, Draco totally cries in the bathroom" -- uh NO.
You think I got them spot on? Thank God, I was bit a worried I'd screw them up. JK doesn't really tell us much about them does she?
Thanks! (Still my favorite reviewer)

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Review #12, by firebreathingradishesWanton Confessions of a Teenage Witch: A Very Long Chapter about Roger, Oliver, and the Snape-Lupin Love Affair

22nd October 2006:
Oh! This is awesome! :]

"Oliver looked how I always imagined people to look when they orgasm. “You talked smack about his broom? Aw, Suzie…you never talk smack about a guy’s broom! Really, it’s like, our manhood—”

Teeheee! That's the best bit ever! And the "young grasshopper" bit, because I've had convos with my friends using that phrase. And "sensei." XD And Snape as a gigolo? My goodness... Suzie definitely listened in on the wrong part of the conversation! Oh gosh.. I'm really feeling a connection with Suzie. Great minds (maybe a bit pervy) think alike.

Mmm... Oliver and his luscious lips... Delicious.

Omggg. What happened to Denise? Ahhh. Another cliffhanger. I guess I'll just have to wait. :] Great chapter!

Author's Response: It was kind of weird writing the part where Suzie was looking for's like the story suddenly turned dark or

Glad you liked that bit; I was quite proud of it. :P

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Review #13, by firebreathingradishesSaying Goodbye: Saying Goodbye

19th October 2006:
I'm so close to tears.

This is so.. lovely and sad.

Author's Response: Oh man, I was close to tears when writing it. :) Thank you!!

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Review #14, by firebreathingradishesPiece by Piece.: A Devasting Moment in Time

19th October 2006:
Ohhh this story is so sad and lovely. I love the concept of the story--- Sirius walking through the rubble and piecing all the bits and echoes of James's and Lily's last moments. It's so sadd and lovely (at the same time, I know!). *tear*

There are a couple grammatical typos here and there. "Lord Voldemort’ cold icy voice " should be "Lord Voldemort's..." and "Harry’s Nursery".. "Nursery" shouldn't be capitalized. "made the hair on James and Lily’s neck stand up."--- "hair" should be "hairs". Those were all the ones I spotted. We all make errors now and then. Nothing a good beta won't fix!

I don't think this idea was farfetched at all. I thought it was really amazing. It echoes and "imprints" of James and Lily... of course it would be heard by Sirius, their best friend. :] Lovely work!

Author's Response: Yeah, i do have beta, but i havent heard from her in weeks, and plus, im usually quite good with my grammar, but it tends to catch me out now and again, and it was soo tired yesterday, (but thats no excuse). Anyway, glad you liked it and it wasnt far fetched, i was worried about that...
thankyou for reviewing!!

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Review #15, by firebreathingradishesThe Itsy-Bitsy Spider: A Ceremony of Sorts

19th October 2006:
First off, I love the language you use in this story. It seems to set the tone perfectly for the story and for Arachnae.

Secondly, I love Arachnae's character. She's so dark and twisted, yet rather quiet... it's the perfect combination. Deadly but silent... almost. X] Brilliant!

I went to read Abhorsen's "My name is Facetia" and I must say both of your stories are excellent companions to each other. The characters have their own voices, but everything weaves together.

Great story! Definitely one of my favorites. 10/10

Author's Response: Why thank you! It's always great when people like Arachnae. I worked hard on her... at least, I think I did. I can't really remember at this point. O_o Glad you like the language, too. English has always been one of my favorites. (haha, bad joke. Sorry.)
Oooooh, and it's just so LOVELY that you liked Abby's story as well! Very good stuff, there, I would agree...
And a 10/10?! I'm quite flattered! Thanks again for the review!

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Review #16, by firebreathingradishesThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Surprises and Secrets

19th October 2006:
Yay! I'm so glad there's another chapter already! And I'm really happy that Preia is going on the W.W.A.N.D. program. X] I love her (as a character). She's perfectly balanced, with her own problems and quirks.

At the beginning of the chapter, I was very sad for Preia, with the whole Severus "drama", but I was so so so glad that she had the talk with Remus and had her "triumph" when she was chosen for the program.

Hmm.. And now Preia knows that Remus is a werewolf... *ponders* How is that going to play into the story?

Brilliant work!

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving another review!

I am glad Preia is going on the program too. I had decided long before when I started this fanfic that she would be selected, but I wanted to throw some twists into it. Severus certainly did bring Preia down, but I think it just further demostrated how tied to him she is. They really are good friends. A lot of us get really depressed when our friends are angry at us, even if we aren't at fault. It's just because we care so much. The only problem is, are those feelings really reciprocated?

Oh my, I think I just dropped too many hints! You'll just have to see what is going to happen in the next chapter!!

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Review #17, by firebreathingradishesIf You Take Time to Look: Borgin and Burkes

19th October 2006:

"Marcus gave a bark of laughter, 'You? His second best Death Eater? That's a laugh, Malfoy. You're not a kid anymore; this is more then just getting on the Quidditch Team. This is murder – and if you don't succeed, the Dark Lord's taking your life. Much as I want the Dark Lord to be happy, I wouldn't mind if you didn't succeed,' he made his way towards the door and opened it up. 'In fact, I hope you fail so that I can witness your pathetic, insignificant death. No one would care Malfoy – no one would care if you died.'"

You write dialogue so realistically! And I love how Draco can manage to manipulate almost everyone (Flint and Borgin).

And hurrah for more Kayla and Draco interaction. I can't wait to see how they.. um.. develop together. X]

I also like how Draco made mistakes when he was younger with Terry Boot, etc. It's very different. It shows that Draco can be human. Or at least he acted more human when he was younger.

Great work! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yey!
You think I write it realistically? Really?
Yes, Draco has learned about manipulation from the best...
Kayla and Draco...I know, I adore them already. But let me warn you -- I'm not the type of person who gets the people together by chapter ten. I write long, and hard and they don't get together for a while. It's just my way.
When he was younger he didn't realize what the consequences were. He was just a kid who wanted a friend.
Keep reading!

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Review #18, by firebreathingradishesThe Journey Home: Chapter Three

16th October 2006:
This is fantastic. :]
I love how you end your chapters with their conversations. It's very fresh and different.
This is such an interesting plot. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: I broke the chapters up where I thought there might be natural lags in one very large conversation; so I'm very glad to hear it works for you! :) I'm trying to finish Second Prophecy since I really only have to tweak my last chapter a little, but once that's finished I should be able to give this a little more attention (errrr, well, if NaNoWriMo doesn't eat my brains....)!

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Review #19, by firebreathingradishesOne Day Less: One Day Less

11th October 2006:
I love the dynamics between Arthur and Molly. It's very realistic. :] And you've done a lovely job. It's very sad. *tear* Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks. The parts involving Arthur were difficult to write. I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

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Review #20, by firebreathingradishesRise: Chapter One

8th October 2006:
Oh I really love this! Definitely in my favorites. It's a wonderful beginning and so intriguing! What happened with the Ministry? And Scrimgeour? And Harry? Ooo.. I'm on the edge of my seat!

"“Don’t feel sorry for me,” Ginny replied, more coldly than she meant to. She wasn’t angry with them, she knew they didn’t do anything at all, but she harbored her fury. She stood up and swept out of the room, glancing backward as she did without a frown. Her way of saying she was sorry." That is the essence of Ginny! Well, not that she's an angry girl all the time, but you've captured her character. Or her essence. If I make sense at all. :P

Great work! Keep it up. :]

Author's Response: Haha it does make sense. I'm so glad you like it! I am really hopeful about this fic, its a ton of fun to write. I'm glad you liked that part. I agree, she's not angry all the time, but I think at the time she was upset about a lot of things, so it seemed in character for her lash out a little bit.

And you'll find out the answers to your questions soon!

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Review #21, by firebreathingradishesThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Unforgivable Curse

7th October 2006:
Excellent! I love this story. :D

And so the drama increases... Snape, oh Snape... I really love how you portray him (though I don't approve of what he's doing). It's very realistic and makes sense with the Snape in the books.

I can't wait to read more about the Sirius/Remus/Snape/Preia tension. She's got herself quite the catch(es)! Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work! :]

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

I am having so much fun writing Snape's character. He's a lot of fun and exploring his development is great. Preia does have quite a decision to make, but I am sure she will make the right one!

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Review #22, by firebreathingradishesIf You Take Time to Look: Draco Black

7th October 2006:
Hurrah! A new chapter.

*GASP* Lucius feeling a bit of pride for Draco? "With a sinister smile, Lucius regarded the look of fear in his wife's eyes and his own son's blank expression. For a moment, he felt a surge of pride for his son, Draco, who did not allow silly feelings like fear to interfere with his life. When he finally escaped this living hell, Lucius would personally inform the Dark Lord that his son would make a fine Death Eater one day." YES! That is so like him.

Of course Lucius had to be a 'tard and mess everything up. Tsk. Draco leaving the Manor, made me want to celebrate. :DD He deserves to get out of that horrible place. Poor Bitty being left behind. Sorry if I sound a bit hyperactive; I just had a bit of caffine. XD

And poor Tom! Incuring Draco's wrath like that! ""My name is Draco Malfoy, and I don't know what you're talking about. I signed in as a Malfoy and I've been going to Diagon Alley every day since. I don't know where you get this Black information from," he gave a halfhearted laugh. "Or this muggle clothing business. I would never be caught dead wearing those foul things."" How cold, Malfoy. So very cold, yet exactly like Draco. Lucius would be proud. (to an extent)

Great work once again. Can't wait for the next chapter. :]

Author's Response: I like adding more depth to my characters. And I know that parents aren't the way we see them. I happen to see my parents as annoying, know-it-all's, who are always nagging me.
I happen to know they have other lives, feelings, personality, friends...
So, I imagined that maybe Draco was wrong -- maybe Lucius WAS proud of him. Just not for the things Draco want's his father to be proud of.
Caffeine is good -- don't worry.
I can't wait wait for the next chapter either. I have a one-shot coming out thought -- a Dramione (my first).

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Review #23, by firebreathingradishesThe Girl of the Crescent Moon: Wolfsbane and Worries

2nd October 2006:
I love this story! Your characters are very very well-written. :] Definitely one of my favorites. Keep of the great work. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

The next chapter is waiting for validation right now, so it should be added soon!

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Review #24, by firebreathingradishesThe Wild: A Story Behind Every Door

2nd October 2006:
Ooo. I love this story. It's so complex and wonderfully written. Definitely one of my favorites. Thank you! I can't wait for the next update. :]

Author's Response: yay! thanks so much for the kind words. you brightened my day!

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Review #25, by firebreathingradishesA Faith that Wasn't Mine: A Faith that Wasn't Mine

30th September 2006:
Another excellently written piece! I must say, I've been anticipating reading this story ever since I've seen it as a story shell on your author's page.

There are sooo many lines that just jumped out at me.
"A faith, that my parents led me to believe was right; only I should have known the truth. For my parents never did what was right – they did what was easy."
"But, just as my parents had always told me I would, I was sorted into Slytherin."
"That he and I were not all that different from each other."

There are so many more, but if I keep on copying and pasting quotes into my review, this one would be miles long! :P

Oh! And when I read this "If you took the time to look, however, you would notice a small charred spot on our family tree.", I was like, yay! Title of your other story! :DDD

Regulus is brilliantly characterized. He is so ... regretful. Idk if that even makes sense, but I really like the aura around him. Heyyy, I like 'em tragic. ;]

Okay, there are a couple of typos that caught my attention here and there. For instance, "my two cousins and they're husbands". It should be "their". Just letting you know! We all let these little bits slip when we're writing.

I like how Bellatrix told Regulus about Voldy's secrets, thinking that he wanted to be a top DE like she was. It shows a more... "naive" or umm.. (trying to find a word!) a very eager, ready-to-serve Bellatrix. If that makes sense.

Great work! You are wondeful writer! :DDD

Author's Response: You are -- seriously -- becoming my favorite author/reviewer on HPFF, you know that right?
Regretful Regulus. Sounds a like, don't you think?
I'm glad you liked this story. When I found the challenge I just HAD to do it (it was my first challenge ever) and I was considering who to write about and I saw a post about RAB and I was like...Regulus Black! Aha!
You know? One of those 'eureka' moments.
Thank you, once again!

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