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Review #1, by dasaniOf Square Pegs and Round Holes: What Now?

21st February 2011:
In your authors note, you worried it may come off as simply poor writing? I don't think any of your stories qualify as "poor writing". In fact, I'm of the opinion that none of your stories are poorly written. Especially this sweet one. Thank you for giving me something good to read, after an hour of scouring the website. I love your stories, mostly the Ron & Hermione ones. :) Please write some more. And then please make it so flashy I can't miss the next one. :) Thank you for writing!! I love this story!!! (10/10)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! You are so sweet. I know I haven't updated this one in awhile, so hopefully I'll get some inspiration soon for a new chapter/one-shot. Thank you for reading!

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Review #2, by dasaniHarry Potter and the Fatal Fury: Time for a Breather

24th May 2006:
Well, I sort of fell asleep before I could finish. And not because your story made me sleepy, but because I was so exhausted beforehand. BUT! I finished this morning. I really, really, really enjoyed it. Have another shiny star. I'm a major fan of Ronald, and I just love the parts he plays in this story. (and i'll admit, maybe, a tad, ya know, r/hr shipper hehe :3) Execelllllent~ thanks for the enjoyment!

Author's Response: A pleasure - keep tuned for more Ron and Hermione in the future!

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Review #3, by dasaniWhat is love?: Bill/Fleurs Wedding

16th May 2006:
Great beginning, I laughed out loud at the end! Keep going, I want to read more! ^^

Author's Response: K, give me a week, or so, I got two story's going at once (very confusing!!)

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