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Review #1, by LostmyheartForgetting: Exquisite

30th August 2015:
Wow, Angie, this is VERY different from what your usual style!

It was very gripping... I had no idea, no feeling of how it would end and then BAM. There is was.
I'm still a little confused though. It seems like, if I understood it correctly, that she liked him, told him and then he rejected her? Not feeling the same or something like that.
It's kind of a dark story (obviously) but you've kept it light which I really like.

I hope you had fun trying a different writing style! It's really good.

Lots of hugs,

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Review #2, by LostmyheartTurbulence: Prologue

30th August 2015:
Hi Erin!

Our lovely Penny from the pit recommended your story in my status, so here I am.
This is a really interesting start, I've never really learned what bipolar is so this is very intriguing to read about. I wonder what you'll put Astoria through in America, she'd probably never hear about the Dark Lord's return when she's a teen.

I love your writing as usual, I could totally picture little Tori run around screaming "Ana!" She did seem a little weird just running around all the time like that, but to diagnose her with mania? That was surprising. I'm really excited to read the other chapters, which I will do later since I have other stories to read today.

You're doing great!! 10/10

- Avi

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Review #3, by LostmyheartFirewhiskey: Chapter 1

29th August 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!

Oh. My. God. I can't believe you managed to write this pairing, and so beautifully. I have to be honest, it was almost cringe-worthy in the end, NOT BECAUSE OF THE WRITING but because of the pairing. She's so old and she has seen him grow up since he was eleven, so to imagine her kiss with him is a little unsettling.
Seriously though, you did amazeballs. I always love your writing, your way to describe things are so natural and I love their conversations.

Thank you for such a sweet read! And I believe it's the first time I've read a Charlie story, post-war. It was really nice.

- Avi

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Review #4, by LostmyheartConstant Vigilance: Nymphadora

29th August 2015:

As short as this was, it was incredibly well-written. I loved it!
I just didn't see that ending coming. I thought it'd be Remus when the face was described as scarred. What a surprise, which really shouldn't be because of the story's title.

I really enjoyed reading this, excellent writing and execution of the plot.

- Avi

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Review #5, by LostmyheartJust Breathe: Dominique's First Diary Entry

29th August 2015:

Wow, this chapter was very sweet. It sort of set the theme for this story, Dominique's fight to come out of the shadows and perhaps overcome her 'Lethifold attacks'.
I like that you write them in Diary style, it's refreshing to read something different like that. And you write so well! I love Dominique's character, she seems like such a sweet girl, insecure but pretty clear in her head about what's going on with herself.

I really enjoyed reacing this chapter!

- Avi

Author's Response: Hi there yourself, Avi, and thanks for the kind review! : )

I'm so happy you liked this chapter! And that you think it's sweet - most people focus on how sorry they are for Dominique, so it's refreshing to see someone focus on the good things about her, like how sweet she is and how she knows herself pretty well. That really is something I hadn't thought much about before, but you're right; she's really self-aware which is good when you have something difficult to deal with in your life.

I actually tried to write this story in third person at first, but then I tried first person and it worked so well that the Diary thing came kinda naturally from that. For me writing things down is such a good way to process things, so when I wrote a story about someone who has a lot to process it felt natural to write in that style, hehe. And thanks for saying I write well - I really tried my very hardest with this story. : )

I hope you'll be back some time, perhaps when I dare to do my first review swap...


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Review #6, by LostmyheartBlaise Zabini and the Trouble with Theodore Nott: Blaise Zabini and the Annoying Best Friend

25th May 2015:
That. Ending.

It just makes me even more convinced something between Blaise and Theo happened, but then again, Pansy wouldn't flirt with Blaise like that if she had witnessed them kissing.

Seriously, Tammi, WHAT happened during that drunken night? HUH? + a million question marks :b

I love this story so far, you've managed to make it all interesting and it looks like it's going to develop into a fun, multi-chaptered story with them helping Theo get Harry.
So, who does Blaise like? If it isn't Pansy? Hmm.

I hope you're enjoying writing Blaise like this, and thank you so much for entering my challenge!

- Avi

Author's Response: Hahaha oh that ending :P

One of the upcoming chapters is going to be what happened that night that everyone is talking about, so you will get to see I promise!


Thank you so much! I am having so much fun writing this, and I'm so glad that your challenge is the one who pushed me to do it :D Thank you for that!

Blaise totally fancies Pansy, don't let him fool you with his lies :P

Thank you Avi!

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Review #7, by LostmyheartBlaise Zabini and the Trouble with Theodore Nott: Blaise Zabini Doesn't Have The Energy For This

25th May 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I am finally here. Sorry for the long wait.

Wow, that ending, I had a different idea of it and you just blew it away. I have this feeling that Blaise and Theo might have hooked up during that drunken night and they both don't remember it.

Theo in love with Harry, that's so sweet and I'd love to know why. That will probably be discovered in the next chapter.

I enjoyed reading this, it was really different from what I've read before, this is really teenage-ish where they always hang around in groups. Stories like these are rare, in my opinion.

I'll move on to the next chapter :)

- Avi

Author's Response: Avi!! Awww that's fine I don't mind, because you've left me this wonderful review!

Haha oh what happened that drunken night is coming up, don't you worry!

Oh Tharry, I'm going to delve more into his feelings for that boy soon, don't you worry.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this.

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Review #8, by LostmyheartFrom Afar: From Afar

25th May 2015:

I am so sorry for the long wait but I am finally here, ready to review your lovely story!
It was really sweet, I liked the small moments here and there. He sees ser surprisingly little, since you write 'the next time he saw her' at the beginning of each section.

This Blaise is so sweet, he seems very clear about who he is and what he stands for, he doesn't want to listen to his mother and he doesn't want to be a follower of Voldemort. I like his determination and that he just left the battle of Hogwarts.

It was a very sweet story and I enjoyed it very much. I hope you enjoyed writing it in and thank you so much for entering my challenge!

- Avi

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Review #9, by LostmyheartAn Inconvenient Repercussion: Chapter 1

24th May 2015:
Hi Kaitlin!

Oh my god, that ending! I had not seen that one coming, it was heartbreaking. And his honesty makes me respect him so much.
He could've had the chance to hide the evidence and live a life without her and yet, under unknown circumstances, he admits it all.

This is a wonderful one-shot and beautifully written. My heart ached for Blaise and the way his mother treated him, what a horrible woman.

I'm so glad you entered my challenge and I hope you enjoyed writing Blaise! Yes, I've seen it as well, where stories about him often mentions his mother. It is an unusual mother he has, after all.

- Avi

Author's Response: Hi Avi,

It is a tragic ending, but one that I felt was necessary.

If anything, he definitely is honest and regardless of the fact that he murdered his mum, I think he has a pretty strong moral core.

I definitely enjoyed writing Blaise, although my heart kind of broke when I started imagining his story.

Thanks for a great challenge!


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Review #10, by LostmyheartUnravel. : Blaise.

18th May 2015:
This, Erin, this is just breathtaking! I'm so in awe right now, I feel the love and the heartache Blaise is going through. It's just... absolutely stunning, the way you've written it.

It's a beautiful story, the way Blaise loves Theo is incredibly sweet and it breaks my heart because he knows nothing will ever happen. That must be the most terrible kind of love: To love someone, well aware of the fact that it will never be reciprocated. (I just googled that word, I'm so fancy).

Brilliant writing as to be expected from you :b

Thank you so much for entering my challenge! I hope you enjoyed writing Blaise, despite the dark and sad feeling this story has.

Big hug,

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Review #11, by LostmyheartPlaying With Fire: Playing With Fire

18th May 2015:
What, Ellie?

This was incredibly intense, seriously intense and it's been many months since I've read something as passionate as this!
It was so interesting to see his 'obsession' with Ginny, staring at her and just getting sloppy at the end of it. Maybe he did want to get caught? Without really knowing it.

I like that it wasn't just about winning some girl over but that he actually likes her, is in love with her.

Wow, this was just a beautiful read and I love how you ended it. It was just perfect.

Thank you so much for entering my challenge, Ellie! And I hope you enjoyed writing Blaise.

Lots of hugs,

Author's Response: Hey Avi!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hadn't really tried the Ginny/Blaise pairing before so I was a little nervous about it. Thanks for creating such a fun challenge.


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Review #12, by LostmyheartThrough Your Eyes: Part One

15th May 2015:
Hi Amanda!

I am so sorry it took so long for me to finally read and review your second chapter, I've been swamped with school, text exams and then my laptop kind of blocked HPFF 24/7, but I fixed it today. Yay!

This was a very interesting chapter, you're building this story up very slowly and I love that! I love it when stories has a foundation and then it just takes on from there, instead of just throwing the characters towards each other immediately. I can see now that I have to wait a little longer to get some of the answers to my questions, but I don't mind waiting.

The way you've written Hermione is as if she isn't happy with her life, she wants more of it and this "illness" is holding her back, mostly because her closest friends thinks she's crazy. I would have bled to death if I saw my friends look and talk to me like that. Poor Hermione.
I'm actually a little torn about Ron, I don't really like him in this story and I don't know why. Perhaps I'll find out in the upcoming chapters. I don't have a good feeling about him.

I enjoyed reading this chapter and this story plot has such great potential, I can't imagine what you'll do with it!
Thank you so much for entering my challenge and I hope you enjoy writing this story with Blaise in it, though he wasn't appearing in this particular chapter.

- Avi

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Review #13, by LostmyheartZabini: New

15th May 2015:
I'm finally here, Lottie! I am so sorry for the wait, I had school, test exams, then my laptop refused to let me into the HPFF website. I fixed that today.

I am loving this slow progress with your story, and I enjoy the different thoughts he has during the chapter. It surprised me to see that he knew some of the other first years, I always forget that even though it's a big country, the magical people are not in great numbers like the Muggles, so of course some of the children are bound to know each other from their parents friends and associations.

I noticed that little detail with the blonde boy, wink wink. It's Draco, am I right? :b

I love your writing as always, it's so smooth and with wonderful details. I can't wait to see where you'll go with this and thank you so much for entering my challenge! I hope you enjoy writing Blaise.

Lots of hugs,

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Review #14, by LostmyheartThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Scorpius Malfoy

20th April 2015:
I knew it! I've seen so many stories where Scorpius is sorted into Ravenclaw, so this doesn't really surprise me. I seriously like the fact that he enjoys reading books, just like his grandmother.

He truly seems like a sweet kid, not too Malfoy-ish, except with the pride that the hat detected, but it mustn't have been that big since he could be sorted into Ravenclaw.

It seemed like Draco wasn't very dad-ish when they said goodbye, and Scorpius gave him this shy hug which makes me believe they aren't as close as Scorpius is with his mother.
I almost mentioned this in the second chapter review, that Astoria seemed to be the opposite of Draco and that scenario only made me think that it was true. You'd think the Malfoys would be more protective of their child, since they always seem to get one single child and not more than that, right?
If Scorpius, (or Draco in his late teens) died, that would be the end of that bloodline. If I was proud of my bloodline, I'd ensure that it would live one by making at least two or three kids. You never know :b

Anyway, I loved this short story collection and that it was all about their sorting into houses. Each of them very different from the other and you did it brilliantly!

Lots of hugs and love,

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the fact Scorpius was in Ravenclaw. He is definitely not too Malfoy-ish, he takes after his mom xD

Astoria is very different from Draco yes - she's the "light" to his darkness =)

I am glad you enjoyed this little collection! Thank you!

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Review #15, by LostmyheartThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Astoria Greengrass

20th April 2015:
Hi again, Angie!

I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been working on my project, and trying to get my internship contract settled. But alas, here I am, happy as a clam because your story is so adorable!

Astoria is just like how I always pictured her! Sweet, kind and helpful. I've never pictured her as this uptight girl who clearly thinks she worth a thousand galleons or something, so this AStoria you've written is one hundred percent matching the girl I've had in my mind.

I love how eager she is and the fact that it isn't normal for the new kids to be sorted quickly.

I'll go on and read the next chapter, Scorpius? I can't wait to see what house you'll sort him into!

- Avi

Author's Response: Hey Avi! No worries about the delay - as it is you doing this means a lot to me and I'm so happy with all your reviews, thanks a ton =) Good luck with the internship and project!

I am pleased you found the story adorable and liked the way I portrayed Astoria. I imagine her exactly the way you imagine her I guess xD Thanks!

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Review #16, by LostmyheartAfter: One.

19th April 2015:
Oh, Dee.

I am in tears right now. I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken by reading this story.
I've been wanting to read it every since you announced it in the forums and when I saw your banner request at TDA. But I kept postponing it, because I knew it'd be incredibly good and with a topic like this - it can only break my heart.

I was right.

Here I am, crying, trying to read what I'm typing but it's a little difficult - it's all blurry. Stupid tears.

I love how you've structured this story, with six months, three months, twelve hours and sixty minutes. It started and ended with the same line, which was beautifully done. As much as I love that line, it can't be true all the time. In a situation like this, the loss of one's child, time can never fully heal one's wounds, nor ease the pain.

I'm... ugh. Dee, this is just too beautiful, too depressingly beautiful. Beautiful in a haunting kind of way, because I know this story will be etched into the back of my mind, forever.

Thank you, for such a wonderful read and I wish you the best of luck on the challenge!

- Avi

Author's Response: Hi, Avi! ♥

I'm sorry for making you cry and breaking your heart (though I do take that as a HUGE compliment!)

I completely agree about that line, I think time can heal some pain but I don't see how one could ever fully recover from the loss of a child.

Thank YOU so much for this amazing review, and for the good luck wishes!

Dee :)

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Review #17, by LostmyheartThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Narcissa Black

18th April 2015:
Here I am again, Angie!

What a lovely short chapter about Narcissa, I rarely read any stories about her, so it's refreshing to read this story of yours.
She's only eleven years old and I can already see that she isn't a bad person at heart. The way she constantly thinks that she isn't "allowed" to do this and that, it only shows that she doesn't completely agree with them. Otherwise she'd think "I can't do this" - if you know what I mean?
I'm probably reading too much into it, hehe.

She's adorable and I felt bad for her that her sisters think she reads too much. Already there she's a lot more different than them, and kids being kids - different means a bad thing. Hmpf.

I enjoyed reading this chapter, and I look forward to read the next one. I can't remember who it's about, so let's see if I get surprised :b

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hey Avi! Thanks again for reading and reviewing! I am glad you liked my portrayal of Narcissa's 11 year old self. And no you are not reading too much into it - it's how I imagined it!
Thanks again for such lovely reviews!

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Review #18, by LostmyheartForever: FOREVER

16th April 2015:
Okay, Angie. We need a talk about this so-called ending that nearly broke my heart.
I actually choked a little on my drink when I read that she'd been sleeping the WHOLE TIME, like WHY Rose, WHY?!
But seriously, it's such an incredible plotline and what a fantastic use of plot twist. I have to be honest, there were some parts where I thought 'Wow, I never knew Angie would write a story like this,' because I'm so used to you being so dark or grounded. So when Ron were like "it's okay, you're marrying Scorp"-ish, I thought he took it too nicely, even though he told her he'd been angry at first but he seemed to be over it pretty quickly.
I don't remember the last time I've read a story with a plot twist, I've missed it!
Probably why I write plot twists all the time, muahaha. Nah, just kidding.

The ending is so heart breaking, I felt my heart ache when she realized it was too late and it had all been a dream. Loved it. I love to get my heart broken, especially by you.

On to the next story!
- Avi

Author's Response: Aw Avi thanks a lot once again for reading and reviewing. This is one of the pieces I'm not very proud of but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless xP "I love to get my heart broken, especially by you." - this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. THANK YOU!

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Review #19, by LostmyheartPerfect: That is Me.: Perfect: That Is Me.

16th April 2015:
Hi Angie!

This is just perfect. It's amazing you did that without mentioning any names, and no - I had no idea who your main character was. A black haired Slytherin, who has a rich boyfriend that's behaving oddly during their sixth year?
Hmm. Who can that be? I honestly don't know :b

Haha. It's our lovely Pansy! I love how you portrayed her. Of course she thinks she's perfect - everything is going exactly how she wants it, except with Draco being absent most of the time (we all know why). She seems so fake, really, really fake. How she can throw a tantrum and do other things to get what she wants, it's scary how manipulating she can be.
You've captured that egocentric personality very well, she'd be absolutely horrible to know in real life - one of those that care more about themselves than other people.

As usual, you've written this story exceptionally well! I love your writing style and how you make the characters express themselves - in their mind and when they speak.

I hope you're having a nice day!

Big hug,

Author's Response: *hugs back* Thank you for your wonderful comments Avi. As always, your review made me smile, I am pleased you liked my take on Pansy and found the story well-written. Thank you!

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Review #20, by LostmyheartA Portrait Existence: Phineas Nigellus Black: A Portrait Existence

16th April 2015:
Hi Angie!

As I promised last night, I am doing a review spree :) My gift to you.
I wanted to start with this story and work my way up. It sounds cheesy, but it's because I want to say 'Started at the bottom, now we're here' on my last review :b hahaha. Oh my. I must be tired if I find that funny.

This story was magnificent! I have never read a story seen from a portraits point of view. It's so weird yet so natural, the way you've written it - so we see how it's like to be a painting. You've captured his feelings so well, and I'd hate it if I were in the same situation as him - "locked" in forever. It must be weird to live, yet be dead.

Wonderful story and I loved reading it. I can't believe you wrote just as great so many years ago, as you do now. Were you just amazing from the very beginning? I think so :b


Author's Response: Honestly, I can't thank you enough for being such a dear and leaving me all these reviews. Best gift ever! THANK YOU!

I am happy you enjoyed this story. It's one of my earlier pieces but I'm glad you found it nice xD Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by LostmyheartUnlikely: Abandoned

15th April 2015:
Hi Angie!

I've come here to make a review spree on your Author Page, as a gift because of your recent (very exciting) news! I probably won't review more than this today, as it's almost 1AM now. I will review more tomorrow!

I was not sure what to expect from this story, I really didn't read anything about it before I clicked and began to read it. I am surprised by how sweet and adorable the plot is, a sort of lost-moment from the books. That's what they're called, right? Lost moments.
I LOVE their bickering, even though it's like the mildest form of bickering. It's so nice to see Pansy in this kind of light, where she's hurt and just wants to hide because Draco abandoned her like that. Because she really is just a kid, she can't be cold and indifferent all the time.
I seriously like the topic you make them agree on, fashion. It's so simple, one topic and it unites a Gryffindor and a Slytherin.

I couldn't help but think 'wow, Angie wrote this line brilliantly', 'oooh, and this one as well' all the time while reading it. You're such an excellent writer and I can't wait to read more stories from you! I will try to review every story you have and the rest of your WIP.

Again, congratulations!! You deserve it so much, Angie! - hug -

- Avi

Author's Response: Hey Avi! You are so wonderful for doing this. Thank you! *engulfs you in a hug and never lets go* You've made me so happy! Thank you!

I am glad you liked this little one-shot. Yes, it was a missing moment of sorts =) I am happy you enjoyed the "bickering" and the topic they agree on and stuff. I just kinda wrote this in one flow and didn't dwell on it too much so I am pleased you enjoyed the lines and scenes anyway. Thank you!

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Review #22, by LostmyheartCold Blood: Revealed

12th April 2015:
Hi Erin!

It's been such a long time since I've read this story and I apologize for that :(
I loved this chapter! So exciting, and what a surprise with Aberforth. He seemed so nice, then suddenly he was vague and didn't make any sense. At least to me. Again, this sort of supports my theory on Harry having two personalities, I think. Or maybe not. Because that short section, they mentioned they didn't want Potter to know, but... ARGH. I just want to know SO much, Erin! This is a real puzzle, I tell ya.

I am on to the next chapter, perhaps that'll shed some light on some of my theories.
Brilliant writing, as usual!

- Avi

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Review #23, by LostmyheartRemarkable : Remarkable

11th April 2015:

This story is remarkable, you've done a brilliant characterization of Blaise. I really love your version of him, trying to find out what love is.
Half-way through the story I was sort of convinced he loved Draco, because he seemed to respect him and yet depend on him to teach him what love is. Maybe not depend, but hoped. Such a sweet moment, where Blaise asks Draco about love. They talk so little, but only because they know each other so well, and Draco truly seems like a guy with no desire to talk everybody's ears off.

I love the ending, it was nice to see that Blaise finally found love, after spending so many years trying to look for it, and he finally got his mum out of his life.

Very well-written and I am so happy that you participated in my challenge.

- Avi

Author's Response: I wanted you to think he was in love with Draco. I don't know why. I sort of see Blaise as fluid about his sexuality. He could love Draco but he might not necessary be sexually attracted to him. He could love Isabella but it just might be sexual attraction or vice versa. Know what I mean? So I sort of tried to go that route but then it didn't feel entirely organic to me to pair them together. I also think he would have tried to find love in all of places since he didn't necessary know what love means.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the challenge it was great to write about a new character!

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Review #24, by LostmyheartThrough Your Eyes: Prologue: Shattered Mind

11th April 2015:
Amanda, this is just... wow... what an interesting beginning to your story!
Though I have to be honest, if I hadn't read your banner request before reading this I probably wouldn't have understood much, other than Hermione would seem to a broken soul/mind. Which would make sense as well, in some way, because she was tortured in the most brutal way possible and that would have left internal scars for life. The brain would do lots of things to escape the harsh reality and I think you captured her confusion very well.

I'm excited to see what you'll come up with in the second chapter, and I can't wait to see how she finds out what's really happening.

You're an exceptional writer, I love the way you describe things and feelings.
I could easily imagine that beach as I read it, how the soft sand would feel in the palms of my hands, and that salty fresh air. Just perfect.

I'm looking forward to read more, and thank you so much for participating! I hope you enjoy writing this for my challenge :)

- Avi

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Review #25, by LostmyheartZabini: Boy

10th April 2015:

I am so happy to get my very first entry for the Blaise Awareness Challenge. This is so exciting.

I love the slow start, how he looks through the pictures and calls each and every man in his mother's life for father.
It made me think that he was in need of a father, and therefore didn't care whether or not it was his biological father. That ending though, meeting his fifth father. Heartbreaking.

That scene where he saw his mother try to ease his fourth father's pain with several potions made me think she was poisoning him, without him knowing. He just thought she was helping him. Kind of reminds me of what I wrote in my story Halcyon Days. I wrote a similar scene, except he knew she had killed him on purpose.

I am looking forward to see what Mia will tell Blaise while he's at Hogwarts! And I love the fact that she's a muggle, and he isn't prejudiced like the Malfoy's are. Which makes me wonder why he even become friends with Draco.

I love your writing, as always, so I am very excited to see where this story is going!


Author's Response: Avi!

Ahh I'm so excited. I am loving this challenge, truly. I have no idea why I haven't written Blaise before because he is really fun to write. Which reminds me that I need to Finnish the second chapter tonight if I'm actually going to post it before the deadline :P

Ooh you picked up on that. To me, Blaise does need a father and he sort of becomes accustomed to having different fathers. He has a rose-tinted view of his mother because she is the only person he has ever really had as a constant presence in his life.

*shifty eyes* well that, my friend, remains a mystery until later chapters! I don't want to give too much away yet haha.

Eek I'm so pleased! Thank you so much for this lovely review.

Thank you Avi *hugs* im really pleased you are liking it so far.

Lottie x

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