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Review #1, by LostmyheartSins or Virtues?: Prologue

29th September 2014:
Hi Kinnu.

I thought I'd stop by, and give this story of yours a read. It was a really short prologue, which i think you intended it to be. It was particularly well-written, you're excellent at using your vocabulary.
Despite how well-written it was, it was still rather confusing and I hope you understand why. I suspect that this prologue only makes more sense once I've read the rest of the chapters, but I can't be sure.
It would help tremendously, if we got to know who she spoke with, and perhaps a better description of the situation she's in. As a reader, that would make this story much more interesting.
Other than that, you're doing great :) It seems like you have a perfect plot, where you know exactly what to do, and I like that you've put a small preview of the upcoming chapter. It's a great idea to sort of entice the reader.

- Lostmyheart

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Review #2, by LostmyheartPut On Notice: Put On Notice

21st September 2014:
What. This was brilliant!
I'm here for the Review Tag, and I'm so glad I picked this story.

I love your humoristic details in the story, and how much he actually thinks about Rose, despite trying to convince himself he doesn't like her.
I noticed the mention of Rose's hair a lot, and the back of her head, which made me think that he watched her instead of meeting her. And the ending was such a fun twist! Of course! :D haha.

And like any creep, he doesn't know what he's doing is wrong, it's seems natural to him or he doesn't have a great sense of right and wrong.

It was fun to read, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

- Avi

Author's Response:

Oh, hey!

What. That was pretty much my response when I finished writing this. What. Is. This. :P

I don't know, but it made me laugh, so I kept it. I'm glad it made you laugh too. It's kind of sad, but kind of not. Scorpius just doesn't know what he's doing, and if Rose only knew how much she'd affected him... well, I supposed that'd be a different story.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #3, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter fourteen

19th September 2014:
Hi Erica!

I love how this story develops. It follows the story line, and I love the details. What interests me the most is that the school year is almost over, and I can't wait to see what you're planning to do, if you continue following Hermione while she helps Harry and Ron finding Horcruxes or if you change the story completely, to include Draco. Or are you planning to stop it soon? Argh! So many questions, but of course you can't answer them, that's for me to find out while I read.

I didn't like Dumbledore at all, but I do understand why he was so dismissive. He knows about Draco, therefor he doesn't want to talk about it with Hermione, but I wish he hadn't been so rude :) Poor Hermione.

I am so excited to see what you're going to do next, since Harry is joining Dumbledore on the trip to the cave. I can imagine things are going to get intense from now on, since we know what's going to happen later that night... ugh, it makes me sad to think about it.

I'll read on, and I'll see you in a bit. Hopefully with a more constructive review, haha.

- Avi

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Review #4, by LostmyheartThe Persistence of Memory: History

18th September 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the review tag.

I loved this story, it was so sweet. I smiled through the whole thing, wishing that the story for them would end like this, regaining their health and mentality.
I loved the details of your writing, the curtains, the sunlight, the breakfast and his thoughts. He seemed like a really nice and pleasant man, which kind of relates to Neville's personality. He's such a sweet boy, and I could totally imagine being much like his father.

What struck me the most was the fact that people told him that he helped with defeating Voldemort. I can imagine they tried to spare them from the horrific fact that they were tortured, to spare them the pain of the truth.
But that would require the whole wizarding world to agree on lying to them, wouldn't it?
I don't know, I'm probably thinking too much :)

I really enjoyed reading this, it was a really beautiful story. And I wonder who died...

- Avi

Author's Response: Hi Avi! Wow, I haven't thought about this story for the longest time, I had kind of put it on hiatus and now with this review you're making me think about it again.

Thank you so much - I'm really glad you liked the details in the descriptions and Frank's thoughts. And I love that you thought Frank reminded you of Neville :)

As for people telling him he'd helped defeat Voldemort - as Frank had spent a number of years in St Mungos, the world outside had changed a lot since he was last aware of it. But I love that the chapter is making you think! That's really the goal of this chapter as it raises more questions rather than answers them. The identity of the person who died is revealed in the next chapter, which I will write as soon as possible! :P

Thanks so much for your review!! ♥

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Review #5, by LostmyheartFear : Bogart

16th September 2014:

I'm here for the Slytherin Review Tag.
I thought I'd quickly drop by and read one of your stories, before I went to bed (hence why I didn't choose your lovely story Ron/Hermione tonight - I'm saving that till this weekend :D )

Dramione. I love them! And this story is so sad. It's beautifully written, and I liked the story flow. You did very well!
It was heartbreaking to see how much he loved her, and stayed by her side even though it was hard for him to see her like this. It reminded me a little of the movie with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. I can't remember the title. But it was far more cheerful than this one, but then again, it was a comedy.

It is so unfortunate that Hermione had to go through that, after the war and everything. I really hope you'll write a sequel! Where she gets better, and maybe she doesn't remember him and he has to build everything up again :D Argh I'd love to read that. A positive ending to your lovely story! ^_^

I loved reading this, and I'm looking forward to read your other stories!

- Avi

Author's Response: Avi!
Ahh I seriously love you. You give me so many plunnies. I hadn't thought about a sequel, although I had wondered about a prequel. Hmm. I wonder :)
Oh, is it '50 First Dates'? I love that movie!
Thank you for such a lovely review, you have seriously made me so happy right now!
P.S. I really need to remember to put ratings with my links. Second time that's happened. I'm really sorry bout that, but thank you for putting a rating there for me. I'm going to go to bed now so that my brain might start to work properly again!

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Review #6, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter thirteen

13th September 2014:
Hi Erica!

This chapter was very sweet, despite the pain Draco was in.
I liked that Hermione was so concerned, and maybe a little confused with her own feelings. It was so understandable, and I would have felt the same way with a person like Draco - or maybe more, idk, I just love him :b

He does spill a lot of details to Hermione, more than I would have anticipated. But I guess he does have some sort of feelings for her, and perhaps trust her. He could be silently wanting to get help, since he tells her about the threat against his family, even though he probably puts Hermione in more danger that way.

But I liked your chapter! And I love your story. I can't wait to read more :)
Which I will later this day, thank god for weekends, haha.

- Avi

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Review #7, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter twelve

12th September 2014:
Holy moley... I did not see that one coming. WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT ONE COMING?!
I swear I am clueless about everything, despite knowing the fact that you follow the books events. Damn it, Avi. Pick up the clues! :D haha

But seriously, I smiled like a fool(!!) at the part with the knees. Argh! It hit me so hard. I suddenly remembered when I bumped knees with this incredibly cute guy when I was sixteen. I suddenly remembered the butterflies, the unable-to-concentrate, and the light headed feeling.
So sweet, how you wrote it. I may sound like Yoda now :P

The ending... ugh. It's so sad she waited for him for hours, and without knowing how much pain he was in.

I'll read on tomorrow, I need some sleep :)
It's 2AM right now, which made me realize how slow a reader I am. I swear, my attention is all over the place, so it took me two hours to read this chapter 0_0
Hopefully I'll be able to read the rest of the chapters faster than this one :D

- Avi

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Review #8, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter eleven

12th September 2014:
Aaaarrghh! Erica :D

*happy dance*

She took his hand. Ugh, that was so perfect. I don't know why, but my heart is flying. I am so thrilled :)

Draco has changed a bit, I think, from the previous chapter. Suddenly all friendly, and I'm trying to figure out if he's doing it with a purpose or just because he's beginning to grow fond of her, but the ending seemed to clear everything up! :)

I couldn't agree more with how you make Hermione see around her all the time, and making her feel a little bit lonely. It's one thing we often forget when we write these Hogwarts Era stories, that they are teenagers, hormones are flying all over the place and things are taken personally. So if your friends are dating and you're the only one, it's bound to happen that you question yourself and start to feel like the third wheel.
And chocolate is the cure! Spot on, Erica.

I love chocolate.
Thank goodness it's past midnight, or I would've run to the store to get some :b

I loved it. And I'll try to read another chapter before I go to bed :)

- Avi

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Review #9, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter ten

12th September 2014:
Hi again!

I really like the length of your chapters, I can read them without any problems! It's kind of difficult for me to read atm. since my attention span has changed, but I'm really trying to get it back.

Another bump in, which is a really classy move. Not that I don't like it, since it's quite plausible for someone like Hermione to run into people with her head stuck into her books, but why doesn't Draco ever move? :P He must've seen her coming, hehe.

I've never really thought about why Harry didn't include Ginny into the whole Horcrux thing, maybe he wanted to protect her. I like that you include her in this, it shows that she is a part of the group, instead of just being the girlfriend and the little sister and then have no real part of their plans.

I'll read on!

- Avi

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Review #10, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter nine

12th September 2014:
Hi Erica!

Eeeekk. Another interesting chapter :D Your characterization of Draco is perfect, in my opinion. He's just as evil as he used to be, but still there are some part of him that seems different, changed somehow. And I like how Hermione is so curious, it fits her personality so well. She is stuborn after all, and since everything is so chaotic with Ron (and Harry) I can see why she goes off on her own.

I'll read more tonight! (and probably leave longer and more useful reviews)

- Avi

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Review #11, by LostmyheartSunshine: Hero

9th September 2014:

Hi Adi!

I am finally here with the reviews you won from my challenge a few months ago, and I am so sorry for the delay!
But here I am, smiling, because you have written the most wonderful one-shot I've read in a while! It was so sweet, so hopeful, so inspirational and fluffy! I loved it!

I can imagine Neville sitting there, thinking of all the things that happened and just question himself, and his worth. Ugh, you made it so heart warming and so sweet.
And of course Hannah smiles at him! Who wouldn't after that kind of action with the snake? :P

I really enjoyed reading this! And I will give the rest of the reviews as soon as I can.

- Avi

Author's Response: Hello Avi! Glad to see you here :D

Don't worry about the delay. Real life commitments are hard to keep up with! Most wonderful one-shot you've read in a while? Woah, that's high praise indeed! I'm glad you loved it in all its fluffy glory. I've stopped writing and reading this genre as much as I used to, so I was nervous about getting it right.

Hahaha :p Riiight? Neville's such a stud now :D Thank you so much for this sweet and encouraging review! It really made my day, and I'm glad it made you smile!

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Review #12, by LostmyheartWe Are One: Spotted

9th September 2014:
No, Erin!!!

No cliffhangers! You nearly killed me. Bah. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon!

And sorry for taking so long with the reviewswap :D I had a lot of things going on... far too many things, so I get easily distracted. Not great, but at least I'm here now :)

Your writings is flawless I tell ya, FLAWLESS. Yup. I hope you got that, I wrote it with capital letters so you could understand how serious I was :b

I would mention my favorite parts but frankly, there are too many. (first time I've ever used the word frankly... did I use it right?)
They're all so brilliant, I like how you wrote the scene with the murderer by the cave, THE DETAILS, Erin! The pebbles, the darkness, then the lunging of claws. Ugh. Give me your skillz man, all of them. Or maybe just a dash. Anything.

I can't wait to read the rest!!

- Avi

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Review #13, by LostmyheartSecrets and Lies: Unwanted Visits

9th September 2014:

Finally. After all this time, you finally got the reviews you won from my challenge! Yay.

It is kind of odd to hear Lucy say 'law enforcement' so many times, it sounds so muggle-ish. And i haven't quite understood what a Hit Wizard is either, haha :D A... uhm... hitman but a wizard? :) I think.

The last part of the chapter was intriguing, who was that woman? She sounds a little evil, or at least not one of the good people. And I wonder who she is, since she is holding a phone... she can't be a wizard.

It's a really interesting story you've developed, and I am in such awe of your talent - how could you even come up with all of this stuff? It's amazing.

- Avi

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you for reviewing Lucy/AJ! :)

Because law enforcement is Aurors, Hit Wizards and Lawyers - the Aurors arrested him, the Hit Wizards are after him on Harry's orders and the lawyers will prosecute again. So law enforcement sounded better than saying them all and it sounded more professional and formal than MLE (department of magical law enforcement).

From what I've read on the lexicon and my own headcanon, Hit Wizards are kind of like America's version of bounty hunters - they go after known criminals and bring them back to Azkaban.

She is definitely not a good guy. And you're right, she's not a witch. Not a Muggle either, though. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #14, by LostmyheartLife As We Know It: chapter eight

9th September 2014:

I just saw your name on the review tag thread and thought that this was my opportunity to finally get started with your incredible story again!

I was honestly confused in the beginning, because why on earth would Ron say Romilda's name in the hall? But then when Hermione saw Professor Slughorn and Harry with the unconscious Ron, how could I not see that one coming? Haha. But brilliant detail!
I liked that Draco showed a little decency towards Hermione, even though he did say a few not-so-nice things before (or along the way) but that was expected, so it wasn't a shocker.
I can't wait to read what happens next! Although I have to say that might take a while, unless I take a break from the reviews I owe people, and read a few of yours :b

Anyway, I'll catch up soon!

- Avi

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Review #15, by LostmyheartSecrets and Lies: The Plan

9th September 2014:

Hi again, Sam!

This was a really interesting chapter! I liked that Harry didn't really trust Louis enough to let him get the case, which is quite understandable. But I don't really understand the Theo's decision :/ So odd, but then again we don't always understand other's decisions.
But it turns out that Harry was right! (of course he was :P ) but Louis does seem like a good kid, despite the fact that he decides to help his best friend.

I like where this is going, and how you ended the chapter as well. It makes it seem more interesting and now I can't wait to see what visions he's going to get.

I'll review the next chapter very soon! (in ten minutes or so, haha)

- Avi

Author's Response: Hello!

Harry loves his family, but he knows to keep a professional distance and Louis is just too involved. Theo doesn't agree that it can't be an advantage. As to Theo's decision and his reasons regarding AJ, I hope people will figure it out as they read because of the clue, but it won't actually come out until the end. ;)

Louis is... shades of gray. What he does doesn't hurt people, but he's not in with a good crowd.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #16, by LostmyheartSecrets and Lies: Breakout

29th August 2014:

Hi Sam!

I have finally begun giving those reviews you won so many months ago, from the Horror Story Challenge you entered.
So sorry for the delay, but now that I'm here I shall begin my review by saying that I really enjoy your writing!
I loved how you started this chapter up with a dream, and he then somehow knew that it was going to happen. I believe it's some kind of special gift he has?
And when he finally broke out you ended the part with the exact same line, I loved that detail!
This story is very different, as we rarely get a main character that's criminal. I'm looking forward to hear why he was in there and who would have thought that breaking out of Azkaban would be so easy? I would have imagined they would have had several spells that kept the inmates in or some kind of invisiblee wall around the island :)

I'll try to read the following chapters right away :)

- Avi

Author's Response: Hello, Avi!

AJ is a Seer, which is not as easy or as helpful as he would like.

I have a couple of criminals planned in headcanon. I was very excited to write AJ first. Well, second... first OC. :)

You'd think. ;) Nah, how he escaped will come up I'm the story. I didn't forget it. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #17, by LostmyheartWe Are One: A mistake

26th August 2014:
I was so thrilled to see a new chapter to your wonderful story! And you certainly did not disappoint me, Erin :D

I like that it is short, it's always nice to start things slowly after a 'long' break. And I see the clues! Or at least some of them.
The part with Harry dropping the marker, suddenly feeling tired and trembling, I feel that it's an important clue - that you'll give meaning to it later in the story. That scene almost made me think he may have been used by the murderer, with an imperius curse or a connection like he had with Voldemort, where they could get into each others minds. I don't know. My ideas are all over the place, and I suddenly didn't believe that Harry was the bad guy, and then the ending came and I changed my mind. It's a rollercoaster! Just like your Dramione story. You really are evil :D

Again, your writing is just brilliant, I love your details! You describe things and scenes so perfectly that it's done with a few simple words and nothing else is needed.

It was definitely a nice touch to show the article from the newspaper. I'd say it was realistic, that they'd be criticized for not finding the murderer yet.

You're brilliant, Erin. Truly brilliant!

Lots of love and hugs,

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Review #18, by Lostmyheart(wake up, you're dreaming): (wake up, you're dreaming)

18th August 2014:

After I read this I needed a few moments to collect my thoughts and emotions (which were all over the place) to get over your awesomeness.
First of all, I was SO surprised to see that you dedicaded this to me! That alone made me tear up. I may be too emotional, but it's only because it's such a wonderful gift.

Not only did you pick my OTP, but you also picked the scenery/theme that I love so much (which you probably didn't do on purpose, but I still thank you for it :P ) - I swear I felt my heart break when Hermione's did.

It was so short, your story, yet it felt like it told a whole story. The details you write in between the words they say, they're like gold. They're rare, and very precious - they mean everything to this story...
This line in particular:
She stared, unblinkingly, as Draco turned her back to her, the dying flames from the lanterns casting shadows over his unkempt hair.
I could see it so clearly in my mind! I even imagined a pained look on his face as he turned his back on her, hiding it.

The lyrics fit the story so well, and I'm actually listening to the song right now. It suits the plot so well, and adds more sadness to the whole thing.

It's funny, I was so thrilled and happy when I saw you had dedicated this to me, and when I finished reading it I was almost crying, I was heartbroken and so amazed by your story. An emotional rollercoaster, made by you.

YOU'RE AMAZING, ERIN!!! *hugs the laptop awkwardly*

You may already know this, but it's already one of my favorites.

Thank you so much for your incredible gift! I haven't checked the Gift-It challenge, and I believed it was a challenge about characters with gifted abilities, haha. If it was, then Draco has the gift to break hearts :b But seriously, what an incredible challenge.

LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY! (a million gazillion hearts)


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Review #19, by LostmyheartTrying to snog Hermione Granger: Chapter Four

16th August 2014:
Here I am. At the last chapter (so far).

It was different than the previous chapters, it had this focus on Hermione - which is great.
I love your humor, it's refreshing and it's something that's easily enjoyed. Like Ginny saying that that's how Hermione always tells a joke. It was a lovely detail.

Like I mentioned earlier, I like that you use Goyle more than people usually do. Although he seems quite clever, which isn't very canon - but a different story doesn't harm anyone!
With a plot like this, it is rather difficult to stay in character. I have a plot exactly like this one, and it's difficult (not that I'm trying to with that story - I use it more to let go of all the funny stuff I build up in my head)but I think you manage to pull this off very well!

I had this beta a few months ago, that told me it wasn't a good idea to share the other characters thoughts. For example - this story started off with Hermione, you write her thoughts, feelings and opinions. This means that the chapter / or that part of the story should remain that way, as it is kind of written in her point of view. Know what I mean? You shifted a bit from Hermione, to Ginny, Hermione, Goyle, and then Hermione again.
Other than that, it's been a great story so far :)

Thank you so much for entering my challenge!
I really enjoyed reading this entry, it was fun :)

- Avi

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Review #20, by LostmyheartTrying to snog Hermione Granger: Chapter Three

16th August 2014:
Hi again.

it is rather hilarious that Goyle suddenly speaks more for himself than usually. It was a nice touch to your story :)
Another entertaining chapter, and it seems to be the fitting chapter to create a development in their bet :) I like that.

I'll go on and read the rest!

- Avi

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Review #21, by LostmyheartTrying to snog Hermione Granger: Chapter Two

16th August 2014:
Hi there :)

I did promise to review all entries, and that includes their following chapters :)

This chapter was quite entertaining, especially after I've read so many sad stories in a row. I needed to be cheered up :P
I like where you're going with this, despite their out-of-character personalities.
I did notice that you spell Blaise 'Blasie' - which I think I mentioned in the review for the first chapter. And the part with the first years confused me a bit, as they're not allowed in Hogsmeade.

I like your plot, and I enjoyed reading this :)
I'll go on and read the rest of the chapters.

- Avi

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Review #22, by LostmyheartLightning: Five

14th August 2014:
I'm crying.

I was a little unsure whether to admit it or not, but I ended up confessing it. As a writer, nothing is more fulfilling than to hear that one's work has touched others.

The love Ginny has for Harry is so visible, it's pouring out of her - even after his death four years ago. He truly was her one and only, and when you wrote that she loved lilies because he loved them, it hit hard. A simple line like that, and you really didn't need more because her love for him was almost summed up with those words.

The ending of your story couldn't be more fitting. She finally started to live life, and I'm so happy she chose to give Draco a chance. She truly deserved it.

I'm not sure what else to say, other than I was incredibly touched by your story.
And I want to thank you for entering my challenge! It was a joy reading this story of yours.

- Avi

Author's Response: Aw thank you! Your reviews are some of the nicest I've ever received. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this! It really means the world to hear all these lovely things, though I am a bit sorry I made you cry. (Just a bit.)

Her love for Harry was something I worked really hard on. I didn't want it to seem like she was just replacing him with Draco or moving on lightly. It makes me really happy you didn't think that. :)

I struggled with the ending. I wanted to go a bit further into her and Draco's relationship, but wound up stopping at the beginning. Sometimes it's better to just leave it hopeful instead of blissfully happy.

Thank you so so much! I'm blushing from all your kind reviews. :) It really was a brilliant challenge.

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Review #23, by LostmyheartLightning: Four

14th August 2014:

I'm so... ugh... what have you done to me?
I'm smiling like a fool right now. I loved that ending. It was incredibly unforeseen and such a wonderful surprise.
I forgot to mention in the earlier review, that I was unbelievable touched by Ginny's thoughts on the last three christmases without Harry. The line 'three years too much' I believe it said, was such a hard blow - at least for me. Because it's one of the most 'natural' things when coping with a loved ones death - you fear the holidays, the birthdays, the day they died. It's the reminder that you're alone, that you've lost and you portray Ginny's sorrow so beautiful and so trutfully that it's impossible not to be moved by it.

And in this chapter, the line saying that time is now the enemy. It was also harsh reality, especially for someone like Ginny. She's getting older, Harry is dead, and she's slowly getting forgotten by the world. And it saddened me so much that the family wasn't as united as it once was... But I still loved that detail, because again you showed life as it really is - not everything stays the same. Things change, time passes and suddenly life is completely different and everyone are busy with everything else.

So I'm glad you ended the chapter on such a sweet note. It was needed after so much sadness.

I'll go ahead and read the rest of the story. Only one chapter to go and from what I can see in your A/N it's the last one. Oh boy... please don't make me cry.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! The ending made me happy too, even while I was writing it. I wanted this story to be bittersweet and she's sad for so much of it, but there are a few really sweet moments (or so I hope).

Time goes on and sometimes it's the same situations altered slightly, the presence of someone new or the lack of someone who should be there. But sometimes, everything is different and that's what I wanted here. If everything was the same, it would feel more like Draco was taking Harry's place which wasn't what I intended at all.

This review made me smile so much. :D

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Review #24, by LostmyheartLightning: Three

14th August 2014:

I wanted to read the rest of your entry for such a long time, and now I've finally got the chance.
This chapter was just as lovely as the first two. I love how slowly this develop, it seems so much more natural. Draco seems so much more mature, obviously, since his younger days and Ginny seems to notice a lot about him. The way his lips form, how his eyebrows moves when in a certain mood. I love the details you come up with!

I'm off to read the rest of the chapters. I enjoyed reading this, very much.

- Avi

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you're still liking it.

It did end up being pretty slow, but any faster and I think it would have felt rushed. I wanted to take the time to show their progression from acquaintances to friends, and then to romance.

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Review #25, by LostmyheartThe Push: The Push

14th August 2014:

I finally found the time to read your wonderful entry!
I have to admit that I was a little unsure whether or not I would like this pairing, you know, Goyle/OC. Because, as we all know, he isn't exactly the most handsome bloke in Hogwarts. But I was so surprised to see how sweet and funny your story is! I smiled all the way through the chapter, and I even caught myself laughing.
That part with him wanting to woo her was so funny! Maybe because I just saw that animated movie... uhm... I actually don't know what it's called in english, but it was a sequel and a talking strawberry kept saying 'n-woo'. It was so adorable. So I instantly thought Goyle was adorable.

It was a very nice touch to let Snape help him! I was surprised, and yet pleased. He wasn't a total bad guy after all. And it was a little weird he knew of her favorite food :P And I liked that Goyle refrained from eating a part of her pie as well, he really listened to Snape's advice.
Which also kind of shows how much he really wants to impress Lucy, and how much he likes her.

I loved reading it, it was so enjoyable and so up-lifting.
And thank you so much for entering my challenge!

- Avi

Author's Response: Glad you liked the story! Many people want me to make this into a Novella. Which I might do :P

This was so much fun to write, lol. I think Crabbe and Goyle were two guys who aimed to please the right people in their lives. Otherwise, what really made them so worthy to Draco???

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