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Review #1, by belle ameIf the Ring Fits: In which ingenuity is not a strong point

26th November 2006:
Oooh I must say this is a great story so far! Can't wait to see what happens. And this is also going to be a very close vote, i think! But my vote is for.APPLE! Yummy! I really want Draco to win, because he is also very yummy! Haha anyways keep up the good work! =P

Author's Response: Thank you! I know, the vote is so close! I am really amazed. I guess I thought one would be a big favorite over the other. Hehe, oh I agree, Draco is yummy! I don't know which pie will win, but luckily he will still be yummy no matter what!

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Review #2, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Retracting Love

4th November 2006:

I definitely think that this chapter was very informative. It pretty much summarized the whole plot of the assignment, lol! But it was very good!
My favourite part is:

My hands shudder as I think of everything I have said and done to this girl. I have put her through so much; played with her heart as though it were merely a cheap, plastic children’s toy. I throw it, catch it and throw it again, and not a stab of worry is realized that I may just miss that next catch.

That paragraph was so beautifully written, I loved it! It made me say, 'wow.' But of course I liked the rest too.

I am glad you chose to add a chapter. If you hadn't, this chapter would have been rediculously long! haha!

But this chapter was so sad... I feel horrible for Hermione. I did feel sorry for Draco, but I thought that he seemed quite apathetic in this chapter. He could have been a little more emotional, but he was fine just the same.

Don't worry about the long gap in updates. I'm sure a lot of people are busy these days anyway--I know I am!
Keep up the great work! (one more to go!!)


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Review #3, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Marked in the Snow

11th October 2006:
Woah. Dreary?!? No way, it was awesome! I really enjoyed this chapter, because it was so... I dunno, there's something about it that I loved!! I think that it's cute that Draco wanted to see the first snowflake, haha. It's wierd thoug, that as I read this chapter it is snowing outside right now (not much, but there's some).

You can imagine how amazed I was at Harry's reaction. He's concerned about Draco, I can tell. And Ron, well, he's an idiot, but he'll probably see in the end.

I know it is extremely late to be saying this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Haha did you have fun? Go to a bar or something? I know the drinking age is 18 down there, right? Here its 21. I cannot wait until I am 18. One year to go! haha ^_^

I am so afraid for the end of this story. One thing I worry about is the ending. It's just one of those things that you can never be too sure about. I hope that it ends happy, but I never will know until it comes... And another thing I am thinking is that I just don't want it to end. It's been such a great story, and you are a talented writer who is amazing when it comes to updating and responding to reviews.

Anyways, I wish it wouldn't end, but all good things never last I suppose. See you next (and last!?!) chapter.


Author's Response: haha I'm really glad that you feel that way... alot of people have mentioned that it was slightly boring but very informative and i am happy with that outcome =) Really? Was it really snowing there when you read this chapter... which was a few months ago now *blushes deeply* i am so incredibly sorry for making you wait for this response it is awfully selfish of me... but then again, I doubt that you will see this response anyway... it's the moral of the thing?

Yeh, Harry was slightly concerned... probably because he knows what Voldemort is capable of... but then again, I had to teach Harry a lesson to. He can't be so trusting with people... he should have known that Malfoy would put his own life infront of anyone else's and that is the way that he would stay.

haha... thank you very much for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it, however late it was! haha... My friend, melissa and I went down to the Gold Coast (a smaller city compared to Brisbane, but just as cool... it's a beachy city) and wen't clubbing... it was great fun! haha... one year to go? arr well... the year will fly by I know it did for me =D

haha... i'm sorry that I didn't make your wish for a happy ending come true... I just couldn't do it too the story... sure I did write out a different ending where everyone was happy and they escaped... but I just think that it was overly cliche for me! I couldn't do it to myself! So in the end I decided on the deaths... because that is what I had to do...

I kinda proved you wrong... i have been overly slack with the reviews thing... but I am making up for it at the moment... I have over 225 reviews to respond to... I really wish I kept up with them when I had the chance!

I'm really glad that you have enjoyed my story to this point. I am extremely grateful for all the help that you have given me over the months with this story but most of all for coming back and reading... that really means alot! Thanks again for reading and reviewing so excellently! -- Carley

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Review #4, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Silent Tears In The Night

30th September 2006:
OMG!!! I am soooooo sorry, I haven't been paying much attention to this site! I was so shocked to find that you updated TWICE!! I feel so bad now, so now I'll write one review for both chapters, maybe that will make it up to you...

Okay, chapter 22... AMAZING!! Voldemort hit someone? He didn't even get one of his men to do it? Wow, he must have been really angry. I guess it makes sense since he found out that Draco actually has feelings, quite unusual for a Malfoy. But now he also knows she left him, and he'll probably use Draco's feelings of sadness to his advantage, in some way. I dunno. But it was an awesome chapter,I loved it! Oh, and when he got the Darl Mark, I was so shocked.

Chapter 23 has got to be one of my most favourite chapters ever!! Might even be my top favourite. I LOVED it! It was so sad to watch Draco in the shower, trying to unsuccessfully rid himself of this mark that he never wanted in the first place. And then, when Hermione came in and saw his arm, I seriously thought she would not want to have anything to do with him. But I think I was wrong. I also think Draco was kind of foolish to suggest she would want to sleep with him lol. Maybe he isn't in so much pain after all, haha. And I loved the ending. Now Draco will tell her the truth about everything, and she will se that he really does love her. At least I hope that's what happens.

Once again, I am really sorry I didn't review for the last chapter. I've been busy, school and such. but I promise I'll review for the next chapter right away. Especially since there's like two left!!!!! Omg I wish it wouldn't end, you're such an awesome writer. But of course I will love to read your future stories and of course review them.


Author's Response: haha... it's okay! I am the one that should be saying sorry for making you wait for this review response for so long! I am sorry... they are getting the best of me I must say lol, though I won't stop because I know that you readers deserve it! I can't just keep taking without giving alittle bit back!

Chapter 22: Yeh voldemort hit some one... he was particularly annoyed with Draco on this count... and I believe that injuring someone with your own hand or fist for that matter is much more intense than using an instrument or a curse in this context. That is why I made him do it... Draco is of a high rank, and he is someone that will get such a punishment.. but I guess the Dark Mark was much more of a punishment... that is my reasoning on the matter.

Chapter 23: I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter so much. I must say it is one of my favourites also... mainly because I have no idea how I wrote it lol... haha it surprised me, which is a very hard thing to do. I could just picture Draco melding his cleaning utensils and his desperation to rid himself of the Mark. That is where the shower came into affect, and Hermione had to discover him at some point. She had too! haha... I loved the ending also... I thought it was a simple line to end a very descriptive and intense chapter.

Again it is ok for your lateness! I hope that you forgive mine. Until I come to the next chapter you have left me, I shall end this by saying: Thanks again for yet another wonderful review and I do hope to hear from you again, and that you enjoy the last few chapters! -- Carley

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Review #5, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: The Girl and The Fire

24th September 2006:
WOAH!! And...wierd. That was such a cool chapter, I really enjoyed it. Although I am rather dissapointed with Draco for accepting the invitation. But, I guess it's just because of his broken heart. Aww, poor Draco!

Okay, some favourite parts of this chapter:

"No wonder those boys never get laid." "Gryffindors will prevail!" "I knew now the reason why Malfoy’s never love; it just screws them over unnecessarily."

And then of course there's the part where the girl turns into a man! Haha o dear what is Draco going to do now? One thing I found kind of wierd in this chapter is Voldemort signing the letter with 'Sincerely;' I don't think he would be sincere in anything, really, lol.

So, you got a new job? That's good, I am currently looking for a part time job lol. I need money....badly. lol yea I'm only seventeen and still in school but...I have necessities. Gasoline to go to school, parties, etc. Clothes so I don't have to wear the same thing everyday lol (not that I do), and many more things haha.

Well anyways, amazing chapter as always. And I am sad now that we have so little chapters left in this wonderful story. You should write another chapter story, cause you are really good at them. But for now, I have to go. See you later!


Author's Response: Oh wow... you are lucky you got in just now. I am about to upload chapter 22 lol. =)

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! Yes, disappointment is the general feeling with all the reviews I have received for this chapter... but arr well, it has to happen for the rest of the chapters to work out the way I have planned them.

haha those bits are my favourites also, you can sure pick them =)

haha yes the girl/man thing... haha Draco was supposed to crack onto her and Hermione was supposed to catch them in the act... that was in my initial thoughts for the chapter... but then as I was typing it it didn't work for me... so I added that twist. I hope it works well. Yeh I doubt Voldemort would sign a letter with sincerely... but hey, he is supposed to have some respect for draco because of Lucius... *shrugs* it's done now... I may change it in my edit escapades lol...

Yes I have a new job! It's great! Full time and everything! I really wasn't expecting it. Yes a job is a great thing to have.. gives you money which equals freedom... it's great.

Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter and I hope that you are still online to read the next chapter! thanks again for the review and of course for reading! -- Carley

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Review #6, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: My Hermione

15th September 2006:
Hi Carley!!!

Sorry I was so late in my review. A ton of things have been going on, with school and my grandmother is in the hospital and a bunch of other stuff. I am sorry you lost your job, that's really too bad. I hate when that happens (it's happened to me a fir few times lol).

But this was, of course, and AMAZING chapter!!! I found the first part rather amusing, because Draco was getting so annoyed with Hermione haha, but it's a relief that Hermione didn't read the letter. Like you said in my last review, Draco should be happy sometimes lol. Oh, and if I were Draco and woke up next to Parkinson....urgh. I hate her so much.

And then the second part of the chapter was SOOOO sad! I cried, yes I admit that. Just a little, but still. I just think how can Hermione be so stupid to go back to those idiots when Draco is really in love with her!?! And then Draco says that she never said she loved him, and I guess I understand now. But you didn'tlet me down, so don't worry. They will be toghether in the end...right? *hopes*

Um, one thing I feel I need to point out is past tense/present tense. You seem to shift between the two in this chapter, so i just thought you'd like to know.

So what a wonderful chapter, eh? Can NOT wait to find out what happens next, you have a gift of twisting things into totally unexpected situations. So hope next chapter comes soon, me and "Mr. Compaq" will be waiting lol!! ^_^


Author's Response: Hey Audrey,

Not a problem at all with your latenes... I understand that you would be very busy with school and such. Oh I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, I hope she will be alright... Yeh the whole job thing sucks... but it's alright now because I have landed a new one, and it is air tight! hahaha yah! it's full time too so I am practically swimming.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter! Yeh it is a relief that Hermione didn't read the letter, it would have ruined all my plans! A letter could not possibly do my plot line justice... but you shall see what I mean shortly =) haha... Draco is always happy, in a sense lol. He knows he is better than alot of people in the world and tells everyone his knowledge of it. But he has done alot of bad things in his life and I guess this is karma coming back to him.

The second chapter was alittle tear jerking. I guess what ever Draco does, he really doesn't deserve to endure the pain of a broken heart. But at least he knows now that he is capable of love. I believe this story is a huge learning curve for him lol... Harry and Ron don't care about Draco's feelings, all they want is things to be the same again, and no slimy slytherin get the better of them.
Hmm... will they be together in the end? I dunno... we shall see =D

Yeh the past tense thing is always going to be a problem for me... I don't mean too lol... but once I finish this story I will go back and fix things up... but until then it will have to stay the way it is... since I don't really have the time to do such a tiring job =)

Hahaha... thank you very much for the wonderful review... I am really glad that you are enjoying this story so much. I hope Mr Compaq and yourself will enjoy the next chapter! Until then... thank you for reading! -- Carley

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Review #7, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Fever Pitch

1st September 2006:
Yay! Another review! Of course, it's quite understandable that you should need some time away to yourself. We all have troubles and problems in our lives. *sigh* okay, now to your well-deserved review!

Eeek! What a great chapter! Draco.... lol. At least he has Hermione to stick up for him, haha. Stupid boys and their dumb pranks. Think they're soooooo cool, don't they!?

hmmm, in response to your earlier comments on my reviews... yes, 3 month of summer vacation, and we have one to two weeks off during Christmas (it varies). That's why we Americans are so behind on education... just kidding. :) lol! You're right about the time difference, it really is like 16 hours or something. I must've gone the other way. Ha, again with the faulty US education system! If we had less time off (not that I'm complaining!!!) they would've been able to teach us proper time differences!

Okay. So far in the story, I have no idea what is going to happen next. I am intrigued! And so very excited! Wait, when he said 'I love you Hermione Granger,' was she asleep or did she just not respond? Just wondering. Sorry if that's a stupid question.

Oh, tomorrow I am taking a vacation with the family. We're going to northern Minnesota. Fun. *insert sarcastic expression here*. Yea if you have nothin better to do, google 'northern minnesota' and you'll have some idea of what I'll be seeing. Or I can just tell you. Forest, river, mountain, horses, cow poo. Haha, that about sums it up. Oh yea, and no computers within like twenty miles, so I will probably either cry or hit someone. Or run twenty miles, which seems like too much work at the moment. Don't know why I am telling you all of this, I'm probably just wasting your time. But I'll only be gone for one night night so if you update during that time, I'll be able to catch the chapter.

Lol, I know this is supposed to be a review for this chapter. That's why it says, 'Review Story/Chapter' above this box. Umm, thing is, there's really nothing to review on this chapter, besides: OMG! You are an amazing writer, I wish I could write like you, and there's absolutely nothing you can improve on! Don't be modest now. Anyways, I loved these parts (no particular order):

'That I love her, that I love seeing her naked body in the corridors (ok, maybe not that either)' 'SHE’S TOUCHING ME! AND I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! There are no thoughts of hot showers, nor the need for soap.' 'She wriggled into me, and I had to control every part of me not to go rigid. But finally she relaxed, and for the first time in my life I felt complete.' 'fighting the urge to wriggle and ‘accidentally’ knock her off the side of the bed. I hold in my snigger, oh that would be funny!'

Yea, well I liked those parts. I will now leave you to respond to the other reviews. See you next chapter, or perhaps on your blog!


Author's Response: firstly, I must say this is the longest review I have ever seen! Its so very paragraphy! haha and I LOVE IT!...

I think Draco needs someone at ALL TIMES to look out for him. He is quite a fragile little boy in a nut shell really. he doesn't know how to stand up for himself in a conventional matter only perhaps set a few big men or deatheaters after someone that annoys him alittle too frequently but pretty much, Draco is little, weak and fragile and if he didn't have his ego, he would be a mental case as well...

I'm really glad that I have intrigued you! hehe that means that you will come back and read the next chapter that is what my intention is when I finish almost every chapter off with a cliff hanger not a massive one but you know, but enough to get the reader to come back and become alittle curious about what will happen next. If it is all set out with out that little incentive to continue on, who would want to go to the effort to turn the next page (talking about a book here, but in effect "Who would want to press the next chapter button if the previous chapter wasn't entertaining?") hehe that is the rule that I go by, but I kinda go against it in a way by giving chapters to my readers alittle too quickly, and have developed a reputation as a mad girl with no life pfft I just know how to write quickly and very well =) and have alot of time on my hands though that is about to change.

Northernn Minnesota eh? I have heard of it in movies and stuff but I wouldn\'t have the faintest idea where to start pointing it out on a map of america! It sounds boring anyhow... too many letters in the name =) and because of your sarcasm. How was it? (I realise my response is very late... I apologise)was it as bad as you thought it would be? and how did you sleep at night knowing you hadn\'t come into contact with a computer for the entire day?! i know that when I am seperated from Mr. Dell I can\'t sleep soundly. I am forever worrying about him and stuff sounds strange but it is true. My mother, brother and sister would do anything to get their hands on Mr Dell, but since I am such a smart little bumble bee I placed a password on it, that not one of them would ever think of... hehe I am good like that!

Hahaha if everyone continues to tell me how amazing I am at writing I will have a bigger ego than that of Draco! And that is saying something! Though I do come close in that respect *winks* that is why I know how it feels to have a big ego, speaking from experience lol *taps nose* but anyhow, thank you very much that is very nice of you =)

hahaha I think you picked out all the best parts of the chapter without alittle bit of help from me! hehe... well done! I have no idea where these things come from lol! I\'m very glad that you enjoyed them and get my strange and warped humor lol!

Well thank you so much for your long review! I did love it alot, and appreciate it just as much! – Carley p.s I went over the limit!

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Review #8, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Faulty Schedules

20th August 2006:
Oh my God what the hell? Hahahaha poor Draco he's sooo confused! As am I to tell the truth! :) This chapter was hilarious in a 'what the hell is going on?!?!?!?' kind of way.

Heh yea I don't have much of a life either. My school starts September 5th, the day after Labour Day (if you know what that is, it's like a holiday). We have like three months for our summer vacations. How long do you have? This is crazy, did you know that I am something like 5 hours behind you? Yea, wierd. Ha, I think Australia should definitely have they're own version of english. That would be cool.

Just so you know, if you keep updating so fast I'm going to end up with arthritis in my hands because of typing such long reviews haha. Just kidding, but seriously I am soo glad you like my reviews and that they mean something to you. It's the least I can do, giving support lol. It makes me feel as though I am contributing to part of the masterpiece that is this story.

Hermione Draco action, you say? Then count me in! Hah, but first, i should probably do a proper review for this chapter. I really loved that part outside of the Great Hall, with the boy who *gasp!* dropped his toast on Draco's robes. Oh, the horror that Draco must have gone through. And then, with what happened in the Great Hall and in the dungeons, I got rather confused, but I think I understand now.

Well, I had better leave you to write, what are you on now, number 18? Aww, it's going so fast! Do have any ideas for another story after this? If so, I will definitely read it!

Talk to you soon!


Author's Response: haha... yeh I know, this chapter was kinda out there and strange... but I needed him to see what the school thought of him, since he was dreading it so much the previous night. And look at the out come lol... he misses his first day of Seventh Year... tut tut the year is not starting out as well as poor little draco would have hoped. haha... arr well, he is MY pawn lol

Not that I would know where it is, but what vague part of America do you live in? Most of my readers *tear* have already gone back to school... (I hope they can work in reading my daily chapters into their schedules some how haha *winks*) ... but it's good to know I still have time to finish this during your summer lol... Yeh we have labour day here, it may even be on the same day, I'm not particularly sure (Australian's make a habit forgetting public holidays so they can get excited when they realise they have a day off... we LIVE for days off) 3 months? *eyes boggle* that is crazy! Do you have holidays inbetween semesters or terms? When I was at school, we got 6 weeks, then when I went to a private school we got 8 weeks... then 2 weeks or 10 days inbetween the 4 terms...

Are you really only 5 hours behind me? Because it is... (not that this really helps but meh lol) ... 1.29PM at the moment lol... so you are... 6.29PM at the time I was writing this email... are you sure it's not 17 hours? there is usually a huge gap like that for some reason or the other, probably the distance lol. *taps nose*

Oh I always look forward to your reviews! I have a few frequent reviewers and you are one of them who never fails to leave a descriptive and lengthy review... I really appreciate them alot hey... haha I get incredibly bored doing absolutely nothing (unemployed, waiting for money from a job I did for my mother's boyfriend so i can catch a bus into town and hand out resumes... he promised this money weeks ago... god damnit) so yes, anything long and lengthy and directed at me is great! =) hahaha... I honestly don't know what I would do with out reviews seriously!

Hahaha... the boy and the toast. Tut tut *shakes head* not a smart move made by that Hufflepuff... haha my favourite part (and yes I realise this is my own story and I am telling you my favourite part, strange I know) was when he clicked his fingers and a dentention slip appeared (I think I dreamed about that once lol) and when he was trying to take points away, that made me laugh while typing it... haha

Anyway... I better get onto my other reviews, but the time I finish responding to the lot I will be the one with arthritis... haha and I hope my story isn't the cause of that if ever it comes about in your hands lol...

Thank you for reading, reviewing and your support during this story... it honestly wouldn't be the standard it is too day if it weren't for you =) Thanks again -- Carley

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Review #9, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: One Hundred & Fifteen

19th August 2006:
Hello! How are you today? Great chapter. Once again, I loved it! And the story just keeps getting better as things get more complicated and Draco finds himself getting deeper haha!

Haha don't worry about the "u's" in 'favourite' lol! I'm American (shocking, no?) and I spell it like that! I also use s's in the place of z's haha. I don't know why, I have always done it like that. Wierd, I know. My teachers yell at me all the time cause I don't spell REALIZE right. I want to tell them to shove it in their face and REALIZE that I don't give a damn! Haha sorry about that. You probaby don't want to be bored with details of my schooling. :) Speaking of which is coming closer every day! Damn you short summer vacations!

*Ahem* yea sorry. Where was I? Oh yes. I loved how Hermione finally got past those emotions of hers and thought maybe, just maybe, Draco isn't really all that into her. I'm just surprised that it took Ron and Harry to make her see that. But then, when she finally does come to Draco to confront him about it, he seems to slip up. You know, I think it had something to do with the setting. Too much red can be bad for a Malfoy haha. I also loved that part! 'what is with Gryffindors and that damn colour?' Heh.

It will be quite interesting to see how Draco convinces Hermione that he is not using her. Or perhaps it won't be too hard for him by then, because it seems that his fabulous acting skills are becoming more and more like the real Draco. Anyways, can't wait till next chapter.

I guess I'll see you around. Perhaps I will drop on by at your blog for a while.


Author's Response: I am quite dandy, thank you very much for asking lol. I'm glad you are enjoying the frequently thickening plot line lol... because I know I am, though I will have a hard time tying up all the loose ends lol...

Haha... yeh the reason why most of the favourites that have been in my story were spelt like favorite, is because Microsoft word automatically changes it damnit lol... and with the z's really really annoying. Why can't australia have their own version of english lol? which is english I suppose... not to sure on that lol... haha that is funny with your teachers giving you grief about it, just tell them next time that it is the way it is supposed to be. haha... well it is =) I don't mind reading about people's school or lives for that matter lol, I lack one so I may as well live through other people. How long did your summer vacation go for? I know it finishes in like 4 days or something... less now probably... I am hoping to finish typing the end of my story by then =) hehe... so expect updates thick and fast while the words stick around long enough to be written...

Ron and Harry are useful for alot of things. They can add a fight into the most randomest of situations, maybe a twist here and there, and give Hermione a bit of a reality check. *shrugs* you will see... chapter 16 is up and waiting for you... and Harry and Ron play a bit of a part in that too...

Hahaha... you will see, his confrontation will be in chapter 17 which I am about to start writing... so I hope to hear from you again in a few hours =)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing... your reviews always mean so much to me =) -- Carley

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Review #10, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Her Hand In Mine

9th August 2006:
BLOODY HELL!!!! Omygod Draco, Draco, Draco. I just like to say his name lol. Draco! Loved the chapter, and I guess you're one of the lucky writers cause this one was definitely not the worst. I'll admit, it was rather uneventful, but in a good way.

I really really liked the beginning of the chapter, when Draco is explaining the lack of affection his mum and dad show towards him. That part really helped me be more understanding of why Draco is what he is. It was rather emotional, and even though he didn't seem to fussed about the whole thing, I could see that deep down perhaps he does feel some remorse. I mean, come ON Narcissa, you couldn't even hold the kid's hand? That is upsetting. :( Poor Draco! I'll hold your hand... ;) hehe.

In the second part of the chapter, I was not too surprised when McGonagall told Hermione about the end of the Order. I could see that no one would want it to continue the after Dumbledore's death, him being the one who organized it during the first war. But are they even going to do something else to fight Voldemort or are they just giving up? If it's the second, then they must be pretty damn stupid lol. I am sure Harry will probably be doing something, but I think that others would want to help him (i'm thinking Remus, the Weasleys, etc.). Anyways, just voicing my opinions in the very drawn-out fashion I (annoyingly) tend to use.

Good chapter, like I said, not too eventful, but full of information! Like you said, it sets up for the rest of the story. Keep up the great work, see you next time!


Author's Response: hehe, he's name is pretty cool hey. Not that I would call a future child of mine Draco (that would be highly obsessive) but hey it's a great name. This chapter was uneventful because I had to fill in a few areas that I was questioning... no doubt the readers like you would be questioning it too... such as the way that Draco is... that is a major issue for some people lol they just don't understand his need for handkerchiefs... though I understand perfectly, and that is why I added it into to story =)

Yeh I believe that Draco needed alittle bit of a background story, because well there had to be a reason he turned out like this (sorry if I have repeated my self, but it happens I assure you) ... Yeh it is quite emotional, but well it does happen in some families. The mother is discouraged from sympathesing for her children. I guess it doesn't happen in many families but hey, the Malfoy's go by the old ways, since they are pure blooded, which means that Draco had to learn to stand alone at a young age.

haha... I would hold Draco's hand... oh god would I!

The Order is going to the dogs anyway, though I will tell you a little secret, the order doesn't really come into it much, since I have completely fazed it out. It is none of Voldemorts concern since he believes himself invincable... sorry i can't spell at the moment. So yeh, but if I wasn't going to take this story from Draco's POV then I would have a bit more information on the Order falling apart, because that is how I am.

This chapter marks the middle of this story... in a way since this story is going to carry on for 20-25 chapters... so not too long in my mind. I hope that you will stick around for it. As always thank you for the wonderful review and I hope to hear from you again -- Carley

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Review #11, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Saved By The Virgin

3rd August 2006:
O MY GOD!!! This chapter was so awesome! It was quite funny, because I absolutely HATE parkinson, and she definitely had it coming to her! God, I hate that chick, and I loved how you used the word 'screech' to describe her voice, haha.

Don't worry about the short response to my last review. I understand that you are probably busy. Hell, look at all of the other reviews you have to answer! Anyways, I don't really know of any stories off the top of my head that you may like. I have recently taken to looking at the favourites lists of authors whom I admire, such as yours lol, and reading the stories there. I love your list, by the way. It has a ton of awesome stories. If I find a story that you should read, I'll let you know.

Okay, so back to this chapter before I forget and ramble on about anything else. Hilarious, that is for sure. I loved the part when Draco was going on about Pansy trying to rape him. I also noticed that he is continually trying to convince himself that he dosn't love Hermione. When is he going to finally accept it?

I have noticed that I have had extreme difficulty reviewing to these chapters. It's probably because you are doing such a remarkable job that I really have nothing to point out except the good stuff (which is coincidentally everything). So I apologise if most of my recent reviews have been rather flimsy. But anyways, keep up the great work!


Author's Response: haha I hate parkinson also... and she really should get out of draco's life lol...

Oh I have gotten so slack in my review responses! You left this review the other day and I am just getting around to responding to it... for that I am sorry... really I am... I have just being alittle sidetracked lately.

Yeh I have tried to gather a few good stories on my favourites list and I am happy that people are putting them to good use.

Well... it will be very gradual for when Draco finally finds out he has feelings for her... I am just writing it that way because I hate those fics where they are together in like the 2nd chapter and everything is peachy, and frankly, boring for the rest of the god damn fic... hehe I hate that...

Well thank you so much for the amazing review... and it's ok if your reviews aren't as detailed as they used to be ... I take that as a good sign hehe... until next time... -- Carley

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Review #12, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Throwing Badges

30th July 2006:
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL CHAPTER!! Yay! I found this one quite hilarious! I kept bursting out laughing, and my sister kept giving me strange looks from across the room. I also enjoyed the ending, it's so awesome to see Draco getting everything he wants! I could just imagine him standing there in front of the entire Great Hall while Harry and Ron make fools of themselves. It's classic.

I have said it a dozen times already, but I'll say it again. I absolutely LOVE your portrayal of Draco. This is quite similar to how I had always pictured him while reading the books, just so fond of his own reflection that it causes him to have a cynical, sarcastic view of everyone else. You really do a fantastic job keeping his opinions and actions in character.

In this chapter, I am beginning to really see Draco changing. While he tells himself that he hates Hermione and wants nothing to do with her, it seems as though he is having a difficult time actually convincing himself. This shows that he is becoming more and more attatched to Hermione.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is, YAY for yet another awesome chapter! I am absolutely ADDICTED to this story. Keep up the great work, update soon! Oh, and yay for Draco! hehe


Author's Response: it scares me how easily I can write draco's thoughts... because basically they are my own and yeh people believe that is a real portrayal of draco... hehe...

I sorry that I made your sister believe you were insane but I'm glad that you enjoyed it enough to laugh. I was quite worried about updating this chapter on to this sight... but well all these lovely reveiws have dimmed my worries... thank you so much for another lovely review... and I apologise for the shortness of my reply but I am busy right now... =( I promise to write an extra long reply to your review next chapter... and yes I am assuming you will review next chapter =) -- Carley

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Review #13, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Head Boy & Girl

26th July 2006:
YAY CHAPTER 10!!! Poor, poor Draco! First, he has to live with such an insufferably annoying girl, and now this?!?!? I loved the incident with the train and the door handle, it is so fun to read about someone who is even more of a germaphobic neat freak than myself! I must strongly advise Draco to purchase more handkerchiefs soon, he seems to be running low!

That was a bit of a shock, seeing Weasley as Head Boy. Where were the two of them anyway, and why weren't they on the train? Well, there's no doubt that this will get quite interesting when Harry and Ron see Draco at the Gryffindor table, yeah? Can't wait to see how that turns out.

Once again, great chapter. Seriously, I love this story! It just keeps getting better! Um, I vote yes for changing the banner. I like the one you have already, but I think a new one would keep things fresh, specially since we're getting more into the story. By the way, who was the original Head? Just wondering.

Till next time!


Author's Response: hehehe... Draco could never run low! In this chapter I had to cut a scene that showed exactly how many handkerchiefs he had... and went into too much detail about his suit... can someone say, over 1000 words describing just what he was going to wear? Strange I know... but I can't ignore a man in a suit *sighs* and what draco is wearing well that's my favourite to see... thin tie, nice cut, single breasted jack - uhh.. sorry.

Harry and Ron were searching for Horcruxes all summer. You'll see the slight changes they make to Draco... and what Hermione thinks... haha and in the Great Hall is going to be a classic!

And yeh I go with you with changing the banner... I love the banner I have now, but I think a change is neccessary... I find someone willing!!

And Harry was Head Boy, but I thought that was a little too predictable... and well annoying on my part to say the least (let's just say Harry isn't at the top of my favourite characters list!)

As always thanks for the great review and I shall be updating soon... I gotta get back to work *bites lip nervously* before I get fired... haha bye! -- Carley

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Review #14, by belle ameDevil Child: Devil Child

26th July 2006:
HAHAHA!! Absolutely hilarious! Draco...what a nasty little bugger, eh? And poor poor Lucius. Actually, I really don't feel sorry for him. At all. But anyways, this was SUCH a great story. Seriously, it was really funny! I give it a 10/10! Good Job!


Author's Response: Awww, thanks SO MUCH!!! Haha, yeah, I don't feel bad for Lucius either. Haha, thanks again for the review!

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Review #15, by belle ameOpen Your Eyes: Chapter V

25th July 2006:
Woa! Super cool chapter! I must say, this is getting quite interesting! My guess to what is happening is that Draco is the owner or manager of some sort of cathouse? And what about Ginny!? Why is she a prostitute? This is crazy. Crazy but good!

I love the plot, though, it is so unique and I've never heard of anything like it! I love it when I read unusual stories! I also find it very mysterious that Draco doesn't remember anything that happened to him, it makes me rather curious as to what is going to happen next. I do have a few theories, but I am excited to find out what happens!

Keep up the good work and update soon! 10/10


Author's Response: Thanks! I really wanted to have something unique, and every AU twist was pretty much cliche. I really hope I found something that no one has thought of. And all will be explained...eventually. ^_^

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Review #16, by belle ameIncertus Cruoris: Uncertain Murder: What Are You Doing Here?

25th July 2006:
Oh wow, this chapter was super good! I laughed when Draco was running away from Pansy! She's so obsessivly clingy, it's quite sad. And Draco and Mariya have tea, which is nice. And I was also rather surprised that Draco is beginning to notice Mariya in a 'certain way!'

I also loved how Mariya shows compassion for others, even if it is in a small way. I just hope that Draco will come to his senses soon and realise that he cannot possibly complete this arduous task all my himself and finally accept Mariya's help. It is obvious that Mariya only wants to help him so she can show her loyalty to Voldemort, but any help is worth something, right?

Another thing I loved was when Draco begins to feel strange around Mariya. I can tell he is beginning to feel things for her. How exciting! I guess Parkinson will just have to jump in a lake or something. Good riddance! lol I was always cross with her anyways.

Overall, great chapter! Sorry for such a long and overly random review, just voicing my thoughts haha! Keep up the great work, and update soon! 10/10


Author's Response: i'm so glad you liked it! hopefully, chapter seven will be up soon! keep reading!

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Review #17, by belle amePoison: Sticking Together

25th July 2006:
Awww, Draco is such a sweetie! I am so determined that there is a good side to him, no matter what anyone else says. That line about Hermione always being beautiful in his eyes, oh it made me so happy!! He is my absolute favourite character (It used to be Sirius, but now that he's gone :'( ....).

Anyways, I was super surprised to see Ginny in the forest!! And then I was confused. Where did she go? But I was also uneasy at her words about Ron. It makes everything so solid, realising that you can't trust half of the people you thought you knew so well.

I love the plot, it is really getting thicker and more insanely exciting! What with Ron being a jackass, Draco and Hermione flirting, and Ginny appearing/dissappearing randomly, I can't even imagine what the next twist in the plot will be! I do have a load of guesses here and there, however.

Once again, great chapter! Love the description, hardly any mistakes, keep up the fantastic work! And yay for Draco! 10/10


Author's Response: Thank for such a great review. I'm glad you like Draco as he is in this story. He may be sweet but he'll have his usual Malfoy moments :P Ginny plays a huge role, right now she's more of a messanger for Hermione to let Hermione know of any danger coming her way. What are friends for, right? And yes, dear Ron who doesn't know when to give up is really starting to cross the line in his attempts. I'm glad you're enjoying the plot as well as what is going on. Yay for Draco! lol Next chapter will be up soon.

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Review #18, by belle ameDivorce: Weasley Style: Surprise

24th July 2006:
Oh, this chapter was so well-written, it really is wonderful! I love your writing style, you really seem to nail every emotion. Hermione is pregnant!?! Wow, I never saw that coming! That really is exciting, but it also must be very scary for Hermione, because how is she going to tell Ron when he still thinks they're divorced? And then she had to go and knee him like that! Haha that really came out of nowhere.

In my opinion, Hermione is only making things more and more difficult for herself by excluding Ron from these things. My guess is that she is trying to protect herself from getting hurt again. She's also making Ron quite confused, isn't she? First, she cuddles with Ron. Then, she turns in the divorce papers (or so Ron thinks). Then, she cries on his shoulder at the funeral, and then she knees him between the legs! Wow, quite a messy mess Hermione! I am excited to see how things come out, and if there are even more 'surprises' in the next chapter (I sure do hope there are). Anyways, YAY for another chapter, keep up the great work. Oh, and a 10/10 of course!


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Review #19, by belle ameGiggles and Snogs: "Every Kiss Is Filled With Something..."

24th July 2006:
OH MY GOD!! I cannot believe how absolutely hilarious that was! I literally almost peed my pants! Hahaha I am still laughing! Absolutely wonderful, probably one of my most favourite comedies just because of the bad humor! I loved it and hated it at the same time, but I think that's a good thing...yea it's good! Haha 10/10!


Author's Response: Haha you may want to get that bladder under control. :D
Glad you liked it that much. Thanks!

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Review #20, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Flashes of Insanity

23rd July 2006:
AAAHH! Oh my God, he did NOT just kiss her! Finally, haha! That was exciting. I loved this chapter it was wonderful! Then again, all of your chapters always are! When draco was talking about his visions and dreams, I couldn't help laughing. Poor Draco, he's so confused lol! And I am also happy to hear that Draco is not head boy. Im rather sick of reading the stories where they're both Heads and everything just happens because of that. That's why your story is so original hehe!

I absolutely LOVE that you respond to all of the reviews! It really lets me know that you read it and were listening. I don't really like it when people don't respond to my reviews (I always go back after I review and check the responses, does that make me weird?). Anyways, thanks for reading these, I am really glad that I can help you sometimes. Speaking of which, sorry if this one wasn't too helpful. There's really nothing I can point out to you in this chapter.

I am actually looking at your blog right now lol! I really like the graphic, it's really nice. I hope you don't mind if i don't comment right now, I am a bit tight on time. I'll leave one later, i promise!

Anyways, great job with this chapter, it totally rocked, as usual! Keep it up, 10/10!


Author's Response: hehehehe... sadly, yes he did. But it was going to happen. Not that I can say this story is going to be lovey dovey. Ew, I can't write that lol. I attempted it in my first one-shot with L/J but... I hated the ending. And Draco is just too Draco-like... and Hermione, is not my favourite character to say the least! Ending rant here.

Ok, let's see how I go on this line =). I enjoy responding to every review! The longer the review the longer my response lol... and I am a boast-a-holic so if I am typing for too long I usually give away all my secrets *looks down at ground, ashamed* doesn't help me, and spoils the read for you =( sorry lol... And no you are not strange checking back for responses lol, I do that all the time, I am a cronic reader/reviewer... I can't help it, because I know how much effort the author has gone into writing the fic in first place. Least you can do really =). I go back and check all my reviews... I don't understand it either but at least you are not alone haha...

My blog needs some work, some entertainment to keep viewers on the page... I'll look into that...and if you comment, you will be my hero lol...

Thanks for a great review as usual, until next time... -- Carley

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Review #21, by belle ameHogwarts, A Musical: Thank you for the Music.

23rd July 2006:
YAY!!!! Oh my god you guys are THE BEST!!! I started reading it when there were only like 11 chapters and after I was sooo amazed that I continued reading all the way through to the end!!! It was so cool, I could not believe you guys could even come up with this stuff! It is pure genius! It pretty much is one of my very favourites... I loved the drama, romance, action, and of course, the COMEDY cause it was pretty damn hilarious! Hahaha and also, each and every song fit perfectly! I love you guys, you should definitely consider writing another story together I would totally read it! Amazing job guys, 100/10 and more coz you both ROCK!


Author's Response: thank you from both of us!!!
if you like our humour read any of our other stories. Our humour is very similar but when combined...MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
anyway thanks again!

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Review #22, by belle ameDo Robots Have Emotions?: --Epilogue--

19th July 2006:
O my god that was sooo very good! I loved the entire thing and I literally cried at the end! So happy and so sad, and I wish Cecilia hadn't died at the end. That was really really amazing I really like your writing style, its quite good! Definitely keep writing! 10/10


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story and that it evoked some emotion. :-D Thank you for reading!!

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Review #23, by belle ameSo Arrogantly Beautiful: A Random Abduction

18th July 2006:
YAY for another brilliant chapter!!!!!! Omygosh I literally checked my favourites list everyday for an update and now there is one! hehe yay. Don't worry about the length; yes, it was rather short, but so many things happened in this chapter that it seemed longer. And I am sorry you've been stressed lately.

Okay, almost no grammar/spelling errors (at leat that I could find), so good job. However, I do think that the bit, "they made sure that they made themselves believe that there was good in that in everyone" barely made any sense. I figured out what you meant by using the context, but if you have time be sure to fix it. maybe it could be something more like, "they made themselves believe that there was good in everyone." I think that makes more sense when you put it into the sentence. Also, when Voldemort says, "I have retrieved you for one of the many check ups you will have throughout the course of this assignment," you need to place quotations at the beginning of the sentence. Those are the only things that stood out to me. Fix them and you'll be just fine!

The plot is definitely getting thicker at this point! We now know when Voldemort plans to mark Draco as an official Death Eater, and we know for certain that everything Draco does is being watched by others. I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter, I just love Draco's point of view! Great job, keep up the good work! Oh and, I don't think you need to send me an email, I check this site daily for updates in all of my favourites, but you can have it just in case.

~Audrey (10/10)

Author's Response: haha... thankgod I am not the only one who does that! I thought I was abnormal and alittle too excited about updated fics, but now I know I am not alone lol =)

Thankyou for pointing out the errors, I had a previous reviewer point some other ones out also, so yay it is hopefully error free now! ...

I have decided to speed up this story alittle in the next chapter so i hope you enjoy it, all the plot is laid out now so all I have to do is work with it then tie it up... I hope you can stay with me!!...

I will add you too my list of people to email anyway, just so I can feel special lol... 5 people now! *dances* haha... well you will be hearing from me soonish... Thank you for reading and I am immensely happy that you are enjoying my fic! -- Carley

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Review #24, by belle ameAnd We All Fall Down: And We All Fall Down

18th July 2006:
Wow, this story was so unbelievably good! I don't normally like slash stories (I have absolutely NO problem with anyone being gay, and I think anybody who thinks anything bad about it are wrong, I just don't like reading stories like that). But I decided to read this one, and I am glad I did! It was so emotional, so powerful, I really cried. Great job, keep writing! 10/10 definitely!


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Review #25, by belle ameHalfway To Infinity: Chapter Three: Odin Alley

17th July 2006:
Awesome chapter! Really, I love the way you described the gathering of supplies, it was good to show how differently things are going. I really liked Miss Outerridge, lol she had a rather wierd personality that made me laugh, how she was all impatient and such.

I was really confused when Lottie went up to that girl and just grabbed the glasses off her face. I didn't really see the point of that. Was there a point? If so, I missed it lol.

But I am glad to see she's got a friend now. Ally seemed rather nice and friendly. Anyways, I cannot wait to find out what this Alsemore Academy is like, so hurry up with the next chapter!

Great job, keep up the good work! Oh, and have I told you just how much I love the length of your chapters? It makes me happy! 10/10


Author's Response: Tee hee. >.> Two reviews for one chapter. I am so lucky. ;)

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