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Review #1, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Thirteen

1st August 2007:
ARG, I'm really not a happy camper now.

But you write the relationship between James/Lily so nicely! And, it's done VERY originally.

Please update soon, I beg of you. Because, you said you're back into HP now, right? Unless you were lying to me that is.

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'll try. I'm sort of back. I still hate book 7, but I decided that I will continue writing fanfics no matter what. Besides, this, and most of my fics, are AU.

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Review #2, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Twelve

1st August 2007:
YOU ARE SO EVIL, AND POSSIBLY THE GREATEST CLIFF-HANGER MASTER EVER! Thank god I have one last chapter, but that one better not have a cliff-hanger,. or I am going to not be a happy camper.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment.

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Review #3, by evilrubberduckyThe Powers Within: Chapter Two

22nd June 2007:
Yay, an update! I wonder why their magic went away? And it had to happen at a bad time too. At least it didn't happen when they were in the final battle! I can't wait to see what happens next, so you know what that means! be a better updater then I am!


Author's Response: Yes, an update! I can't believe it took so long. Oh, well. And yes, at least it didn't happen during the final battle. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Eleven

26th May 2007:
Yay! She met Remus! And spent time with Harry! and found a box! How will she open it?

Author's Response: Hehe, you'll see. Thanks for the review! ^_^

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Review #5, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Ten

19th May 2007:

Congrats on making TA, and PLEASE have Lily tell Harry and hermione soon.

Author's Response: Sorry! I like food.

Thank you! I was quite surprised when I got the message!

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Review #6, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Nine

19th May 2007:
James is alive! Please be alive, james! Lily needs you!

Poor Lily. I hate Carolyn. Though I did like the Wizard of Oz reference.

Author's Response: He might be! Or maybe his bones were just kidnapped...

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Review #7, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Eight

19th May 2007:
What do harry and ron want? Have they figured out who Kendra/lily is?

Author's Response: You'll see. Though it's no to the second thing.

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Review #8, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Seven

19th May 2007:
Where did the chapter graphics go?

Very exciting chapter! I want Lily to find out who she is so bad!

Author's Response: The person who made them got way behind in requests, so I have to wait until she can take them again.

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Review #9, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Six

19th May 2007:
Wow! long chapter! But I liked it. I really like how this is turning out, and how we learn about Lily little by little! And I was right! It was Harry!

Author's Response: Yes, it is a long chapter. For a change. *grins*

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Review #10, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Five

19th May 2007:
Ooh, I want to know what happens next! And thanks for mentioning my fics.

Author's Response: No problem!

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Review #11, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Four

19th May 2007:
I don't really like the R/HR ship, but as it is one sided, I think I can deal with it. Just please don't let it stay that wauy! I wonder who she does like though. Seeing the pairings of this story, I assume it is Harry, right?

Author's Response: Yes, it is Harry.

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Review #12, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Three

19th May 2007:
Mmmm, chocolate chip pancakes. Now I want some!

Lily seems like a veery loveable girl, and I like how she seems so human. Also how she seems to be envious of Petunia. Most fics don't do that!

Author's Response: Me too! I haven't had them for a while.

I'm glad she seems human!

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Review #13, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter Two

19th May 2007:
I like the name Kendra. Where did you get it? I don't think I've heard anyone with that name before. Bit short, but as it was leading up to the next one, that's understandable.

Author's Response: I once was aquanted with someone with that name, and I rather liked it.

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Review #14, by evilrubberduckySpeak: Chapter One

19th May 2007:
I wonder what signiificance the graveyard has on her past? Can you give me a hint, pretty please?

Interesting start!

Author's Response: I wish I could, but I can't! Sometimes being an author is hard.

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Review #15, by evilrubberduckyAlternative Ending: Alternative Ending

19th May 2007:
Ah! How sweet! The only thing is, I think you made a mistake in the bottom. At this part:
“Okay.” Harry agreed. Smiling a bit sheepishly, they walked off in different directions, each crafting in their mind to find Hermione first and tell her their own story. They walked together , both thinking of what to tell Hermione when they found her and both looking forward to telling Hermione that they were friends again.

I think you may have accidentally added a line.

Kudos on a great fic!

Author's Response: Oops! I'll go edit that right now! Yeah, that last line wasn't supposed to be there.

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Review #16, by evilrubberduckyTime to Say Goodbye: Time to Say Goodbye

19th May 2007:
Eh, I'm not particularly fond of this ship either, but you wrote it pretty well. Not as well as some of your stories, but still good.

I think my favorite part was this:
Harry James Potter


Beloved friend and hero. Savior of the wizarding world, and defeater of you-know-who.

It read. It was a crude remainder of Harry’s life. It should have told more about him. How brightly his eyes shone when he smiled or laughed, how loyal he was to his friends, how he would constantly run his fingers through his untamable hair. If Ginny had been in charge of what the stone read, she would need the biggest stone in the world. She would make the following generations understand how great Harry Potter really was.

It really does show how people feel when loved ones died. It's sad how only a few lines on a stone remain of a person. Ah well, I suppose living on in memory is good enough.

Author's Response: Yes. I remembered how I felt when a friend died. A gravestone doesn't tell how someone's eyes used to sparkle, how they could always make you laugh no matter the mood. Thankss! ^_^

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Review #17, by evilrubberduckyTraitor: Traitor

19th May 2007:
Wow! I hate wormtail, but you wrote him very well. I actually felt sorry for him! My only complaint is that you switched tenses a few times. But I do that too, so no biggie. I wish you would continue this. Ah well...

Author's Response: Thank you! Did I switch tenses? I'll have to go back and fix that.

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Review #18, by evilrubberduckyThe Powers Within: Chapter One

17th May 2007:
Amazing chapter! I think I'm going to love this story even more than Happily Ever After?, which is saying a lot. It sounds really interesting. I especially like how you added Harry's 'saving people' problem in there. It is so much like him! Anyway, as a special treat to you, I'm going back to review all chapters of Happily Ever After?. Aren't I a wonderful sister? I'll try to get to it ASAP.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I might set the table for you because of this review, but don't expect this all the time! If you review, I'll review yours so it is fair.

Oh, and I rather liked adding in Harry's 'saving people' problem too. It is so useful in fan fics.

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Review #19, by evilrubberduckyThe Untold Tale: Chapter One: The One In the Beginning

12th April 2007:
Wow, two years? That's a long time! Anyway, I really liked this story! You are very good at descriptions and details, even for the tiniest things like how the ticket felt in her hands. I could really picture it, and it felt like I was there. Morgan seems really realistic, and not Mary-Sueish at all. I'm going to add this to my favorites so I can read more later. Also, just wanted to say that I found no spelling or grammatical errors, which is always a bonus. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

Yeah two years is a long time, but we (me myself and I and my lovely co-author :P) are perfectionists what it comes to writing, plus there has been times where Real Life has rudely interrupted the writing.

Anyhow, I'm extremely pleased that you have enjoyed the first chapter, and even more pleased that you like Morgan ^^ She's my baby and I'm almost obsessed about getting her just right. I'm honoured you've added The Untold Tale to your favourities :)

The thanks of keeping the story grammatically correct and flawless in spelling, goes to our Beta, Graywand!

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Review #20, by evilrubberduckyProtector of the Crown: P R O L O G U E

11th April 2007:
Before I begin, I just have to say that I'm glad you asked me to review this, since I am not only a big historian and Tudor fan, but Anne Boleyn is my role-model. And the beginning graphic is gorgeous! But now on to my review: when I give a review, I like to give one good thing, and then CC, one good thing, then CC, exc.

Good- The idea is very creative, and as stated before I am a big fan of this era.

CC-“Royal in what way" should have a question mark at the end, not a period, and the part where Elizabeth says
Then, ten years ago on two days before what the Boleyn’s had dubbed as my birthday" it should be Boleyns'. Very minor things, but I am a grammar freak. Pity I can't pick it up in my own stories.

Good Thing- Elizabeth is a very believable charector

CC- In this time period, people usually called their parents 'Mother' and 'Father' not 'mum' and 'dad'. People were more formal then. You did this in the second half, but not the first.

Good thing- good idea with the Love Potion... And the ending sentence was very interesting. Made me crave for more.

I'll try to read the next chapter when I get the chance, and I put it in my favorites so I'll remember it. Also, since I reviewed your story, would you mind r&ring for me?

Good thing-

Author's Response: Of course I'll review yours Regina!!! (I've already favorited 'Expressway to the Couch'...It looks fantastic!) I'll probably have time in the next few days...when my homework load is slightly less...

I think I remember putting a period at the end of "Royal in what way" because it was less of a question and more of a statement. Perhaps after rereading this, I'll change it once the new chapter images are up! I'll definitely fix that apostrophe...I'm generally pretty good with grammar so I'm surprised that I missed that one! I think the changes to Mum and Dad are in the validation line now...If not, they'll be going in ASAP!

The love potion is such a critical prop in this story...It's so useful with the next few chapters that you'll see. It's mentioned every other chapter or so and the effects of Elizabeth's actions have such acute reactions, ah, it's so fun to write magic into history!

I'm glad you liked it and I'm looking forward to getting your reviews!


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Review #21, by evilrubberduckyWithout You: The End

11th April 2007:
Hello, I said I would review, so here I am. When I review, I like to first start out with a good thing, give CC critisism, give a good thing, and exc.

Good- Very nice start. It caught my interest, and made me keep reading.

CC- this isn't really that big of a deal, and probably most people won't mind, but in the first paragraph instead of "Harry!!" It might be better, and look more proffesional, if you had "HARRY!" It means the same thing, and two of the same punctuation mark tend to annoy me.

Good- Very good on the wands connecting thing. Most people, myself included, seem to forget about the whole graveyard scene in the 4th book. Goof memory, and I could tell that you knew your Harry Potter books through and through, which always makes me like a story/author more.

And since I reviewed your story, you wouldn't mind giving me one, would you?

Author's Response: Hey friend! Thanks for reviewing! I like your Good/CC method! And I see what you mean about repeated punctuation marks. I specifically looked in my re-reading of HP5 last night and noticed JK makes capitals rather than double exclaimation points. Perhaps I'll change that!

Glad you liked the wands connecting; it always sticks out to me. (o: Thanks again, and I did return your review, hope it was adequate!

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Review #22, by evilrubberduckyYou Just Have to Believe: And It Starts Again

11th April 2007:
Hello. I said I would review, so here I am. In my reviews I like to give something you did right, some CC, something you did right, and so on so forth.

Good- you used the term 'Mum' in the flashback! I can't tell you how many times I've seen mom, so this was a relief

CC- Instead of Platform 93/4 it should be platform 9 and 3/4. The other way makes it look as if you are saying platform ninety-three quarters.

Good- you could tell the girls were good friends, and you had thought the relationship out a lot

CC- the girls seemed a bit Mary-Sueish. I mean, perfect looking, and the most beautiful girls in school. However, it is your first fic, and I can't tell you how horrible my Mary-Sue was in my first fic. *shudders at the memory*

Good- spelling and punctuation was right, and even though the cliff-hanger was a bit obvious, it was a good way to end the chapter.

Hope my CC wasn't too harsh. I know sometimes it's hard to hear it. I'll try to review the next chapter when I get the chance. And if you wouldn't mind r&ring my fics, that would be nice too.

Author's Response: Argh, the 93/4 thing...I thought the 3/4 would become all little and fraction-y, but they didn't. I will definitely go back and change that. Yeah the girls may seem perfect, but they are far from it, don't worry! Don't worry about the CC, it really wasn't that harsh and was really helpful. Lying and telling me the fic was perfect, doesn't help me improve and I want to improve. I will definitely check out your fics when I have the time (this weekend??), especially since I try to review all of my reviewers. I am a bit behind right now and as the (school) quarter's ending I am swamped with work, but I will do my best. Thanks for reviewing!

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