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Review #1, by FieryRose1031Iuv‚ Me ut Sentiam: Chapter III: Mirus Locus

15th June 2006:
This is good, keep writing!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your input, it's really appreciated! I'll definitely keep writing, I've already uploaded the fourth chapter, just waiting for it to be validated. Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far!

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Review #2, by FieryRose1031Despite Hatred: A Deal

14th June 2006:
write on, seriously. lol. I love it!

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Review #3, by FieryRose1031Angels and Dragons: Wedding Thoughts

13th June 2006:
keep going, of course! this sounds good!!! I always knew draco hated that pug-faced, slytherin slut...ok you get it! Ginny and Draco...wooO!!!! keep updating! asap!.


Author's Response: lol, Thanks for reviewing! I sent in chapter 2 about 2 hours ago... for me, thats a very fast update... lol. So i guess it will be up in about 2 or three days... look for it!

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Review #4, by FieryRose1031Unstoppable: Chapter 3: Of Roses and Seduction

4th June 2006:
Simply amazing. Love it love it love it.

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Review #5, by FieryRose1031What I Lost...: What I Lost...

3rd June 2006:
Omg, this is so sad. I almost started crying, that's soo sucky. Hopefully, the final battle won't end up completely like that. I feel for Fred, though.

Author's Response: I'm sorry, i didn't mean to make u almost cry. But that's kinda the point of this story,so...
When u say that's so sucky, i hope u mean u crying, and not my story!!! lol
I'm glad that u feel for Fred, that was the point. I didn't originally think that he'd kill himself, but it just seemed that would be what would happen if he lost his brother and BFF.
I hope the final battle doesn't end up like this either, as a matter of fact. But the Harry thing, i feel something like that will, sadly...

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Review #6, by FieryRose1031Stupid: Stupid

6th May 2006:
This is a good one shot!!!! It has potential to continue if you ever get bored someday. Draco's actions are so perfect, that is something he would definatly do.

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Review #7, by FieryRose1031The Forbidden Love: The Time Turner

6th May 2006:
Oh, this is unique! I'm lovin the idea and Ginny ending up with Tom is perfecto!! Keep writing, and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Just this year I've gotten into the Ginny/Tom pairing. I'm hoping to update soon.

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