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Review #1, by YstarrymoonThe Moon Divides: My Daughter

28th March 2009:
I really enjoyed the beginning of your story. The only suggestion I have for that would be to get a beta as there were a lot of gramatical errors that forced the reader to have to reread sections.

Toward the end I got really lost. There was no transitioning to the "future" and it ends very abruptly. I lost the point of your story. You may want to think about going back to it sometime

Author's Response: Yeah, I had awful grammar when I wrote this. I tried to get some of them, but obviously missed some. It does end abruptly, but there's the sequel to it. I didn't want to write all seven years, but I wanted to get some different takes from other parts of their lives, hence the odd transitions. Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by Ystarrymoon:

4th November 2008:
Great job! I enjoyed the story a lot... I'll be looking for a sequal

Author's Response: Sequel is in progress, hoping to have some of it ready to post soon.

Thanks for the review, and taking the time to read the story.

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Review #3, by YstarrymoonSirius -ly in Love: A Broken Heart

20th July 2007:
Ok. As your story was completed, I didn't review each chapter, just waited until the end. I have to say, I finished this story in two and a half days, and only that long because I had to go to classes and what not. I was sucked right into this story. You did a great job and the ending, although unexpected, was very good. I do feel like more time could have been spent on Harry, but that is really my only complaint!

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Review #4, by YstarrymoonHis Real Father: Remember

11th April 2007:
I am really loving this story. I've always thought there could be a thing between Hermione and one of the twins and this allows for such to happen. Not only that, but its a sweet idea of helping someone out in a time of need. Fred goes above and beyond to help his Sister-in-law. I love that you use description in your background in order to back up the dialogue. Someone pointed out to me that it is what's missing in my own story. Keep up the good work and I hope to see the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I personally am not really a fan of Hermione and Fred/George, this fic was a bit random for me to write.

Thanks for the review, I am really greatful.


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