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Review #26, by Ravenclawchik6Blind Date: The Date

3rd July 2007:
that is too cute
totally favoriting
it works well with sirius i think

Author's Response: Heheh, Thank you!
I agree, it does work well with Sirius.
Thanks for the Favorite and the Review!

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Review #27, by Ravenclawchik6Against the World: Chapter Twelve

2nd July 2007:
this story brought somthing new to the l/j romance stories we usually see and it made sense too that harry would be the choosen one if things like this happend he was a joint of 2 prejudice sides this story was invigorating and didnt have the cliches we usually see. The only advice i have is to slow it down and maybe add a few chapters idk it all kinda happened fast but had alot of detail and favoriting adn 10/10

Author's Response: thank you very much, i'm glad you enjoyed it =)

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Review #28, by Ravenclawchik6Oh, But When It Happens: THe One with Lily and James

17th June 2007:
love the Friends reference
great episode

Author's Response: Thank you :]]]

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Review #29, by Ravenclawchik6Bang the Doldrums: Best Friends, Ex-Friends To The End.

21st April 2007:
are basically my new best friend
well written story too

Author's Response: Thanks! I love this song too!

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Review #30, by Ravenclawchik6The TRUE Story Of Ron And Hermione: The TRUE Story Of Ron and Hermione

21st April 2007:
love the last line
im kinky like that hahaha
no i wouldnt do that at age 14 im not an idiot

Author's Response: HAHA...glad that you liked the story! I am almost wanting to write a sequel...but not sure how good it would be.

P.S. I'm kinky like that too (j/k!!!!!!)

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Review #31, by Ravenclawchik6Algebra: X is not a number.

21st April 2007:
ahh i love algebra
isnt that just silly
its my best class!
and im only an 8th grader WOOT
very fluffly
very cute

Author's Response: Thank you sooooo much!!!! You ROX!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #32, by Ravenclawchik6Behind The Mask: Prolouge and Chapter 1

20th April 2007:
It was Friday, November 22, 1963 when the streets were crowded with people waving and cheering to an open top limo. But as the limo neared the intersection of Elm and Huston*shots rang out killing one of the most important men in the Untied States at that time. Moments later Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder, though facts today show doubt. Who killed President John F. Kennedy? This question still rings in our minds to this day. There are many suspects, many motives, and many more secrets. From the mysterious Lee Harvey Oswald to the mobs of the Mafia, even to the intelligence agencies of the United States, we may never find out who truly did the crime. I believe that the assassination was a very well developed conspiracy; there are so many facts to prove it. Though Lee Harvey Oswald is connected to it all, it is obvious that there was no sole assassin.

there now my teacher doesnt have to email me
please ignore this everyone i gotta get my research paper done and i left my flash drive at home whoops

Author's Response: sorry about that guys
that was the only way i could get my first paragraph
and its due tomaro
this is all i have
yea i gotta go..........

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Review #33, by Ravenclawchik6Black Lipstick Kiss: Black Lipstick Kiss

16th April 2007:
im out of words
nice lyrics!

Author's Response: Thanks soooo much!

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Review #34, by Ravenclawchik6For the Sun: For The Sun

16th April 2007:
i felt this story was actually really insperational and i loved it
i added it to my favorites as well as adding you to my fave authors list

Author's Response: Thank you sooooooo much! You're an amazing reviewer, Gina!

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Review #35, by Ravenclawchik6Bless The Broken Road: Bless The Broken Road

16th April 2007:
this story is to cute
in a good way i promise haha
i luv it

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #36, by Ravenclawchik6:

16th April 2007:
the lyrics confused me and i felt unconnected and wasnt sure of what the plot was but all in all i am a sucker for fluff
keep up the good work!

Author's Response: The lyrics are from "A Goofy Movie". If you watch that, maybe you'll understand the song more.
Thanks anyway!

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Review #37, by Ravenclawchik6The Dark Mark: Luscious's Pink Paradise

15th April 2007:
thats pretty intense it sounds like somthing out of a bizarre dream
good work
celestina warbeck line was my fave
keep it up

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Review #38, by Ravenclawchik6Right Here: Right Here

14th April 2007:
hey remember me
i hope u do cause u got my far with writing haha
check out my stuff on this site PLEASE and
i was hoping
possibly if u could write a founders fic tehe
yea tahts alot to ask but i know i would enjoy it
and to the person who was wonder the song is called Right Here by Staind
first favorite song ive ever had and on my top 25 list on Itunes which let me tell you means ALOT

Author's Response: Of course I remember you! Thought you fell off the face of the planet for a while there, but I haven't forgotten. I'm glad that I helped a little, and I will try and get around to reading it, I promise I will. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and let you down now, I will not be writing a story about the founders. Right now, the story arc that starts with Right here and goes through the Epilogues is still probably going to take me well into next year to write completely, and after that I will probably no longer write fanfiction. As it stands, I barely have the time to write what I got in my head, but you know, sometimes you just have to get the story out. Anyway, over at MNFF I'm about half way through Epilogues Part III, there's some definite age inappropriate stuff, but if you don't mind skipping through that, I think you may enjoy it! And yeah, thanks for clearing up the song for the other reader for me. Thank you agan Gina!

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Review #39, by Ravenclawchik6:

4th April 2007:
what i MEANT was did he kill her or did he seriously like convince her it was all a lie??

Author's Response: .... He killed her... He didn't talk to her, he killed her and left a note on her dead body for Sirius to find... I'm rather confused by what exactly you're asking...

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Review #40, by Ravenclawchik6Forbidden: Always

4th April 2007:
omg i could have SWORN i reviewed this like last month!!! aparrently not
i think it is TOTALLY cute and i hope to see more draco/oc or draco/pancy stories from you!! You are talented and thank you so much for reviewing my story if you haven't read my others pleease

Author's Response: i'm really glad you like this. i may write more draco stories as and when i get the inspiration. of course i'll read some of your fics.

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Review #41, by Ravenclawchik6:

31st March 2007:
please tell me she still loved him so i can be satisfied

Author's Response: Loved who? Sirius? Of course she loved him! She was going to marry him, wasn't she? Lol.

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Review #42, by Ravenclawchik6Poisoned: The Hooded Man.

17th March 2007:
not really
cause its a story but u get my drift
infact i really want another chappie so ill leave a message on ur TDA name...

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Review #43, by Ravenclawchik6Once Upon a Lily: Tiger Lily

16th March 2007:
hehe hey lex swats crackin hope everythings good whist ur in London for SB *as in right now haha* i want more! i didnt kno you posted anything yet haha

Author's Response: Hey gina
i know it suxs but whatever it is just a start it is my first story! London is amazing i come home soon and im really excited! I have to call my little buddy when i first get home they are making me HAHA they want to talk to me

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Review #44, by Ravenclawchik6Wind: Invading in on your secrets

10th March 2007:
oh my gawd
this is wow
amazing beautiful

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Review #45, by Ravenclawchik6A Promise Sealed: A Promise Sealed

10th March 2007:
oh my god this was so good mostly cause its such a unique stopry really i love it FAVORITING

Author's Response: Oooh, thankies!! *huggles*

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Review #46, by Ravenclawchik6He noticed: He noticed...

10th March 2007:
this was amazing

Author's Response: oh thank you so very much!

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Review #47, by Ravenclawchik6Face Down: Face Down

9th March 2007:
i love this
and the song

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm still deciding on that.

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Review #48, by Ravenclawchik6Therapy: For A Night

4th March 2007:
omg please make a sequal
im begging
ur being added to faves tehe
PS check my stories out

Author's Response: I will! Thanks, hopefully I'll get my arse in gear at start with my novel... I'm still working out the bugs... thanks!

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Review #49, by Ravenclawchik6Harriet: Harriet

13th February 2007:
ok you are seriously an amazing writer love it!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you Gina!

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Review #50, by Ravenclawchik6Lips of An Angel: Lips of An Angel

22nd November 2006:
that was SO SWEET my best guy friend is obsessed with Hinder lol he got me somewhat into it lol

Author's Response: yeah i am too lol, they are a good band though. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!

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