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Review #1, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: The Spectacular

10th December 2009:
I have always liked Nia, especially in this chapter. Isabella is the one that I dislike a little. I could grow to like Sirius more. This chapter was absolutely brilliant, I loved it completely and I can only hope that in the next chapter James doesn't do something stupid. It was well worth the wait and I can't wait to read more. Excellent writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you! And Bella? Really? Is it because her name is Bella which is now synonymous with quite possibly the most irritating female character ever created? It was completely concidental, I swear! Never mind. If you don't like her, you don't like her. Thanks again!!

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Review #2, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: Vin and Poppy

24th August 2009:
That chapter was definitely worth the wait. I was so excited when I saw that you had updated. I missed the clueless Lily and the lovestricken James. It was extremely well written and I hope that you update again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'll certainly try my very hardest, I always do. And it's such a relief not to have encountered any homilies on the length of time between chapters, haha!

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Review #3, by fizzing wizbeeWe Gryffies: Cuckoo Bananas

1st May 2009:
The chapter was pretty good and I'm looking forward to reading more

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Review #4, by fizzing wizbeeWe Gryffies: Boom Goes The Dynamite

28th February 2009:
I'm glad that another chapter is up. Life was bound to become really busy at one point, just don't drop something in that juggling act of yours. It was an interesting chapter by the way, and I'm glad to have found another feminist in Tegan.

Author's Response: Amen, Sister Suffragette! :marypoppins: Thanks for your review. =)

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Review #5, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: Beth Leighton's Riverdance Ballet

24th February 2009:
Lovely as always. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by fizzing wizbeeAll Was Well: I Do but You Don't...

22nd February 2009:
I can't wait for the next chappy, this chapter's not all that bad, it's pretty good in fact. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by fizzing wizbeeCould I Have This Dance?: The First of Many

3rd February 2009:
I love this song. The fic's well written and very sweet.

Author's Response: One of my favorite songs, too! Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by fizzing wizbeeFairest of Them All: The Ugly Duckling

18th January 2009:
I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next

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Review #9, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: August

5th January 2009:
It's great just as always. Well written and flowing. I have exams coming up too so I know how that is, good luck on them. I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you and good luck!!

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Review #10, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: Spiralling

7th November 2008:
Whoo hoo, another chapter, yay. There always so well written. Joy to all the fun you can have with drunken people! Another one in a month or less, please!!

Author's Response: I will try! I'll try my very hardest, I swear. I know I always say that but having said it, I do always try but it's the decision between doing it fast and having kinks in it or taking a while so that I'm entirely happy or as happy as I can be with the end result. I love the drunk scene, it was so much fun! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by fizzing wizbeeWe Gryffies: The Epoch of Incredulity

2nd November 2008:
Nice chapter, always love James inner thoughts- they're very much like my own. Can't wait to see what he's up to. Good luck on your new fic.

Author's Response: Thanks! Haha, it's funny to hear when people relate to James, because I'm so unlike him myself. xD

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Review #12, by fizzing wizbeeOutsmarted.: Lacy Ladders Is My Name, “Boxers or Briefs?” Is My Game

13th October 2008:
I've been really enjoying this so far and I hope you update soon

Author's Response: Aw, thanks.

And I'm working on it.
But I'm thinking of posting another story, that I am extremely proud of by the way, so check that one out to when its up. It is called 'You Had Me at Quidditch.'

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #13, by fizzing wizbeeThree Generations: How not to faint

10th October 2008:
Good, good, I like it. Especially Ron and Hermione's reactions

Author's Response: Thank you! Ron's reaction was really fun to write :)

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Review #14, by fizzing wizbeeLily Evans: Friend or Hoe?

9th October 2008:
Great chapter, never would've thought it was Sevvy

Author's Response: Dear fizzing wibee,
I'm all for the element of suprise!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #15, by fizzing wizbeeWe Gryffies: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

12th June 2008:
Good chapter, I liked. No worries for the long wait. If you're still a student then you, me, and the rest of students are swamped by exams. Not too much long of wait which is good. Very well written.

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Review #16, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: James

6th June 2008:
How could I ever pick a favorite. I love your depiction of all the characters in the entire story. I'm especially fond of Addy. Great chapter. Please write more, I understand w/ exams and stuff since I just finished myself. Please update sooner, it's such a good story.
Here's to hoping you did well on your exams.

Author's Response: Addy? I wasn't expecting that, not that I don't like Addy myself because I do but yeah, thanks for reviewing, I'll get on that update really soon, don't worry!

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Review #17, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: Hometown Glory

27th April 2008:
This was very good, completely loved it

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #18, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: The Lights Are All Out

12th April 2008:
Yay, you updated. It was a really good chapter, always worth the wait, but could you please update a little sooner? It's a great story, but I always have to go back and read the end of the previous chapter so I can remember where I was.

Author's Response: Oh. I thought I'd updated really quickly this time, oh dear. I'm sorry, I just have so many other things happening, I try to balance as best I can. But thanks for reviewing.

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Review #19, by fizzing wizbeeProtection: Guarding The Truth

24th March 2008:
Love the length of the chapters. You write very well, very intriguing, and a great ending to this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, fizzing wixbee! I'm really glad that you enjoy the length of the chapters, since I can't seem to make them any shorter anymore, lol. And than you for the comments on my writing, I'm encouraged to hear that you're enjoying it. Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #20, by fizzing wizbeeJust Love: Returing to Grimmauld Place

14th March 2008:
Very emotional, you write very very well, vcan't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I have written the next chapter, and have posted it, but it is taking forever to be validated! (okay, maybe its only been three days so far, but I tend to be very impatient :)

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Review #21, by fizzing wizbeeMesmerised: Stained Glass Windows

19th February 2008:
Hopefully you can update this story sooner than every three or four months,... you know every 2 1/2 months is a start. So for both chapter six and five you write amazingly well. Always very entertaining, good grammar, nice flow, consistancy with personalities. I love it. Nice length to the chapters too!

Author's Response: Oh thank god you mentioned consistency of characters, I ALWAYS worry about that one. And I'm sorry about the waits, I really don't mean them to be that long, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by fizzing wizbeeWill you Marry me? OUCH!: Will you marry me?

13th February 2008:
Great ending to this part of this story, maybe a sequel or continue the story leading up to the big day. Anyways whether you decide to continue not it was very well written.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing Fizzing wizbee!
Luv AK

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Review #23, by fizzing wizbeeHow Long Have You Been Sitting Here?: A New Year

13th January 2008:
I love it already just after the first chapter, seems like a great story. You mostly write romance and just wondering if you are a Scorpius/Rose shipper even if this has no romance?

Author's Response: YAY! I'm really glad you liked the first chapter :]

umm... I guess I am a Scorpius/Rose shipper. I'm a big Dramione fan, and they kind of are in the same category, and I may end up writing a Scorpius/Rose story in the future. just not this one :]

thanks for the question and the review!!


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Review #24, by fizzing wizbeeOne Of Those Nights: chapter 1

1st January 2008:
Very well written, meaningful, strong words, good.

Author's Response: i appreciate it, thanks for reviewing

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Review #25, by fizzing wizbeeLove is too complicated!: I want you

4th December 2007:
The chapter was written nicely with lots of tension and drama.

Author's Response: thanks!!!!

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