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Review #1, by dumbblonde89Revealing This: Annette's Story

9th May 2008:
awsome chapter i can't wait till the next one!

Author's Response: thanks!!!

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Review #2, by dumbblonde89Numbers: Sin

28th February 2008:
This seems likean awsome story line! please keep on writing!

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Review #3, by dumbblonde89Going the other way: Ch 15

19th February 2008:
this is a good story. i was wondering if you can make a banner for me for my story called surrender. can you please check it out?

Author's Response: Yep, email me at

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Review #4, by dumbblonde89Bliss: Chapter Eleven

18th February 2008:
i can't believe someone stole you story! that horrible. i completely agree with you and if i were you i would be in tears too. great chapter! keep up the great work!

Author's Response: I know, I was so upset when I found out...its completely intolerable to me to think that someone would be heartless enough to steal someone else's work. Absolutely disgusting!

But thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by dumbblonde89The Things That Harry Doesn't Know: Bloody James Potter

12th February 2008:
wow this is an awsome story i never read anything like this before. i can't wait till you update. um i was wondering if you could make a banner for my story?

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. And, sure thing I'll make you a banner.


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Review #6, by dumbblonde89Harry Potter The Next Generation: Evidence

20th December 2006:
Excellent chapter! I cann't wait till the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I will have the next one out as soon as possible.

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Review #7, by dumbblonde89The Brothers: My Big Brother

29th November 2006:
Excellent story! I liked it alot. I am writing a Regulus Black story too. If you have time can you check it out?

Author's Response: thank you very much....i was pleased to look at your story :) i commented x

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Review #8, by dumbblonde89Harry Potter and the Battle to the End: Changes

29th November 2006:
Hey! Great story I like it alot! Cann't wait till the next chapter comes out!

Author's Response: Thank you! It SHOULD be up soon!

Lisa xxx

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Review #9, by dumbblonde89Loving the Devil: Fate is a fickle thing

28th November 2006:
This story is excellent. I love the plot and I cann't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you so much!!! The next chapter is being written and should be done soon. ^_^

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Review #10, by dumbblonde89The Last TriWizard Tournament: They're Here

28th November 2006:
Wow I like it. The story so far was really well down. I can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is in the process of being written!

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Review #11, by dumbblonde89Black By Name...Black By Nature?: Avada Kedavra

14th November 2006:
Great story, I liked they way Regulus isn't evil. Thats how I pictured him to be like. I think theres more behind Regulus then J.K so far wrote. I am actually writing a Regulus Black story feel free to check out and send some feedback. Again, excellent story it went right to the point without dragging on. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll check out your story later :)

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Review #12, by dumbblonde89So You Want to be a Death Eater?: So You Want to Be a Death Eater?

12th November 2006:
That was great! I bet you had alot of fun writing that!

Author's Response: I did, thanks! Thanks for reading!

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