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Review #1, by _Kreacher_The Game of Love: Chapter Eleven: The Quidditch Date: Part One

7th June 2008:
Arrghh! Thats just harsh. Really harsh.
(Huuge twilight fan here by the way. The guy who plays cedric in HP is playing Edward in the film. Meh. It should be awesome though. =) )
But seriously- this is the best Dramonie I have read in ages. Its written well, the idea is actually fantastic, and I cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Harsh for Viktor, you mean? I know. Just wait till the next chapter!
Wow, I'm so flattered you think this is one of the best Dramiones you've read in ages!!! Thank you! I'll try to update soon :)

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Review #2, by _Kreacher_Dragoness: Just Leave me Be

7th April 2008:
Its all I can really say =)
I like how you brought Harry and Ron into it =)
And if Draco is a Lord what does that make Hermione?
Keep writing!

Author's Response: Idk, what DOES that make hermione? Why don't you wait and find out, actually, why don't i actually type the chapter up, and find out first.
Anyway, the next chappy'll be up in a couple of days, so watch for it, and thanxs for bein one of my awsome reviwers.*.*

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Review #3, by _Kreacher_Laugh No More: Pulling Out of Darkness

24th March 2008:
Please continue!
For several reasons (They're all floating around my head here)
1) There aren't nearly enough Fred/Hermione's on his site.
2) There aren't nearly enough well written Fred/Hermione's on his site.
3) You made us wait this long for an update =P
4) People obviously liked it, you had loads of reviews on the last chapter!
5) I will beg.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


Author's Response: Several years later, it is finally happening! A new chapter has been added. Thank you for your review!

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Review #4, by _Kreacher_Till the next day...: A wonderful birthday gift

15th March 2008:
Harry keeping drugs?
Great story, you asked me to review with tips so I will!
Its well written, easy to read, but it doesnt have a direction yet! The summery is good for creating suspense, but you may want to think about getting a banner and updating!
keep writing!

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Review #5, by _Kreacher_All things are possible: The new Hermione

16th February 2008:
I like the start! You'll have to explain the first bit, i dont know if thats just me missing a bit, but the italics confusesd me a bit =S Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yeah It might ba a little confusing. The words in Italics are the lines from the movie Hermone was whatching. I'll check up on it and make it easier to read.:D

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Review #6, by _Kreacher_Dragoness: The lake

5th February 2008:
I love it.
I don't know if i've reviewed this story before, but i love it, its been on my favourites for a while.
Just keep writing! It's fantastic =D

Author's Response: Thanxs, and I don't remember if you've reviewed before either, but i'm glad that you did, er have, um, whatever. Anywhoo, the next chappy's in the quenu(sp?) and should be up in a couple of days.
Thanxs again for reviewing :-)

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Review #7, by _Kreacher_Dramatic Occurrences: I'm not Listening

18th January 2008:
Finally an update! I've been getting a bit bored of seeing it jump to the top of my favourites, clicking hoping theres an update, and finding you just edited a chapter.
But very good, i would quite like to know her secret by chapter ten, but hey. The only thing i have to complain about is;

'She then walked over to the entrance of the common, slipping out quietly. I had to cut up this sentence a bit, it was a little too long.'
I'm assuming thats from your beta? =S

Great story though, please update sooner!

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Review #8, by _Kreacher_Artificial: Reassurance

1st December 2007:
I think this is incredible.

Writing Hermione from another point of view, i think makes a great story! =)

I will add this to my favourites, im curious to see how it turns out!

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Review #9, by _Kreacher_Its a Kind of Magic - Those were the days of our Lives: Its a Kind Of Magic - Those were the days of our lives

20th November 2007:
Very good! Your writing has improved...thats it! I'm moving to spain!
Do you want me to do a banner for you luvvi?
TTFN, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Charlie that is noiw my 2nd review. Im so proud. And yes I really recommend moving to the sunnier places in life. I believe the sun helps the artistic vibe. He he. And yes pretty please can you do me a banner. Anyway you know me Charlie I always keep writing. Ta Ta For Now.

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Review #10, by _Kreacher_Murder at Malfoy Manor: 3

11th November 2007:
OH more secrets!

Author's Response: I had so much fun thinking up all the strange secrets! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #11, by _Kreacher_Ghostability: Chapter 12

6th November 2007:
All this reviewing means i cant tell you my new theories 'cause i run out of review boxes!!!
I think those headaches are significant! Like, maybe when he has a headache the death eaters can hear whats going on...or something. Okay its patchy! But its my idea...mwa ha ha!
In love with your story, as ever, and another congrats for your fab acceptance =D

Author's Response: good theory!! i actually like it a lot. too bad i already wrote the ending parts. :D


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Review #12, by _Kreacher_:

1st November 2007:
Well i quite like where this is going. I'll put it on my favourites so i can keep up with the updates. Watch what you do with some of the speeches, people dont always give away everything in the first sentance, which was what some of the characters here did.
But keep writing, i am intruiged!

Author's Response: hey! ya, thanks for the advice =)
i feel pretty special!
feel free to give me advice, this is my first fan fic, so feel free to tell me anything i can improve =)

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Review #13, by _Kreacher_Ghostability: Chapter 13

25th October 2007:
Youu deserve it! Great writing!!

Author's Response: THANKS!! :D :D :D

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Review #14, by _Kreacher_Saving Mum & Dad: Corner

20th October 2007:
*Jaw drops open*


Author's Response: Ohh... why? =S is that a positive jaw-drops reaction like "oh wow" or a rather negative one like "What the...?" ?? ^_^

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Review #15, by _Kreacher_Halloween fit for a pumpkin: Halloween fit for a pumpkin

9th October 2007:
Heheh i love the randomness!
Its amazingly well written. I was a bit heasatant to read it, but its fantastic!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. It's definately random (and I've no idea how it came in my head) but there you have it! Thank you for the wonderful review :)

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Review #16, by _Kreacher_Dramatic Occurrences: From Bad to Worse

4th October 2007:

WHats happenniinggg???

I mean, i love it.
I really do.
Im actually guessing she's a fantastic singer, i kinda hope she is actualy :P I cant wait for her to sing to shut up that Delarmour woman. And Ooooh with the screamy thing!! OHH!!!
Update soon please, Im in love with this story!

Author's Response: HA!

You actually brought a huge grin to my face.

But I'll reveal no secrets, you'll just have to keep guessing and hoping.

Im glad you love the story though, thans for the review.

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Review #17, by _Kreacher_This Beautiful Blessing: Nearly Free

23rd September 2007:
CLiffy much!!!
So cruel.
Such a fab story though! I mean, wow.

Author's Response: I felt it was necessary. Don't hate me. =P

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Review #18, by _Kreacher_Ghostability: Chapter 11

20th September 2007:
Great story! Haha I love getting payback on ron...mwa ha ha!

Woo! Cakey thingy!

Author's Response: it was a cupcake! lol
payback on ron is very fun. lol
thanks for reading!!

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Review #19, by _Kreacher_Ghostability: Chapter 10

16th September 2007:
You're just spoiling us now!
Great chapter! 8-O

Author's Response: i love spoiling my readers. lol
especially my reviewers!!
thanks!! :D

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Review #20, by _Kreacher_Dramatic Occurrences: Her Past

10th September 2007:

Imagine a girl stood with her jaw open and eyes bugging, point and laugh ( hehe) then realise its me!


Author's Response: LOL
Go son, I gather you like it.

Great part 6 should comming soon.

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Review #21, by _Kreacher_The Black Widow: A Blaise Story: The Black Widow

7th September 2007:
Hmm very interesting.
I dont think I've read a story like this before, which is surprising 'cause God knows I love Blaise.
The writing is very good, only the story is a little incomplete- i dont know if you planned it as a one shot (I forgot to look) but i hope it isnt!

Great writing!
(Slytherin Review circle)

Author's Response: Unfortunately, it is a one-shot. It was just an idea bouncing around in my head, but I'm sorry to say that it won't go any farther. At least, I'm pretty sure that it won't...hey, but you never know! But thank you for taking the time to read and especially reviewing!!! You might just help make me change my mind about this just being a one-shot!!!

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Review #22, by _Kreacher_Ghostability: Chapter 9

31st August 2007:
NO I JUST RE-READ THE LAST CHAPTER AND I MISSED THE BIT WITH FRED AND DRACO (How, i have NO idea, but somehow i must have been in a hurry =S) BUT NO!!!

Oh mighty writing cookie giver!

Thanks for the new chappie! New one up soon i hope...? =D

Author's Response: lol it's ok. it was a small part.

cookies! yay! got any preferences for next time? lol

new chapter up real soon, i hope. :)

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Review #23, by _Kreacher_Dramatic Occurrences: Exercise your Hate

28th August 2007:
OOH why does she hate the classes yet know everything? Whats this thingy with her history of the Opera?

Please update! I'm desperate to know!

Author's Response: Hehe ooo but you must wait my dear!!!


Updating very soon.

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Review #24, by _Kreacher_The Cruise: Happily Never After

28th August 2007:

Ohhh the cliffys *Glares menacingly*.
Great story though! Really dont like Rafe *Mean look at him*.
Update soon i hope!

Author's Response: Hahahah, thank you for that review, it's one I really enjoyed, I will try to update ASAP. :)

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Review #25, by _Kreacher_Hermione Granger and the Time Lord: Beyond reason

26th August 2007:
Update soon please!
I've only ever read one successful DW crossover, and im adding this to my favourites so i can keep up with updates in the hope this will be another! PLease update soon!

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