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Review #1, by TyrannicFeenixWords Not Needed: Take 'er Away

3rd November 2012:
I liked it, short and sweet and unique. Don't think I've ever seen a story based around Dre Head before and I quite liked it.

And so I shall keep my review to match, short and sweet. Another excellent read. I enjoyed it.


Author's Response: Thanks. I think I'm going to rework it a little bit, but follow the same premise (obviously). Thanks for reading.

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Review #2, by TyrannicFeenixFear: Fear

20th October 2012:
It is wonderful Amy. This conveyed everything it needed quite nicely in a small package, come to think of it it's somewhat like Peter, big thing in a little package, hm.

I quite enjoyed that, very succinct obviously but still a wonderful read. I like how Peter's mind is shooting over all these thoughts so quickly, franticly (or maybe that's just how I read it) but it still doesn't feel rushed.

I like the idea that there was also something tying him to all the Death Eaters, that if one of them were to wander too close to his hidey hole that he would draw them in and force them to restore his body. But now I'm really interested to see someone do a fic about Voldemorts time as a drifting soul fragment... *day dreams about it* oh sorry, got distracted.

I love the setting, Peter rushing through a dark and dangerous forest, echoing the fear inside of himself, and likely projecting it outwards. A very good entry my dear. Definitely a top two contender. Now to choose. No idea how but I have to choose one. Great stuff Amy.


Author's Response: Hey Chris! Thank you so much for the review!
Thoughts tend to be frantic in general especially in an adrenaline driven situation like Peter was in, so it coming across like that was planned. I'm glad I did that well!
Oh goodness, now you've got me planning that out! Bad Amy, too many ideas you already need to write!
I'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #3, by TyrannicFeenixKissed by Butterflies: Redefining Life

12th September 2012:
Thank you LilyFire... this chapter rocks. A perfect culmination of the story.

To see such innocence desroyed like that. Truly beautifully written. I love reading this, despite where it ultimately leads. DeAnna is such a wonderful character all throughout, despite what she is put through.

And poor Igor, having to endure that twice. And so soon after losing his wife. Every minute would have been like dying himself, having to stand by while death twice took that he cared about most in this world.

And been pushed away from her at the precipice of death so that she might heal, meaning he couldn't even be with her at the end. It would have ripped him apart inside worse than any act of murder.

And that final scene is almost more chilling than the rest of the story. So perfectly finished, and shows that maybe some of the Death Eaters had more to them than simply mindless obedience to Voldemort or sadistic pleasure in their pursuits like Bellatrix.

And I love Snape too, he plays so calm and reserved. He is so damn good. I really do love this fic. I must read more of your work. I may review them, depends if I have the time you know. Great stuff though. ;)


Author's Response: DeAnna is my baby. I adore her even though I put her through so much. Igor's story is so so complicated and wonderful that I just wanted to write about it.

The end of this is probably one of my favorite parts and how he just left his life behind. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by TyrannicFeenixKissed by Butterflies: Devastating Reality

11th September 2012:
Poor little DeAnna, it must be terrible to lose your mother at such a young age. It would tear them both apart.

"absent from the world they living crushed my" This sentence feels off, I think it's meant to read 'from the world they're living in' but I'm not certain (I'm pretty thick actually).

Yet another beautiful yet tragic chapter. Both parties so full of love for this woman, who was doomed to death. A chaos neither would ever be truly able to recover from I'm sure. And poor poor DeAnna, having to endure that, especially with what was coming too.


Author's Response: I couldn't imagine losing my mother at a young age either but it seems to be a common theme in my stories.

That line was messed up, I'm glad that you found it and pointed it out. The edits are now up! :D

This chapter was the hardest for me to go through and edit because I always end up crying, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by TyrannicFeenixKissed by Butterflies: Magics Beauty

11th September 2012:
And here it is madame, my review. Told it was worth waiting for (well probably not that good but I'll post it anyway).

Ah, didn't notice on the first read, is that first paragraph a moment from after the dispairing moment from the end?

Such a beautiful relationship between the members of the family. Though we only get to see the painful end of the relationship between the older pair, but you can see the source of the pain is true and honest love.

Such a sweet and innocent little girl, and a wonderous manifesation of her latent power. Such a lovely thought to picture all those wonderful little butterflies flitting about. It would surely make for a delightfully colourful sight.

I like the way you give us more and more info on her mother as you go along slowly getting us closer to her return, never feels rushed despite months passing in only lines.

Exactly one hundred eh? Did he count them all one by one or is he a mathematical savant? What exactly are leash children? I've never heard of them before and Google is too far away.

And there it is, the beginning of the end. Poor guy, to have to endure that. It must have been truly horrific. The ending of this chapter is so good. And yet so bad all at once, such a dreadful thing to happen to him, but written so wonderfully.

Can't wait to review chapter 2. Hopefully chapter 3 will be up so i can go straight onto it as well.


Author's Response: I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. The butterflies are pretty much my favorite thing...which is why it's part of the title. :P I'm glad that you liked the amount of the information on the mother, because I wasn't sure that I had enough information on her.

Leash children: Children that are kept on a leash to keep them from wandering away at stores typically. :D

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Review #6, by TyrannicFeenixSmile And Smile...: Chapter One.

11th September 2012:
OMG, I've never seen someone actually use supercilious in a sentence before, extra points for that. Nice work on the timing too, Dumbledore as Transfiguration professor. A such an interesting professor he is so far. I am liking this.

I know they are tormenting her, but I love Tiberius and Druella. I'm not sure why but I find them fascinating, i suppose we all know someone like them at one point in our lives. Certainly an interesting peak into how Dolores became Umbridge so far.

I love her twisted sense of right and wrong. She is deeply manipulative as you can see with her twisting Fudge to her idea in such a sneaky way. And her hatred for children is so ingrained. I am curious to whether it was home or school life that caused such feelings in her. This is so very good. And I'm curious whether she has some unresolved hatred towards Dumbledore himself from her school years, and if that is somehow affecting her nature in the here and now too.

Argh I can't keep him down, PickyFeenix notices that you said "the children at staff at dinner in the Great Hall" instead of 'the children and staff'. Sorry I'll try to keep him in check. The poor house elves. how had Dumbledore let their mistreatment go unchecked?

I am loving how neatly you have seperated the time changes. Nothing worse than reading through a story that isn't properly marked out like that, you go from one paragraph to the next (if you're lucky and they haven't done it mid paragraph) and are immediately confused by the time change. Not here, expertly layed out.

Man Dumbledore can be such a cool character. Concerned for every student in the school even when nothing more than a teacher. I hope Slughorn gives them such a talking to. Though that may not have quite the desired effect. I'm pretty sure being scolded by a walrus wouldn't be quite so scary as it would from Dumbledore (I hate the Slughorn didn't have his mustache in the movies).

Ah, and that is where her penchant for physical reminders of transgrestions comes from. What a delightful mother she has. No wonder Dumbledore is furious. Not only is she being hurt at school, she suffers at home as well. It's small wonder she became what she did.

Wow, finally at the end, nice and long entry as well (always a plus in my book, I hate chapters that I can read without ever scrolling the window down, pet peeve). And so very well written. You really got into her head and went to town, you have certainly met the requirements of my challenge. And I love the bullying parts too (not in a condoning way) they were so good. Truly showing what it can be like for some children in school. It is a reality far too many still have to deal with every day.

You have not converted me on Umbridge (she is my second most hated character) but as with yourself, it makes you feel for her in a way the books never allowed. She is a horrible woman, but this goes to show that it can be many different little things that add up to forge such a person later in life. If this is anything to go by I can't wait to see the other entries, though you have certainly put quite a bar in place for the other entries. I realy enjoyed this fic from start to finish.


Author's Response: Supercilious is a great word, isn't it? Very expressive, I think. I quite like Dumbledore as a teacher too! I think his classes would be so interesting.

I'm glad that despite their actions, you enjoy Druella and Tiberius. It's oddly fun to write nasty people, don't you think? And yeah, I think we've all come across people like them at some point.

I love that you picked up on this before I even got to it! "And I'm curious whether she has some unresolved hatred towards Dumbledore himself from her school years, and if that is somehow affecting her nature in the here and now too." Well done you :P

I love PickyFeenix! I need PickyFeenix! Thanks for pointing that out, I edited it, hopefully that'll be up soon. As for the House Elves, I think Dumbledore just can't have known- after all, elves don't exactly tell tales, and Umbridge is a sneaky woman. I'm sure that if he had known, he'd have been utterly furious.

The layout! I'm a stickler for stories I can read and that have a discernible flow. So thanks for commenting on that!

I just love Dumbledore so much. Even with all his flaws we see in the later books, he cares deeply about people, and especially children. I totally agree with you about Slughorn! Haha! I actually imagined Richard Griffiths playing him, despite him already being Uncle Vernon. But then again, I imagine Uncle Vernon as looking a lot like Danny DeVito in 'Matilda', so I'm in a muddle already when it comes to the films!

"You really got into her head and went to town" is such a cool turn of phrase! Thanks :D

I really enjoyed this challenge, as it really *was* a challenge. So thanks for setting it! It made me write something I wouldn't normally think of writing. And I'm so happy that you really enjoyed this... I'm looking forward to reading the other entries too.

Athene G xoxo

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Review #7, by TyrannicFeenixBroken Values: Draco Malfoy

11th September 2012:
A very good fic, I really enjoyed it and a great perspective on Draco. This is kind of always how I thought his mind was working, though I'd always wondered why it had taken him so long to come around to the correct mindset, but you manage to portray it very well.

There were a few errors I noticed that I thought I'd point out for you:

"I hadn't mean for it to come to this" (meant)
"standing there in the sidelines" (think this should be on instead of in but that is just my opinion)
"sitting in my classes and I'd listen to her" (listened)
"if I could find a way to make fix it." maybe take out the make

Otherwise, all great work. I really loved it.


Author's Response: oohhh thanks so much for pointing out the mistakes!
and I'm so glad that you liked it! I always thought that an insight to Draco's mind would be interesting. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! (:

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Review #8, by TyrannicFeenixAn Isolated Insanity Ward: Most Call it Azkaban

24th August 2012:
Excellent stuff. Loved it. Want more of the insanity. Apart from the overwhelming silence bit I didn't notice any spelling or grammer mistakes.

I love the way he slowly but steadily goes bonkers. I want to see more of it, expand this please, need to see each and every fine detail of his steady drop into the dark recesses of his troubled mind.

I WAS RIGHT! It was Bellatrix. I love her, she is such a great sadistic character. I'd love to see a chapter on her. I think she'd actually somewhat delight in her incarceration. I'm sure the depression would hit her too, but she strikes me as the type to be able to rise above that.

Who was the scary man? And the others in the food hall. I need more details. Also loved how the moss tried to kill him. Actually how everything in his cell is trying to kill him. He really has lost it in there.

Slipped that bit in the end there to enforce your point did you? Well I'll concede him being hoodwinked at that point. Don't want you mad at me again.

This has a unique feel to it, it's so great. The stepped state of mind. Time jumping between names. So well executed. Not sure how you are planning to work Umbridge but if it is anything like this I'm going to love it.


Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed this. It is my baby and while I am working on Umbridge's stay, I'm not sure that I can beat this chapter but I'm certainly going to try! I felt that Bella needed to be in the story.

I may develop stories for the other characters that remained un-named, but at this point I'm not going to promise anything because in all honesty I don't even know who they are.

It's cannon. Deal with it, you can't argue with it. I'm not sure what you are talking about with the time jumping between names, other than that's how I keep track of time throughout the story was when his name was said? I think that's what your talking about, but I'm honestly not sure.

Again thank you so much for the review and I'm so happy that you liked it and gave me some input!

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Review #9, by TyrannicFeenixA Forgotten Savior: Forget Me. Pretend I never existed.

17th August 2012:
Quite an interesting tale you weave there young miss. Full of intrigue and suspense. But also a good look at a scared little girls (possible) last moments with her parents. Also knowing that should she never return, it was she who deprived them of their little girl, not whoever pulled the trigger.

I quite liked it, the first time I read it (a few days back, sorry can't not review it now) and it was still a delightful read the second time through.

Two minor mistakes I noticed:
I whipped away the stray tear" sounds like it should be wiped to me, though maybe I'm wrong there
"getting everything ready for dinner" not read
"as my parents met my eyes" rather than meet

Overall, not as disastrous as you seem to want to make it out to be. I think it is quite good. Now off to the tea then the other chapters before you rise.


Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it and took your time to review.

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Review #10, by TyrannicFeenixInfinity: Infinity

17th August 2012:
Wow that was good. How did you manage it? See, I couldn't even go one sentence without E. The most common letter in the english language so far as I know. This story is amazing. Even without this little blighter you still manage to convey the emotion and regret beautifully (oh god another E word, and one of my favorites). Really amazing work.


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not quite sure how I managed it -- I'm fairly positive that that was a bit of midnight writing, in addition to being frustrated with whatever WIP I was working on at the time. I didn't even consciously sit down to write about Snape, but just sat down and let words come out. And he emerged from them. :) And after writing this, I do not take the letter E for granted anymore!

I'm so, so happy that you enjoyed this story. ♥ And that you read it at all, really! It means loads to me that you took the time to do so. I hope to see you back again soon! ♥

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Review #11, by TyrannicFeenixWhen All Else Fails: When All Else Fails

13th August 2012:
An interesting moment to explore, and an insightful look into the minds of the two characters. I have always deeply loved these sorts of Harry Hermione moments. Even in stories where they are not together they still feel right, because tha's just how they are with one another. No matter who they are with they can always turn to one another for comfort.

I love the way you portrayed, how deeply they understand one another, most of it been learned through mere observation over the years. They share everything, but almost always without even a whisper between them. Which I am certain infuriates others to a point but it's their thing.

There were a few points throughout where something throws off the flow of the story, nothing too bad, but with some quick revision you can likely clear them up and get it flowing beautifully start to end. I don't think there were any spelling errors though so props on that.

A very good solid entry, and like i said a great moment to explore. Though on that last little interchange between them, I think Draco would prefer Harry to learn how to create little apples, just my observation but great stuff nonetheless.


Author's Response: Ahhh this is embarrassing! This is actually a chapter of this story. I'm revamping it and this doesn't fit in anywhere. So thought of turning it to a one-shot without throwing it away. But erm... not my best *blush*

I know!! Hehe I know you're a Harmony shipper but I LOVE their friendship. I love the way they are around each other, the way they feel and all that.

Awww thanks. I'm glad you liked it. Hehe yeah this is what kept Ron on a edge all the time. he thought something secret was going on. Hehe

HAAHAHA APPLES! I'll see to it ;)

Thank you so much for the review Chris.


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Review #12, by TyrannicFeenixEquilibrium: Equilibrium

12th August 2012:
Ha ha. This story is excellent. So reminds me of me and my brothers at that age, my brother always used to move my cot around and blame it on me. The things children try to pull off could fill a book.

I loved the way the boys talked, trying to capture the improper speech patterns of such young children can be difficult sometimes, something looks perfect in your head but confuses everyone else who reads it. But you managed it quite brilliantly.

Their plot is brilliant, I could see it working if not for the intervention of their parents. Such clever boys. Imagine all the hijinx they'd get up to in school. Neville has his work cut out for him.

A very good fic, start to end. Only a few spelling or grammer errors in there (i.e. bought her home instead of brought) but nothing much to fix. A great effort indeed. Glad I read it.


Author's Response: Firstly, I am so sorry for not responding to this earlier! Life has been exceptionally busy and I have barely had time to breathe, let along look after my HPFF account. So I am really sorry and hope you don't mind that it took me this long to get around to this review. :(

Wow, your brother would try to blame it on you? Awww that is a bit mean but really sweet at the same time. I hope that you now have a better relationship? Haha.

Thank you for saying that you thought the speech was not totally botched up! I know that kids sometimes really struggle to say some things - it's as though they physically cannot pronounce a word because it might have too many syllables or a strange consonant cluster. I think it's the most endearing thing and I tried to put a little bit of that into this but I wasn't sure if I overdid it. It's nice that you thought it worked well!

Oh, I pity poor Neville having to deal with the Potter boys. I think it has been quite well documented in fanfiction but I really do feel sorry for the poor Hogwarts teachers. At least Harry had a bit of an excuse for causing so much havoc - I think that James and Albus will just do things for fun and see how far they can get away with things.

Argh, grammar mistakes will be the death of me - thank you for pointing that one out to me! I'll edit it in once I get some time to do so.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #13, by TyrannicFeenixGravity Happens: radiance

7th August 2012:
I quite enjoyed this. I love the back and forth between their perspectives, and the way they keep dancing about one another, completely oblivious that their nuts for each other. Reminds me of another couple I know, hmmm.

The way they view each other is so cute and so teenagery (I think that's a word). And I love that bit with the Peter reference. he does seem that thick, but if Harry is anything to go by then James must have been thicker than concrete. I would love to see her ask him out with a Quaffle. Would be hilarious to see.

And i love the way they look at one another,d rinking in the others details, their tiny imperfections and savouring them, but are still both clueless. it's great.

I think you'v written them both so well, the clueless pining, the bitter resenetment which is really misplaced love, the way they always rub each other the wrong way in an attempt to get the other to notice them. So cute and so funny.

And you draw the world around them in such a beautiful way too, and their almost complete obliviousness to it in their focusing on one another. But most of all I love that Lily is the one who asks, albeit in a very roundabout way but still, flips the idea on it's head as it's always James the courageous Gryffindor who makes the move. So much better this way.


Author's Response: I'm glad :) It was a lot of fun to write the different perspectives. They're both very different and yet the same in how they're so oblivious, so that was neat to play around with.

Well, good, because that's what I was going for as a teenager myself :D "James must have been thicker than concrete" - haha, that's what I've always thought, judging by Harry. So hopefully that didn't seem /too/ out of place.

Thank you :)

Yay! This was my first attempt at a Lily/James, so I was really rather nervous about getting them written the right way. So thank you for relieving me a bit.

That obliviousness of the rest of the world is just something that I thought would happen when you can't keep your eyes off of someone else. Everything else just sort of fades into the background. And the thing with Lily asking - I thought that was a bit risky to put in because it's so different than what usually happens, but that's just how I pictured it. I'm glad you like it that way, too.

Thank you so much for the utterly lovely review ♥

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Review #14, by TyrannicFeenixIrrevocable: Irrevocable

7th August 2012:
Alright madame, here it comes.

Really? Red. Lily has a bright red umbrealla? have you not heard that her hair is bright red too? All the colours in the world and you pick RED!?!?! Nice job. Also I like the rain, I love rain it's so awesomesauce. I'm putting rain in my next chapter. Very nicely written too, love heavy rain (oh good game too).

She's not wearing socks under her wellies? That would be uncomfortable after a while, no wonder she needed to take her boots off. And a skirt? It's pouring rain, wouldn't she wear pants... oh, I see now, never mind.

Oh Severus is a tease, eh? I like it. I think I'm starting to see the James hate here. Is life with the Potters truly that dismal? Or are moments at Spinners End just that good?

Very nice work on holding things out there, Severus must have some serious willpower. And now a slightly tattered shirt.

The moment of, let's just say release shall we? Keep it Mike safe, well written, delightfully fervent. Painted nails on pale skin, great imagery (I like that word, imagery).

"I'm memorizing you." My favorite quote so far, it sounds so loving and cute. It's like their nothing but a pair of teenagers experiencing puppy love.

Ok new favorite, how exactly would Severus be striking a pose? Are we going to see the Potion's Masters calendar one day and flip open to July and see ol' Sev all moody and broody over his cauldron?

Oh they sound so like teenagers. That playful fighting and fluffy conversation. So cute, like puppies. Oh have I mentioned how much i love puppies, aren't they just the best, so cute and playful. Sorry, where was I?

Are you serious? No, he's Sirius, see over there *pointing*. Sorry, distracted again. A dream? That was mean, poor Sevie. If she wants to be with him so much then why not. The world will get over it. They have their saviour now. Loved James there though, so moody and lazy.

Overall, very well written, nicely poigniant. Great imagery (that word again). Nicely paced, well written characters, especially given the dramatica absence of dialogue in the first part. It definately is a wonderful banner too, nice work there Gambit. I quite enjoyed it, as you may be able to tell from the review, I'm not sure on that though. For my first read of your work a nice entry point. Be warned though I will be reading more, mwhahaha*cough*


Author's Response: Oh my word, how on earth to respond to this review?! Hahaha

I don't know why Lily's umbrella is red, I just kind of saw it as the bright spot in Severus's day filled with grays and neutral colors. She is is pop of color and I suppose the umbrella signifies that.

I like to think Severus is a tease. Why not? You know, he definitely has this austere personality but I think for her, he would have breathed a bit. He would have been himself. Love changes people...even if no one else can see it.

That's a very nice way to put the uhh...questionable stuff :)

I think the memorizing line is my favorite...so that there'd always been a mental picture...aww it makes me kind of sad to be honest with you.

LOL at the snape calendar. yes please.

I know, I'm a horrible person, but I did tell you that tragedy is my thing. It's what I do the best :) You can really see my James hate coming out here in this particular instance though. I really despite him.

Isn't Gambit fantastic? Love the banner, and I'm so happy you enjoyed my story. I hope you read more...*shifty eyes* but now I'm all nervous about it.

Thanks SO MUCH for reviewing!

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Review #15, by TyrannicFeenixGone, Gone, Gone: {GONE, GONE, GONE}

7th August 2012:
I'm not much for Marauder fics but this one was so very good. There is not much here, but what is speaks volumes. Every word has meaning and power, you can feel Snape break under the news Lily so kindly offers.

None of it is meant with malice but it injures him all the same. It almost shows why Snape is the way he is in the books. He is not without emotion, simply drained of it, having offered it all completely to Lily and been rejected. It didn't return to him, he became empty, and then after her death, hollow.

Such a simple and short conversation that completely dictated his life from that moment on. That changed the world even. For had Snape been able to change her mind, the future would have changed so completely.

I loved every moment of this, even though most of it is Snape being utterly destroyed, it is written so well that it just pulls you onward. You couldn't stop once she puts that letter on the table, not for your life.

Poor Severus. A life, not wasted, but certainly not lived from this moment onward. A fantastic piece of writing.


Author's Response: wow I actually don't know what to say this is such a wondeful review :ccc I agree with the theory that Severus gave Lily everything, and that's why he was so devoid of affection for the rest of his life, but it only occured to me after you mentioned it. It is true though :c There are people who don't like Snape's character just because he still wasn't good and was a nasty bloke but I will never hold it against him. Perfect character. Thank you so much for the review, it really means the world!

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Review #16, by TyrannicFeenixEscape: Escape

7th August 2012:
First line, I got it, and I love it. Never seen a fic from Trevor's perspective before but this is so good.

Where did this idea spring from, because it's so fantastic. I love him trying to escape all the time. nice of some students to help him back to Neville. But who are the ones who put him in weird places? Why are they being so cruel?

That is also a good point. Toads are listed on the acceptance letter, so why don't they have a special place in the castle? It seems like discrimination to me, someone should take it up with the ministry.

I love the way you play his relationship with Crookshanks. Almost makes Crookshanks sound evil, laughing at him in that predicament.

OMG. Friends with Scabbers, how could he, sorry Trevor, no coming back from that one dude. Maybe you should do a follow up of post-Azkaban Trevor, show us how he feels when he knows Scabbers was actually Wormtail.

In all, a great fic, well written and executed. Funny, yet nice. I loved it.


Author's Response: You got it after the first line?! I'm impressed! I thought it would take a lot longer!
Um, it just kind of came to me in the middle of class one day when I should have been writing an essay. At least I didn't look like I did nothing ;) The students putting him in weird places are anyone who knows he belongs to Neville and who don't like Neville.
It is discrimination! Someone should do something!
Don't give me ideas! I have enough of them already! :p
Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #17, by TyrannicFeenixPerpetual: ( i )

7th August 2012:
Nice work with the italics outlining the past, works quite well. The spacing is rather wide, it's almost a little annoying, don't know if that was intentional or an editor bug.

I like the view through her thoughts, very short but still gets the point across. You can feel her pain over the loss of her sister and her need to hold it in. The loss she must feel at such a time, it's really conveyed quite well.


Author's Response: Thankyou! :) I'll just fix the spacing.

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Review #18, by TyrannicFeenixPhotographs: Beaches

7th August 2012:
I like it. The lack of dialogue doesn't hurt the story in the least, but I really love the way you went about it. It's nice to look at things like deafness in the wizarding world and think they may not be curable there either, magic still has it's limits (just ask Hermione, she'll tell you).

I loved Joey, such a wonderful character, usually pets are relegated to messengers or bit parts that never really truly show their natures or souls, but I think you give us a good long look at how wonderful Joey is. And the imagery of him laying in the sea is excellent. in fact all of your imagery was fantastic.

Thank you review comp, I may never have come across this fic on my own and now I'm really glad I did, it's such a wonderful little glimpse into the life of Dominique. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it, I was worried about the lack of dialogue, but I wanted to do it in a different way other than a stream of conciousness.

I personally love my dog when she's not being moody, so I did want to give my Joey a bigger part.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by TyrannicFeenixThe Thrill of the Chase: Taking the Case

6th August 2012:
Got to admit, Parker sounds like a bit of a you-know-what. Though I suppose if he wasn't then Charlie would have no reason to dislike him.

I love random Tonks stuff, and this is definitely going in the good pile. She is such a fun character. I am loving writing her in my current fic, though I don't think I made her clumsy enough. So i especially love the way you end the chapter.

You give us such a great glimpse at what is surely a true and strong friendship between the two teens. Though I am quite sure if Tonks had taken the mickey out of Charlie's middle name he'd have made a quip about her first name, that always seems to get her on edge.

I can totally believe Tonks as the wannabe detective in school, though, given her condition, she would likely be the cause of much damage in her search for the truth, I hope she's good at Reparo. If Charlie wasn't around to keep her out of trouble, imagine the scenarios she'd get herself into.

Also very well written, I didn't notice any typos or the like while reading, which normally pull me out of the story, and I quite liked the use of italics to highlight the progress of her convincing Charlie. All over a good fun job, I really enjoyed it.


Author's Response: Parker is self-centered, but he's okay once you get to know him. Or you learn to ignore it anyway. But Charlie won't do that. :P

Yeah, he does go on about her name (next chapter). They always will, they're that close. :P I definitely believe that Tonks would have been the school detective.

Thank you so much for an amazing review. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to answer. :)


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Review #20, by TyrannicFeenixRumors to Keep Secret: Their Secrets Keep

3rd August 2012:
Wow, that is a great start. Puts a new spin on things and I quite like it. Poor Hagrid, not only framed for something he didn't do; but also lost a dear friend in Riddle's lust for greatness. This is just so truly well written and I cannot wait to read more.


Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Sadly the rewrite is taken longer than expected and causing me some issues, but I WILL GET IT DONE AND POSTED! I promise. :) Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #21, by TyrannicFeenixCapture the Dark : Betrayal

2nd August 2012:
That imagery in the first paragraph, "the black colour of it had been too severe" I loved that, it's so beautiful.

My god, Pettigrew was a coward. how'd he ever get into our wonderous Gryffindor. And poor Sirius, blaming himself for suggesting the change.

The entire thing is so full of emotion. You can feel how Sirius felt in this pivotal moment of his existence. But how well he knows his friends. James will fight. No matter what Old VoldeyShoes has done, they'd never stand aside and let him have Harry.

What a wonderful entry, and so powerful despite beign so short, that I think makes it all the better. You managed to portray the emotion and the moment, and you didn't pad it out with unneeded extras. it works perfectly as it is.

A wonderful entry. 10/10 in my book.


Author's Response: I am so happy you liked this one shot, it was hard to decide if I should lengthen it and not include the 500 word element, but once I started writing a longer version I couldn't stop. There's just so much to tell - and considering I'm going to have to go over it all again when I get to the end of Before They Fall, I decided keeping it at 500 words was the best idea. I'm so happy you think it enhanced the piece as opposed to taking from it!

Sometimes when working on my Marauder's fic I just want to make Peter fall off of a cliff. Blah - I hate thinking about what he becomes.

Thanks again for this amazing review :)!!!


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Review #22, by TyrannicFeenixThe Moment I Said It: The Moment I Said It

22nd July 2012:
I love this. So full of pain and anger (yes I'm well into the darker side of fanfiction). I can so see Ron blowing up like that in this situation, he's always been too rigid and angry for Hermione (also yes I'm a Harmony shipper so I'm always enjoying Ron and Hermione breaking up).

Really glad moondanser83 showed me this one. Such a great scene. I only hope I can match the intensity and power of this scene when i finally write them apart. A really fantastic job.


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Review #23, by TyrannicFeenixForever and Almost Always : Train Ride

22nd July 2012:
Very good start.

All four of them feel very in character to me, especially Ginny and Ron having at each other. Ron is such a git sometimes.

Very interesting imagery on the girl. You describe her features well, and I find myself curious as to the cause of her injuries. Is it something to do with that cane?

And what are the Malfoys doing that needs the two of them.

Great opening chapter. Gives a good level of information while holding enough back to keep us intrigued. Will be adding this to my favourites so I can keep track of it.

Also, I'm assuming this train is not the Hogwarts Express, I got the feeling it was an open Muggle train rather than a closed compartmented train. Am I right? If not might want to add a line that specifies it's the Hogwarts Express just it keep it clear. Or ignore me for being too picky (I can be that way sometimes).

Great job.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work ^_^

To answer you question, it does have something to do with the Malfoys. What she's doing with them, I'm afraid you will have to find out as the story unravels :D

Oh and yes, the train that they're in isn't the Hogwarts Express. The setting of the story takes place right after the second wizarding war. I'll look it over once again for the clarification part.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate the support ^_^

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Review #24, by TyrannicFeenixI Believe: I Believe

21st July 2012:
That was one of the most engrossing reads I've had in a long while. The pairing is so well written, it comes across so sweetly. You nailed Luna, she can be strange but also very brave too. And Harry pining over her for years seems very appropriate for him as well. Great stuff, I really enjoyed this one.

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Review #25, by TyrannicFeenixDrowning in Cold Diamonds: Drowning in Cold Diamonds

21st July 2012:
Nice. Appropriately dark I think (I like dark stories, more interesting than fluff).

Love the ending, not entirely sure why she did it, surely there was some way she could sneak out but still excellent nonetheless. Also Hermione's eyes are brown.

Author's Response: LOL.. glad you enjoyed it ;D I love dark stories too... and "Tawny: the brownish-yellow of tanned leather" LOL!!!

Thanks for the R&R darlin ;)


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