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Review #1, by kavi samaHow Pogo-Schtick Day Came To Hogwarts: How "Pogo Schtick Day" Came to Hogwarts

2nd September 2006:
OH. MY. GOD. *laughing so hard she can't breathe* That just made my day awesome. Thank you for writing that.

Snape: *jumps in out of nowhere* "I'm too sexy for this review." *dramatic exit through the window* *lands in the lake* *becomes best friends with the giant squid* *"When You're The Best Of Friends" from Disney's The Fox and the Hound starts playing in the background* *and there was much rejoicing*

...yeah, I know what you mean about that "crazy mood." It shows up at the most awkward moments. XD

Author's Response: Snape and the Giant Squid...i could see it happening lol. Crazy moods rock and so does this review!! Thanks for reading.

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Review #2, by kavi samaDeath Eaters' Child: Something Wrong

9th April 2006:
Howdy! Tis I. The Stage Crew person. *gasp* And you're a fish. Fishy fish fish. *dead silence* ...anyway, sounds good so far. Poor Celestia. Stupid abusive fathers and thier abusiveness. *glares at them* (Actually I have one of those in my fic too. Ha. Ha. Ha. What a co-inky-dink.) Can't wait to read more. *is excited*
I'm gonna go see if I can start posting mine on here now, or if it's gonna be mean to me. I hope not. *meep*
~ Happy reading/writing! See you soon!

Author's Response: thank you so much for the review. I appreciate your comments and wish you good luck on posting your own story!

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