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Review #1, by loveLIESbleedingAs Dawn Breaks...: And As The Night Swallows Me Foes Become Friends and Friends Become Foes

26th March 2006:
*clapclap* Yay! One more chapter to go!! *dances excitedly* Great chapter, by the way. I can't WAIT until the next one ... I shall now go and write up my next chapter. You have inspired me! XD *goes to write chapter and wait patiently for yours*

Author's Response: *throws confetti* I am glad to have inspired some people! I am lyk suffering major writer's block right now on my other stories which is just fantastic! *mutters under breath* Thanks for another awesome review!

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Review #2, by loveLIESbleedingAs Dawn Breaks...: And As The Night Swallows Me... She is What I Miss The Most

23rd March 2006:
*snifflesniffle* Aww ... the agony of reliving memories and being apart from your beloved. And yes, Rhia, I like it. XD Two more chapters, you say? Well ... *crosses fingers* please let it be an "Awww" set of chapters rather than a "*sobsobcrycry*" set of chapters ... or maybe a little bit of both. I like.

Author's Response: I am glad you liked it! I am so pleased!! *skips around throwing confetti* Merlin lub you! :D The last chapter is coming up soon! So be out on the look out!

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Review #3, by loveLIESbleedingW h o l e .: W h o l e.

17th March 2006:
*sniffle* Aww ... too cute ... so sad ... *snifflesob* That made my throat hurt ... *claps* Very well done ... *snifflesniffle*

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! Italian= Lei dondola totalmente!

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Review #4, by loveLIESbleedingSick: The hopsital wing

17th March 2006:
Ooooh, so he's sick in this one? Hmm ... I like. I shall keep up with this. I like the detail you're using, it really helps paint the picture. Just be careful, I've seen these fics go too far too fast and they lose all their interest. It happened to me, and I've seen it happen. Oh, and they way you ended it, doesn't really feel like an ending. You probably should add your "sequel" as the ending chapter. It would make a lot more sense, and we readers won't left be saying, " ... What? That's the end? But what happened?!"

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Review #5, by loveLIESbleedingA Caged Love: Demise and Escape

17th March 2006:
Wow ... short chapters, but pretty good. I like how you've, basically, summed it all up on just gotten to the point. But, I have to make a suggestion- for the last couple of chapters, I suggest a lot more detail. You'll need to put a bit more imagery in them to really make them come to life. I'll read the next ones if you add detail.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll keep that in mind and I'll try to add more detail. :)

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Review #6, by loveLIESbleedingAs Dawn Breaks...: As Dawn Breaks...

17th March 2006:
Okay, how many ways can I say 'addiction' before you update again? Hmm ... Italian = aggiunta Russian = наркомания Spanish = apego German = neigung Dutch = verslaving French = penchant Please update soon!

Author's Response: Lol! Don't worry as soon as a new chappie is uploaded, I will add another to the waiting list!! :D:D Thanks for your review!

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