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Review #1, by ScriblerianHer Secret: There Is No Way I Am Hexing My Daughter's Boyfriend Unless My Wand Is Good And Clean

1st January 2009:
So yeah, you pretty much made my day when you updated this. ^_^ Every time I read a new chapter of this story, it brings back tons and tons of amazing, wonderful memories and I'm ALWAYS smiling by the end of it. Even when you decide to be evil and leave us hanging with a cliffie. :P But this chapter's a good cliffie, so I totally forgive you. xD More on that later. Geez, it's been so long since I left a review I think I forgot what the proper protocol is. rofl. Did we even have a proper way of doing this? I think I used to just ramble nonsensically with lots of squees and exclamation points jumbled in there every few sentences until I sounded like a rabid fangirl. haha. Yeah, I'll just go with that. :D

(Slight side-note: I love your chapter titles. Seriously, they crack me up).

“What do you mean you met a boy today?” Ginny asked her daughter innocently. Despite the uneasy feeling coursing through her body, she couldn‘t resist teasing Eloise. “I wasn’t aware that you had never met someone of the opposite gender.”

LMAO. Oh my god, I love your Ginny. I know I say that every time, but she keeps on being awesome and I am physically incapable of not pointing out awesomeness. I was laughing already and that was just the opening. rofl. I felt a little bad for Eloise, because I'm sure that situation would be embarrassing enough for her without her mom making jokes about it, but Ginny's right. Eloise was totally having a go at her too when she was going on a date with Harry. haha. Like mother like daughter. xD And speaking of that, I'm pretty sure Eloise inherited all her awesomeness from Ginny. You've created SUCH a fantastic OC in her, Tiff, I really mean it. She's realistic and funny and charming and whenever I read about her, she couldn't be more easier to picture in my mind. I adore Eloise. So much.

She knew what it felt like at this age, when meeting a boy made you feel nervous and euphoric in the same breath, when every smile and word was catalogued to be studied and dissected later - it was the same exact way she felt every time she saw Harry.

Gah. I loved that too. It's just so true. And I think you did a phenomenal job writing how Ginny takes the whole situation. It's the perfect balance of being happy for her daughter and proud of her now that she's growing into a young woman and feeling pain at the thought that she's losing the little girl Eloise used to be. Seriously, it's perfect. I was really feeling for Ginny the most throughout this chapter, I think. Her emotions just rang the loudest and truest to me. And then at that part were she's thinking about how Eloise is the best part of her life...*wibble*. I got teary-eyed. :( It was so sweet. Really, really nicely done, Tiff.

Hahaha, and I love how Harry's acting like a 12-year-old for most of this chapter. Typical boy. :P I can totally see him acting like that, being all indignant and stubborn at the idea of Eloise going on a date. But see, you wrote him so well in this too because he's also trying to hold onto that idea of "Eloise the little girl" because he never got a chance to experience that before, really. Which is sad. :( I feel bad for him too. But the wand-cleaning scene? HILARIOUS. That image in my head cracks me up. rofl. Poor Eloise.

Eeeek, and I loved the note Adrian sent her. And that last line. HAHAHA. They're definitely going to be awesome together. *can't wait* OMG and I loved how she didn't change before she went on the date! It's such a small detail, but it just further proves to me how fantastic Eloise is. Seriously, I want to hug her. lol. Ginny raised her right. ^_^

*fangirl squee for Arthur kicking butt and taking names* xD

LMAO @ RON!! That could have been in the freaking books it was so spot on. rofl. Oh man, I cracked up.



Your crazy friend/fan,
Bizzy :D

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Review #2, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 7: Dead Men Tell No Tales

17th May 2008:
First off, great name for a chapter. Whenever I read it I hear that parrot from Pirates of the Caribbean in my head. And it makes me giggle. It also makes me think about CJS, and let's face it, it's a good day whenever CJS is involved. ^_^ Second off, OMGYAYYOUUPDATED!!! *squees* And in true Courtney fashion this chapter was amazing. They always are. :D

My heart is still pounding like crazy. This story gets more and more intense with every chapter. Sheesh. I love angry Ron! I don't love that Harry really does appear to be dead though. My hopes have been shattered. SHATTERED!!! *cries* And then Ron won't let go of him and Hermione might die too and Victoire is dead and...and...*collapses in a fit of sobs* You're evil!! I swear to all that is holy, if you kill Arthur I'm going to make the war in Ireland look like a sunny day in the park. *glares*

Thank god for Lee. I was certain more death was imminent. BUT THEY LEFT HARRY! I'm starting to think that you have a deep seated hatred for the boy-who-lived, Courtney. *shakes head*

McGonagall is awesome. I don't know why. She's just a BAMF. I can just picture her taking out like, 30 of those bad dudes at a time without breaking a sweat. Plus she growls. And that's automatic awesomeness right there. Love it. Oooh, and I also liked the little glimpse we got of Draco at the end there. But as always it's sort of left me with the slight problem of wanting to keep reading and not being able to. So you should get on that. Pronto.

:D Okay, all kidding aside, I really did love this chapter Court. You're such an awesome writer that anything that comes out of you is bound to be brilliant so it's no surprise really. I love how intense this story is. Must have more! Write on babe! Don't make me threaten you with me cannon again. Or maybe I'll threaten you with Bono. Much scarier.



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Review #3, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 6: From Bad to Worse

1st March 2008:
Okay, so I don't want to kill you. I prepared myself after you told me I might want to, but honestly, this chapter was too freaking incredible and well written that I let everything else slide. You are crazy talented Court. Like whoa.

The part with George was amazing. I think you captured the completely panicked feel of the atmosphere perfectly. I felt nervous reading it. lol. But I'm glad he got there and out of it okay. He did right? RIGHT? No more killing for you! I forbid it. However, I think it's pretty freaking sweet that you gave Zorro a guest spot in your story. I always liked that guy. He should use his fancy sword to put a Z on the bad guy. We'll see how smug he gets then. *smods*

*dies* Okay, but seriously, I have no idea who that could be. Actually, this story is making me feel like it does after I read a Jessi story. If there's time travel in the next chapter, I think my brain might asplode. These are compliments by the way. You've got me so incredibly engaged in this that I keep coming up with crazy theories and wondering what the heck is gonna happen.

BUT OMG HERMIONE ISN'T DEAD OR PERHAPS SHE IS AND THAT DUDE CAN'T READ A PULSE CORRECTLY!! I don't know whether to squee or kill that guy. I think I'll squee. SQUEE!!! I hope she's alive. And now I'm hoping Harry is alive too, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking. *kicks a rock*

Bah. I want more. lol. You better be writing. This chapter was FANTASTIC Court. I mean it. I'm officially suspensed (not a word, I don't care). For serious though, you're brilliant hun. I can't wait to read more! Update soon or I'm bringing out the cannon!!



Author's Response: Scrib,

Dude... I'm the worst when it comes to responding to your reviews, because they're so amazing, that I try and hold off thinking of something brilliant to respond with... and then just end up looking like I'm ignoring your reviews. I know... I suck. *has been saying that a lot lately*

I'm so glad that you don't want to kill me, because truthfully, the one thing this Nun fears is your cannon. *cowers*

Dude, when I first read your review, I was like "omg, what kind of typo did I make to make Scrib think that this is a crossover with Zorro!? That's awful!" and then I read on and realized you were totally giving me a hard time. You goof. :P

I love your crazy theories, and yes, Hermione is alive... so you feel better. Chapter 7 is up, so you don't have to bring out the cannon!!

Thanks, Scrib- you're amazing.


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Review #4, by ScriblerianFinding The Right Words To Say: Best Man Speech Gone Wonky

2nd February 2008:
TWO REVIEWS IN ONE DAY! I am the MAN! Or...woman. But that doesn't sound as cool. Hmm. Hi tiffy. :D I'm here, and I'm mucho excited about getting to review this story finally. Cause it's awesome. You make me feel like a broken record, you know? Geez, write something crappy for once, would ya? :P I haven't given a good "Holy crap, this story sucks" review in much too long.

I'M JOKING. You couldn't write a crappy story if you tried. :D I'm convinced. And I LOVED this oneshot especially. Not just because Sirius is in it (though I have to admit that did tip the scales in your favor a wee bit), but also because it is classic Tiffy. Humor at its best. ^_^

Like the fill in the blank form. omfg *DIES*. That is SO something Sirius would do. Cracked me up. And because of you, I will never look at a pickle the same way AGAIN. GAH. rofl. I love your Sirius! He's so funny and a wee bit...okay a lot bit...immature. But it works really well and it suits him. lol. *pinches his cheeks*

She was obviously out of her element, and looked less at home than Professor McGonagall at a strip joint.

Oh, the mental images. *dies* You create the most INSANE and hilarious mental images in my head with your writing. No one else could pull it off tiff, I swear. You amuse me endlessly.

Better tell him to bring the cannon tomorrow for the ceremony. Nothing says happily ever after like a loaded cannon.

*is officially dead* omg I forgot you did that! BAHAHAHA! I love you. And I love this story. Sirius coming through for Lily and convincing her that James would love her no matter what was so sweet, and then his speech at the end was just perfect. It was the perfect balance of sweetness and humor. lol. I'm totally smiling right now. Fantastic work hun! I am further convinced of your Queen of Squeeworthy Oneshots status. ^_^ *SUPER TACKLE HUGS*


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Review #5, by ScriblerianNow Comes the Night: Coming Forth Into Light

2nd February 2008:
Escalation. Things just kept getting more and more complicated.

And THAT'S the making of a totally awesome Jessi story. XD SQUEE YOU UPDATED! hehe. I'm mucho excited. I missed this. And you delivered something incredible, as always. You're one talented mo fo you know that? lol. I love it.

I always feel so bad for Hermione though. :( Poor thing. That must be so hard for her, and being pregnant with TWINS on top of everything else...yeesh. lol. I definitely wouldn't want to be in her position. But you write her wonderfully. You write ALL of them wonderfully, actually. Your characters are always so real. I love that about your writing.

Sirius was trying to lift James from the ground and James was adamantly telling his best friend that there was something spectacular hidden in the bushes that they had to see. It was very important to him, as evidenced by his chorus about pretty, pretty plants in the pretty bright sun.

HAHAHA! That cracked me up. Silly boys. It's sad that things are like that only when they're drunk though. I don't like that there's so much tension between all of them! *tear* The fight with James, as awful as it was, was brilliant though. The emotions in this story wow me. It's all so heartfelt and sincere. I get lost in your stories. lol.

BUT THAT WAS A MEAN CLIFFIE! *dies* I want to know what happens next so bad now. I can't wait. Sirius said that and I was like, "YES!" *dances* So, yeah, you need to update real soon-like. xD FANTASTIC chapter Jessi! I love love love this story and you're one brilliant lady. lol. Update soon yo! *huge hugs*


Author's Response: Miss Scribbleyo! Eeeep!! You've reviewed!! You have time to review, lol! Aww, I feel so privileged that you reviewed!! God I miss you guys.. it's not the same having a stupid, stupid internet and an even stupider ex roommate's boyfriend who insists he knows how to fix a computer when he's really just a ... well, whatever. Anyway!!!! This is about your amazingly awesome fo reazio review!!

Haha, that one line.. it's all I could think of. LOL. I mean, this story is seriously one huge ball of "let's see how many times we can spin this around!" And you know that huge ball of twine that's suppose to be somewhere in like..Arkansas..or Nebraska.. or something? I'm aiming to make a story similarly huge and impossible to.. undo. If that makes any sense, which it doesn't, but that's okay!! Because in my head, it's working!! Sort of. LOL. *skips it*

You know, Hermione at first was a big tramp to most people in this story.. having feelings or attracting feelings of everyone (hell, I should have just made her part veela.. lol), but as the story progressed, you sort of get to see why and I think that's the best thing about writing her in this series.. I sort of, recreated her through the past. It's been so neat writing her and all these situations. Poor thing's going to have a major mental health problem when I'm done with her I think. But!! Trudge on, she will!! Fo sho. Otherwise it's like.. down in the dope game in a totally bad way, man.

I wanted to show some brotherly love between James and Sirius because it's definitely canonly accurate.. and there'll come a time in the future.. or past..or.. whatever.. lol, that'll prove that there's a reason these boys are so close. It just sucks right now because they're still young and you know how those damn kids can be. =P Stupid drama-kings.

*sheepish grin* Cliffie. It feels so good to leave those again. I feel bad leaving them when I don't update in like.. forever. But it's nice leaving them when I know the other update is already finished. LOL. Thank you so much, Scribbles - seriously, the reviews from you mean so much!! Especially because I know your time constraint. *squishglompattackhuggles*

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Review #6, by ScriblerianInfatuation: Advice

2nd February 2008:
YAY another awesome chapter! *squees* Poor Victoire. She's like a little lovesick puppy. lol. It's cute though. And very believable. I know I've said this already but I really love how you write her. She's really likeable and sweet. How could Teddy not like that? :P

Ooh I love how you made Oliver's daughter her best friend! That was neat. And it was cool seeing him again, even if it was brief. lol. I wanted to kill Victoire's ex though. What a jerk. But she handled it really well. I was cheering for her. :D HAHA, I can't WAIT to see what George has for her to help her get revenge on James. That should be funny.

Uh oh, Teddy likes someone. I'm hoping it's Victoire and he's just not outright saying it. But I could be wrong. GAH. Must read next chapter. I feel so bad for her now! She's all sad. :( *kicks Teddy* lol. Anyways, lovely chapter yet again Nicole! I'm adoring this story. Cant wait to read more! :D 10/10

*huge hugs*


Author's Response: Scribbie! *huggles* Yayy! I haven't talked to you in sooo long. lol. Yes, poor Victoire. She's one of my favorite characters to have written, since theres not much we know about her.

I looove Oliver, so duhh, I had to include him. Yeah, her ex is a jerk, we needed some conflict in the story and hes a character I may throw in later while Victoire is at school.

George's revenge suggestions? Yes, yes, that will definitely be interesting.

You'll see what happens with Teddy, I'm not going to spoil anything!

Thanks sooo much for reviewing.

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Review #7, by ScriblerianThe Reason Why I Thank The Heavens Above, Everyday, For Mistletoe: The Reason Why I Thank The Heavens Above, Everyday, For Mistletoe

2nd February 2008:
WHEE! I'm finally reviewing this story! Hee. I'm a little late as usual, but you still love me, right? Right. :P You have this crazy insane ability to write fantastic oneshots by the way. I needed to mention that. Cause you've written quite a few now, and I am constantly beyond impressed by what comes out of that mind of yours. This being no exception.

Hermione Jane Granger was tired of living her life vicariously through books.

I friggin loved that line. And it seemed so true to her character too, in a strange way. I mean, technically Hermione SHOULDNT get tired of anything to do with books, but you have this incredible way of bringing out these sides to the characters that really make them come alive and seem real. It's fantastic. The entire first scene with Hermione, from the description of the surroundings to her inner struggles and thoughts was perfectly portrayed. And believable. :) I love your Hermione. ^_^

"Don't tempt me Hermione. I could show you right now, on my mother's kitchen table, how interested I am in the female species."

ROFL! And then you throw comments like that in there and they just make me crack up. *loves Charlie* The playful banter between them was awesome. And the shift from playfulness to something more was really great too. It came suddenly, but again, it was believable. GAH, I wanted them to kiss though! *curses Ginny* I'm impatient.

"Hermione and Charlie are standing under the mistletoe," Fred yelled loud enough for the deaf couple down the road to hear. "We all know what that means…"

*DIES* I heart the Weasleys. OMGSQUEE the kissing scene! It was PERFECT! I love how it was awkward at first and then Charlie smirked and Hermione just went for it. So friggin cute. I couldn't imagine it any other way. AND THEN OMG CHARLIE IN THE SHOWER!!! It wouldn't be a tiffy story without Charlie in a shower. *nods* Oh my god, the ending was so amazing and perfect. *sighs happily*

Okay, so yeah, you've done it again. Can't say I'm surprised. You will hereafter be known as the Queen of Squeeworthy Oneshots. Nice ring to it, eh? :D I loved loved LOVED this story tiff. You're brilliant and I heart you. You make me smile like no other. ^_^ *grabs and hugs to death* LOFF YOU KID!


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Review #8, by ScriblerianInfatuation: Falling

29th January 2008:
GAH! I'm back! Finally. lol. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to this chapter Nicole. *kicks life for getting so hectic* I've been dying to read it again, so I'm so happy I have time to now. :D And of course this was yet another awesome chapter. Can't say I'm shocked or anything. :P lol.

Again, I'm loving all of your interpretations of the characters. This story is so sweet. ^_^ Lily waking Victoire up and how Victoire and Ginny are so close and then how James played a prank on her.all of it is just so fun and entertaining to read about. And of course I'm loving the way you're writing Teddy and Victoire and their relationship. It's cute to see how awkward Victoire is starting to feel around him and how she knows it's wrong cause they're such good friends and everything. It's SO cute. *squees*

I love that she still wants to get revenge on James, too. That whole part was funny. And it gives her and Teddy a chance to team up on something and maybe spend some quality alone time together. Hee. And she's falling for him!! YAY! I'm glad she's fully aware of it now and not in denial anymore. lol. Now I can't wait to keep reading and see how she handles it. AWESOME chapter Nicole! I'm in love with this story already. 10/10! *hugs*


Author's Response: Scribbie! Again! Woohooo. I'm so glad you're back to review, and that you liked the chapter.

This story is my favorite that I've written so far. It's so much fun. Victoire and Teddy? aah. I just love them together. Their relationship reminds me of so many things that have happened in real like. Oh, and the awkwardness? That's really fun to write too. hehehh.

Revenge should definitely be sweet. And interesting of course! You'll just have to read on to find out what happens with that. Thanks for another great review!

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Review #9, by ScriblerianInfatuation: Home

10th January 2008:
EEK! NICOLE! I'm finally here! It only took me eight years. lol. I'm so sorry it took me so long to check out this story, hun. I really have been meaning to do it for a while. And now that I read this first chapter, I'm SO glad I did!

I love this so far! I'll be honest, right after the last book came out I wasn't all that interested in the Next Generation type stuff. But I do have a sort of fondness for Teddy so Teddy/Victoire stories have probably been my favorite of the ones to come out since the last book. And yours seems awesome so far! I think you've really captured how Victoire would be at that age very well. She seems realistic and I like her already even though it's only been one chapter.

I LOVE that she calls him Teddy Bear too. lol. They're so cute. You're writing them really well together. It's a nice set-up for things to come. I also like that there's a little bit of tension between them that neither of them really know what to do with. It makes it all cute and awkward. *pinches their cheeks* Ooh and that kiss was ADORABLE too. *squee*

So, yeah, I liked it if you couldnt tell. lol. I can't wait to keep reading! That's the benefit of arriving to people's stories late. I have tons of awesome chapters just waiting to be read already. ^_^ Amazing work Nicole!! I loved this chapter. I can already tell this story is going to be great. But I never expected anything less from you. :) Loff you hun!! *hugs*


Author's Response: Scribbie! *huggle glomp attacks* It's alright that it took you a while to get to this story. I'm just so happy you're finally reviewing it! Glad you like it so far. Teddy/Victoire stories are my favorite next generation ones too.

I'm glad you like Victoire! She wasn't all that hard for me to write since she's only a few years older than I am. A lot of her thoughts remind me of things I've thought at one time or another. Yes, of course I have to make things cute and awkward! It's pretty much the fun of the whole thing.

Thank you sooo much for reviewing Scrib!

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Review #10, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 5: The Fickle Finger of Fate

5th January 2008:
So...I'm crying. Thought you should know. Be prepared cause I'm gonna lay on the guilt trip like it's my day job throughout this review. That's right. Did you think I'd let you get away scott free after killing half your cast of characters? I think not. Besides, I don't even know any scott's. Looks like you, my friend, are out of luck. *glares not-so-surreptitiously at Courtney*

*FANGIRLSQUEE* OMG DENNIS PUNCHED SOMEONE IN THE HEAD! That was SO awesome and cool and-- Oh...I'm supposed to be glaring, aren't*glares some more*

He crunched the heel of his shoe into the ground, flattening an abnormally large spider that had crawled too close to his boot.

*glares A LOT more* OMG WHY. Why did you have to put that in there?? GAH. I had to IMAGINE an ABNORMALLY large spider in my HEAD because of you. Ew ew ew ew. Ihatechu.

AWW! Albus is so sweet! *melts* I adore him. You write the best Albus ever. And Scorpius is hilarious. Draco WOULD drop dead if he saw his kid giving a Weasley his jumper. rofl. That's-- Crap. I'm supposed to be mad at you. *sigh* This glaring thing is hard, you know? *glares relectantly*

Dementors. Oh my god, DEMENTORS. *hopes Bob wasn't one of them* Okay, so this is the part where I basically started to fall apart. The image of them all screaming for their parents was heartbreaking. And of course Hermione would hear them and panic and run to them. I was happy. I knew she'd save them. She's Hermione. What I did NOT expect, was what you did next.

They say you cannot know the love a mother has for her children, how she would die for them, until you have children of your own. But, Hermione knows. She knows.

*is one big sobby MESS* That entire paragraph was...too amazingly written for words, really. Even though I'm HORRIFIED that you killed her, I can't deny that. But Courtney's killing spree isn't over, oh no. It's just begun. *ticks off fingers* Victoire. Kingsley. Harry. I repeat: VICTOIRE, KINGSLEY, HARRY. *sobs and cries and throws herself off a cliff in utter despair*

*sigh* Okay, so basically what it all comes down to is this: You're a genius. And I say that without the slightest note of mockery or joke. Courtney, I honestly have no idea how you do it. I could NEVER write this chapter. All the chaos, the horror, the could so easily be done wrong but you did it perfectly. And the fact that you made me cry, ACTUALLY cry, says that you hit a homerun with this one. This chapter is PHENOMENAL hun. I mean it. I'm stunned. Please update soon. I'm sad, yes, but I'm also dying for more because this story is incredible, just like its author. Plus, I can never stay mad at you for long. You silly nun, you. *attacks with hugs* I loff you.


Author's Response: Scrib,

I can't put of responding to this review any longer. I'm sorry- I was trying to find the energy to give you a response that fully conveys my appreciation for not only such an amazing review, but your dedication to this story, and me! You are beyond kind, and it is something that shows not only in your writing, but in your character and abilities as a friend. Thank you, for such a beautiful and inspiring review. I truly hope that all of the future chapters will live up to your view of this one!


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Review #11, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 4: Closing the Ranks

19th December 2007:

I have no words. Okay, I lied, I totally have words. HOLY BUCKETS COURTNEY! This chapter was like, whoa good. You had me nearly biting my nails at that first part with George. And then Charlie friggin DIED! *wibble* Oh my god, George better be okay! I'll be so upset. So upset that I just might have to shoot you with kleenex from my cannon. *glares*

And then I wanted to kill that dude for being mean to Albus. I'm glad the gang came along and started beating on him. XD That was good. And YAY for Ron coming to save the day! But now I'm all worried about them too. Hmm...

YES! I'm glad Harry wants to talk to Albus. I feel so bad for him. But now you've got me thinking that he won't be able to talk to him before something bad happens. :( GAH! I did like the part with Percy though. :) Again, you have such a knack for getting all the characters down perfectly. That's exactly how I would imagine him to act. I like the new Percy. ^_^

OMG LUNA! YAY! I got so excited when I saw her. lol. I love how you write Luna. *thinks about her SS fic and smiles* Oooh and she's the one who got George's message! YES! GO LUNA! Thank god Zabini is a moron. Luna is not to be underestimated. *smods*

Okay, so I hope you can update soon. If only for the sake of my sanity. I'm serious, I'm gonna go nuts if I don't find out what happens soon. *dies* BRILLIANT chapter Court. As usual, you stun me. Keep up the awesome work hun! *hugs*


Author's Response: Scrib!!!!

Er... yea. Did you just wibble on my page? *throws Scrib a towel*


Then you threatened to shoot me with Kleenex... Kleenex you could have used to clean up the mess you've made.

*shakes head*

You're crazy and I love it.

Okay, so, first off (would it be second now?) I'm REALLY glad you liked this chapter! Nail biting intense? Whoa!

Yea... that dude's not very nice, is he? *kicks him* But I love Ron. I know, I know, we're all supposed to be into Harry, but Ron is just... *sighs* a dreamboat.

*says nothing about Harry* Glad you like Percy, though! I like him. :D

rotfl, your SS fic. *giggles* I er... need to finish that still!

Nuts? You'll go nuts? Nuttier than sending me two flaming nuns? Because, that was pretty freaking nuts! *sets house on fire*

*smiles contently*

Chapter 5 is in the queue.



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Review #12, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 3: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

19th December 2007:
ZOMG! This chapter was so awesome! GAH! I don't even know where to start. Okay, well I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. lol. Yep, I was right. You write Teddy wonderfully. ^_^ I love him, I don't know why. He's fun. :D Then when Angelina came without George I started to get worried that he might be too sad to come. Looks like I was right. :(

I absolutely loved the part with George. I think you portrayed him PERFECTLY. That's exactly how I would imagine him to act if this was canon. It made me sad though. *sniff*

He knew in that instant that he had died, so why was his heart still beating?

That line was brilliant. And again, the perfect way to describe George now that his other half is gone. But HOLY CRAP! The part with Lee and Dung!! At first I was like, wait, isn't Dung dead? But then I remembered that that was just my story and not in the last book. *dies* Yeah...I'm slow. BUT OMFG the part with the Pensieve and then George running to tell everyone! I could not read it fast enough. It was so suspenseful and nervewracking. You. are. BRILLIANT.

Bahaha...poor Harry. I'd be pissed too. I'm glad he knows about Albus being bullied now though. But I'm more worried about the actual celebration and how they all might DIE soon. Gah. Must keep reading. George's plan better work!! Great chapter again Court! This story just gets better and better. You rock!



Author's Response: Your excitement over these chapters is really contagious. I'm SO GLAD you like this! :D Runaway is a HARD act to follow!

Poor George. That part made me sad... I cried so hard when Fred died. Granted... I cried through the whole book, but I distinctly remember that being a very salty chapter.

rotfl "DIE"? Who said anything about them all "DYING"?

Oh... me?



Thanks, Scrib!!!


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Review #13, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 2: An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground.

17th December 2007:
EEK! Another amazing chapter. I knew it would be. :D Holy crap, you write everyone SO well. I'm beyond impressed here. I loved the whole beginning scene where everyone was rushing to get ready. The fact that Harry didn't want to go at all and how all the women were yelling at him was so something I can see actually happening. lol. And again, I adore how you're writing the kids! They all manage to have their own personalities and unique things about them. It's wonderful. I don't know how you do it.

JIMMY GOT AVADA'D!! *dies* Okay, wrong Jimmy. That name is ruined forever for me, I Not good though. *bites nails* Something bad is gonna happen at the event! GAH! Who are those people? I'm officially nervous.

Awww, Rose and Albus got in trouble! :( I love how Albus was trying to defend her. That's so sweet. And for the record, the mental image of Kreacher swimming totally made me crack up. *dies* Anyways...ooh I love how you're writing Harry too! He's such a hard character to get down, but you're writing him perfectly I think. EEK! Teddy's coming! I cant WAIT to see how you write him. Probably perfectly like everyone else :P. lol

Onward I go! Brilliant chapter Court. :D This story is turning out to be amazing already. Can't wait to read on. :) *hugs*


Author's Response: Oh Scrib,

ROTFL! I did NOT think of Jimmy being Avada'd until you just said that, but now, forevermore, I will be unable to think of anything else! *dies laughing*

I'm SO thrilled you love the children! I was probably even more worried about creating characters out of the children that people would fall in love with, than I was in keeping the regular canon'ers well... canon. Because, we have so much to build on with them, you know where to take it (sometimes). But, the children- they're all new! So, thank you!


*heads to next review*


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Review #14, by ScriblerianShadow of a Hero: Chapter 1: Curb your Enthusiasm

15th December 2007:
So yes, I totally and completely suck for neglecting this story for as long as I have. I am so sorry Court. I feel awful. Especially since I can already tell this is yet another completely amazing piece of writing from you. Not a big surprise really. :P I doubt you could produce anything less than amazing. But this is EXTRA exciting, cause it's your first chaptered fic! EEK! Which means I have lots to look forward to. ^_^ And that makes me one happy camper. *ignores the fact that she hates camping*

First off, I heart your Neville. He just rocks. It's so neat seeing him all grown up. And Dennis too! The whole first scene was just great and the perfect way to set up the story. And I really liked the reference to Colin, even though it was heartbreaking. :( It was an incredibly touching moment though. That broke my heart in the last book when we found out he had died. So I'm glad that was there.

Alright, and I have to admit, I haven't really been into reading "next generation" type stories, but this might get me hooked on them. I mean it! I ADORE Albus and all of the others seem so real and interesting. I feel like I got more out of this short little section here than the entire epilogue of the last book. lol. Oh man, I wanted to kill those Slytherin kids though. I'm not kidding, when Garrett ripped a page out of the book I gasped. You just don't rip pages out of books. You DONT. The English major in me was horrified. lol. So I'm really glad that Scorpius and James and Victoire came to save the day. ^_^

Speaking of which, I LOVE how you made them all friends! It's something that probably never would have occurred to me, but I can't imagine it any other way now that I've read this. It just seems right. The fact that it doesn't matter how they're all from different houses is wonderful and really encapsulates what the Final Battle was all about I think. They've all got to stick together, despite differences. I thought it was brilliant. :)

And now I can't wait to continue, so I'm going to do just that. :D That's the only good thing about arriving late. I don't have to worry about pestering you for an update just yet. hehe. AMAZING WORK COURT! I love this so far. I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorite stories now. You're a genius darling. *hugs*


Author's Response: Scrib,

I've been totally enjoying reading your reviews for this. I know how busy you are, trust me. So, for you to have made time for this, is really, really sweet. Thank you!

Random side note- I hate camping, too. I think you and I will stay at the Four Season while the rest camp, wadda ya think?

I laughed out loud that you gasped when they ripped the page out of the book, because I cringed writing it. I was so horrified with myself for even thinking something so horribly evil. *cringes again for extra measure* Bad Courtney!

Awww, I don't know about a genius, but I sure am glad you like this! I am trying to update regularly, so hopefully you won't have any ridiculously long waits.

Thanks, dear!


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Review #15, by ScriblerianHer Secret: There Are Some Things My Mother Never Needs To Know - Including Any And All of My Bedroom Techniques

15th December 2007:
First of all, (I know, I know, you're used to this by now) I am so sorry for taking so long to get here. Again. I suck. Second of all, I love the new chapter titles and think they are full of win. XD THIRD of all:


And do you know WHY you are the queen of awesomeness? Hmm? No? Well, I'll tell you then! It's cause this chapter is AWESOME! Therefore you are awesome. Simple logic. So, I thought what better day to tell you all about your awesomeness than your BDAY! I'm smart, what can I say. *smods*

First off, I heart Molly. *dies* You write her really well. And Arthur too! *hugs Arthur* And OMFG Molly's sex talk was just about the funniest thing I've ever read. *DIES* Poor Ginny. Oh man, I would be mortified too if that happened to me. That was awesome. *is still laughing*

Harry reading the letters. *wibble* That was so beautifully written tiff. It would be hard to capture all of those emotions and make them seem natural and realistic, but of course you succeeded in doing just that. Your writing flows so amazingly and you make it look easy. I mean it, it's stunning. Subtle, yet still present and completely moving.

I miss you.

I never let myself say that, but it seemed right today.

You had me in tears there! That's exactly what I'm talking about. I love it. And yeah, I was definitely crying by the time Eloise's letter came around. *sniff* That was brilliant to put that in there too. You've done an amazing job at making all of these relationships seem real and important and meaningful. I feel like I really know all of these characters and it's because of the way you've written them.

And then you have me laughing again. Another of your many talents. lol. Omg Molly cracks me up. Those books...*dies* I really do feel bad for Ginny. BUT it made her realize that she might be pregnant again! EEEK! *hopes it's twins* I'm evil. YES! GO HARRY! Go kick Cho the smelly drunk out! Or push her out a window, which is acutally the preferable method to me,'s your story I guess. *mumbles* Probably won't do it...

GAH and now you have me worried that something else is going to go wrong. Which I really shouldn't be surprised about, seeing that it's you who is writing this. Still, I think you should definitely update soon. Pwease? I'll bake you Christmas cookies! *grins*

Okay, well, I suppose I can be patient since it's your birthday and all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFY! Hope you have a wonderful day cause you sure deserve it. I loved every little thing about this chapter and still think you're beyond brilliant. Fantastic work hun. Loff you lots!!



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Review #16, by ScriblerianNow Comes the Night: The Consquences From Our Secrets in the Dark

2nd December 2007:
AHhhHHhhHh! JESSI! EEK! I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! And once again I'm atrociously late. :( I'm so sorry. I actually read this earlier but didn't have time to leave a review at the time, but now I do so YAY! And you deserve a well thought out one so I'll try and deliver. :D lol.

So yes, another amazing chapter from you. Not surprised. :P I was really excited when I first saw you'd updated cause I think this story is just awesome so far. So, the first part of this chapter I had to read twice. At first I thought it was Hermione and Sirius for some unknown crazy reason (it is ME we're talking about) and that confused the HELL out of me, *dies*, but it made lots more sense once I realized who it was. ZOMG I CANT BELIEVE IT'S HIS BABY! Like...whoa. My mind is reeling with the implications of that. And what's gonna happen now. GAH! Your stories always do this to me! ROFL. Spin my brain into overdrive.

And yet again, you write the interactions between Hermione and Sirius WONDERFULLY. They're so real. And the tension is so subtle, but still present...I dont know how you do it. You got mad skills yo. lol. Oh man, and then the whole scene at Lily and James' house...omg I was on the edge of my seat. I cant believe James found out! And now I'm friggin DYING to know what happens after this. There are so many questions. But that's exactly why I love your writing so much. ^_^ You've always got me wondering. It's fantastic.

So yes, I suppose telling you that I would LOVE an update in the near future would be unnecessary after all that *points up* but I'll say it anways. UPDATE SOON!! :D I cant get enough. But, I can be patient I suppose. I know you've probably been really busy lately. I haven't talked to you in forever, and that makes me sad cause I miss you! *hugs* I hope all is well and that we get to chat soon. :) BRILLIANT work yet again. Loff ya girly!!!



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Review #17, by ScriblerianHer Secret: One Raging Teenager vs One Firewhiskey Loving Witch - Violence Anticipated

5th October 2007:'t you dare forgive me for taking this long to get here. I SUCK AT LIFE! There's no excuse. But what better day to give you a well-deserved review than our ANNIVERSARY!!! YAY! *throws rice* Er.wait...that's for weddings. Well, that works too I guess, seening as how we're a happily married couple. *beams* I LOVE MY WIFEY!!!

And I loved this chapter. Hmm...I just realized you haven't updated in a while. More on that later. ANYHOO, I remember when I first read this and how I thought it was just a stunningly beautiful chapter, and none of that has changed in the slightest. I can't believe you thought this was BORING! Ginny was incredible. As always you manage to portray her emotions in such an incredible and touching way. My heart was breaking for her when she was giving Harry the box of memories. *tear* I couldn't wait for him to open it either, cause I knew you'd write it all fantastically.

But then of course Tiffy has to cut to CHO! Every time I read her name and fail to see the words "dead", "died", or "dying" in the same sentence, my heart breaks a little. *sigh* You're a cruel lady tiffers. But, I forgive you, because Eloise is my friggin hero. I LOVE that girl. That letter was awesome and I can't even tell you how long I've been waiting for an Eloise/Cho faceoff. It is ON!

But first Harry had to read the letters and everything, so by this point I'm a huge freaking chaotic mess of conflicting emotions. I loved everything about the way you wrote that scene. That it was at Hogwarts, that the RoR turned into the kitchen at the Burrow, that Harry FINALLY gets to see what he's missed out on all these years. It was all so moving. Especially Ginny's letters!

Why, oh why do all have the Weasley’s have to be so fertile?

*dies* I love that line. And it IS something Ginny would say. It was so perfect. lol. You're so amazing at infusing just the right balance of humor with the more serious stuff. That's what I love about your writing. AND OMG CHOLOISE FACEOFF TIME! SQUEE! Yep, I love Eloise even more now if that's at all possible. You tell that drunken devil woman! I was seriously so proud of her. BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO STOP THERE!? I wanna see Cho get punched in the face! *wails* Evil, evil, evil...

So yeah, PLEASE update soon wifey!! I can't believe I forgot you left off at such a horrible cliffie. But seriously tiff, you're doing such an incredible job with this. I cant believe it's been a year! Every single day of knowing you has been so wonderful and I cherish all of the fun times we've had so far. I can't wait for more. I honestly can't even remember what it was like without you! Surely it was terrible. lol. I am, and will always remain, your number one fan tiffy. You're amazing. *HUGS*


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Review #18, by ScriblerianThe Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor: Shoe Shoppin' Snape

4th September 2007:
I am going to keep this short and sweet.


I don't think I've ever laughed so hard reading a fic before. This is now in my favorites and I'm going to check for updates repeatedly because I'm pretty sure I have an addiction now. LOL! Keep up the utterly amazing work and update soon! 10/10! :)

Author's Response: awwww, you made me blushhhh...THANK YOU!

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Review #19, by ScriblerianNow Comes the Night: It Happened Upon Us

4th September 2007:
EEK! You updated!! *happy dance* I'm late, as usual, but I suppose you can't expect much else from a turtle like me. :P lol. But, having read it, I can safely say that my assumptions after reading the first chapter (namely those which expressed my feelings over how this story is going to be one huge freaking explosion of brilliance) seem to be 100% correct. Jessi, you are AMAZING. I think I literally gasped out loud when I was done reading. So. Effing. Good.

Yeah, and right away I was sucked in. HERMIONE'S PREGNANT! ZOMG! I think my jaw dropped. rofl. Ooh, that potion idea was pretty neat too, by the way. You're awesome at including little details that are just fantastic like that. But TWINS? Holy moses that's crizazy. LOL! Loved the interaction between Hermione and Sirius by the way. Even if they were fighting which is not fun, it was written extremely well. I was wincing a bit reading all the not-so-smart things Sirius said to her though. *dies* And James and Lily being scared to death over Hermione's wrath was just hilarious. Can't say I blame them, either. haha.

Oh my gosh, and all the flashbacks in her dream were so awesome. It was a really nice way of weaving all of the stories together and it was also nice reading those parts again. It's reminded me of what a stellar job you're doing with all these plots. lol. It's all so intricate and detailed and structured so impressively. Basically you rock the awesome. ^_^ OOOH yay for Sirius and Hermione making up! Made me a happy reader. But that last line! OMG! It was so foreboding and it gave me such a chill when I read it. My mind's working a mile a minute now trying to figure this whole bloody thing out which basically means you're a genius and I worship you. *bows down*

LOL. I'm serious, Jessi, this story is turning out to be absolutely brilliant, just like the other two. Can't say I'm surprised. :P I CANNOT wait to keep reading so you better update soon missy! I'm so enthralled with this story. It's awesome. Keep on keepin' on with your bad self, eh? :D LOVE YA! *GLOMP*


Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you SO much, Scrib. I'm shaking my head... really wondering how this is fairing out so well... it almost seems a jumbled mess to me... but hell, if you like it, I'll keep writing it.. it'll only get more twisted... which is weird.. because you seem to like that too. Anything for the excuse to use the past present and future squee/glomp kamikazee techniques... or.. does that make sense? LOL

Trust me... when twins came to mind, I about spit out my soda. I was like. "No!!!!" And then smodded and said "yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh *crew*" I figure, you know.. if things get too bad, I could always go soap opera and make one James' and one Sirius'. LOL!! Maybe piss off a few people. =P

I'm glad that the way I wove the past... future... ummm.. dreams... in was good.. because I was worried I'd send people on overload. LOL There's so much to figure out here... half of it I'm still like O__O about. LOL.

Thank you SO much for the review, dear.. I SO appreciate it. *huggle squish attack jimmy style*

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Review #20, by ScriblerianYou're the One: Vulnerable

4th September 2007:
You like Secondhand Serenade?!? ZOMG *SQUEE* I seriously don't know anyone else who has even heard of them! *high five* lol. I must once again commend you on your excellent musical taste. Yeah, I do it every time, but it's TRUE! lol. I love them. Okay, onto the chapter:

I was devastated throughout most of it, to be honest. I hated that Nikki and Sirius were in a fight. :( *sniff* But you wrote it very well and believably too. As much as I thought Sirius was being a prat for not hearing Nikki out, I can see how he'd react that way. He was just hurt and acting irrationally, which is something everyone has done when they've been in a fight with someone they care about. I'm just glad Nikki had James, Lily, and Remus there for her. You write the friendship between all of them wonderfully.

AWWW! The ball was bittersweet. It was horrible that Nikki and Sirius were both there and yet not speaking to one another. And I just felt awful for Nikki, who really hadn't done anything wrong in the first place. Plus, seeing Sirius with that Monica girl couldn't have been easy.

The other half of me was a lovesick teenager waiting for her boyfriend to come and ask her to dance.

GAH! That line broke my heart!! It was just so sweet and sad and touching. I loved it. But things are all better now! YAY! The scene outside with Sirius and Nikki was just brilliant. I loved how he was concerned for her and that they both got to speak their minds and work out the problem. *hugs them both* I adore them. And now I'm all happy cause things are as they should be. ^_^ lol.

GREAT chapter Nicole! I was so excited to read it and as always you didn't disappoint. I love this story and I can't wait for the next update! Keep up the great work. 10/10! *hugs*


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Review #21, by ScriblerianThe Murder of Sirius Black: Just the Beginning

4th September 2007:

Candy, I am like, GIDDY with excitement right now. From reading just this first chapter, I can tell you with all honesty that this story sounds AMAZING. I'm dead serious. I'm still sort of in awe actually. You've managed to set the story up in such a way that rivals some of the best mystery novels I've read. And I can tell you that I'm a huge fan of those kinds of novels, so I've read a LOT of them. Some of which were phenomenal. The fact that this is an HP story as well, complete with original characters and what sounds like an extremely original plot, just makes me more excited than I can even convey. In other words, WOW.

And speaking of original characters, the two you've introduced...well, three actually...are just fantastic. OC's are a tricky thing when writing fanfiction. Melding their storylines with those of canon characters is probably one of the hardest things for authors and it's really quite rare to read a story with an OC or OC's in it that does this in a smooth and successful manner...but BOY did you do that. And then some. AND THIS IS JUST THE FIRST CHAPTER! *is stunned* Celeste and Mathias just come alive. They're real. I believe them. I see them. And it's all you. Already they're rich and dynamic characters. Their dialogue is spot on and I can already detect the chemistry between them. Absolutely brilliant work. Brilliant.

I'm so intrigued by the storyline too. You've got my mind working, which is something essential for me to stick to reading something and finding it interesting. You've given the reader a bunch of pieces to what seems to be a very intricate puzzle and I'm just DYING to solve it. The last section involving Natalia was especially impressive. And now that I know time plays an essential role, I'm going to have to keep on my toes and pay extra attention. lol. There's just so many questions. And that's what a good beginning does. It makes you ask questions. And I can't wait to go about getting them answered.

So, that was a lot of rambling. rofl. But I mean it Candy, this is fantastic so far. I'm so utterly beyond impressed right now. I'm literally on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to read on. I give you all the praise in the world for being brave enough to write something so out there and original. Cause I'm pretty sure you hit the nail on the head. :D AMAZING first chapter. I'm already in love. :)

*huge hugs*


Author's Response:! *glomp* You already know how I feel about this review but I'm going to gush anyway. You have no idea what it means to me to see a review like this and especially from you. You know how much I value your opinion, especially on my writing since we've worked so closely together on other projects. To hear these sorts of comments from you makes me blush and want to write more. You truly have touched my heart with this one. I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story, Scrib. It means SO much to me that you enjoyed it. I'm working really hard on it to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. To know I've already got your head turned around makes me smile. It means I'm doing my job and hopefully I keep doing it. Remember nothing is as it seems and everything is always nothing. *smirks* Scribby, thank you is never enough for what you've written. Thank you so much for your review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. *hugs and glomps*

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Review #22, by ScriblerianHarry potter & the boogie pimps: Mama Mia Harrys got an idea

1st September 2007:
This story is AWESOME! Please, please continue it. I'm dying for an update and also crying with laughter. Basically you rock. :D


Author's Response: Thank you im working on the nxt chapter it shuld be up asap
and yes i rock ;]

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Review #23, by ScriblerianNow Comes the Night: The Night Always Starts at Dusk

28th August 2007:
JESSI! EEK! God, I FINALLY have time to read this story. lol. I was so excited. After the brilliance that was Remembrance, I just knew that this one was going to be great and I can't tell you how much I'm loving it so far. And it only has one chapter! That bodes well methinks. lol.

I love that you just jumped right into the story. I couldn't read it fast enough. The whole scene with Dumbledore was pretty unsettling. I really got a sense of how difficult being in this time would be for Hermione, knowing what she knows. Now, mind you, I'm still confused as all hell about time travel, but it wouldn't be a Jessi story if my present self was not well acquanited with my future self and how that self is on good terms with my past self, now would it? :D *gives Jessi's present self a high five* That made sense in my head, I swear

"You had no business..." Sirius started angrily, gold sparks shooting from his wand, falling uselessly to the ground. "You could have..."

"Finished a sentence?" Severus offered in a bored tone.

ROFL! Okay, so even though Snape is a total jerkface, I gotta give him some credit for being his snarky self. lol. That cracked me up. And can I just say again how much I ADORE how you write Sirius and Hermione together? It's so great. I get a huge smile on my face when I read about them. :)

OMG Lily IS pregnant! I knew it! *dies at James* I could so see him acting like that. But see, this is fascinating because I really want to see where you take all of these events and if they'll change or not. I'm still really worried about Peter too. And I'm wondering if Hermione is going to cave and tell Sirius what's going to happen. Or...what already happened. Even might not happen. *stares at what she just wrote* Yeah I think that's right. Heh.

So, basically what I'm saying is that you need to UPDATE SOON! I mean it, I'm already hooked. lol. I thought it was a brilliant first chapter and knowing you, all the following ones will be just as awesome. So I will be on the edge of my seat until then. :D Great work Jessi hun! I loved it. Absolutely loved it.



Author's Response: *deep breath* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *HUGGLE ATTACK*

...*blush* For some reason, knowing that you're so squeed over this has me even more excited to write the rest... and to know that you're already trying to reacquaint yourself with the knowledge of you past and future and presently past and present or future...self...*blink* Totally forgot where I was taking that. LOL!!

Sirius and Hermione to me are like... air conditioning on a hot day... It just feels good to have. LMAO.. if that makes sense... did I just compare my OTP to ... I did. Wow. See what you do to me Scribbles?? *dies* Or did I do it to you first in the past? *is slightly confused*

Chapter twoooooo is submitted and three is on the way.. but three is REALLY where all the fun starts.. so I'm excited. You'll see.. Eeek!! *writes more ferociously than before*

Thank you SOOO much, Scrib!! *hugs* *MASSIVE hugs* LOL

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Review #24, by ScriblerianHer Choice: Her Choice

28th August 2007:
Courtney, when I first read your writing all those many months ago, I remember saying to myself, "That girl is going to do amazing things." And every story you put out or chapter that you've had me read over has been just that. Amazing. I read your work and learn things. It inspires me to be a better writer. So trust me when I say that you have talent, incredible talent, and you should never let anyone tell you any different.

So, when I saw what song you chose to use for this, I knew that it would be emotional and heartfelt and would more than likely make me cry (it did by the way, thanks a lot :P ). And you couldn't have done a more beautiful job with it. The lyrics blended in with the story. They weren't a distraction and the meaning behind all of what you were writing to accompany them was subtle and simple, yet extremely powerful at the same time.

You never come right out and say Pansy is being abused. You lead the reader to come to that conclusion with brilliant descriptions through the eyes of Neville. This is one of your greatest strengths as a writer. You never tell. You always show. It's surprising how many people are unable to master that skill. It's difficult, to say the least, so well done.

The transitions were wonderful as well. Moving from Neville to Pansy. You wrote both of them so incredibly well I felt that I was in their heads. I know this story wasn't a first person, but it was such a close third person that it FELT like a first person...if that makes sense. lol. It's a brilliant achievement. Again, very hard to do.

Draco was horrific. Geez, you really made me hate him. LOL. But his characterization was spot on. It wasn't overly dramatic. It was believable. And when Neville finally gave him what he deserved, I was cheering inside. lol. I loved how Draco was the slow one now. It was just such an awesome way to come full circle I guess. It made it so powerful. This whole story was powerful. And I think that last passage was one of the most beautifully sad things I've ever read. What can I say? I'm in awe of you. lol.

Brilliant work with this story, Courtney. As usual you've written something incredibly touching and worth reading over and over again. I can't wait to see more from you, becuase I know it will be just as amazing. So keep up the great work!



Author's Response: Scrib,

I know it's taken me forever to respond to this, but it's honestly because you blew me away. I am just stunned into flattered speechlessness at this review, and I cannot stop squeeing.

I am so thrilled that you enjoyed this, and that everything worked for you. I made you cry? That's quite an accomplishment, because the Giant Scrib I know never cries! She crushes bones to make her bread, and totes a cannon on her shoulder, but cry? No way! *feels accomplished*

A third person that felt like first person? I don’t know if it makes sense to anyone else, but I understand what you’re saying, and that’s all that counts. *does a happy dance*

Your confidence is amazing, and I loff you to death for it, dearest. Thank you again, for being so supportive and always taking the time to read and review. You girls mean the world to me, and I hope you know that. =)


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Review #25, by ScriblerianLost and Found: All We Need Is Love

28th August 2007:
Yeah, you have issues all right. *coughnoneofwhichinvolvealaptopcordcough*


You know I love you. And you know what else I love? THAT YOU UPDATED THIS STORY!!! *happy happy joy dance* I mean it when I say that I missed it. A lot. This has always been one of my favorite things of yours and I can tell you in all honesty that you did not disappoint. At ALL! It was brilliant. Completely brilliant. And well worth the wait. ^_^

There was no denying it, she could see it in his eyes, for all he knew, she could have belonged to Bill, not him.

Okay, first of all, that entire first passage with Hermione was just unbelievably heartbreaking and beautifully written, but for some reason that line hit me the hardest when I read it. It just put a very interesting perspective on the situation and was so amazingly powerful. The idea that Charlie could see Hermione with Bill and think she belonged to him. It was just so realistic and I think that's what made it so sad. *sniff*

And then you go and make me feel sorry for Bill!! OMG how the hell do you do it? I don't know which one I like better now! GAH! Bill is so sweet! He wants Hermione to be happy and he's kicking himself about wanting to be with her...*cries* I'M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION! *bangs on walls* Dammit Tiffy. Look what you did! ARGH.

*takes a breath*

She was the kind of woman a man never forgot.

*breaks down again* But he DOESNT remember her! :( And when he was staring at Healer Carrington, I'm not going to lie to you tiffy, I really wanted to beat you with my hockey stick. Hard. But I SUPPOSE if it's for the good of the story...*trails off grumbling* lol. I'm actually so glad that Hermione decided to stick by him, no matter what. I'm pulling for those two, no matter how sweet Bill is. But that's what I love about this story! There's so many different dynamics and layers and it's all beautifully put together. It makes for one hell of a read.

I can only hope that those last few lines don't mean something atrocious is going to happen...*wields harpoon threateningly* So you better update soon! I can't wait as long for the next one. I ADORE this story tiff. To pieces. I'm so unbelievably happy you came back to it. You made my day and then some. :) Love ya hun! Great job again...



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