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Review #26, by DracanaHer Decision: Malfoy Uncovered

17th October 2007:
Yay, Blaise is in it!! *huggles Blaise* I do so very much adore him. Kate, I didn't want to murder your time by flooding you with reviews, so I'm leaving odd ones in between chapters, and seeing as Blaise arrived in this point, I thought it was time for me to review.

Thus far Ron is a huge git, which is perfect characterisation - oh how I loathe him. :) Anyway, he and Harry are exactly how I'd imagine they'd be should they discover such a relationship unfolding - distrusting and unreasonable. Hermione is perfect (I love her cat), and Draco is great, and over all - well, you get the picture. Brace yourself, I'm going to use an incredulous word - fab!! I know, what a rubbish way to describe your story, but yeah - 10/10.

Author's Response: hey sweetie!! You know, in one way i'm embarrased you're reading this - looking at it now, it makes me cringe sometimes, esp the early chapters, but its a reminder too that i have improved!!

heehee thought you'd like Ron ^_- thanks hunny!! glad you like my characterisation!!

heehee fab!! thanks Helen!!

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Review #27, by DracanaHeartthrob: Strike a Pose

15th October 2007:
Wow, your author note made me squeal!! *attacks with hugs* And this chapter was great!! It was funny to see how jealous James and Sirius were. I can just imagine them being like that if someone invaded their territory and received more attention than them. :)

Anyway, great chapter, and it was a quick update too!! Brilliant as ever, and of course, I'll always look forward to more.

All hail Teddy!! And you of course, lol.

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Review #28, by DracanaInfatuation: Jealous

13th October 2007:
Yay, an update. And a good one two. Hopefully Teddy will come to his senses. :)

Author's Response: Yep, hopefully! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #29, by DracanaDeadly Sins: Of the Heart

12th October 2007:
Damn you, you're giving me a huge plot bunny and I can't write it because I have to finish everything else and oh bugger!! I'm going to try and prevent myself from throwing a childish strop like now. Oooh, dinner, brb to continue reviewing, food awaits :D

Back. What I forgot to mention is my love for the way Draco still calls Hermione "Granger", despite their intimacy. It's cute.

And wow, Harry had an affair. Now that's interesting!! As is the what I can only call "manly" relationship between Harry and Draco. In a friendly way, I know. :)

Anyway, favourite part was the interaction between Draco and Pansy, mainly because it was so realistic. And I KNEW he was going to screw things up and kiss her. Makes the story a whole lot more complicated, and doubly interesting. How's he going to get out of that one now?

Anyway, can't beleive I didn't read this before. It's great thus far and I'm sure the rest will be. So for now, as they say - toodles!!

Author's Response: plot bunny hey? heehee excellent!

i wanted to keep that Granger thing there - to me, i think he'd change it from the slur to an endearment. and yes, see, i am mean to harry. i like to complicate his life as much as i can ^_^ and i LOVE writng harry and draco together as adults - i think they would be just like that. still barbed but each trying to get over it and be mature, cause they are meant to be. but they still dislike one another!

oh draco and pansy. poor kids. hmmm he has opened a can of worms now, for sure.

thanks hun!! *hugs* xx

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Review #30, by DracanaDeadly Sins: Coming Unstuck

12th October 2007:
Ah, that ending is so cute. I've been on a savage "I-hate-Draco" couple of months, ever since the ending of the DH, but this Draco I've got to love. He's good looking, not a coward (well, thus far, I think), and he's good at his job, witty . . . Where can you find these men? Can I please have one? :p

Anyway, I love the Hermione you've created. Obviously, as an adult she would have changed from the kid-Hermione, and your version of her is great. And she's so pretty!! You painted such a lovely image of her with her hair and her red dress that I'm jealous of a fictitious character's good looks. How sad is that?

Anyways, what with Ginny missing, this is going to add some tension. And I loved Harry's superb reaction to Draco being in the house. Anyways, must plunge on. :)

Author's Response: you love my draco? coolness ^_^ i love him too! can you have one? sure. you already do. Blaise *grins*

thanks - Hermione is my next fav character to write, and i really enjoy creating her an adult. its nice to imagine what sort of women she'd be. we all know the girl.

Pretty? i guess. i have never seen her as unattractive in looks - more in personality at times in the books. heehee i'm jealous of her red dress too!! i want one!

poor harry! i'm so mean to him!
thanks darl!

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Review #31, by DracanaDeadly Sins: Transgression in the French style...

12th October 2007:
I know, I know, I've been a right git not reviewing after everything you've done for me (aka, just being amazing), but here I am, and not out of guilt, no way, out of bloody interest *grins* I've been planning on reading this for some time but rarely get a chance to have the computer more than a certain duration of time (some cow that claims to be my sibling decided to steal my internet connection and pretend it's her own, meaning that my parents of course, believe her.) Despite being infuriated, I am going to stop spamming and telling you about my life and instead, review as I go through you're story.

I remember reading the first chapter weeks ago so I didn't review that because my sister - yes, I won't go into that again. Nonetheless, the first chapter was overly impressive and a nice set up to the story, and I'm so glad to see Pansy in this. I know you write her particularly well, and Draco hearing about the whole dinner with Hermione was amusing.

"The tall blonde had raised an eyebrow disdainfully at his wife, before letting his smoky eyes trail over Hermione's body. He had intoned a husky-voiced agreement that left Hermione blushing and feeling strangely heated, and Pansy beaming." - That's just like Draco. Perfect. As ever, you have him flawlessly in character.

I love how you introduce the affair between Hermione and Draco. It's almost as if you are inside the character's mind, because Hermione didn't consider it at that moment in time until she saw the bruise, and thus you used that to travel into thoughts and reflections. Anyhow, it seems just like Hermione to justly feel guilty about what she has done, and for the sufferable git Malfoy to remind her of it constantly with facial expressions.

Oh, and another thing - your style of writing has changed, which is interesting. Although I should have noticed before had not I been dawdling around in my own vanity and spared some time to read your fabulous stories. Once again, I stray off topic.

Anyway, I love how this is laced with humour and framed with the concept of guilt. Draco speaking French makes me laugh because he seems so smug, and more so this seems to infuriate everyone. And as much as I hate Ron, I do feel desperately sorry for him. Ah well, what can I say, he deserves it for a being a, for being a . . . well, I don't know. For being Ron.

And Draco having kids. Wow, way to increase the guilt. Poor Hermione. Then again, she's playing a deadly game and therefore must suffer the consequences, and of course, if she didn't have such daring, there would be no story.

Not much else I can say other than I love this story. It vaguely reminds me of "What hurts the most" by scarletheartedlioness, but it's also very different from that. Anyway, it's good to see the characters set in the future as well because it's not often you find a good story conveying married life. It seems so comfortable (despite the affair). Ah, I just must sit and dream away. :)

10/10, and expect another review soon, and another and another until I've finished reading your stories - that is if that brat of a younger sister doesn't steal back the Internet connection I stole from her which she stole from me first . . . Ah, what it is to be immature. ^_^

Author's Response: woah. Sweetie, what a review!! bah, sisters. i'm so glad mine is nowhere near me at the moment. i love her, but i don't need to be in her company on a regular basis.

glad you like my Draco and you think he's IC - he is, as you know, one of my fav characters to write. there is so much to explore with him!

my writing has changed! i realised that myself when i went and re-read some of my earlier stuff. i considered re-writnig, but decided not too. its going to stay the way it is as a reminder of how much i have improved (well, at least I think i have).

i LOVE the idea of Draco speaking French - well, any man speaking french is fine by me ^_^ and poor Ron!! i hear you there!! he's just so darn easy to set up!

i have never been married, legally anyways, but i've been in a relationship for 7 years, so i have a bit to draw on there, but there are no affairs or anything like that in mine!! i rely on TV for that bit of inspiration!

thanks hunny!! glad you're enjoying this! and go steal your internet back!! heehee

^_^ *hugs*

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Review #32, by DracanaFire vs. Ice: So It Begins...

12th October 2007:
But since his rise to power, since the death of the Boy-Who-Lived, he is…not needing of my services any longer.” - My favourite line. Muhahah, I know, I'm mean, but Harry being dead - wahey to that!! Ah, I don't mind him, but having him dead is good. :D

Anyway, this is an overall promising start. Another dark fic from you, and I can't believe the fate of poor Narcissa!! And you've started ANOTHER story. You know you're going to drown in your own writing, right? :p Anyway, I'm assuming the "she" is a vampire. *grins* I'm currently working on a vampire fic too!! This is going to be a fun read.

Anyhow, love it, and I hope you don't drown in it. *extends helping hand* Take your time to update and all.

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Review #33, by DracanaThe Garden of Good & Evil: The Four Senses

12th October 2007:
Great, as ever. Ha, my reviews seem very short and at a loss of what to say, but overall, know that I love this story. And Hermione being a seductress makes me grin because I can and can't imagine it. Poor Blaise is going to go wild when he discovers it's her.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. ^_^

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Review #34, by DracanaThe Garden of Good & Evil: What Do You See?

12th October 2007:
This idea is so great. I love the way it all works out so wonderfully for Hermione *grins* Makes me wonder if she did it on purpose, which of course, she most likely didn't. Still, the idea is great!!

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Review #35, by DracanaThe Garden of Good & Evil: Blinded Temptation

12th October 2007:
Oh wow, love it. it feels like you've started in the middle of a story, which is always intriguing. You've plunged right into the mystery, something great for a first chapter and of course, really gripping. Best of all, this is just so original. Never have I read a story that depicts Blaise and Hermione like this and it's just great.

Straight on to my list of ever-growing favourites, of course. :)

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Review #36, by DracanaLuke: Chapter Sixteen: Back To Ron And Hermiones, Roast Dinner, And A Plan Of Action

12th October 2007:
Wahey, it's up!! I keep checking back, especially as you left us on such a cliffhanger last time, but I knew that we were going to get Harry's POV and so, here it is. I know I've read this whole story but I must come back and review to congratulate you on how fantastic it really is.

I always love the titles for each chapter. They're always long and interesting and sometimes make me last, which I assume is intended.

I'm assuming this is a filler-chapter, just to inform us that Harry is up to date with what is happening, and further more to build the tension by making it a race against time. Can he get to Luke before anything remotely bad happens?

So EEK. Love the chapter, love the story, love the style of writing, love the characters, the plot and well - basically everything. Woot. Keep at it girlie, this story is great. xx

Author's Response: Yeah!! **Throws cheesecake into the air, and watches, fascinated as it splatters down the wall.** Thanks so much for your wanderful review, Helen. They always make me smile, and believe me, sometimes I need that. :) But you knew that already! Harry's sections, I know, sorry, you don't like them as much, but unfortunately for all the Harry haters, it is essential for the chapters to be in there as it shows contrast between the two character's point of views. Believe it or not, if it was all from either one's viewpoint, you would get bored. There has to be variation, or the reader would lose interest.

Thanks for congratulating me on the chapter titles. I loved putting them together!! Um, er, there was no real intention. Lol. It was just to show the random tangents of the character's thoughts.

You got that right. I couldn't possibly get people so built up for the conflict, and then jump straight into it. Oh no, I wanted to play with my readers first. **Laughs mirthlessy** Lol. Can he? Well, you'll just have to wait and see if what occurs, although, as you did point out, you have read all of it anyway!

So EEK. Love the reviews, love your style of writing, love your characters, the plots and well- basically everything. Woot. Lol. I don't know why I just said that, but it's true.


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Review #37, by DracanaHeartthrob: Prologue

10th October 2007:
So I'm assuming he's time-travelling. *grins* Oh, this fic looks so great. For a start, the beginning was great - it really drew me in and assured me that over all, this was going to be a great read. What's more, when I saw the name "Teddy Lupin", I almost squealed with delight. Being the lazy person that I am, I didn't bother to read the summary and instead tested out another of your stories, and as ever, it was great and promises entertainment.

Oh and hell, I know what you mean about starting another story. I think I've already dug my own grave by starting so many which still aren't finished. So, basically - take your time, have fun, and remember that you don't have to update when your readers say so. :D It's your story and it's best you have fun with it. So, update!! Lol, joking.

Anyway, adding to favourites.

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Review #38, by DracanaDuellers at Heart: Duellers at Heart

10th October 2007:
Admittedly, I don't read much Ginny/Draco, so you certainly caught my attention when you said you had written a one-shot of them. I think my first ever completed fanfiction was a Draco/Ginny (which I only ever posted the first chapter up of), and I admit that I adore Ginny, as she's an exciting character.

I think you captured her bright spark in this, meaning that she was in perfect character and therefore, I knew that this was going to be a good story. I loved the interaction between Ginny/Draco. What I think maybe you should try your hand at is a novella or a short story of this pairing, and then you can lengthen it out and take a longer time to get them together and - I don't know. I just think you would do really well in that.

Nonetheless, I did like this, and I think you're great at writing Draco and Ginny.

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Review #39, by DracanaAnomaly;: Conquest;

9th October 2007:
Really liked this chapter. Sorry, haven't got much time, but anyway - good chapter and yay, at last they're together!!

Author's Response: thank you so much !!

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Review #40, by DracanaGodfather: Godfather

4th October 2007:
Really great :D I adore Teddy thoroughly. You mastered the emotion and conflict flawlessly, and I don't really have much else to say, but know this - it was an entertaining read.

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Review #41, by DracanaPlaying Cat and Mouse: [13] A View From All Sides

2nd October 2007:
Ha, this took me ages to read because I was talking to someone at the same time, but nonetheless it was brilliant. You still write kisses perfectly, and I'm still envious.

Anyway, it was a great chapter and as ever, I'm looking forward to an update. And the plot thickens!! I wonder which way all this romance will go. I'm still waving my Blaise/Draco flag, just because they are adorable together and the way you write them is enough to make me swoon ^_^

Author's Response: I've caused swoonage??? *dances*

I'm going to try and get some writing done this week, so that i can update more often, so hopefully (probably) you won't have to wait very long for updates. I also want to finish this story before christmas!!! so I have to get on that (should happen, if I don't completely change the plot, which will most likely NOT happen because it's prefect as it is)

so glad that you liked it, and keep posted for a new chapter within the next few weeks :D

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Review #42, by DracanaInto the Madness: No Longer Safe

2nd October 2007:
"Promises were hollow in the dark times they were now living in. But Teddy knew he would have to hold onto it if he had any hope of surviving long enough to stop him."

That part was beautiful. I don't know why, its just a part that jumped out at me. Oh, and I have a theory that Teddy isn't really dying - its just a false and he's needed to play the hero for some form of destiny which is all a trick, luring him in so Draco or whoever this "He" is can kill him. But I'm probably completely wrong. You know what's really wierd? We update our stories on the same day, they're quite similar (although very largely not at the same time), and well, I dunno, its just funny, because I update my story, look on my favourites to see if you've updated, and you have!! Its crazy but its great. :D

Anyway, great, great chapter, Teddy is of course, fantastic, and I eagerly await more. Take your time with the update, it will be worth the wait, as ever.


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Review #43, by DracanaLuke: Chapter Fourteen: Snapes Assistance, A Flying Visit, And Left Without A Plan

28th September 2007:
“Let- me- in!” I kick, denting the wood. “I said- let-”

Draco creaks open the latch. “You”, he snarls.

Just. . . *snorts* That was brilliant. Oh, I do SO adore this. Lalala *starts dancing* Really, it's great. Oh, and now readers get to see that Draco truly is a git. Well, what can I say? I told you so would be ridiculous, because you as the author already know, unless you wrote this and your brain wasn't working when you wrote this, therefore you wouldn't know, and then I could say "I told you so". However, I will take caution and instead scream "LALALA, I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT!!"

Haha, by-the-way, this was brilliant. Love this part - “His revulsion of you came quite naturally. I just had to push him in the right direction.”

10/10, jiggles for the next chapter, even though you've sent me the whole story. *beams* I must read it, I love it!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Helen. Miss you. It feels really weird without you around. :( Anyway, yeah, I loved writing that bit. Remember when you came round to my house and you were in the other room writing? I wrote this chapter whilst I was on the floor, leaning against my sliding doors. Still, seemed to work!

I am so happy you do, as it was written for you. Love the 'Lalala' thing going on there!! That was so cool, all the explanations running into eachother and everything. Thanks so very much. I feel really really pleased, and smiley. (Which as you know can be rare sometimes.) Lol.

Oh yeah, takes me back. **My eyes glaze over like treacle** I loved writing that line, because of my undying devotion to Harry versus Draco rivalry. I know it's stupid, being so utterly obsessed with the hatred between those two, but it does make me want to scream with happiness.

Thanks!! Yep, the next chapter will be up soon, in about five days I think. Lol. I know. Thanks so much, again. Your comments are so amazing and of course-

You rule.


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Review #44, by DracanaInto the Madness: In the Mind's Eye

21st September 2007:
Oh, take your time with updates. Some of my stories haven't been updated for about a month, lol, so I completely understand where you're coming from. Although I will point out that everytime this story is updated I grin like mad and can't do anything until I've finished reading the latest chapter.

You said you think you still need to work on your descriptions. Although that may be so, I still think you're doing a wonderful job here. With each exploration of character in different chapters, you make it all connect together, and a vivid display of their thoughts is in perfect portrayal. Basically, the imagery is superb and good enough for me to be transported there and to continue being gripping until the end, so I think that you've done well on this part.

Now, I'm a huge Blaise fan and write him all the time, so when I saw him in this chapter I gasped and almost squealed. The part he's going to play seems to be so very wonderful. I love the idea of him being against Draco, and the closest friend being the possible downfall, although I hope Blaise doesn't get corrupted and swallowed up by the darkness along the way. And poor Fleur!! This is all going to link towards the Weasleys then, and perhaps that means another Victoire/Teddy chapter is closing in at some point? I do so love those two!!

Well, I shall stop ranting and merely applaud. ^_^ 10/10, as ever.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for understanding about updates. God, the writer's block is killing me. I haven't updated one of my other fics in awhile and its one I really want to update. *headdesk* I'm really am glad that you're enjoying this story. It's definitely a fun one to write and I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's getting deeper and deeper and sometimes I have no idea how I'm getting myself back up. LOL! Thank you also for saying I'm doing well with my descriptions. I think the place I lack is just the choice of words. I use such simplistic words and I want to try and vary my vocab. So I'm truly working on that. But I'm glad the imagery is coming along and that you can picture being there. As for Blaise...Dracana I just started another fic with Blaise/Hermione. You need to check it out!!!! But I'm glad that you're enjoying him in this story. He's going to be a huge part of it and it was a last minute edition. It'll be fun to pit Draco against Blaise and I can't wait. He won't get corrupted. Promise. As for Fleur...not a fan of her so she needed to go. LOL! I didn't like torturing her but she fit the need. The Weasleys really aren't a huge part, it just seems that way. As for Teddy/Victoire...they will be coming back soon. As always, Dracana, thank you so much for your reviews. I do appreciate them.

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Review #45, by DracanaI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: Lacking a Confidante

20th September 2007:
Aha, brilliant!! Although bad timing for Hermione to realise such feelings, eh? Ah, I won't review for long, cause I wanna read the next chapter, but once again, this was, well, you guessed it - great.

Author's Response: Of course. It wouldn't be a cliched story if Hermione figure it out in TIME to tell Harry. *Laughs* Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #46, by DracanaI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: Just Some Game

20th September 2007:
Ah bless her, sat there pretending to herself. I do love how this is remarkably like the Lily/James relationship we've all been day-dreaming of/reading through fanfic. Ah, its great, and I love the way this is going!!

I should bugger off and stop reviewing all the time, but my excuse . . . Well, there isn't one. Other than that this is a remarkably good story.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I really appreciate it. And funny that you mentioned the J/L thing...when I reread this story a year after writing it, I slammed my head against my desk and moaned, "I should've made this a J/L fic." LOL.

Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #47, by DracanaI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: "It's This Harry...This Harry...This Harry Predicament!"

20th September 2007:
Hahah, ok, so I broke my promise and am reviewing again, but that comment about periods is SO true. Boys get so wierded out if girls start discussing that . . . anyway, love, love, love this story to the point of adoration.

Author's Response: I know! Except the sad thing is that my male friends have started getting used to it, so now I can't use the "we're going to talk about girl stuff" now thing to scare them away whenever I want to have one of those private conversation with my female friends where we talk about them (our male friends, that is). Sheesh. What has the world come to?

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Review #48, by DracanaLuke: Chapter Thirteen: I Get Hammered Again, Mixed News, And Dracos Generous Offer That I Can Hardly Turn Down!

18th September 2007:
Oh, mohahahah, I know EXACTLY what's going to happen next. Oh, Draco's a sly one, isn't he? Watch out Harry!! *spins and twirls in frantics* The git is after you, he's after you I say!!

*sniggers* Seriously, I can't wait for what I just know is now going to happen . . . But to make a pointer upon the line I abolutely adored - "You are the dog’s bollocks. Merlin, they don’t make them like you anymore.” Alright, rather - lines. But haha, Draco must feel so HONOURED!! Ha, I adore Luke, he's such an idiot, and the way he's always swearing is just hilarious. Typical show-off, egotistical English BOY. Anyway, love it, its got such a realistic feel to it.

Can't wait for more, hunny. Speak to you later tomorrow or something. *hugs* Hope University is living up to your expectations. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! Helen, you rule. :) I loved that line. 'The git is after you, he's after you I say!' I loved it!!!!! Anyway, Draco is indeed a sly one, but whether he's good or bad remains to be seen!

Thanks! I am about to call you actually, missing you. :( Anyway, that's not for here. Thanks so much for reviewing again, they rule. Luke is cool, yeah. I'm working on the sequel. Yeah, I know. That's great. Thank you!!

I don't know when I can update, but hopefully soon. I'll ring you now. Yeah, it's cool. Still a lot to take in. 10/10.


Thanks so much.


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Review #49, by DracanaPlaying Cat and Mouse: [12] Surprise, Surprise

15th September 2007:
Oh, I love this. And I'm so confused as to who I want Blaise to be with and . . . well, no, I'm not, lol - I still ship Blaise and Draco. *waves flag* Brillaint, once again, thoroughly entertaining. 10/10

Author's Response: ahaha, well if you ship Blaise/Draco you might be pleased. then agian, you might not! I can't tell you lol. xD I'm so glad that you like the story dear!!! thanks for all the loverly reviews!

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Review #50, by DracanaInto the Madness: Hear Me

15th September 2007:
Er . . . .fantastic!! The horror was absolutely splendid, the detail of description beautiful and yet grotesque, sending a cold shiver up my spine. The language is so beautifully formed and I adore it. This story is living up to exactly what I hoped it would be.

I love that you've been updating so fast!! All of this is just so, well - wow. 10/10

Author's Response: *dances* I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. I know! I got shivers too and I'm writing it! Sometimes I can't believe that I am. Thanks for the compliment on my descriptions. I still think I'm lacking but I'm glad that you find it to be enough. And yay for it living up to standards! Please continue to let me know what you think. Thanks so much for the review, Dracana.

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