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Review #1, by DracanaYeah Boy and Doll Face: Coffee and Custards

4th April 2008:
omfg FRANK!!

*dies* HOW did I not see this before?! I'm seriously such a sap that I almost sat all sad and looser-like reading this, as I miss Tatsuha so much!! Even if that is really vain cause I made him . . . But still, profile checking and sniffling ensue. Aw, since all the old chars like Forrest, Auxxel, Daf and Marius disappeared, nothing is the same anymore :( I'm feeling seriously nostalgic, but reading this made me happy as well as sad.

You entirely made my day!! Love the banner too. Is all perfection, but I'd like the whole story to go on forever, lol.

Yeah, I'll stop blabbering. Disappearing now.

Author's Response: omfg HELEN!
-dies- HOW did I not see there are unanswered reviews? Thank you for reading it, pretty lousy story but I enjoy writing PW characters more than canon so... :P

Maybe I should make chaptered stories about them. -taps chin-

Yeay, I made your day! -does a jig- And um, kinda embarassing and unnecessary information, I occasionally do profile viewing of Tats, even though there are none that are new to be stalked... -ninja-

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Review #2, by DracanaFall Into Shadow: Fall Into Shadow

17th January 2008:
A m a z i n g

This is just wowza!! Your words are so lyrical, it creates the whole piece to be melodic, as if strung along to a rhythm. You can just picture everything; the imagery is beautiful. Grief and sorrow seem to have been portrayed with perfection and I know that it's likely a lot of us have felt on the edge of despair before with the blackness. You've captured it beautifully.

Your work, as ever, is so inspiring. It's powerful and sways the reader into a dream. I'll shut up now . . .


Author's Response: aww helen. thank you. such wonderful comments coming from someone i admire so much! thank you thank you thank you!!

i can't say anything else! im grinning like an idiot!!!

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Review #3, by DracanaInto the Madness: Whispering Secrets

9th January 2008:
*gasps and jiggles with excitment* What a twist!! Didn't see this one coming. Genius :D

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Review #4, by DracanaPlaying Cat and Mouse: [16] Winning

1st January 2008:
Another amazing chapter. Hell, I wish I had written this*gapes in awe* This chapter was so full of emotion and overall, this story has been utterly perfect.

Thanks so, so much for writing something wonderful ^_^

An epliogue would be great *puppy-eyes* I swear I'm going to read this story over and over again as time passes. You have no idea how enjoyable it was.

Author's Response: lol. Dracana, I have to say that your probably one of the major reasons why I choice to try a slash, so the fact that you say this only makes me all the more happy.
thanks so much for following along for the ride. this story had so many turns, and not just for the readers, so it was great to have company along the way :)

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Review #5, by DracanaPlaying Cat and Mouse: [15] Truths, of Sorts

1st January 2008:
Oh wow, that was - well, fantastic. Urgh, you have me so confused - Draco or Hermione? Who should Blaise choose? Poor boy's really gone and gotten himself into a tangled mess? I love this fic so much - it's pure entertainment.


Author's Response: lol xD

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Review #6, by DracanaOnly One: Only One

29th December 2007:
Oh Zoe, that was so beautiful, and I love that song. You twisted it into the story wonderfully. And what an end to the trilogy.

Urgh, the angst - 'tis always a favourite. I'm sad that you're not around so much anymore :( After all, who could possibly be as wonderful as you? *sigh* Miss you loads, and I really hope you return with both your writing and your graphics again.

Author's Response: Helen!!! it has been so long !!!!!!
i dont think i will be returning to graphics anytime soon, but i still stand by what i said, if you ever need one say the word and it is done =) as for the writing i guess thats on hold too...... cant seem to find the time =( i miss you heaps too, but i must say your stories are getting better and more wonderful every single day!
Zoe xx

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Review #7, by DracanaAnd the Wicked Die Alone: Butterfly

27th December 2007:
So sorry I've taken so long to get round to both reading and reviewing this. When I saw it was updated, my stomach flipped, and those butterflies you describe so perfectly filled my stomach. As ever, your writing is amazing and the way you allow the story to flow leaves me green with envy. This truly is a masterpiece and there is no Regulus fic more beautiful, more pleasantly flowing, more perfect and in depth than this one. This is currently at the top of my list of favourite stories, and indeed you're both inspiring and astounding as a writer. I can hardly wait for more, but of course - no pressure. Take your time. It will, certainly, be worth the wait.


Author's Response: I'm a horrible person, not replying to this for a couple months. SO SORRY. I just stopped logging in and kinda forgot about the story -- ok, that's a lie, it's constantly on my mind.

The butterflies? Teehee, gotta love the butterflies. Actually, I hate butterflies. The scare the living crap out of me. Erm. Yeah.

Don't be green with envy! I guess all I can say is practice writing? That's how it worked for me (actually, I'd say roleplaying upped my writing skills, if I have any!)

You flatter me way too much, but thank you. I'm glad you find it to be a masterpiece! I will continue to think likewise though, hehe.

I'm pretty sure it's not at the top any longer. I'm just really stuck on chapter four. And I have to send it to my Beta afterwards, who is already uber-busy and took a couple months to beta it. -le sigh-

Hehe.. :) Thank you very much, my dear! You inspire me to go write some more now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Though, I'm not as astounding as you say -- can't say no to inspiring though, because I can't say what inspires others. :D


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Review #8, by DracanaThe Virgin Count: The Girls Bathroom

27th December 2007:
Once again, really good, and I look forward to an update. I don't suppose this review is very helpful, but meh, never mind.

Author's Response: Not at all! All reviews are welcome!

Update after Christmas ^_^

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #9, by DracanaThe Virgin Count: Muffliato

27th December 2007:
Oh wow, the most original and yet realistic story ever!! I love this - it's humourous and at the same time, I think we can all relate to it, because it's human nature to sit there wondering . . . :p

Can't wait to see where you take this, and of course, it's straight onto my favourites.

Author's Response: Oh Thankyou! Exactly! I used to think I must be some sort of freak to sit in class and try and figure out who was and wasn't; but I am not alone!

And if you're a fan of sitting there wondering in class... you'll love Hermione in the next chapter ;P

Thankyou so much for favouriting&reading&reviewing!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #10, by DracanaOf Jealous Kisses And Dangerous Games: Chapter Two: First Moves

11th December 2007:
Hahahah, poor Draco. You know love potions are um, illegal, right? Or at least Amortentia. I'd love for Harry to get caught *cackles*

Once more, great chapter. Love this story, Rach, and the small scenes we get of Emoz - it just makes us desire him all the more :D

Author's Response: Um, whoops. I kind of...........forgot. Lol. No matter.

Thanks Helen. Lol. I've just been reading through my reply to your review, and I do babble a lot, don't I?


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Review #11, by DracanaOf Jealous Kisses And Dangerous Games: A Potion Made For A Malfoy

11th December 2007:
Right, finally I am here to review. Now, let's start from the beginning. That opening was stunning, Rach. Since when did you become so talented? Seriously, darling, your work has improved SO much and through the opening paragraphs I was grinning. You've gotten more daring with your writing style, and the description was utterly gorgeous. Emoz seems a bit of a, erm, stereotypical name, lol - but he sounds yummy!!

Loved seeing the anger there. It was written well and clearly presented. Revenge, eh? 'Tis always great for a storyline. One thing I would say is that in the middle, I skipped through it, just skimming. It didn't catch my interest in the middle but that's only because I'm not one for enjoying trio fics, so that's my fault not yours.

Can't wait to see more of this gorgeous Emoz (even though his name makes me laugh everytime, haha), and keep writing, Rachel. You're doing wonderfully. Sorry I haven't been around recently to show my support - stupid work been keeping me busy and fanfiction therefore suffers neglect.

Author's Response: Lol!! You didn't have to. Thanks Helen. You think I've improved, loads? Oh, that's fantastic. I'm grinning now. Thanks so very very....... Well, I'm happily shocked. Thank you. I learnt from the best. **Bows.** You deserve all the credit, not me. Thanks again. :) My description is better? Wow. Emoz has a secret, so right now, I can't comment too much on the name...........

Lol. Cool!! Anger where? From Harry I presume. I haven't written this for ages. In fact, this review has made me smile, and made me want to write more. Lol!! I completely understand. I know you don't like that aspect of it. Sometimes I skim yours, when I'm like, 'Woh, this is too clever for me!' Lol.

Haa haa. I'm so pleased you like it. I will, don't worry! You've been such a help, Helen. You really have. I wouldn't have got this far without reading your inspirational stories. I mean it. :)

Oh, don't worry!! Lol. I know what it must be like. You don't have to apologise.

Thank you ever so ever so for this wonderful review!!!


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Review #12, by DracanaDeadly Sins: Tangled up in Reason

7th November 2007:
*skids to a halt and reviews* Sorry I didn't do this earlier, and I'm just about to go out but - great chapter, good work on characters and their relationships and - yeah, I'm sure everyone's already told you already. Anyway, an enjoyable read, and I'm gone. *vanishes* :)

Author's Response: *waves* hi helen!!!!

thanks hunny! see ya later ^_^

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Review #13, by DracanaThe Cruelty Of Fate: The Cruelty Of Fate

7th November 2007:
Ah Rachel, the descriptions in this were really beautiful, and it's so nice to see your out-look on Reg. A really great story, and an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I tried hard with them when I wrote this, and tried to get inspired by your writing. Really, I did! No matter what you do, leave this site forever, stay here on the ocassion, pop by, or never more, you will always be the Queen Of Description to me! xx

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Review #14, by DracanaLuke: Chapter Seventeen: No, Help, And I Want My Daddy!

7th November 2007:
Ah, there is always a price for stupidity. Poor Luke . . . Anyway, sorry this isn't much of a review, just thought I'd drop by to leave my thoughts. Great chapter, nicely paced, no matter what you say, and like everyone else, I'm waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Keep up the good work, Rach. (Doesn't that sound cheesy?)

Author's Response: I know, tell me about it! He is so stupid, and that does not bode well with Draco. Don't worry! :D I'm just so glad that you popped by again. Thanks! It should be up soon.

Oh, I will. It doesn't! ^ ^


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Review #15, by DracanaPlaying Cat and Mouse: [14] Peace at Last...?

25th October 2007:
Blaise is just amazing, as ever. He's so incredibly hot and I love the pairing Blaise/Hermione, but once again must vote for Draco/Blaise, even if it is only out of lust. Brilliant chapter, can't wait to see what happens. :)

Author's Response: lol, well who knows, maybe you'll be pleased withen the next few chapters.
then again, maybe you won't *mawhaha*
the next chapter should be up as soon as possible. I'm going to try and update another story first though, because I've sort of put them on the back burner, and I need to stop doing that lol

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Review #16, by DracanaTainted Angels: Chapter Three

25th October 2007:
% through the next chapter, so it should be along soon.

(Sorry, my response got cut off in the last review, so here it is).

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Review #17, by DracanaWhat Hurts The Most: Arguments and Antics

23rd October 2007:
Ha, I saw your request for a new banner. Does it involve a certain Gaspard? :p Brilliant. Anyway, I'm so glad that you updated, and the tension in this story is certainly rising. It makes me wonder who Hermione will choose in the end (*whispers* Pick Blaise!!), or if the whole thing will end up in disaster. If Draco ever finds out . . . Well, that could be fun!!

Anyway, great chapter, and you're portraying emotions really well in this. You know, I STILL can't find that picture on your banner of Blaise absolutely ANYWHERE. I know you said he was off deviant art but I simply can't find him. And, lol, if you're getting a knew banner, how am I to drool over him? *grins*

Once more, great chapter, and I can hardly wait for more. ^_^

Author's Response: Argh, hun! You rock beyond words! Need I say more?

Haha, yes. The new banner does happen, foolishly, to involve Mister Ulliel himself. Ahh. -drools-

ANYWAY. I would truly love to tell you just what is going to happen, but that would be a little stupid of me, wouldn't it? You'll just have to wait and see like the rest of 'em. -grins evilly-

I actually found the model from deviant art and I went looking for it as soon as I got this review but couldn't find him either. I think the photographer is Marc something-something. Haha, aren't I helpful. I don't even have him in my pics anymore! Ah well. Heh heh.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this. Thanks, hun! =]

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Review #18, by DracanaInto the Madness: Locked Destiny

22nd October 2007:
Fire darling, that was fantastic. This chapter was action packed and as ever, shinning with brilliance. I adore it when you update this story, it makes me get all excited, which never usually happens with other stories. But with this one, I'm always anxiously anticipating the next chapter, and it's always as high standard as I could wish for it to be.

So basically, you're doing a great job and keep it up. Oooh, and I hope Blaise keeps safe. He's such a darling and it would be a shame for him to get caught. He means a lot to the plot of this story and being the traitor, I just hope the poor guy doesn't get killed. *huggles Blaise*


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Review #19, by DracanaMarius Chasing Love: Twelve-Year-Old Girl's Jealousy

20th October 2007:
Hmm, ok - Tats and Xel pretend there's something going on, to make Marius curious and gradually realise that he's in love with Auxxel or . . . ? Lol, ok, maybe I'm thinking on the lines of cliché, but whatever. :) I'll keep guessing to this twist, although I doubt I'll get it. Well then, you'll just have to update and let me find out!! :)

And great poems. You loon, it's not fair. I can't write poems for my life. *sigh* Anyway, plot is coming along greatly, and it's always great to see you writing Tatsuha (since I left PW I miss writing him a LOT, but ah well, it's for the best). Great characters, plot, and well - everything.

*waits patiently for an update*

Author's Response: -dead giggles- Nah, that's too cliche. Flattered you continue to read and review this fanfiction. :) Thanks Helena!

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Review #20, by DracanaSeptember: Pale September

17th October 2007:
Oh my god hunny, that was gorgeous!! I adore you but loathe you at the same time. Lol, I'm trying to catch up with all your fics and you keep adding new brilliant ones that I can't resist. :) I wasn't expecting Blaise to be in this, as I didn't read the summary, knowing it would be good anyway, but it was such a pleasent surprise to see him, and with Ginny. This pairing is just so cute.

You wrote the emotions with style and skill, the whole broken hearts really wielding a theme of trust and fear in love and . . . I don't know, I could have that wrong, but that's just how I interpreted it. What a wonderful idea, and a truly wonderful story ^_^ *adds to favourites, a list of which is now flooded with your works*

Author's Response: thanks so much darling. i quite like this little fic. i wanted to do something different, and this is what came out. new ships. my next challenge, beside the ron/hermione :P is to write a harry/pansy, and then i want to attempt a rose/scorpious...but i don't know about that one yet.

no, you have it right. trust and fear in love. spot on. thanks sweets and in fav *squeee*

don't worry - i think you have the bulk of fics in my favs ^_^

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Review #21, by DracanaHer Decision: Epilogue

17th October 2007:
Ah, that was great Kate, you should be proud of yourself. Admittedly, Draco/Hermione is not my favourite ship - I think it comes joint second with Harry/Hermione. But still, this was really well done, and you said at the beginning that it was your first fanfic, so that just makes it even better!!

Once again, you were certainly realistic in the way you wrote. Imagery provoked my imagination, which was certainly great, and characterisation was flawless. I only mourn for the loss of Blaise *sigh* lol.

Epilogue was a great way of rounding everything off and this, once again, was another great piece of your work. Now I must move on to another of your stories which I am certain will fail to disappoint.

Author's Response: so what the least fav? can i guess? Ron/Hermione? cause its my least :P followed by harry/hermione. its my personal challenge to write the ships i hate. i've done the harmione, now i have to do the Romione...don't know if i can. it will be very hard...

thank you so much darl. i'm happy you liked this little fic. i did have a sequel in the works, but i've chucked it in - it wasn't working at this stage, but i may pick it up again was to be a next gen fic...we'll see..

thanks sweetie!!

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Review #22, by DracanaHer Decision: Disaster...

17th October 2007:
“What a pity, Mudblood, because I am.”

Draco felt his blood turn to ice, a cold voice echoing in his ears. He heard Hermione gasp in shock, looking over his shoulder. Slowly, he turned, finding a wand tip pressed into his face. Zabini, in his full Death Eater glory, was standing directly behind Draco. His lips curled into a smile

Oh, that was my fav part, Blaise sounded so hot and evil. Sorry, my reviews consist of drooling over him, and I'm not being very helpful, am I? Well, it was a shock, this chapter, but a great one!! And entertaining, and gripping, and you evil person - you left it on a cliff-hanger. :)

Author's Response: heehee evil and hot!! yes!! looking back on this, i had a very not-attractive image of Blaise in my mind, but that has changed somewhat *winks*

drool away my dear ^_^

thanks again Helen!!

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Review #23, by DracanaHer Decision: Becoming Snape

17th October 2007:
Favourite chapter!! I bet you can guess why!! The interaction between Draco (via Snape) and Blaise was brilliant, and Pansy lied!! Yay, glad that she seems stronger in character than others usually place her as. Anyway, once again over all, I have no compaints. :)

Author's Response: oh thanks hun. i was worried about this chapter initially - i didn't think it 'worked' but i;m glad you liked it!! and yay, Pansy! i do like writing her. she is fun ^_^

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Review #24, by DracanaHer Decision: Dumbledore's Army

17th October 2007:
*shrieks over the fact that Blaise was mentioned once again, and willingly throws herself at his feet as his most loyal Death Eater* Oh hell, if only. Blaise Zabini, Dark Lord, hooded in sexy black with pale blue glinting eyes and wow, I'm swooning already. Although I've got a bad feeling my love is going to die in this fic. *melodramatic sigh* Can't you kill Ron instead? :p

Anyway, once again, another great chapter, and I love love love how much Draco and Hermione's relationship has been developed, ascending slowly towards love in a most realistic way. Brilliant, darling.

Author's Response: heehee i rather like that image myself!

hahahaha can i kill Ron? i thought about it...i did. maybe in another fic...its on my 'to-do' list :P

thanks sweetie!! this was a fun fic to write, cause it was my first!!

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Review #25, by DracanaHer Decision: Panic and Magical Marks

17th October 2007:
Blaise escaped!! *dances around* I'd love to say that his location was at my house, in my room, sat on my bed, but *sigh* one can only dream. I so love the fact that Blaise is in this. He's only been in it a little but already he's my hero, yes, even though he's mean and trying to kill Draco and - well, we all like a bad boy, I suppose. And he's so clever, breaking free of Azkaban :D

Anyway, I'll stop swooning over the fact that Blaise is in this and pause to congratulate you on another great chapter. *plunges on*

Author's Response: he's a tricksy one ^_-

its funny, after i wrote Bad World and HSS, i felt kind of rotten for how i wrote Blaise in this. this was before i'd fallen in love with him myself (which is all your fault you know ^_-)

thanks hun!!

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