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Review #1, by wackywarlockAnd the Greatest of These...: The Standoff

27th May 2008:
amazing! Very nice ideas and plots and harry seems to have really grown up. :) just one thing, I believe its kreacher and not kreature unless it was spelled that way anywhere. I'd totally love to read the rest.

Author's Response: Thanks. you are probaby right about my spelling mistake. i have quite a few. happy reading.

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Review #2, by wackywarlockUnforeseen: Unexpected Endings

16th February 2008:
this is so nice! I wish this has sequel(s). Any plans neurotica?

Author's Response: Unfortunately no, there are no plans for an Unforeseen sequel.

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Review #3, by wackywarlockThese Hallowed Halls: Back to the Grindstone

16th February 2008:
a very nice depiction of a part of what life after hogwarts is. Very nice. I will be checking out parts II, III and IV too.

I have one last thing to say, you might want to change one thing in chapter I due to it being a fact. India's capital city was and has been for a very long time and is- New Delhi. Mumbai is just the "New York" of Indi. You might want to correct that

Good luck with any other stories you are writing or planning to write! :)

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Review #4, by wackywarlockThe war to end all wars - Book 1: chapter 22

31st January 2008:
I found the story nice. Although some things, like godric and helga's secret marriage and gryffindor's wand, though nice to see in the story seemed far fetched. I found 'White house' peculiar too. And one thing, I don't expect a lady like rowena ravenclaw would speak the way you wrote some places, for a lady who died a thousand years ago. It was a fresh story though, and a good read. A request, could you please mention the current professors and their subjects, so that we all can see who replaced whom? Thanks and keep your spirit up and head always filled with bubbly ideas. Ciao!

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Review #5, by wackywarlockEvanescent Fire: How Can I Not Love You

2nd December 2007:
I never knew that moments between severus and lily could be this beautiful. Excellent writing ray! and I simply loved the details and descriptions...beautiful! your work is simply outstanding...great job and good luck for the rest of your fan-fics!


Author's Response: Thank you very much Sam! im glad you enjoyed it. Im glad you described it as beautiful because that is exactly how i would describe Sev and Lily's tragic relationship XD. Best of luck to you as well ^_^


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Review #6, by wackywarlockMurder on the Hogwarts Express: The Final Evidence

1st December 2007:
the story was awesome VG! I can't believe I didn't read it till now, a total different look of tonks ;) and characters whom we don't see so much in regular HP stories...great work!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! ^_^ Yes, I did rather change Tonks' character a bit for this story, but it's great that you still enjoyed how it turned out. :)

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Review #7, by wackywarlockHarry Potter and the Founders Study: Chapter 45: A Prophecy Fulfilled

1st December 2007:
I loved the whole story! It was very expressive and all the horcruxes and the ideas were really good and they fit in too! I can just read it over and over again and still not get bored.:)

Author's Response: Thanks WackyWarlock for the great reveiw. Glad you liked the story so much.

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Review #8, by wackywarlockHis Name Is...: His Name Is...

27th July 2007:
wow! looks like this story ended on a sad note...nice on though...but seems like it stopped on a cliffhanger type.

Author's Response: it is kinda a cliffhanger as there is a sequal veyr much on the way....first chappie already completed. thanks for the review! :D

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Review #9, by wackywarlockHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: The Value of Memory

6th June 2007:
wow! so dumbledore actually planned out things before his death! Double wow. nice clue and The ending is unusual...looks like the harry-cho boat must be sailing by the harry-ginny

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Review #10, by wackywarlockWorking It All Out.: Cassandra's dream and a small chat with Professor Potters

23rd April 2007:
now this is nice...I hope you continue it! although I have one question...all six of 'em are in gryffindor and in 1st all of them should have similar timetables right?...yet you mentioned 4 of them having charms and 2 have is that possibel?

Author's Response: lol thats just me taking more of real life and putting it with Hogwarts. Really, they SHOULD all be in the same class at the same time, but i made some go to different classes.

And i plan to continue it =D


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Review #11, by wackywarlockHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: A Requirement

23rd April 2007: That is all I can say. Its been close to 9 months since I have visited this place..I can't be called your most loyal reader..but you are my fav, author here...I hope you continue...

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