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Review #1, by Wrongfully AccusedWaiting Game: Waiting Game

7th August 2006:
That was amazing! You wrote it so perfectly. I miss fics like this, it was beautifully written as well. I gave you a 10/10 for this, it was great. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is probably one of my favourite fics I've written, so your praise is wonderful to read. Thanks once again, especially for the 10/10, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #2, by Wrongfully AccusedMemories: Unexpected Love: Memories: Unexpected Love

18th July 2006:
Very cute. I can't give any advice on his accent since I don't how to do it that well myself but I think you did good. I liked it all in all.

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Review #3, by Wrongfully AccusedDark Waltz: Dark Waltz

13th July 2006:
That was amazing! I wish you would continue this as some sort of story, it would be great. You had me hanging onto every word, it was really well written. Am I right in guessing that this idea came from phantom of the opera? Hmm without a reflection I kind of had the thought he was a vampire. I could guess all day who the masked man was but alas I doubt I'd get it right. I would say Eric as he is the phantom in the movie but it's probably a harry potter character. Excellent job :) 10/10

Author's Response: Wow! *blushes* I'm glad you enjoyed it! The idea of the masked man only came from Phantom of the Opera, and in regards to the reflection, he wasn't a vampire but it sort of made Hermione realise that she was in a fantasy and that everything couldn't be perfect in it. The man is a Harry Potter character, but you can keep guessing. Hehe. Thanks for your wonderful comments!!

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Review #4, by Wrongfully AccusedJustice for the Dead: Cry Out for Justice

13th July 2006:
This was very interesting and well done. I love seeing what people come up with for my challenges and this was great. Congrats on a excellent job for your first challenge. ~~LadyOfShadows(fourm name)~~

Author's Response: Thank You!!! Some of this was hard for me to write but it was well worth it. Like I said in the Author Notes... I sooo loved this challenge, Thank you for posting it!!!

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Review #5, by Wrongfully AccusedA Choice of Two Paths: A Choice of Two Paths

25th June 2006:
Great job! Glad you took up my challenge, you did a wonderful job. :)

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Review #6, by Wrongfully AccusedThose Eyes: Memories

4th June 2006:
Hey there. I really like this because it showed a whole new side to Harry's aunt and you wrote it nicely. Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: thanks!!!

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Review #7, by Wrongfully AccusedCherry Lipstick: Rogue Rouge

17th May 2006:
This is really interesting so far. I hope to read more.

Author's Response: There is another chapter written and on the way! Thanks for the support! ~DIR

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Review #8, by Wrongfully AccusedWandering: Wandering

17th March 2006:
Interesting so far. I'll defintly keep reading.

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