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Review #26, by hedwidgeonInnocence for Candy: Innocence for Candy

12th February 2007:
Oh my gosh that was so cute!! I loved it! This was really well written and I can totally imagine it happening sometime! I loved it! I really can't say anything other than it was perfect! But just a note- in the very beginning, on the first line of dialogue you forgot the quotation marks. You might want to go back and fix that, otherwise its good. Gah I loved this! So innocent and sweet! It's definitely on my favorites!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks about the quotes! It helped out a lot. Also, thanks for the review :)

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Review #27, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: III: St. Mungo's

11th February 2007:
Oh my gosh that was so sad!! This was really well written and I could tell what everyone was feeling. It was kind of a shock, which was good because it was for the Weasleys and Harry and Hermione too. It makes sense for the DE's to attack now for revenge because Voldie's dead. It was really sad! But really good. *cries* Poor Mrs Weasley! And I'm so sorry that I havent gotten to make the banner yet, I havent had more than ten minutes of free time these past few days!

Author's Response: Oh, that's alright. =D Thanks for you review! I love getting all these enthusiastic reviews because sometimes I feel like just abandoning the story because I'm lazy or something (lol) but then I hear from you lot and ... well, it keeps me going. Thanks again! XD

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Review #28, by hedwidgeonEscaping Umbridge: Escaping Umbridge

9th February 2007:
Ohh my gosh this was hilarious! I never thought about what Ron and Hermione would be doing then and this was a wonderful way to put it! Perfectly hilarious! Your style was great and I could totally tell what they were feeling. You wrote the characters really well, I loved it! Going on my favorites and 10/10! Great job!! :)

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Review #29, by hedwidgeonBenefit of Cheating: "...that's the benefit of cheating."

5th February 2007:
Oh my gosh I LOVED this! It was so original and different from what you would normally see. It was relly well written too. Great job!!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad to know you liked it!

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Review #30, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: III: Something Strange

27th January 2007:
hehe, I know you emailed this chapter to me but I couldnt resist rereading it! Once again I loved it, and I cant wait for more. Still love the chess scene, it was so cute. Great job. I hope you update soon! And I havent forgotten about Secretly Ginny, I've been sick so... I should be updating soon. Cant wait for chapter 5!!

Author's Response: Lol =D Thanks! Update soon! XD

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Review #31, by hedwidgeonYou Do Approve, Don't You?: You Do Approve, Don't You?

26th January 2007:
I loved this! Great job. Everyone was really in character and well written. I loved the Quidditch match, it had some great description. You wrote this really well, and it's totally believable. Great job, 10/10 and I'm adding it to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #32, by hedwidgeonLife is a Beautiful Thing: Merry Christmas, Hogwarts

21st January 2007:
haha I loved it! You paid attention to so many hings that I wouldve missed, it was amazing. GOod JOb! Great way to end it by the way, I really enjoyed this!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I actually felt like I was missing a lot, but I couldn't get some other things to work out...ah well. Thanks again for reading and the lovely review! :)

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Review #33, by hedwidgeonGrey Clouds: Christmas and Revelations

21st January 2007:
*dies* cliffie! NO! I loved this chapter, alon with the riest of the story, I cant wait for an update. I dunno f i want her to be with hary or draco... please update soon, or i will die!

Author's Response: noo don't die! Just kidding, but thanks for the review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #34, by hedwidgeonWhen Innocence Is Lost: Chapter 2~ Forgotten

20th January 2007:
I. wow. I seriously can't say anything but wow. This is amazing. Seriously. This is heavy. I am seriously crying. That is so sad... but really good. I want to leave anohter really long review, but I can't. This is just... I dont know how to say it. This is amazing. I love how you described Ginny's transition. It was wonderfully writen and described. Her attack on Hermione was unexected, but it fit. It was creepy. The stuff with Voldemort and Pansy and Malfoy was... I dont know how to put it. Amazing. Honestly. I'm just repeating myself, I know, but I have honestly never been more amazed by a fanfiction. Romilda coming along was unexpected but brilliant, and you portray her in a unique way that I havent really seen before. I just... wow. Sorry for being so repetitive. But I really hope you can update soon, because this is just an amazing story. I'd give it a million out of ten and it's definitely on my favorites. And besides mine, you only have one review?! Unbelievable. This is honestly amazing.

Author's Response: Wow. *Blushes* You like it that much?? =) Hehe. Thanx!!!! Favorites?! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!!! lol. And I know I go on and on with it...but I'm glad you thought and repeated that it was "amazing". Haha. I know it was creepy and unexpected. But trust me, not everyone likes this story. On another site, some reviewer told me to never write again and "if you choose to, you might as well stick a sign to your back that says kick me I'm a squashed cabbage leaf" lol. I know!! EVILLLLLLLLL!!! So, that's why I only have one meek review. *Cue violin* lol. So...thanx again!!! I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to your next chappie! ~Your Cissy~ Ps* Do you want me to continue?? =)

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Review #35, by hedwidgeonWhen Innocence Is Lost: Chapter 1~ Forsaken

20th January 2007:
Hey! Here's the review, and it's a long one:

You did a really great job with this first chapter. I thought it was a little bit confusing, but it fit well b/c it all made sense in the end. It wouldnt have been as good w/out that.

I really like your style. You describe the characters emotions very well and your description makes me feel like I can see whats happening and like i'm there - 'It was like something out of a dream…that soon turned into a nightmare. Ginny walked down the halls of Hogwarts, her presence haunting the empty passageways. There was no one around; the beautiful hallway was covered with dust and a frightening aura of massacre. She turned and looked around; rubbing her hands up and down her arms in an attempt of warming them…it was no use. Her breath came in short, frightened gasps, as her breath swirled out of her rosy lips…white and cold. Ginny shivered, she didn’t like this…not one bit. Where was she? This surely wasn’t Hogwarts…was it?' and 'She looked different, like she wasn’t a Weasley at all…she was more mature: her hair was up to her waist and jet black, her cheekbones more hollow, her beloved Weasley freckles were gone, her lips were rosier and bigger, her figure curvy, and her wrinkles a little more dominant…but there was something else…it was her eyes… her eyes were an unearthly green color …her beautiful eyes that spoke thousands of words were filled with ancient sadness…her eyes alone made her look twenty years older, and that scared her. She looked away.' those two were really good, they really carried over the idea well.

The idea of this fic is great too. I love it. Your style fits well with it and you write it really well. I absolutely loved this. It's really interesting and I'm really eager to continue reading.

So, in all, great job with this first chapter. Keep up the great work and now I'm off to read chapter two! Adding this to my favorites. By the way, if you want a banner I can make you one, just email me at

xxx hed

Author's Response: Hey!!! Thanx a ton for the review!!!! I'm glad you like it! =) I know, I know...It is a bit confusing...but I'm glad you get it now. lol. Omg! I e-mailed you back on that!! Thanx sooooo much! Did you make you're own banner?? lol. =) Thanx again!!! L8er!!! ~Nat~

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Review #36, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: III: Never Leave Me

20th January 2007:
*cries* that was too sweet! I loved it! OMG it was so good! Sorry, but this was such a sweet chapter... I love everyones reactions, they were so realistic and it was so sweet and... gah I'm gonna be so sad when this fic is over.. its not over yet, is it?

Author's Response: Of course not! XD Besides, I'm preparing already for a HMY: 4 so keep your eyes peeled...XD

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Review #37, by hedwidgeonHer Name Is Petunia: In The Bleak Midwinter

20th January 2007:
I dont know if I've reviewed this story yet, but I've been reading it for a long time. I think this is an awesome story, and I really love it. You have a great style and write really well. I added this to my favorites a while ago and I dont think I ever left a review (sorry about that) so now I'll tell you that I just love this story to death. I cant wait for an update and great job!! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'm going to update as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Review #38, by hedwidgeonhow could i be so stupid: inside her heart

18th January 2007:
Aww! That's so sweet! That's such a great idea for a surprise, so sweet of Harry! I like how this chapter was a bit longer, and how it went into more detail. Good job, this is a really good story and I hope you continue with it!

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Review #39, by hedwidgeonhow could i be so stupid: Back home

18th January 2007:
this is a really good start! I love it! It's a really good idea. I just think you could improve it a bit by elaborating a little on the characters feelings. Good job for your first fanfic!

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Review #40, by hedwidgeonThe Sign of the Birtwhistle: The Sign of the Birtwhistle

16th January 2007:
Wow, I loved this! You write Luna so well!! E veryone was really in character and it was hilarious. Great job!!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #41, by hedwidgeonThe Lady or the Dragon?: The Lady, or the Dragon?

15th January 2007:
Hehe, I JUST read that story in English like last week. Funny coincidence! Anyway, I loved it, that was a great way to translate it into the HP-world! Great job! And I think it was Lily (not only did he get ehr in th e books but I think she would have let him live in some way) I'm just too nice!! I'm adding this to favorites, really well done!

Author's Response: I read this in english gifted one day and loved it. considering this was my first one-shot, i think i did pretty good.

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Review #42, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: III: Muggles and the Gryffindor Crest

17th December 2006:
Wow... so sad!! But really good. I've added it to my favorites. Please update soon! Really well written and I cannot wait for the next chapter. Can't wait to see the Weasley's reactions!! :) I'm having some problems with the banners, so if you're willing to wait I can get them to you within a month or so (hopefully) but if not you're welcome to request from someone else. xxx hed

Author's Response: No prob. - I'll wait. =] Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by hedwidgeonPart of that World: chapter one

10th December 2006:
This is a great fic. I loved it - it was totally in character and well written. Great job, this was a really interesting way to look at Petunia. Loved it, 10/10. Wonderful.

Author's Response: Thanks hedwidgeon! It took me ages to finally write it and stick with it.

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Review #44, by hedwidgeonLonely Night: Good-Bye

27th November 2006:
Wow, that was so sweet. I cried too... So beautifully written and great description. I enjoyed this so much... I'm adding it to my faves. And I will definitely check out the rest of your work because this was just amazing.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I'm pleased to hear that you liked it!

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Review #45, by hedwidgeonCaught, Once Again, By a Hot Boy, While Curled Up in a Ball, Eating My Hair: Water, Water Everywhere

26th November 2006:
Well, I just read all of this fic and I'm seriously dying of laughter. This is honestly the most hilarious fic I've read in, like, ever! Great job with this. I enjoyed reading this so much. You have a great story here, and I've definitely added it to my favorites. I absolutely cannot wait for an update, and I gave you a 10/10. :)

Author's Response: Uh oh, dying of laughter? We can't have that :) I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it, though. Ooh, and favorites status? Dang, I'm blushing. Chapter 11's been waiting in validation for a few days now - you can probably expect it to be released sometime in the next week. Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to let me know what you thought! I totally love you for it.

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Review #46, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: II: Horcruxes, Once Again

19th November 2006:
Wow, great job with this fic! I enjoyed it enormously. It was really well written and just plain wonderful. It was really sweet and I can't wait for HMY3. How long are you planning to make it?

Author's Response: HMY3 is only 1 chapter. Tis' around 1,500 words I think - I'm pretty sure more. I dont' think I'm as happy with part 3 and part 4...hmm...XD

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Review #47, by hedwidgeonWhat Is The Point Of Chickens?: 'What Is The Point In Chickens?'

13th November 2006:
Oh my gosh I am cracking up like heck. seriously... i love this fic! definitely on my favorites and its so hilarous, i have to say, i'm like dying of laughter right now... 10/10, and I will be rereading this like a zillion times cuz i love it so much! Wheredid you get your inspiration for this?

Author's Response: Excellent. Thanks so much. Yeah, inspiration- well, it sounds stupid, but I actually got my inspiration from an early news programme. The reporter was talking about chickens, and I groaned, 'It's too early for chickens'- and that was it. The idea for it came. What would it be like if Ron Weasley had to get up in the morning to feed the chickens at 'The Burrow?' 10/10? Wow, so pleased!! Changed the title in the end, so that it was (hopefully?) more funny! 'What Is The Point In Chickens?' Fred's answer to the question came naturally, 'We often have the same thought about you'- and that was it. Thanks so much for reviewing, and . . . 'a zillion times?' I am impressed! Lol. x :) x

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Review #48, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: II: Moony, Tonks, and a Lot of Laughs

13th November 2006:
Oh good, they made up! That was great! PLease make the chapters longer-ish? And how did harry ad Ginny make up? loved theis chapter and Im eagerly awaitiing the next one! Plz update soon! :) 10/10! and PS, can you email me the info for the banner for this story? Ill start working on taht soon. PPS soory about my aphtetic spelling and stuff today, but my hands are dying I just had horsback riding and I'm ferezing to death... k enough of my rambling!! :) hope you update soon-ish!!

Author's Response: I'm trying to make them as long as I can but it's hard, and I haven't had much time to work on it. Power keeps going out here, and is threatning too again as I type. Wind speeds up to 60 and rain is absolutley pouring here in 'Beautiful' British Columbia!

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Review #49, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: II: No Clue Where You're Going

6th November 2006:
Meh! Harry and Ginny, fighting? never though that could happen! but evidently it can... you know, Harry should really let her come to look for the Horcruxes. but anyway, plz update soon and I'm loving it, 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, I had Harry and Ginny fighting. I always figured one day they'd have a rather large fight about the horcruxes if they got back together. They're both stubborn people (particularily Ginny) so...yeah. xD

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Review #50, by hedwidgeonHarry Missed You: II: Bundle of Joy

30th October 2006:
Yay! A sequel! I loved Harry Missed You and this seems just as amazing! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

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