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Review #1, by Burnt FlowersThe Dark Side of Harry Potter: Alien Experiences

14th July 2006:
I am so sorry for this late review... I don't know if I should begin with the sickness of the little one or the ruddy computercrash. Add writer's block to that and I think you have a pretty close idea :)

But I loved these two chapters, loved it. The description of Durmstrang, Godric's Hollow... You spin a nice little tale around the love between Harry and Ginny and what else could happen after HBP. I love it! Lots of theories to be found in here, and I adore the part where you gave Ginny healing powers. Makes me so curious about how many things from your story will actually happen in book 7 you know? There have got to be at least some!

So, I'm back online again with a couple of files and lots of mail missing but nonetheless. I'll be eying this story closely!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Oh, what a surprise! I'm sooo happy you had the time to read and review my story's latest chapters in the middle of all your mum's duties (and I have some idea there)! Computers are really dumb sometimes. My own laptop decided to crash a few weeks ago... anyway, we're back on track now.
Godric's Hollow...I thought that was going to be an emotional visit for Harry. As for the theories... well, as you'll know, I'm a great fan of the mugglenet forums, so... I picked some ideas there... anyway, the romance storyline is what got me started in the first place, so that'll be the main thing here. But I'm trying to prophesize what will happen, you're right!
I can't believe I can say that, but CHAPTER TEN IS READY! Now I have to wait for my betas to have a look at it... still a bit of waiting I'm afraid!
Thanks *hugs* Stefania

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Review #2, by Burnt FlowersThe Dark Side of Harry Potter: Happy Birthday, Harry!

23rd May 2006:
I have to agree with you, this is one lovely, very good chapter indeed. Well done, very well done! I loved how you drew me from emotion to emotion, I loved how you changed the perspectives from Ginny, to Harry, to Draco, to Arthur... I loved it all.

The scene with Ginny and the Dementors struck me. I expected Harry to conjure that Patronus but instead it was Ginny. Good choice for the feline Patronus! Exactly how I pictured her Patronus to be.
The description of the Dementor mist was so lively, I could almost feel it...

Yes, I'm very much in love with this chapter. I do hope you don't suffer from another case of writer's block! Happy writing, and till the next one, no doubt!


Author's Response: Thank you Danielle! I'm so glad you liked it! The change of POVs along the story seemed to work well - maybe I'll try to use that in the future as well.
Harry was still shocked by Ginny's supposed "cheating", so it looked natural to me that he would fail the Patronus ... time for little Ginny to show a bit of her powers! Chapter eight is ready ... it will be posted asap! Thanks again!

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Review #3, by Burnt FlowersThe Dark Side of Harry Potter: The wedding

13th April 2006:
Loved it! Especiall the Harry-Ginny action, of course. Too bad it stopped (but that is just the nature of my wicked mind...:)

I really enjoyed how you pulled in the obvious bur forgotten facts of the books. Bill being a curse-breaker adding some significance to the story, Viktor as the access to Durmstrang, amazing! I really never thought of that until I read your story.

Good job, looking forward to read your next chappie!


Author's Response: Thank you Danielle ... yeah, Harry and Ginny were a bit unlucky here ... I'm sure they would have gone much further if not interrupted ...*winks* maybe they'll have some other occasion in the future ... who knows? LOL! I'm glad you liked the way I've incorporated Bill and Krum inside the story. JKR created so many wonderful characters, really, any of them is wonderful to use.
I'm working on chapter seven - thank you for the review! Bye!

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Review #4, by Burnt FlowersThe Dark Side of Harry Potter: 'Dark Times Lay Ahead, Harry.'

25th March 2006:
Bill! Yes please, more of Bill! Loved this chapter and I can't wait to see where this is getting to. I'm also very curious how the Trio will solve the Horcrux-thing... Horcruxes have me intrigued, a lot. Heck, you got me curious on about any part of the story :) And Ron, get on with it! Groetjes, Danielle

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Danielle! I didn't know you were such a fan of Bill ... but he's cool,you're right! I'm trying myself to guess about Horcruxes ... so all you're going to read afterwards is going to be flights of my imagination ... only JKR knows! And about Ron ... he will have his moment, don't worry. Thanks for the great review! And congratulations on posting your own story! Cheers!

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