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Review #1, by ArchelausHarry Potter and the Green Flame Torch: The Gift Of The Magi

23rd July 2004:
I read the latter chapter twice to manage to make out the exact hypothesis.I admire your story because it is something yours,it belongs to you,it's a matter of your own character-as writer of course.This is after all what a fanfic stands for. But if you want my opinion,I believe that the best ..Let's say it guide for Harry to manage to handle his powers would be Severus Snape and nobody else.Keep up.And Tell Voldy to give hell for me!

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Review #2, by ArchelausHarry Potter and the Green Flame Torch: Return to Godric’s Hollow.

30th June 2004:
That turned out good.I am not really glad for Albus's decapacitating because he is my second favourite character.(As a hint I will tell that my 1st favourite starts from Vold- and ends in -emort!) Now,to return to the chapter. I for one don't fell like Neville's being traitorous is really justified.It somehow stands on midair.I would prefer it if the traitor was....Luna?(I came up with this idea when I studied the fanfic: Harry Potter and the perils of unknown from Logical Raven-->A really good one). However,this is a matter of your own choice in which I don't want to intrude. It's really good that you didn't decide to make the Albus-Voldemort battle in the Chamber because this is what I am going to do in my own fanfic.->I have taken your ''siege''as an idea and I have made something equal at my own fanfic.Voldemort appears in the enchanted sky having captured Karkaroff and he cremates him while the other is alive,in front of all the students.My siege is to take place after easter!! In my own story I am about to use a phrase of your own(the one that Dumbledore said when he broke the death eater shield)-->not exactly as it is but the same thing.I ask for your permission taken that I have a certain respect for foreign ownership.More than all,Dumbledore's killing curse. Well,informatively,my own fanfic has something to do with the return of a very very very old friend and a barrage of killing curses.So,I don't think that it will be troublesome for my very image as writer to make Dumbledore Avada-Kedavra death eaters once! Keep up!

Author's Response: As I am writing this I just saw on the title of the sixth book. The title has totally baffled me. Coming to the story I will explain why Neville turned his back. It was quite an obvious choice. His first reason is he wants his parents back. But the water runs a little deeper. I do not have any problem with either my phrase or my ideas being used in your story but I really appreciate you asking. I must also apologise for not yet going through your story but I assure you I will very soon.

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