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Review #26, by BinkTwo Worlds: Demeon Valentine the Great!

3rd March 2005:
cool beans

Author's Response: cool beans indeed

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Review #27, by BinkThrough Another's Eyes: THE WEDDING

3rd March 2005:

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Review #28, by BinkInto The Darkness: Cauldron

3rd March 2005:
great she's a druggie? will she every stop the addiction?

Author's Response: hmmmm. not sayin a word.

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Review #29, by BinkMy Reflection: Jealous

3rd March 2005:
i like this story please update soon

Author's Response: *smiles*

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Review #30, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: Quidditch and Quarrels

24th February 2005:
i am glad that he won't be a prat for long, but is he going to concider betral? I hope not.

Author's Response: I really don't know yet, he might do, he might not :o)

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Review #31, by BinkTime After Time: Hog's Head

24th February 2005:

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #32, by BinkInto The Darkness: Bridget's Secret

23rd February 2005:
oh boy! don't that just suck.

Author's Response: yup.

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Review #33, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: The Strangest Meeting

22nd February 2005:
i hope ron doesn't stray too far from Harry. The way you are writing makes it sound like ron could become another Wormtail.

Author's Response: He won't go that far, really :o)

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Review #34, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: A Change Of Form

18th February 2005:
you and your cliffhangers, you are going to kill me one of these days. I love your story and look for updates every day so please hurry.....

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad you like it and you needn't look every day, I update every other :oP

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Review #35, by BinkHarry and Ginny: Journey Ending, Journey Beginning: Chapter 40: Startling Announcement(s) and an Event

17th February 2005:
why did she have to kiss him. SHe was being controled right? Please tell me she was under a curse....

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Review #36, by BinkShe Hates Me: Chapter 26

14th February 2005:
i hate your cliffhangers, love the story though....

Author's Response: haha, sorry about that, i, personally, love them....thank-you for the review though

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Review #37, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: The Poisoning Of Sybil Trelawney

10th February 2005:
you make snape sound like so much fun. I am so used to reading about him being mean and evil it is nice to see a different side of the man. looking forward to your next chapter.......

Author's Response: Not everyone can be mean and evil all the time, I'm sure even Voldemort... oh forget it, anything going down that route is just ridiculous! Glad you liked it :o)

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Review #38, by BinkTime After Time: Christmas Day

9th February 2005:
wow that was a sneak attack! i wasn't expeciting that. pretty cool though.

Author's Response: thanks! yeah we all know I spring up things like this!

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Review #39, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: Legilimens

8th February 2005:
can't wait!!!!

Author's Response: :o)

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Review #40, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: The Worries Of Remus Lupin

7th February 2005:
you are doing a great job, i check for updates everyday.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it enough to keep checking :o)

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Review #41, by BinkInto The Darkness: Changes

2nd February 2005:
i don't understand molly's logic, but maybe that is just a cliffhanger in disquise????

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad someone FINALLY picked that up!

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Review #42, by BinkTwo Worlds: of songs and laughs

24th January 2005:
them getting drunk was a good twist

Author's Response: thanx ^_^ i didnt plan it so it was kind of a twist for me keep reading im sure there's guna b more twists

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Review #43, by BinkInto The Darkness: August 31st

24th January 2005:
oh the suspense...... not fair

Author's Response: but don't you just love cliffies....:-D

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Review #44, by BinkShe Hates Me: Chapter 2

9th January 2005:
i think the birthdate is wrong. 1980 would mean that he is 24 now but harry is 16. that math doesn't add up.

Author's Response: sorry, i have no idea. it think i just picked a year out of the air. i know bad work on my part, i'll try to go fix that. thanks for that.

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Review #45, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: A Lesson In Apparition

9th January 2005:
im enjoying it. I am glad that you update regularly. i am looking forward to see what you turn harry into..

Author's Response: It irritates me when it takes people weeks and weeks to update which is why I aim to get at least two chapters out every week :o) Glad you liked it!

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Review #46, by BinkAn Alternate Ending: The Prophecy Told

28th December 2004:
that was a detailed chapter, but i am getting the vibe that if everyone keeps picking on snape he will go back to the dark side and that would be devastating to the order. that is just what i have been getting out of it.

Author's Response: I know, well if you read my previous fic (and I can't remember whether you did or not) then you'll be wondering how insanely over the top with the cursing Snape thing I'm likely to go. It won't go any further than this and I'll try to keep him on reasonable terms with everyone else beause, as you say, he would end up leaving. That was a needlessly long response... Anyway, have a happy new year! Cheerio :o)

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Review #47, by BinkLost Letters: The Odd Question

19th November 2004:
i am loving it i hope you update very very soon.

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Review #48, by BinkLost Letters: It's Just a Bloody Date

19th November 2004:
i laughed my butt off on this chapter. so far i am digging the story but i am bummed about the fact that harry has lost the letters in the memories. can you even do that? i guess rowling is the only one who can really answer that. i dig the story though

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Review #49, by BinkDying Young: Falling

16th October 2004:
so far i like it, I don't think harry is over reacting at all. if you are into slash you should check out

Author's Response: Thanks for the link :) I'll check it out. And thanks for the review too. Love, Deborah

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Review #50, by BinkIt's A Beautiful Life: Endings and New Beginnings

5th October 2004:
hey i have been reading your stories for the past couple of days and i love them. you are a taleneted writer and i look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: thank you. I'm glad you enjoy my little AU saga, I enjoy writing it.

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