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Review #1, by musicgirlhp14Quantum Physics: 3

29th October 2012:
Loved the Laura quotes. The story felt as if it had been placed in her world. Very good.

Author's Response: thank you so much! ♥

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Review #2, by musicgirlhp14Play: Next Stop, Summer

7th July 2011:
On an unrelated note... sort of... Can I just say I totally love and approve of your use of Laura Marling in your banners/chapter images! She is actually my everything when it comes to music and life, and for some reason I really think she fits the idea of Rona well. ALSO really enjoying the continuation of this fluffiness.

Author's Response: Ooh a fan! I actually cast her -before- I listened to Laura Marling, because I was just looking for a brunette with a bun. But then I listened to her music and I was like, SCORE! I ALSO LIKE HER MUSIC! She's got a very refreshing view on things that Rona would definitely appreciate :D

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by musicgirlhp14A History of Magic: The Assignment

29th June 2011:
I finished this and I couldn't believe it was over so quick. Please update soon! This is great!

Author's Response: Haha! I've updated! And thanks!

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Review #4, by musicgirlhp14Fourteen Days to Woo Hermione Granger: Prologue

17th June 2011:
I like this story but I find the format a little irritating to read to be honest. Perhaps if it wasn't centred?

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to the formatting. I'll keep that in mind for future chapters! Sorry! D:

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Review #5, by musicgirlhp14Eliza Prat: Dean

30th May 2011:
I like the changes. Your writing is improving :P

Author's Response: Duuude.. some critique you are : P

Thanks : ) it was bound to happen eventually

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Review #6, by musicgirlhp14Keeping You Out Of Trouble: Unwelcome

30th May 2011:
Hi there. I just noticed that the review I left a few days ago didn't actually submit. Not sure why, but I'm back to the leave the review I intended!

First, I really like your writing style, and your ability to give just enough way in this first chapter. You've definitely got a knack for storytelling, I think. Also I really liked your point of view. You did a great job having the chapter from an eleven year olds point of you. I find a lot of people either dumb them down or make them sound far too old (pawning it off as 'they're too smart for their age').

I didn't really find anything wrong with the story. I think the format irritated me a little, I hate when there is too much spacing between paragraphs. But that's just a personal thing, and I'm sure most people wouldn't care.

Fantastic story!!

Author's Response: You really couldn't "find anything wrong"? I'm tickled pink! ^_^

Glad to hear that Addie sounds like a real kid. I have the same issue with some fics--so I really worked at it! Not sure I could've kept the voice realistic for more than three chapters though, it's so tempting to revert to an older-sounding narrator.

I get the formatting thing--I tried not spacing it so much, but I found that that looked even weirder, especially in places where I have long paragraphs of text. *sigh* Good thing that you liked the content.

Thanks for the wonderful review!
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #7, by musicgirlhp14Raven Black and the Temple of the Night: This Is Who We Are

28th May 2011:
To begin, I absolutely love the originality in this story. You've definitely taken the magic JK created and raised it to a new and creative level. I didn't find any lapses in the tense, so you've done a wonderful job there. I did find it a little awkward sounding when describing the castle, but it made sense. It just wasn't very smooth sounding.

I think the only real issue I had was the character, Raven. Her personality seems to not mix well with her actions and feelings. I assume this is because she didn't have choice? She has empathy for her victims yet she continues to torture them? It seems almost strange. As a leader, she is a little hard to believe.

Great plot so far, well done.

Author's Response: She says in there that she doesn't have a choice. All humans would rather preserve their lives than to throw it away, and at the moment Raven knows she has no place to go and no one to take her in, so she continues to do as she does cuz she has no choice right now.

She used to be different. Imagine, she's been controlled by Auxilry (I think you read about her already), and she just recently has begun to pull away from Auxilry's control. Every chapter she begins to become more like herself a bit and a bit.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by musicgirlhp14Blaize-Jetson Vaughan and the Silver Ilex: The Letter of Acceptance

27th August 2010:
Anoter great chapter! I cannot wait to see what happens to Blaize at Hogwarts!

Author's Response: Thankyoo, It'll be an exciting year for him (:

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Review #9, by musicgirlhp14:

26th August 2010:
Besides needing a beta, I like this story. :) I find it more interesting than your last. PS, no I don't want to be your beta.
Love your far cooler sister :P

Author's Response: I think you should be my beta.. noone replied to my thing on the forums :'(

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Review #10, by musicgirlhp14Blaize-Jetson Vaughan and the Silver Ilex: The Wand Maker

15th August 2010:
This was another great chapter. I extremely like the detail you go into concerning how he is being brought up. You simply show us how Blazie is being raised whether than being told. Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review! :D
I've just put the next chapter into the queue for validation, so keep reading and keep enjoying! :D

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Review #11, by musicgirlhp14Blaize-Jetson Vaughan and the Silver Ilex: Vinculum Veneficus

15th August 2010:
Hmmm, this was an interesting story. This certainly explained some things. Still a little lost, but when I read proper novels/books I tend to be a little confused in the beginning. Which is a good thing for you haha!

Anyway, loved the chapter. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Woo I have a fan! :D
What bit is getting you lost, I hope I'm not being too vague D:

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Review #12, by musicgirlhp14Blaize-Jetson Vaughan and the Silver Ilex: Birth and Re-Birth

15th August 2010:
This story so far seems fantastic. I'm surprised no one has reviewed!! This story is so fresh and new, I can't even begin to think of what will happen next. But trust me, I will certainly continue reading and attempt to review each chapter. :)

You are such a talented writer! I did find two mistakes, in the same paragraph:

Eventually on April 1st, 1992, a young boy was born at the Vaughan house. Everyone visited him with gifts, they all asked to hold him for a while, it was such a joy. He already had a delightful smile that charmed all the woman.

I assume he was born in 1942? And woman should be women.

Nothing bad, just a few typo's that shouldn't take long to fix.

This is so original. Just needed to say that. :)

Author's Response: Oh thanks for the review! :D I'm glad someone had taken to reading this (:

Erm yeah I did mean to write women - oops, but the date 1992 is right, I may have not made it clear that the story is set like 50 years after the muggle prime minister spilled the truth, sorry! >.<

Thanks again for the review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :D

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Review #13, by musicgirlhp14Trilogy: Scorpius - Chapter 4

18th May 2010:
Another wonderful chapter! I am so glad that you went ahead with this sequel. I think you have real talent; one of the most realistic Next Gen stories I've read. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. Realistic is definitely what I'm going for!

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Review #14, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Cousin Bella & the Dark Mark

27th April 2010:
This was a fantastic chapter, yet again! I know what you mean, I would love Bella so much if it weren't for the fact that she is a mass murderer. Or should I say was?

This has to be one of my favourite chapters so far in this story. You've done such an amazing job with these characters, and you've really done a great job at setting up future events that will be taking place. Super job!

Author's Response: *blushes*
Thank you so much. Too bad I can't be setting it up for happier events :(

Thanks for taking the time to review and leaving such nice ones at that. --Jenna

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Review #15, by musicgirlhp14The Lives We Touch: First Impressions

22nd April 2010:
Can I just say that you are awesome? Because you really are. I have been searching for months now to read a story that was different, and original. This is the first time that I've ever read a story with this idea. Nobody is very interested in Harry's life before he became Harry Potter the wizard. So thank you for being so brilliant! You have renewed my love for fanfiction! Oh, and please update soon!

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Review #16, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Theories of Operation

22nd April 2010:
You've probably noticed a few of the reviews I've left are out of order, but its because I've been so into the story I've sort of skipped past and haven't left a review. So this is just me coming back to comment on the chapters.

I really love the friendship between Topher and Regulus. I couldn't help but feel, after reading this chapter, that Anthony and his feelings are certainly going to change all that. Its sad to think about, really.

Author's Response: Okay, another one I thought I did. :L My computer is having issues, let me see if I can remember what I put here.

Oh, that explains the out of order thing, I thought it was me. :D Thak you for taking the time to actually leave all the reviews.

The addition of a relationship always changes the dynamic of a friendship. As for how it will change this one... you'll just have to wait and see. --Jenna

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Review #17, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Even Good Guys Lie

22nd April 2010:
Well, um, yeah. That was an intense chapter. To be honest, this isn't the first time I've read anything like this (outside of fanfiction, I mean) so I'm not running anywhere :) I think you're doing a really good job with a topic that is as heavy as this. I think the fact that you're willing to make Regulus an un-sympathetic character (although I've said in the past, I do still feel bad for him) is just brilliant, and a breath of fresh air. Also, this may be weird but I really like that you've made him short. I'm sort of tired of reading about main characters being extremely attractive; you know, tall, dark, and handsome. Haha.

Author's Response: Okay, I had to grin on the short thing. See, JK mentioned that Sirius was the shortest of the Marauders and my thinking, Regulus would be shorter. Tall, dark and handsome, eh too cliched. While I do see Regulus as a fetching fellow, I see him as more "the slightly less hot version of Sirius" that gets less attention. Even my Anthony isn't the most stunning boy around. Now, Topher and Will, they have the tall and handsome thing going on and Elizabeth is too pretty for her own good. I see it as, not everyone in real life is movie star hot, so not everyone in fiction should be either.

I'm glad you aren't running! I wish I could say that it never got worse, but ... Death Eater. There will be death. I'm glad you enjoy him as is. I strongly feel that a person does not have to like a main character to like a story. After all, we watch movies about criminals and killers all the time (well, I do) and while I don't sympathicize with say ... John Dillinger, I still enjoy the movie.

Thank you for your continued support. -Jenna

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Review #18, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: How it all Started

22nd April 2010:
The whole relationship between Elizabeth and Regulus is painful to read. My whole body just wants to scream at her to find someone who will be good to her! Regulus is like a ticking time bomb around her.

Author's Response: Okay, are these out of order? I think I confused myself. LOL. Ah, *looks at chapter title* All righted. Yes, well Elizabeth is quite the ... for lack of better word ... glutton for punishment. By the time she does find herself in happier times, you might not want her to be. :D After all, you have to think about what kind of character a girl has that will go after a boy who did such *spider shudder* things to her own brother. She has her own streak of mean that you will get to see. I have this habit of writing my girls rather flighty, but she is not one suffering from the dreaded "air head" curse. Thanks for the R&R --Jenna

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Review #19, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: The Inevitable

22nd April 2010:
Well, its sort of hard to find something to say after reading a chapter like that. All I can say is bravo, for doing such a great job. It was great to see Anthony cut through, the erm, poop, and get right to the point, take control. I was starting to get annoyed with the games he was playing. Of course, now I'm dying for a new chapter. I hope this little bit of love pushes you to writing the next chapter a little faster :)

Author's Response: This is weird. I thought I already responded to this one. I guess my computer had an issue. So... here we go again :D

Your reviews certainly make my day. Don't worry, my fingers are about ten chaptersahead of the queue, that's what determins the pace unfortunately. Plus, I alternate this story and my Remus/Sirius Modern AU with submissions.

I'm glad you liked that Anthony was finally able to get Regulus to drop the barrier and be real with him. Thank you for all your lovely reviews. --Jenna

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Review #20, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: The Weaknesses of Man

21st April 2010:
Its possible love can change Regulus's mind simply because in the end something did. Something made him decide to go against Voldemort and steal the horocrux, even if he knew he would die.

Author's Response: Yes. It is possible that love could be the key. If I went and told you though, it would ruin it. There are going to be several major contributing factors to his choice, so don't worry I'm not gonna write a generic "love solves all" fic. Though, I guess that is what JK did. :D She emphasized love so much as being very powerful. That's simply beautiful. --Jenna

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Review #21, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Distractions of Macbeth

21st April 2010:
I am liking the whole Anthony/Regulus thing. It makes sense, I think, that Regulus could have been gay; where all his problems started because being gay is probably the opposite of what Pureblood families consider 'normal'. If they don't like Muggles, who's to say it would stop there.

Author's Response: See, that is a big thing for me. Today, if Regulus had announced he was gay, most people wouldn't think much on it. However, when you look at his being set in the 80s, under an Aristocratic family ideals, it is a little more risky.

Even though he was never truely in the books, the moment I heard that Sirius had a Death Eater brother, I saw him gay. I don't know why, it just snapped my head and I have never thought otherwise. This Regulus, he is only about 80% gay though. :D He still fancies a girl or two though not as much.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. My friend says to me "Do you know that one of the best authors is reviewing your stories?" Well, after I dart over to her page, I will. --Jenna

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Review #22, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Always Seeker

21st April 2010:
This was what I waiting for. I sort of never saw Topher nor Will as a proper candidate for the mysterious character in the first chapter. Of course Anthony could be ruled out later, but he is the first person I would say thus far. Although, you did have me going with the whole Regulus/Topher idea until the third or fourth chapter. It just didn't seem plausible to me for some reason.

Author's Response: Interesting. So many people seem to be aboard the Regulus/Topher ship and are pointing to him as Mystery Man. :D I love the fact that despite all of the guessing that anyone does, they will all end up taking back their answers. One of my friends told me he refuses to guess for the simple fact that he knows how sneaky I can be. The beauty is, so far, we are only 6 months into a three year story and so much can happen between that time. I'm glad you are following and Thank You for leaving me reviews.

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Review #23, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Ravenclaw in the Library

21st April 2010:
Hmm, you've definitely given me some idea's with this chapter. You are truly a fantastic writer, you keep me on my toes. Which I like.

Author's Response: Ideas huh? *is intrigued*

Thank you. --Jenna

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Review #24, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Purely Educational, of Course

21st April 2010:
Well, I am not going to make any decision between Will and Topher simply because you can never really know who would be. Look at Peter, everyone thought he was good and kind, and then he gave up the location to Lily and James' home resulting in their death. So yeah, I'll just read, and keep my theories to myself ;) However I am a fan of both characters. They are devilish, but at the same time are still teenage boys.

When you ask if I pity any of them, my simple answer is yes, whether they become murderers or not. I sort of have this problem, where I pity anyone mostly because I don't think I have the right to smite people for their decisions. We all make terrible choices, and all have the ability to (even if we don't). I sympathize because I've made terrible decisions in my life, and if I had been living the same life Regulus had, with an older brother who got all the attention (even when he was 'bad') I'd probably be a very messed-up person. I think its very easy for people to say that they would make the right decision if they were in the same position, but no one really knows until they are.

Anyway, now that I've gone off topic and rambled on, I'd just like to say again, I really enjoy this story, I was actually thinking about it all last night while at work, wishing I could be home to read it.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. That totally made my day. I agree on not knowing if you would make the same choice being put in the same situation. How can we truely know unless put into the identical place?

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Review #25, by musicgirlhp14Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: I Want to Hold Your Hand

20th April 2010:
I liked this chapter. Its interesting, that you've given Regulus these panic attacks. A friend of mine has a panic disorder, and has to take perscription drugs for it, so its interesting to see how his friends react.

Author's Response: Oh, goodness, comapared to real life I certainly hope that it is portrayed well. Personally I don't know anyone with this, so it was all internet searching. Thanks for reading and reviewing. --Jenna

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