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Review #1, by MarauderMaddieIt's Gonna Be Love: Ceremonies and Thoughts

21st July 2006:
I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously its soooooooooooo good!!! but wat about sirius?? he needs someone!!! lol.

and..when are u next gunna update!! lol. xoxox. muchlove.maddie

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Review #2, by MarauderMaddieIt's Gonna Be Love: Chapter 19: Back into the fight

18th April 2006:
omg i absolutely LOVE your story it's soooo awesome
but one thing......... sirius...poor darling sirius...doesnt he get someone??!!!!!!
i alsways feel soo sorry for him!!!
please find him someone to make everyone happpyyyy!!!
lol cya round :P
luv maddie

Author's Response: haha don't worry maddie, Sirius isn't going to be completely left out, but since he does tend to be a bit difficult about some things, his friend is taking a bi longer to build, but i do have the mindset to give him someone..haha for now, he gets his sister back. He'll live =)

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Review #3, by MarauderMaddieScream My Lungs Out: GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th March 2006:
i LOVE YOUR STORY SOOOO MUCH ITS IN MY FAVOURITES OK OOpps accidental csaps lock ok and now i cant spell and cant be bothered fixing it so sorry i luv your story i already sed that ok then well im bored in xschool right now so yer bye!! lov maddie

Author's Response: Missus Padfoot: Omg! Are you really from Australia? Wow! That's so cool! We're going worldwide! Missus Moony: *hits Padfoot over head* Way to go dork! Yeah, she's from Australia - it says so on her profile, she spells things like she's from Australia...of course she is you dimwit! And now you're making us look like stalkers!!! Oh gosh! We're like HARRYSDAUGHTER!!! Missus Padfoot: Hey! I like that she has shrines and crowns and plushies of us! They make me feel loved! Missus Moony: Anyways, on a more serious note - Missus Padfoot: Sirius? Where's Sirius? Missus Moony: *whacks forehead* Ignoring you! Anyways, thanks, Maddie, for your lovely review. We appreciate it!!!

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Review #4, by MarauderMaddieDeath To James Potter: So Many Questions

16th February 2006:
its really good! i just started one (its really bad.... i like your though lol !

Author's Response: Thanks! I think I had a look at yours... I'll check later :)

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Review #5, by MarauderMaddieAll Is Fair In Love And War: James the Ex-Girlfriend

14th February 2006:
it REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!! dont stpo it its llike one of my absolute fav's!!!!!! please update!!! =) ^ pant slowly and then calm......PLEASE!!! lol =)

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Review #6, by MarauderMaddieHow It Ended: Of Going Back to Hogwarts

14th February 2006:
wow its really good! cant wait for the next chapter! =)

Author's Response: Yay! Hello, Maddie! Glad you like my story! ^^

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