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Review #1, by argetlam shadeslayerBrighter Than Sunshine: The First One

1st February 2013:
Ahh! Oh my goodness. This was wonderful! Seriously. This is absolutely fantastic! I adore it so hardcore. Lara seems like the most awesome OC ever right now - Smiths, oxfords, Vonnegut, hipsterisms? Yes, please - and I totally love her already. (Granted, I identify quite a bit with her on the hipster front, but I go to a music school and we're all hipsters here, so...yeah. Ha.) And I can't wait to meet Al (whom you hinted was a hipster as well)! This was an incredibly well-written, lovely, descriptive first chapter, and I can already tell I'm going to fall in love with this story. Well done! I can't wait to read the next few chapters!

- emma

P.S. Can we just take a moment to talk about our In Love With My Radio feels? Yes? Best Merthur fic ever.

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing! Pardon my incredibly late answer...I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story! :)

OH MY GOD I KNOW IT'S MY FAVORITE THING EVER. It's the best Merthur fic ever, hands down.

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Review #2, by argetlam shadeslayerMy Great Escape: Not a Quitter (generally speaking)

8th October 2012:
No, no, I loved it! This chapter was the farthest thing from a load of rubbish. It was wonderful, and I absolutely loved it, every bit, from Harmony's flashback and the interaction between her and James. Seriously, I really enjoy reading her internal monologue - she's so snarky and honest - and I thought you developed the relationship (dare I say it, friendship?) between Jarmony (yes, Jarmony; I now ship Jarmony, it's pretty hardcore) rather beautifully. There were so many wonderful, raw moments in this, and it was perfect. Loved it. Fantastic job! I can't wait to read more. (:

- emma

Author's Response: akjhgaskdj Jarmony! It's funny, I hadn't thought about a 'ship' before but the thought came to me when I was in the shower (as thoughts tend to) and I think Jarmony sounds cool. Thanks so much for the review, keep reading love. X (and we have the same name)

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Review #3, by argetlam shadeslayerDarth Vader's Daughter: The Most Powerful Girl Ever

17th September 2012:
I. Love. This. So much. In this really, really awful way. But even though it's so ridiculous and crazy and bad, it's sooo well-written and was pulled off spectacularly (as is everything you write). Even the totally absurd plotlines and loopholes and Mary-Sue-isms and EVERY OTHER PARODY IN FF YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE (and other scary things of that nature) were just brilliant.

This was undoubtedly one of the best parodies I've ever read. Hands down. My fez is off to you. I have been slayed. RON LET ME LOVE YOU.

And can I just say, I love how Darth Vader disappeared in cloud of pink smoke? Yeah. It was mega. You rule. :D

Author's Response: Ahh, thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The challenge was originally just for Mary-Sues, but I took it another step and wrote about everything that annoyed me and threw in a whole bunch of crossovers. I should do one where the Mary-Sue joins the Avengers and tries to date all of them and Sirius Black.

Your fez is off! That's such a high compliment!

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Review #4, by argetlam shadeslayerBachelor of Science: { ONE }

6th September 2012:

Alright, so let me preface this with yet another fangirly gem of mine. (Your stories and graphics just inspire fangirly gem after fangirly gem.) Prior to reading this, I glimpsed that it was your fic and already knew that it was going to be just spectacular. (And I was right!) Seriously, I'm just a huge fan of anything that comes out of your lovely brain in general. Anyway, right off the bat, I was psyched to read this.

And then you opened with slightly mad, befogged Scorpius and precious (yes, he's just precious), logical Albus, and I was hooked. Like a fish. Or a pirate. Or various other things that are hooked.

"Scorpius chose not to say anything rude to his (only) friend, on the grounds that he was, after all his (only) friend." I feel like that really sums up the bromance of Scorbus, but in a kind of sweet, sincere, no-nonsense sticking-together way. I absolutely love the way you've characterized both of them, and I know I'll be shipping this Riders of Brohan thing they've got going till the end of time.

As for Sophie, you had me at "I couldn't help but over-hear your conversation with my Extendable Ears." YES. Just in so many ways, yes. She is perfect.

And Hengist?! I don't really even know how Hengist came to be, but I want him around. Moar Hengist, plz. Just his name alone inspires awe-inspired giggles. For some reason, I find myself picturing Shan Yu from Mulan or that ruffian with the hook from Tangled every time I read Hengist's name. I dunno, I'm not sure what purpose he serves, but he seems legit and quite cool, and I would love to see more of him. Wow, that turned into a bit more of a tangent than I was intending.

Anyway, all of this is to ultimately say that I would love you long time like Fergie if you updated, because this story is utterly brilliant.

Author's Response: Em you're kind of my fave and I basically just always want to hug you but I never can.

'Seriously, I'm just a huge fan of anything that comes out of your lovely brain in general.' I WORRY FOR YOU. *ahem* thank you? I don't even know how to reply to that but now I just feel massively pressurized because Em reads and likes my stuff you guys. THANKS FOR THAT EM.

'Or various other things that are hooked' Let me love you? You are more precious than Scorpius.

RIDERS OF BROHAN omg I am on the floor laughing so hard Em why do you do this. I ship them terribly hard too, and it's also why I even wanted to write this stupid story but oh well. Will have to put bromance on the back burner till I can get some plot going ;c

Since you asked and made such brilliant references, THERE WILL BE MORE HENGIST. And I definitely will try to update as soon as humanly possible at this point. Thank you so much Em seriously I heart you big time ♥♥♥

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Review #5, by argetlam shadeslayerActing the Part: what friends are for

29th August 2012:
Ah, okay, I'm in such absolute love with this story. I just began reading it, chapter to chapter, over breakfast and I need more. Seriously, this is so incredibly well written, with the perfect amount of snark and charm, and all of your characters are utterly fantastic. Anyhow, I've got to skip off to class, but this was a marvelous chapter! You've got such a wonderful story and writing style, and I can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review, it really means a lot that you like my story :)

Mel and Charlie are a joy to write, and I'm glad you like the humour :) Thanks so much xx

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Review #6, by argetlam shadeslayerOn the Brink: Millicent's Suggestion

6th April 2012:
Ahhh, I'm absolutely in love with with this story already! This first chapter was honestly just so silly and snarky and wonderful that I'm simply dying to read on. (But since I have class in a few minutes, the reading on will have to wait a bit.) I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore Arielle - and even Cathy, whose crazy, OCD demeanor is positively lovable in the strangest way - and I'm very much looking forward to reading more. Well done! Cheers!

Author's Response: HREIWSFHB'WIEP

^^ freak out.

omgomgomg I love "something about james potter". it's one of my favourite james/oc fics! I'm dying for the next update :')

I'm in love with your work/ style of writing. You loving OTB means so much to me.

Hahaha yeah. Arielle is like a ball of snark and sarcasm. She's a bit of whiner and is defintely flawed. I adore writing Cathy, so i'm glad you like reading about her!

Chapters 2 and 3 are in SERIOUS need of editing. It's like a dire situation. I suggest you wait until i edit them because right now they're from "desirable". But if you want to carry on reading it's fine :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING argetlam shadeslayer! :)

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Review #7, by argetlam shadeslayerBoy Wanted: Choking James Potter

11th March 2012:
I'm absolutely in love with this story! I really adore Scout and your characterization of her so far - her sarcasm, wit, and honesty are wonderful, and she seems so real. I honestly can't wait to see where this story goes, and I'm hoping James will realize just what he lost (and will try to get it back). Fantastic job!

Author's Response: Thanks. I love Scout and her humor too. Thanks so much for reading.

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Review #8, by argetlam shadeslayerHello, Hello: life is a box of exploding bonbons

6th March 2012:
Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this. I mean, really. Absolutely. I'm already fangirling and desperately wanting another wonderfully written chapter. (Le subtle hint.) I adore Emma and all of her innocent, cute, 'Puff quirkiness, as well as Xavier (eh, some fluff there, maybe?), Nat and Liv (so silly, but utterly wonderful), and James (we're only one chapter in and he's already smirking). Seriously, this was such a lovely start to a story, and I'll be waiting with bated breath for the next chapter. Fantastic job!

- Emma

Author's Response: James! He's always smirking. So infuriating, right? But so attractive at the same time ~* awhoo. What will we do? :)

Emma is so puff it's ridiculous. Like, you don't get more puff than her ;) and in a different way than (hopefully) most puffs are written. There is going to be a lot of confusion and drama with Xavier, Nat and Liv & smirking James running around, hm? :)

Thank you so much for the review! ^_^ Your feedback gets me motivated!!

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Review #9, by argetlam shadeslayerThe Middle: Self-Depreciation Is My Specialty

12th February 2012:
AAAH, oh my goodness, the cuteness radiating from Louis is just too much. Honestly, he is the most adorable thing ever. I love him. Seriously, I adored reading the entire scene with Minnie and Louis in the compartment together - the twenty questions exchange was particularly hilarious ("Do you like any girls? Blank stare. Do you like any boys? Death glare"), but the heartfelt apology and quick hug from Louis were so sweet.

Also, is it dorky of me that I already feel so emotionally invested in this story that I want to indignantly demand justice for Minnie's forgotten birthday? Granted, it's only one day out of the year, but it was her seventeenth birthday and I just feel so badly for her. Maybe she'll get some sort of apology from her parents and all will be well with the world. Ah, I just adore Minnie so much already that I hope she gets the love she deserves. (:

Again, this was another brilliantly written chapter! I absolutely love your characterizations and descriptions of things - they're just amazing. (And so funny; seriously, half the time I'm reading Min's narrative, I'm cracking up aloud.) Fabulous job!

- Emma

Author's Response: Hahaha, he is the cutest thing, isn't he? I really wanted to bring Louis more into this new version of my story, especially since he's so crucial for the sequel, and I couldn't help but throw that scene (and hug!) in there.

Don't worry, I don't find it dorky at all! And if it is, then oh well, because I'm emotionally invested in "Something About James Potter" too, which is amazing by the way. ;) And Minnie will get the love she deserves (eventually).

Thank you so much! Your review and compliments literally made my day! Like, I can't stop smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, now. Thanks again!

-Camila :)

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Review #10, by argetlam shadeslayerThe Middle: A Little Less Seventeen Candles

12th February 2012:
Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this or told you how amazing it is! (By the way, this story is absolutely AWESOME.) But hopefully this review (and the next few; I'm on a rhyming roll today, someone stop me) will make up for it.

Firstly, I absolutely adore Dom (or Minnie. So fitting!) and your characterization of her. She's just so snarky, witty, and matter-of-fact. Seriously, I've enjoyed reading every second of her sarcastic, hilarious narrative in this chapter. She's so incredibly believable, too, and full of depth, even though this is only the first chapter. Already, I find myself rooting for her (I can't believe they forgot her birthday!) and completely empathizing with her woes as the middle child. (Team Minnie!)

Secondly, I love the interaction between Minnie and her family. Victoire seems like a total swot (I loved the bit about her sneaking Teddy out of her room; priceless), Louis is adorably nerdy, and Fleur is quite canon and perfectly complicated. Poor Bill, though. He always does seem like he'd be the fun parent, and it saddens me that he's too stressed out to even remember to be cool on Minnie's birthday. I loved the mentions of James and Ginny as well - their letters were wonderfully funny to read - and I can't wait to see more of them in upcoming chapters (hopefully!).

Seriously, well done! For a first chapter, this is so beautifully fleshed out, wonderfully written, and filled with realistic characters and details. And can we talk about how much I adore your brilliant writing style? It's utterly fantastic and refreshing to read. I'm so excited to see where things go with Minnie! Wonderful chapter! (:

- Emma

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! The fact that you love this story is more than enough, but I do appreciate the reviews!

It means so much to me to hear you say that. As corny as it may sound, Minnie is like my baby. She's the first character I've ever written and I've put so much work and effort into making her the way she is and to see that it's actually pulled off is just awesome. Team Minnie, for the win!

The relationship between Min and her family is essential to my story, so it's good to see that you enjoy it so much. Don't worry, there will be plenty of James and Ginny (as well as the rest of the Wotter clan) throughout the story.

I don't know if you read my first draft of this story, but if you didn't, I feel like I should admit that this first chapter was kind of horrible (the typical, cliche first chapter of fanfiction writers' nightmares). I cringe every time I go back to read it, and so I'm really glad to know that this time around, it's gotten so much better.

Especially now that I finally figured out my writing style, which I'm so happy to hear you adore. I love yours too, by the way.

Thanks again for the review, Emma!

-Camila :)

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Review #11, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: Behind the Victory, That's Her Destiny

3rd December 2011:
So, it's my last two weeks of final exams, and I should probably be studying and practicing my music right now, but I've been dying to read and review this, and I know that if I don't do it now, I won't have another chance to do it until after finals are over. :P

But honestly, what a dramatic, penultimate scene in the living room. Trust Scorpius to send Rose a final letter (and trust Lucius to deliver it like an owl, bless him) right in the middle of a Wotter family gathering - his timing is seriously impeccable - but good for Rose for remaining steadfast and independent! I couldn't help but cheer when she crumpled the letter and discarded it on the floor, all the while taking a step away from Scorpius and a step toward Teddy. (Oh, Teddy. What a dreamboat!) Seriously, Susan, you wrote the letter scene between Rose and Teddy so beautifully, I honestly would've been thrilled with the way things were sorted out if you had ended the story right there. (Although, I'm much more ecstatic that it didn't end right there, because the wistfully sighing, happily blubbering Teddy/Rose fangirl in me adored the actual ending; but I'm just saying, you're an incredible enough writer that any ending from you in this story would be wonderful, really.)

But the curtain call! Oh, the curtain call. Have I mentioned how much I love Rose and the way in which her character developed throughout the past thirteen chapters? No? Well, I do. Again, I found myself cheering for her (I seem to have become Rose's own personal cheerleader :P) when she "declared herself the winner", as Teddy so cleverly put it. Triumph! And when she kissed Teddy - oh, gosh. I won't even lie to you, I definitely squealed for a good five seconds. That whole airport scene - the banter between the two of them, the knowing glances and comments exchanged between the rest of the Wotters, the EVERYTHING - was so perfectly written, I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it is. What a magnificent ending to such a wonderful story. I'm admittedly sad that it's over, but the ending was simply so perfect, that I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Susan, you are a genius. You are absolutely brilliant. Thank you for writing such a spectacular story. It was a joy to read, and I can't wait to see what happens next with Rose! 100/10.

- Emma

Author's Response: Exams < Fanfiction. It's the sad truth. I've gotten into so much trouble over the years for writing or reviewing when I should be studying. >< But it usually works out alright in the end... depending on the class, actually... but I won't go there...

Wow. This review. Whoa, Emma, there is some intense fangirling going on here and I can't possible appreciate it as much as it's worth. That scene with the letter is one that I really liked, though I don't know if it quite turned out the way I'd pictured in my head - it's one of those strongly visual scenes that's hard to find the right words to describe. It's awesome that you liked how this Teddy/Rose storyline turned out - it means a lot to have the support for that ship rather than... the other one. I cruelly enjoyed the maybe-maybe not aspects of Teddy and Rose in this story - they're such odd people, but well-suited to one another because of those oddities.

If I start writing about those two, I'll go on forever, I know. I enjoy writing them way too much (which is mainly the only reason I'm doing a sequel, just for excuses to write more of them :P).

It's wonderful that you liked how Rose's character developed over the story! I wrote this chapter thinking that she hadn't at all moved on, that while she may be capable of seeing past Scorpius, there's still this overdramatic streak of immaturity in her - she's still not grown up yet, not all the way at least. But the novel is only a week long, so I guess there can't be that much personal development, even with all of the things that happened to her in that short time. Her life changed, and I like to think that she changed a little with it. :)

That airport scene is like something out of a movie. Maybe like Sleepless in Seattle or something. :P Oh gosh, it's one of those sweetly romantic scenes and I'm glad that you liked it. Very, very glad. Happy endings and me don't often get along well, so this one turning out just right is a fabulous feeling. ^_^

Thank you very much for all of your wonderfully detailed reviews! They were a pleasure to read, giving me the opportunity to relive the story along with you. It's fantastic that you enjoyed it so much! :D

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Review #12, by argetlam shadeslayerPatchwork: Pivotal

3rd December 2011:
OH GOSH, can you please, PLEASE just write narratives for all of our lives? The world would be such a better place if you did. I kid not. This story is seriously one of the most beautiful, wonderful, inspiring things I've ever read, and while I'm sad it's over, I'm also over the moon/having kittens that Patch and Louis finally sorted things out. (And a sequel?! Oh, Lord, please let there be a sequel!) But honestly, this has to be the loveliest ending to a story I've ever read. And this line, "I've always through falling in love was like a slide, you know you sit, take a deep breath and you glide down easily into happiness. It never occurred to me, that there would be so much friction along the way", should be one of those quotes. You know, those brilliant quotes that people put on picture frames, on magnets, in books of glorious quotes, etc. It's just that beautiful.

Ugh, I'm turning into such a ninny. But I just adore this story so very much. Please just keep writing forever. Yeah. You have the most spectacular, gifted way with words. I honestly can't even describe it. It's like you could just grow gardens and jungles of flowers and various assorted plants and things with your words, and they would just fill up the world with radiant joy and vibrant color. Le sigh.

So, yes. In case you couldn't tell from the garbled, awfully strange, jumbled mess that is my review, this story was incredibly amazing, and I can't wait to see what you write next. You rule, Nell. :DDD

Author's Response: There is an Arisa-centric sequel, which needs writing and I need motivation.

I'm glad you liked the ending, i had never ending anything (novel/novella) until this, so I'm glad that the ending didn't ruin the entire story because some people wanted them to snog senseless in a broom cupboard,

I've always wanted to be able to come up with tumblr-able, magnet quotes, you've like used the ultimate compliement on me.

Thank you for all your reviews, really from your first to your last, they were so vibrant and witty and lovely and such ego-strokers. And they mean loads to me because you're like the absolute awesome sauce at writing.

Thank you ♥ ♥

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Review #13, by argetlam shadeslayerPatchwork: Rental

3rd December 2011:
Oh, Patch. Patch, Patch, Patch. She's like a train tunnel full of emotional thoughts and metaphors, and sometimes they get the best of her, but I always feel like she's completely justified when she really feels strongly about something. And so, even though she's furious with Louis (because, let's be honest, what he did was...well, rather stupid of him, as a boy), it's so amazingly lovely and refreshing to read that she knows their friendship is strong enough for her to eventually forgive him. (At least, that's what I took from it.) And it seems that fake mustache will work wonders for him. Before I forget, though (I tend to prattle on endlessly in these reviews, I hope you don't mind), YAY for Louis for finally getting in a metaphor of his own! And it was an absolutely beautiful one at that. Seriously, I melted a bit inside when I read it. I even "awww"ed aloud. What a great best friend he is. I just hope Patch gets over her irritation, forgives him, and snogs him senseless soon.

Another brilliant chapter, Nell! (:

Author's Response: She's a bucketload of emotion. That was my attempt to make her appear headstrong so her being in Gryffindor was actually justified.

Yeah, it was supposed to show the tremendous strength of their relationship, I think at least, it's been a while, I can't even really remember what I was trying to get at when I wrote this.

Thank you ♥ ♥

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Review #14, by argetlam shadeslayerPatchwork: Mortal

3rd December 2011:
Before I forget, first things first: I cannot believe I haven't reviewed this chapter. I haven't even finished this fantastic story (yay, university!), which saddens me, and it's been completed for a while. I'm awful. I need a time turner, so I can traverse time backwards and read/review much more punctually, because I seriously miss this story. There is a gaping hole in my heart where Patch/Louis once resided, and before I began reading this again, they went on a bit of a holiday vacation to Majorca. But now they're back! Yes.

Secondly, I absolutely adore your characterization (or Henry Glass' characterization, I suppose) of Hannah the ice queen. What a beautiful, brilliant analysis. Even though she's hardly a pleasant person, I still felt compelled to read that bit about her a couple of times over because it was just so eloquent. And your walnut metaphor! Gahh, so good.

And can I just tell you how brilliant of a writer you are? Honestly, you're fantastic. The way you describe things is just so unique, honest, and thoughtful (but totally Patch), and the numerous metaphors and analogies you have in here just make me want to do a slip jig on top of a mountain or something equally happy. (Not that I've ever done a slip jig on top of a mountain. That would just be irresponsible of me, albeit probably very fun.) But really, it's sentences like "While our legs keep moving, our words hit a brick wall" that delineate your fabulous writing style and make me flail about like a jellyfish in writing heaven.

Ughhh, Nell, I've missed this story! Enough of my rambling. On to the next chapter! :DDD

Author's Response: Emma! :) I have missed your witty reviews, they always make me feel so good about myself. ;)

Wow, thanks. i threw it in there so that even though Hannah's character was clearly a throw in for drama, she had some depth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't even know what to say, reviews like this make me want to write right now, which I can't since I have work (though probably way less than you do).

Thanks (again) ♥ ♥

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Review #15, by argetlam shadeslayerWhite Lie: It's Six am In The Morning

3rd December 2011:
So, I am absolutely in love with this story. So much. I adore Penelope - she's hilarious, awkward, and a fabulous goalie, and I'm so excited that things with her and Oliver are finally getting on! Yes, Oliver and his abs. Can we just write a musical dedicated to those abs? There will be whole dance numbers, costumes, and set changes devoted to the pure sex-godliness that is Oliver Wood.


But really, I love how snarky Pen is, as well as how that snarkiness tends to make Oliver less of a smirking prat, and they really are a bit like puzzle pieces. And the wit and humor throughout this story is absolutely wonderful. I was literally choking on my coffee and bursting into laughter as I read this: "Touching wonderful shoulder muscles is like eating a cookie, I can't just have one. Normally whenever I buy cookies I end up eating the entire container because if I don't then either Athena or Alexander or Piper and Einstein will eat it.

But unfortunately I cannot touch Oliver's shoulder muscles randomly. That desecrates what is known as 'normal behavior.'"

This story is fantastic! I seriously cannot wait for the next update. Because of you, this has become my new favorite ship. Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! If I ever write a musical it will be about Oliver, and you can be in charge of the dance numbers. :)

I'm so excited to get your review, you're really are such a great author! I'm glad you like Pen and her snarkiness, and I'm glad you love the ship!

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Review #16, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: The Judges Will Decide

3rd November 2011:
Oh my goodness, I felt so many chills the moment Teddy started playing "The Winner Takes It All," and it's quite warm in my apartment, mind you. Literally, what an absolutely beautiful, poignant scene you've written, only to have it interrupted by Scorpius, the great prat! (You know how to write the best cliffhangers, though! Thank goodness this story's already been completed, otherwise I'd be waiting on tenterhooks for you to update it. I know, I'm greedy. But this story is so good!) But aside from Scorpius and his general prattiness, this was such a lovely, heartfelt (but not sappy) resolution (or penultimate resolution, maybe, since there's one chapter left?) to the week's events, and as usual, it was written so beautifully that I feel as though I'm actually in the story, experiencing the scene with Rose. Ah, incredible. I don't want to do this (I do, but I don't...), but I suppose it's time to finish this story. Sigh. (But yay!)

Here we go.

Author's Response: It's interesting how chilling people are finding that moment - I suppose in a lot of ways it's the inspiration for the story becoming part of the story itself, like in a movie when the main theme is played by one of the characters, or is heard on a radio. There's a name for that, I remember hearing it in film class, but I've forgotten. Oh well. It's that kind of thing anyway. :P

I'm so happy to hear that the resolution is working out so well, especially that it's got the right amount of emotion in it. Rose is past her lowest point, but she's still very low, and very fragile - the knock on the door really throws her for a loop, and of course the first person who comes to mind is Scorpius, but is that actually the case? You'll have to find out. :P

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story, Emma! It's fantastic to read your comments and "follow" you through the story - a great way for me to revisit it again. ^_^

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Review #17, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: The Loser Standing Small

3rd November 2011:
Ahhh, Susan, I love you! You're one of the most spectacular writers ever! Wow. If I bothered to take stock of how many wonderful one- or two-liners you have throughout this piece, I'd be able to fill an entire book with them. Truly.

"Andromeda Tonks burst into the room to take in the sight of her grandson having tea with a significant part of those "strange things" and who was, at that particular moment, only wearing a dressing gown and what could have been interpreted as a suggestive smile.

It was, to say the very least, unfortunate timing."

Honestly, your particular style of writing and phrasing things is so distinctive and amazing, I wouldn't even bat an eye if you went on to have a career in writing or published a novel. Actually, I basically expect it, because you're so awesome! Seriously. I feel somewhat saddened, as I can already sense this story coming to a gradual close (two more chapters left? *whimper*), and I find that I've immensely enjoyed growing and developing with this fabulous cast of characters you've created. I won't say too much, as I haven't reached the end just yet, but all the same, this has become my new favorite story, and I can already tell you that I'll return (again and again) to read this whenever the mood to reopen this box strikes.

On an entirely different note, I am in love with Rose/Teddy (even though it's not officially Rose/Teddy, and there may never be a Rose/Teddy, due to its hazy, love-is-too-troublesome-so-let's-take-this-at-face-value implications), and I find their scenes together becoming my favorite pieces of this story. (And the wolf in the tea leaves! How clever! I literally said aloud, "Wolf!" when I read it. Yay!) You genius, you! I cannot wait to read this next chapter. (:

Author's Response: LOL! Those one-liners got me through this chapter - it was a hard one to write because I wasn't sure how readers would react to these events, and also because it was hard getting Rose through those emotional moments without having her crack completely (or launch into more moping whiny moods). I'm really glad that you liked them and this chapter, though - it means a lot that you did! ^_^

I've loved writing these characters, more than usual for me, which is interesting - I wonder what it is about them that makes them so writable and, for readers, readable. I wanted them to be realistic and human and flawed, and for some reason, it ended up making them better characters. No complaints there! :D I'm writing a sequel, though, so the story won't be over, not yet at least. ;)

Those two characters are the highlight of the story for me - they fit together really well, and it makes them wonderful to write. They bounce off one another and while there's awkwardness sometimes, their time is more often spent in intelligent conversation (or Rose's odd meanderings, depending :P). I suppose that, to me, they're the ideal couple.

Thank you so much again for your wonderful reviews, Emma! I hope that you enjoy the rest of this story too! ^_^

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Review #18, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: Rules Must Be Obeyed

3rd November 2011:
WHAT?! Susan, you're such a fantastic writer that I can't even leave a proper review. Forgive me, but I've seriously GOT to read the next chapter. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you! It means so much that you're enjoying the story to this extent - it's an addicting one, eh? I couldn't ask for more. ^_^

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Review #19, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: Always Staying Low

3rd November 2011:
What?! Oh, you did not. (But you did.) I won't lie, this is my favorite chapter so far out of this entire story, which is saying something, as each successive chapter becomes a new favorite as I read it. (But I've decided for certain, this one is my favorite.) Oh, I love this story so, so, so very much. I should be studying for the music theory exam I have in the morning, but a few more chapters can't hurt, right? Right.

There are always times in our lives during which sacrifices must be made, and it goes without even saying, now is one of those times. Onward!

Author's Response: Yay! I remember that I enjoyed writing this chapter because Vinny and Teddy are fantastic characters to write - perhaps the only people who could keep Rose out of her glum moods - not to mention the fact that they're eccentric and rather amusing. I'm glad that you liked this chapter too! ^_^

Haha, so you like each new chapter better than the one before? That's a very good thing - at least for me rather than for you who should be studying instead of R/Ring! I hope that this story is worth it! ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! It is, as always, wonderful to hear from you, Emma! ^_^

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Review #20, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: Things We've Gone Through

3rd November 2011:
No! Cliffhanger! Ughhh, must read the next chapter.

(But bully for Rose! Way to stand up to that prig. She has such a wonderful spirit, and I admire her character.)


Author's Response: *evil laugh* Yes, the wonders of the cliffhanger! They're fun to throw in every so often, if only to ensure that people do continue reading the story to satisfy their curiosity. :P

Thanks again for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad that you like Rose - she's quite a character to write, and perhaps one of my most realistic heroines. ^_^

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Review #21, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: Building Me A Fence

3rd November 2011:
Before I say anything else, I'm just going to preface this review by saying that this line is probably the best one I've ever read: "Closing his eyes tightly, he went bald." Whether read in or out of context, it truly stands as the best sentence ever. Ever.

Okay! Now I've gotten that out of my system, on to the reviewing part! :D What's this? Doth mine eyes sense a bit of Rose/Teddy possibly looming in the future? Maybe even a little Albus/Vinny? (Don't worry, Rose, I definitely caught that "look" as well.) Call me a hopeful romantic, but I think if Rose were to ever gravitate toward Teddy in that way, he'd undoubtedly be loads better for her than Scorpius (who is, coincidentally, still a git). Speaking of Teddy, I'm in love with your characterization of him! In my mind, I'm seeing a bit of a bedraggled, drably clothed James McAvoy with a mop of hair and a doleful expression, and I really love how bitter he is at first, as well as how real and raw he becomes when Rose finally cracks the ice. Mm, Teddy. I can tell I'm going to love him.

And Albus! Oh, I adore your Albus! What a guy! And what a fantastic cousin. He's absolutely adorable (in a grown-up, boyish kind of way) and charming, and his presence in this story makes me so happy. Poor Rose, though. I really feel for her, sitting there, clutching a pint of butterbeer while her old (but newly, strangely remote) friends talk over and about her. I know they don't mean to (and that makes me love them even more), but they just don't seem to realize how much their words impact her feelings. Still, I really, really enjoyed that whole Leaky Cauldron scene - it was fabulously written, as was the rest of this chapter.

Hats off to you for such brilliant writing! I can't help but feel this wonderful, mounting excitement as I prepare to continue this story. (:

- Emma

Author's Response: Haha, that line! I had to go back and reread the chapter to figure out the context because it's such a random line. But yes, that's Teddy for you. He's a nut, but a lovable one. I've tried to imagine what that line would look like, how it would work, and I can't. It's just too much. XD

Oh yes, Rose/Teddy all the way! It wobbles back and forth until the end (mostly because the Scorose shippers had their say and made me nervous while I was writing the story :P, but also because true love should never be easy). I'm so glad that you like my portrayal of Teddy - it means a lot because I love this version of him rather too much *runs and hides* and I'm glad I'm not the only one. He looks just like that in my head, too! ^_^

Oh my gosh, Albus! I liked him from the moment he appeared in the Epilogue and have tried to include him in next-gen fics where I can - he's got a great name, a cute personality, and a lot of potential for being a generally awesome character. ;)

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! It's been fantastic to receive and read your thoughts on each chapter - it's a great way for me to revisit the story and think more about the sequel (because half the time I can't remember the things I've already written - sad, but true). I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story, too! :D

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Review #22, by argetlam shadeslayerWinner Takes All: The Loser Has to Fall

20th October 2011:
Fall break is almost here, which means I'll have more time to read this! I'm currently waiting for my next class/ensemble to start, so in the meantime, I will happily review and (hopefully) continue reading more of this. I seriously can't believe it's taken me this long to come back, but since term started, I've been neglecting HPFF (but have been working on things at TDA, so I suppose it's give and take :P). However, I'm so thrilled that I'll have time to catch up on this lovely fic this weekend. And on a side note, congratulations on 'The Fires Within,' you fabulous writer, you! What a well deserved Dobby award! Anyway, on to the actual review.

Firstly, I absolutely loved the interaction between Ginny and Molly - it progressed so naturally and felt entirely in character for both of them, and it was such a lovely glimpse inside the Weasley world that never seems to change much. This section in particular was fantastic: "As Harry came through the door, Ginny leapt toward the kettle, keeping her still-scarlet face hidden from sight. He had all the confidence of the Boy Who Lived, saviour of the wizarding world, and the head of a Ministry department. Some said he was slotted for the next Minister of Magic, though most of the family supposed that he'd never take the post, following the inspiration of his beloved Professor Dumbledore. But in Harry's case, it would be a useless post; he already ruled the world." Truly, this quote captures how I always imagined Harry to be post-DH - to me, these simple, yet eloquent lines ARE Harry. What I mean to say is, if there were a dictionary definition of post-DH Harry Potter, that would be it. That's all we need to know about him, since you've captured him so beautifully and realistically.

Lily, on the other hand...ugh. She's insufferable! (Great job writing her, though!) If ever there were to be a reincarnation of Lydia Bennet, she would be it. I want to feel some sort of compassion toward her, but honestly, I just feel like introducing her to a Chomping Cabbage. (I love how invested I am in your characters! Ha ha.) Bless Harry for fathering her with so much patience. And it goes without saying, I support/adore/empathize with Rose twenty times more after seeing Lily.

Ah, anyway, to end my rambling musings, this was a wonderful chapter as usual, and you're such a spectacular writer! I'm still ridiculously hooked on this story. (:

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, Emma, what a review! It's wonderful that you've come back to read this story some more, even with school - it means a lot to hear from you, and even more that you've taken the time to write such a long review, too. ^_^ Thanks for the congrats on Fires Within - gosh that story keeps coming back to haunt me! Just when I hope that people will have forgotten about it, it goes off and wins a Dobby! *flails* It was lovely to get a Dobby, though - can't say no to one of those yummy awards!

Writing this story taught me a lot about how comfortable I was with writing the Weasleys. They're a great family to write - very complex yet much closer than my own extended family, which was probably why I didn't think I could pull them off. And writing the older Trio-era characters is far, far better than I ever expected - they make good adults, for some reason, their personalities adapting well to maturation. I re-read that part you mentioned and was in awe of it - I couldn't have written that! Harry actually turned out well! And I don't even really like him. Strange what comes out of one sometimes. I'm glad that you liked it and Harry's portrayal - it's a wonderful compliment to be able to write the main character so well because usually they're the hardest to capture due to the fact that so much is already written about them.

Haha, Harry's used to having a brat for a daughter, even if he doesn't quite understand how it happened. She's like a freak of nature, and I wonder often if I went too far with her character, making her too extremely insufferable - of course, it is from Rose's perspective, so there's a definite bias against Lily. I'm glad that Lily makes Rose more sympathetic, though, as Rose is pretty flawed herself and many have questioned her behaviour throughout. ;)

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story! I'm incredibly glad that you've been enjoying it so far! ^_^

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Review #23, by argetlam shadeslayerSky: Remember

19th August 2011:
Ah, Nisha. I swear, the moment I started reading this, I felt this weird, warm twinge in my heart, as though I had just downed a cup of hot cocoa after being outside in the blistering cold all day. (Which a huge turnaround from the weather here, mind, but all the same.) This story is so wistful and beautiful - I honestly don't know how you do it. As much as I like Remus/Tonks (although, I always thought Lupin could've treated Tonks a bit better; was kind of a prat at times), this fic right here makes me desperately wish to see a little Charlie/Tonks love from Jo, useless as that wish is. Just reading and thinking about this makes me want to write my own Charlie/Tonks (not that it'd be half as awesome as yours! But the plot bunny just sort of hopped by, and I kind of want to pet it), and I honestly feel like this IS canon Charlie Weasley, if Jo had ever written more in-depth about him. I just feel like he should be this way - the way you've written him - because you've done it so beautifully, and I can totally see him leaving for Romania to escape his love for Tonks or something like that. (But if it turns out Charlie was gay, I think I just might cry.) But yeah, you've totally changed my mind about both Charlie and Tonks, and now it's been cemented in my mind that story is part of canon HP, like one of those missing moments. Period. JK can just accept it. Wonderful story!

Author's Response: Aw Emma! This review was so lovely. I'm the same way, no grudges against Remus/Tonks... but I think Remus was meant to be alone. That was just his character. I'm so happy that you think that my Charlie is characterized so well it could be canon, that is the ultimate compliment. I'm also totally glad to convert someone else into a Charlie/Tonks shipper! :)

Thanks so much for all of your kind words, Emma ^_^

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Review #24, by argetlam shadeslayerThe Human Factor : The One With Rose Lollipop Weasley

19th August 2011:
Wow! Scorpius is such a...would you call him a badass? Or maybe an onion? Because that's kind of what he is, a badass onion. You know, with...layers. And stuff. Anyway. I really, really loved this chapter. Reading it was a lot like splitting a Mars bar with your best friend - it's a cross between sharing a secret and going, "Whoa, I didn't know you could eat chocolate like that, you beast!" If that makes any sense, I mean. In my head, that correlates to Pippa and Scorpius - his outburst was so unexpected, but he's so lovable and sunny that I feel a bit like a proud mother wanting to give him a standing ovation for telling off Rose. Your characters are so real and snarky, that it really is a joy to read this story and fall into it. Well done! You rule. (:

Author's Response: A badass onion has to be my favourite way someone has ever described Scorpius, in well, ever. He does have layers! He may be a little slow at times, but his heart is in the right place and that's what I like so much about him. I just love the way you word things! It has me smiling. Yes, it's the start of Pippa's relationship forming with Scorpius as she hasn't allowed herself to even give him the time of the day before. He accepted that before but now he won't. Exactly! He won't let anyone touch his family. I'm so glad you think that! They're pretty special to me so I'm so glad you are enjoy reading about them! Thanks so much for the nice review, it's made my day. xxx

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Review #25, by argetlam shadeslayerThe Human Factor : The One Where Pippa Can't Sleep

19th August 2011:
Ugh, she's just so human and snarky and random! And endearing. I love her. She's currently kind of my new favorite OC, to be honest. Hehe, I especially adored your description of Lily, with the scrapbook and Damien and penguins. And Albus! He's so pissy! I can't wait to see more depth revealed as far as his character goes, nor can I wait to read the rest of this story. Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Heya! I'm so glad you think that about that. I tried to make her as realistic as possible. I'm so glad you like her so far! And Lily! I adore writing Lily, she's crazy but her hearts in the right place. Albus is indeed very angry at the moment, but of course, his character will be explored in the later chapters :) Thanks so much for the nice review, it means a lot to me! Have a great day! xxx

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