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Review #1, by Flower123The Year of Girls and ...Defeating Dark Lords Part II: Honeymoon Over

18th December 2010:
Are you going to put part I back up?PLEASE! :( nice second half though :)

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Review #2, by Flower123The Hard Life: Chapter 46 Relief

29th April 2009:
glad that he got to see them and ginny!update soon

Author's Response: will try my hardest!

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Review #3, by Flower123The Hard Life: Chapter 44 Getting it Right

23rd December 2008:
THEY FINALLY GOT HIM!YES!Sirius is going to be so happy probably catatonic for a little bit.update soon

Author's Response: oh yes! very happy.but wracked with worry also!

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Review #4, by Flower123The Rest is Still Unwritten: We Have To.

3rd November 2008:
awww that was a great piece of advice for isa.update soon

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Review #5, by Flower123Empty: Empty...

11th June 2008:
that was the chapter ending I've been waiting for. she's finally happy with harry and james. great story

Author's Response: haha, I know. but it was a happy ending, in a sad way. thank you for all of your super reviews along the way! =] they always made my day!

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Review #6, by Flower123The Rest is Still Unwritten: The Locket

9th June 2008:
sirius is going to get it!lol and harry saw the locket but didn't realize that its a horocrux!update soon

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Review #7, by Flower123Empty: The turning of Friends

5th June 2008:
wow so she really is on a killing spree hope she doesn't go to jail she won't survive.update soon

Author's Response: yep, she is!
thanks for all the lovely reviews ;)

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Review #8, by Flower123Our New Family: And the Project is....

4th June 2008:
I knew you would have her boyfriend be there at the school. so are they staying with Hermione's parents?PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON this is going great

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Review #9, by Flower123Empty: Thorfinn Rowle

28th May 2008:
shes on a killing spree!and whats with the first part?update soon

Author's Response: The first part was just to slowly bring the reader into what was happening- she was making her new cloak... I didnt want to rush into things and make the reader lost, so thats why I had the small bit at the beginning. =]

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Review #10, by Flower123Empty: The New Lily.

15th May 2008:
I still can't believe u killed off james. at east shes going to get revenge. update soon

Author's Response: I just had to let her have her revenge, the poor woman...=] thanks for reveiwing xXx

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Review #11, by Flower123Dizzy: When She Comes Around

13th May 2008:
OMG!she got fired I'm so shocked and hes going to take her to his world!omg this ought to be strange for her!YOU HAVE TO UPDATE REALLY SUPER SOON PLEASE!

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Review #12, by Flower123The True Son: Meet the In-laws??

9th May 2008:
well harry met the in laws!that was interesting,update soon

Author's Response: :) Thanks, Flower!

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Review #13, by Flower123The Hard Life: Chapter 40 Remembering James and Lily

7th May 2008:
There have been a lot of people who have done fanfiction that have had lily pregnant when she dies that night. It could be possible and she could have jsut left it out since it wasn't important.

Nice ending with those to getting drunk together update soon

Author's Response: thanks, i'm looking forward to the next chapter, because that isn't the last we've heard of drunk remus and sirius!

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Review #14, by Flower123Dizzy: The most memorable night of our lives

3rd May 2008:
OH no! poor poor harry hes heart broken!and all because he was being honest with her!!!hermione should go and talk to the poor girl!update really soon please!!!

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Review #15, by Flower123Empty: Decision

1st May 2008:
YOU KILLED HIM!WTF thats so not right!its down right terrible her I was all this time thinking that they would get back together?!

Author's Response: yes, I killed him... =[. They did kind of got back together [they got the rings back on each of their fingers] I would of thought that would of counted as something, doesnt it? Thanks for leaving me your thoughts. =] xoxox

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Review #16, by Flower123The Hard Life: Chapter 39 Untitled

23rd April 2008:
sirius went back tot he house. I would have not gone back it would have been too painful. and whats with snape?update soon PLEASE

Author's Response: yeah i wouldn't have gone back either! not for a long time!

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Review #17, by Flower123Empty: The Promise.

20th April 2008:
she can't kill him!!! he could simply have amnesia!UPDATE REALLY SOON

Author's Response: yea, he could- but you'll have to wait to see if it is just anesia or is it something more serious than that... the next chapter will be up quicker than this one. =]

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Review #18, by Flower123The Hard Life: Chapter 38 Ginny's Words

10th April 2008:
sirius! What an idiot, if he doesn't check that place out hes a dumb ass!update soon PLEASE!!!~!

Author's Response: but Corey is a dumb ass!

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Review #19, by Flower123The True Son: The Alliance

5th April 2008:
wow so its all in a prophecy.update soon

Author's Response: I will! I've got plenty of time now that spring break is here. :) Whooo!

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Review #20, by Flower123Harry Potter and Why didnít You Tell Me: Trip to the Alley

13th March 2008:
Their both pregnant!and harry will look 17 in 10 yrs but will really be 27?update soon thats kind of weired u know with the whole Elizabeth thing if thats the case.

Author's Response: yeah the both are pregnate. the spell descised harry is not permanent but hides him. there is alot of forshaddowing in this chapter and i will try to update soon but i have a few storys that i want to type out before they explodes in my head. and also liz doesn't know that magic is real all she sees is a rundown bilding... for now...

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Review #21, by Flower123Empty: Blood

7th March 2008:
HES ALIVE!THANK GOD!now him and lily see each other after a year and she still cares for him!update soon

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Review #22, by Flower123Amelia & Harry (Rewritten): The End

6th March 2008:
she died!I can't believe it.update soon

Author's Response: That's the end of the story. Thanx for reviewing.

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Review #23, by Flower123Harry Potter and Why didnít You Tell Me: Realization

6th March 2008:
it was good, but are you goign to skip a few years with harry or keep him in 1st grade?update soon

Author's Response: Sorry about the mistake i'm going to skip a few years if i remimber corectly three years up to the year 2000. do that when i did the outline for this story there is nothing going to happen other than harry just living his life. but a little more action is coming up in a chapter or two deppens how i write it!!

thanks for the review!!!

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Review #24, by Flower123We seem to have a knack for miscommunication : Sincerity vs Humour

2nd March 2008:
they made up thats great update soon

Author's Response: Lol, I will do, thank you:)

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Review #25, by Flower123Stay With Me...Don't Let Me Go: Hormone Driven- Coffee Crazed

2nd March 2008:
well now shes off to the office.and her an james made up!ya update soon

Author's Response: Yes they did.. now the office seen will cause more lovely problems ;) New chapter has just been submitted!

ssb :)

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