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Review #1, by Romina StephanieAurora and Boreas: the world suddenly turns colour

19th February 2014:
I haven't been here in ages, let alone read anything. But whenever I do come by, I always check out your page, looking to see if you have any new one-shots up, as those are the only one's I seem to have the time to read. You can imagine my excitement when I find a James/Lily one!

I've missed your writing. That's the first thing you should know. It's just incredibly fluid, moving, the imagery breath-taking. The way you describe the light and colours James sees in Lily's eyes, it's a beautifully descriptive passage and I was completely taken away into his wonder of her.

You might remember that I am quite the J/L fan, but it's been so long since I've read something that rekindled my love for these characters; I love how this moment was so natural in its description, believable - it's very them. It seems like something Lily would do for James, and I don't know, imagining them having a moment like this knowing their story, is just quite beautiful and powerful to me.

As always, your writing is exceptional. This sentence: "Her laughter echoed against the rocks, against the mountains, bursting into the sky. She looked up in wonder as though she could see the sound waves weaving ice-touched knots around them" sincerely blew me away, the proportions of this one instant impressive. Maybe I've been away too long, or maybe it's your talent. I know for a fact that it's the latter :)

I'm sorry for not being constructive, I just... I can't. I love your writing too much to ever see fault in it, and this is no exception. Beautiful one-shot, and thanks for writing this.

/ Steph

Author's Response: Steph! *glomps* It's great to see you back again - and to see you making graphics too because I love your work. It means a lot to hear from you, and I'm really glad that you enjoyed this story. It was a lot of fun to write Lily/James again, especially when they're in this in-between phase of their relationship, a simple, natural little moment between them. It's even better to hear that this story rekindled your love for the ship. That's the greatest compliment of all for a story like this, where it's not so much about the romance as it is the relationship - how they interact and, more importantly, how together, they become better, growing from each other's influence.

Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate hearing that you like the style - your own stories are beautiful to read, so to hear the same compliment from you... *squees*. It's a more relaxed and natural style than my other stories lately, almost therapeutic to write because it flowed so easily - hopefully I'll be able to pick up this style again soon. :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Steph! ^_^

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Review #2, by Romina StephanieAfter Hours: I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight

11th August 2011:
Have I mentioned how much I'm loving this story lately?

Honestly, with each chapter, I'm practically blown away with the characterizations and witty dialogue; you're writing is as incredible as always. Keep up the lovely work!

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Review #3, by Romina StephanieLovely: darling

5th January 2011:
asdfghjkl. i am at loss for words. mostly, because i'm still not entirely sure what's going on (totally going to read chapter one again when i'm done reviewing), but also because i love how you left out the fact who the narrator was until the interaction between her and Dominic; i was getting impatient *blush*. but anyway, yes. i like your portrayal of the narrator (won't name her, just in case), and it's very different from the usual portrayals i've read, which is always a plus. can't wait to see how this story unfolds. you've got a great start here, Gubby :) keep it up.

Author's Response: I saw this review and was blown away. I miss you so, so much, Steph and I hope you're doing well and are happy and everything.

Anyway. As I've said before, even I'm not sure what's going on, but It scares even me. I'll say this, though: the triumvirate of Clara, Olivia, and Dominic are... well, they're not awful. But they're pretty close. I figured readers would get impatient, so I thought I'd stick it in at that point, because that line is very important. She (I'm okay with identifying the narrator as she) and Dominic's relationship, if they have one, escalates as we go on. It is very different from the mainstream understanding of her, and I hope she becomes more of a character instead of a name as we go on.

Really, this review floored me. I'm so glad to hear from you and I genuinely hope you continue to enjoy. *heart*

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Review #4, by Romina StephanieMorocco: CHAPTER SEVEN

5th January 2011:
amazing chapter, as always! i love the attention to detail, the characterizations, and i'm looking forward to see how the story will keep unfolding ^_^
just incredible writing :)

Author's Response: thank you hun
I am really pleased you are enjoying it!!

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Review #5, by Romina StephanieAfter Hours: Pastures of Shame

8th December 2010:
Rita, I can't even begin to describe how much I'm loving this story. I love how you've written the four, how real you manage to make them. I also love the bond between them and the interactions! So much fun. Anyways, I can't wait for the next chapter ^_^

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Review #6, by Romina StephanieBlack Sands: In the Teeth of the Lion

8th December 2010:
I've finally caught up! And it gets better and better with every chapter. I think what I've come to love more and more is the setting of the story; your way of describing the scenery and atmosphere is so realistic I feel like I'm there. I love how you write the mystery aspect of the story too, especially in the previous chapter, and I'm really looking forward to where you're taking this. And a note on Helen/Moody: ugh, love their moments so much. Moody is my favorite character in this story; he feels more dimensional than Helen, a bit more complex. And I love their interactions so much! I'm also excited about the whole Cadogan mess - he's an interesting character as well and I want to know more about him and really want to know how Helen is going to handle it :) Anyway, enough of my gushing. I'm loving this, Susan!

Author's Response: It's great to hear from you again, Steph! And equally great that you're enjoying the story. I'm certainly having more and more fun writing it, getting into the characters. I have a weakness for Moody - he's perhaps the one character I've fallen too hard for. :P He's my favourite character in this, too, and I'm so glad that you like him!

Helen is a little flatter, and maybe it's because of the first person narration? She doesn't let that much of herself show through - she's very controlling of her own story, and that's probably flattening her out. I'll think about that for the next chapter, though, as I spend so much time thinking up witticisms for her that I must be forgetting to write HER.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! ^_^ I have some of the next chapter written, so here's hoping I can finish it during the holidays.

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Review #7, by Romina StephanieMorocco: CHAPTER FOUR

29th November 2010:
amazing chapter! can't wait for the next one *blush* ^_^

Author's Response: hello darling!!
I am so thrilled you like this!! I should be the one blushing!!


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Review #8, by Romina StephanieWinner Takes All: Rules Must Be Obeyed

24th November 2010:
:O what a cliffhanger! i've said it before and i'll say it again: your portrayal of Rose is impeccable. i love how sensible she is, but at the same time, rather dramatic. and yay for some Scorose! evil Scorpius though, kissing Rose when he's just gotten married. can't wait to see where that goes. as for the R/Hr/D drama... *tear* it'll be very interesting to see how everything plays out. incredible chapter, Susan, can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much, Steph! It means a lot to hear that you're enjoying the story and its characterizations. Rose is somewhat frustrating to write, probably because her dramatic tendencies overwhelm her good sense throughout this story, I suppose because she's experiencing such emotional turmoil. But it makes her very much like her parents, too, both of whom are good at drama. XD

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! ^_^

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Review #9, by Romina StephanieThe Sensualists: The Sensualists

7th June 2010:
I'm horrible for not having reviewed this sooner. I've read it once before, but I was just speechless, and I just didn't know how to express my wonder. I rarely do, though. So, I'm sorry for not having done this sooner.

I loved this, Kali. I remembered reading it the first time and just going wow, and that's the same reaction I got just now, reading this a second time. I've always loved your imaginary, and the way you work with words; your style is incredible. The tone in this story is amazing, that air of confusion and the slight detachment to her surroundings, that I wanted for Lily's character and that you captured perfectly. It's very haunting, in a sort of beautiful way.

It's an incredible piece and I am honored that you decided to write this. It means the world to me. Thank you.

Author's Response: Steph! Of course I chose you. Thank you so much for reviewing - you absolutely didn't have to. And I am so, so glad (and relieved!) that you liked this.

*blush* You know, it's all credited to you. I must have read "How a Heart Behaves" seven or eight times before writing this, so I could be sure I got the style of the story down pat. Which succeeded, given your response, and I could not be happier. That you liked this is the highest praise I could receive.

Thank you so much for reviewing, and thank YOU so much for writing HAHB. It's the single most beautiful one-shot on this site. Really.

Lots of love, Kalina.

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Review #10, by Romina StephanieWinner Takes All: Things We've Gone Through

7th June 2010:
Incredible chapter. I loved all interactions, and how you incorporated the flashbacks with Teddy and Rose like that. I can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Steph! It's brilliant to hear from you and to hear that you're enjoying this story! :D

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Review #11, by Romina StephanieA Crash Course in Polite Conversation: somewhere a clock is ticking

5th June 2010:
I can't believe I haven't read this earlier. I've been meaning to, I really have, but I don't know, I guess life just got in the way of me and this place. But I'm here now, and better late than never, I suppose ^-^

Anyway, I loved this. I have a smile plastered across my face and I'm just, so, so happy you wrote this. I think you captured what I wanted their characters to be perfectly - and I absolutely loved the relationship you wrote for them. I remember that you were a bit uncertain about them as an item, since it's a well-used cliché, but the idea of them was always a fun thought to play around with and I liked them together. The fact that you still were ambiguous about the true nature of their relationship throughout, and that you left it a bit up in the air, all the while hinting at it, just made me sincerely happy.

Ugh, can't stop with the gushing. No, but seriously. This was very well-written and I'm the one who feels honored for having you write this. It's all I could have hoped for, for these two characters. Thank you, Gubby

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Review #12, by Romina StephanieYou're Nothing Without Me: A Holiday Guide for The Modern Young Widow: Numb

4th April 2010:
I'm loving this story, Rita. Your protrayal of both Rose and Scorpius in this chapter were realistic and simply great. Can't wait to read more (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much Steph! So glad you liked this :) Getting a compliment on you is like whoa! Thanks! I seriously cherish this review XD *hugs*

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Review #13, by Romina StephanieThere is a Light That Never Goes Out: There is a Light That Never Goes Out

5th March 2010:
This made me cry. Such a beautifully written story; both broke and warmed my heart. Just... amazing work, Susan. Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Steph! It's a great surprise to hear from you, and it's wonderful that you enjoyed this story. *hugs*

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Review #14, by Romina StephanieSmile: Evil whispers and smiles...

15th December 2009:
I absolutely love that final sentence. Seriously, it sends chills down my spine. I really liked this piece, Misty - it flowed nicely and it was very engaging, especially the POV. Made the story all the more terrifying and awesome. It was all very clear, like a spool of film unravelling. I love your use of questions here and there; it's all very effective and, even though there's no name and it's only 500 words, the insight to this character is impressive, almost like you know him or have heard of him. This was truly an amazing read, my dear. I've missed your writing. *hugs*

Author's Response: Yay! Stephanie as the first reviewer! xD

You highlighted my favourite sentence! Hence why I used it as the summary and paraphrased it in the banner hehe. I thought it would be interesting and appropriate to use 'Evil' as the POV, especially considering the context of the story. Woah, it's great to hear you connected so well with him. I did consider giving him a more concrete identity but it seems more fun to let the reader decide for themselves who he is ;). You're really too much, thank you for such a lovely review!

*hugs back*

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Review #15, by Romina StephanieStars Shine Black: Stars Shine Black

4th December 2009:
Wow... Just... Wow. Seriously. This was a truly wonderful read, despite the darker edge to it. It's amazing what you did to both characters, giving them so much life in just over 2000 words. I loved the title, I loved the allusions to the stars, and while this ship isn't my ideal one, it still was the right one. Don't know if that even makes sense, and if it doesn't, it should be understandable, since I'm sleep-deprived.

In general, the writing was beautiful, very descriptive. The piece flowed nicely and it hooked me from its very first sentence. The only thing I did miss was any mention of James, anything to indicate a perhaps messy relationship between him and Lily, or something that would've pushed Lily towards Sirius, but I guess that wasn't the point of this story (a messy love triangle, I mean). Still though, since I'm such a James fan, I would've loved a brief mentioning. Other than that, I loved this and I can't tell you how honoured I am that you chose one of my (older) one-shots to use for this challenge. Thank you for writing this :)

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Review #16, by Romina StephanieLily Evans Investigates: Chapter One

1st November 2009:
I loved your portrayal of Lily! I really think you captured her rational side, and truth be told, I don't think I've read a fic where I have noticed that in quite some time. I think she was also relatable, when it came to the staying up part and studying and slightly panicking before a test - I'm the same (: The story in general flowed nicely and it was well written. I loved the final interaction between James and Lily, and how his points made Lily cave. The chapter itself, along with the story title, kind of says a lot of what might be coming (or I'm seriously dumb and didn't get anything) and I'm liking where (I think) it's headed. The way you ended was also nicely done - with the question and all - and I'm guessing that will have something to do with that Lily ends up investigating. Anyways, I'm rambling. Awesome chapter - I'll be on the lookout for the second one!

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad I got Lily's personality right. To tell the truth, I have a hard time picturing her (and the boys) at that age. I just took a stab at it. I don't want to make her too perfect but also not a total rebel.

I'm happy that you liked that bit at the end because I wasn't sure about it. I like to think she is developing a soft spot for James and just can't quite bring herself to say no to him, but without turning into some giggly girl. You're probably guessing right about where it's headed although I don't know what you're guessing so I can't really say for sure! (I'm rambling now as well!)

Thanks for reviewing, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #17, by Romina StephanieTango: Squish

6th September 2009:
This musical - and The Cell Block Tango in particular - is one of my favourites ever. And when I saw this... Well, needless to say, I loved this. It's chilling, it's demented (if you will) and stunning. The harshness in each story seriously gave me the creeps, and it's been a while since I read such a provoking story. I can't wait to read the coming chapters. You've done awesome so far, Kali.

Author's Response: Cell Block Tango is AMAZING. And really? You find it well-written? O___o *blush* Well, let's say I disagree, seeing as it's written on a whim. :P Thank you so much, Steph. ^_^ I'm so, so happy you liked it. *hugs* ILY, my dear.

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #18, by Romina StephanieBecoming Molly: Three Weeks

6th September 2009:
I'd say very good. I really love your portrayal of Molly so far, and I love the bonds she shares with her cousins. I have always imagined Molly to not be as close to Dom and Rose because she's much younger, but this is just great. I have to say though, that the descriptions of Spencer reminded me of an ex-boyfriend - he too had one green eye and a blue one, and he too was a jerk =p Made me a bit nostalgic. I'm really looking forward to your next chapter and this has earned a well-deserved spot among my favourites (: Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Aw, you have no idea how excited I was when I saw this! It's not every day someone gets their story reviewed by one of their favorite authors! *blushes* Ah, I had an ex like that too! Who knew those types of boys were so plentiful? :P & thank you sooo much for that honor! Your words are so kind, thank you for the absolutely lovely review :)

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Review #19, by Romina StephanieMemory Dust: The Unknown Home

5th September 2009:
Loved it. Every bit of it. I'm not sure what else to say, except that everything in this chapter was spot-on; characterizations and emotions in particular. I cannot wait for the coming chapters - this is just... amazing, Liz. Keep up the wonderful work.

Author's Response: I can never explain how much your reviews mean to me. Especially for this story. Thanks, Steph, really. :) You were one of the first people who supported this from the beginning, it's great to know you're reading on and still like it. Thank you so much.

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Review #20, by Romina Stephanieyour enemy is sleeping: pomegranate gelato

3rd September 2009:
I had to re-read this, because, while it's amazingly written, I was - and am to a certain extent - totally confused by this (I'm kind of hoping that it's the tiredness and still not my IQ -.-).

I absolutely love the imagery of this; as I'm sure you've already heard, this is art. The descriptions are beautiful, they're alive and they're engulfing. It felt as if I was living it - everything was incredibly real. The story of Persephone is my favourite in Greek mythology. What caught my attention was the pomegranate gelato part and I knew I'd love this. I was happy to see that you had incorporated Demeter, Persephone and Hades and even more happy with the fact that they represented Andromeda, Narcissa and Lucius respectively. You did a great job with these allusions and it was... yeah, it was just amazing, because it was spot-on.

I can't emphasis my adoration for your opening line, and closing line, enough. And you would smile, because you are Hades, and you are the reason she fell. - this is... pure perfection. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful, and sums up the relationships I imagine those three had. And how they'd end up ultimately: a resentful Andromeda, a triumphant Lucius, a naive Narcissa.

I'm rambling again. But seriously - this is hauntingly enchanting. It's art and it's amazing.

Author's Response: I knew it would be confusing; indeed, I sort of wanted it to be, so it's definitely not your IQ (and as you're a genius, it shouldn't matter anyway). Quick summary, Andromeda laments Narcissa's fall at Lucius' hands.

If "art" is "throwing random allusions and vague ideas onto Word document at eleven thirty pm and having no concrete plot and/or point," then yes, this might be considered art. But as writing is an art form, I really am pleased that you think it as such. I do think that the writing here was vivid because I was so caught up in it, having written it in one sitting and half an hour. Persephone is my new favorite in Greek mythology - her story is so chilling, and so intense that it's really a lot of fun to play around with. Pomegranate gelato was really random, actually, but it's got crisp, cool flavors and chills you, and is pomegranate, so it all works out in the end. Sort of. :P

Now, you know I'm a very modest person, but I did really like the opening and closing lines. The fic was going to be a little bit longer (not that I knew what I was doing), but when I wrote that last sentence I knew I couldn't possibly drag it out any longer. It does sum up the relationship between Narcissa and Lucius, and as it is bitter and resentful, we see Andromeda in diction. I really am happy that you appreciated it ^_^

Rambling, Steph, is always a wonderful thing. People don't ramble like they used to. But seriously - this is such a spectacular review. Coming from you, it's all the more awesome. Thank you ever so much for this! -squishes-

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Review #21, by Romina StephanieWinner Takes All: Their Minds as Cold as Ice

16th August 2009:
Hermione cheated?! No :( And the fact that I love how you've written Ron in this piece just makes this so much worse...

...Now that that's off my system, I'll move on to Rose. I love her portrayal - she's flawed, she's relatable, she's human. I love how you've depicted her and her parents relationship, as well as the one with her brother and cousins, especially Albus (I like the thought that they're closer than to the rest of their cousins).

I can't tell you how much I look forward to read the confrontation that (I'm sure) will take place between Rose and Lily. And her encounter with Scorpius... Wow. What a relief it was that I could keep on reading, because that cliffhanger was just mean =p I like his portrayal as well, but he remains an enigma - did he love Rose? And why would he propose to Lily when Rose hadn't really refused him at all, but given him to option to be with her? I might be asking the wrong questions here, but that's what I keep wondering and I can't wait to see where this is headed and if there is something specific (besides true love) that drove Scorpius to propose to his ex-girlfriend's cousin. That was bound to shake things up.

I'm loving this, Susan. Scorose is one of my favourite ships and I always love a happy ending for them, but I like the different approach you've gone with when it comes to this ship. And the family drama is just so fun to read - there aren't many that are as well-written and believable as this one. Anyways, this is great so far. Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: I didn't think about Ron until after I'd finished this chapter. :S Rose is going to have to deal with him somehow (probably by avoiding him as much as possible). It's quite a burden that Hermione has placed upon her daughter, but it also brings them together at the same time. The one thing that stands between Rose and Ron is her old relationship with Scorpius, and while he hides his anger well (loving Rose too much to upset her), it's still there, boiling within. Oooh, you've given me the idea for a very powerful Ron scene, which would be awesome to write. :D

Anyways, it's great that you like Rose! I enjoy writing her more than I imagined - she's an average witch stuck in a less-than-average family, something I'm having fun with. :P The only one of her family she can be truly honest with though is Albus. I love him too much to not make him an important character. ^_^

It's hard to say who readers will learn about more next chapter: Lily or Scorpius. Lily's perspective on him will hopefully turn out to be interesting. I'm looking forward to writing the scene with her, as she's a rather silly character. The thing I'm worried about is what to do with Harry - I haven't written him in a very long time, and even that was as a minor character. Scorpius's characterization is very interesting, though - I'm having a bit too much fun making him rather evil. :P

Thank you very much for this review, Steph! It was wonderful to hear from you on this story and I'm really pleased to hear that you're enjoying it! It's a very different story from what I'm used to writing, so it's a relief to know that it's not a complete failure. ^_^

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Review #22, by Romina StephanieMemory Dust: Crookshanks's Flight

30th July 2009:
I've waited, trying to find the words that will express my wonder at these last couple of chapters that I've read, but I've been unable to. Seriously.

All that I can say is that I am so, so happy that you've returned to this story, because it is truthfully one of a kind, with an original and imaginative plot. This particular chapter -- wow. I have waited for this moment so long and now it's here and I'm stunned. I loved Ron's reaction and Ginny's interruption. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I've loved how Ron and Hermione's relationship has evolved these past chapters and how this inexplicable (for them) current has been running between them and it's just lovely to read. And the chapter when Hermione got a clue of who her real parents were and the discovery of the photograph - heartbreaking.

Anyways, can't wait to see where you're taking this story. It's amazing and keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Steph. All your words mean so much to me. This chapter was hard to write, but I enjoyed it a lot at the same time.

I love writing them. I just adore both of them so much. And this is so much fun, because they don't remember all that held them together, so they have to rebuild the relationship and the feelings.

That scene at the dentists was written ages ago and I waited forever to use it. In the end I had to overwrite it completely, since I lost the original draft in the computer crash, but the point is still there. I'm glad I managed to convey the emotion.

Thank you so much for coming back, reviewing and everything else. All your compliments coming from YOU make my world!

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Review #23, by Romina StephanieAnd Then I Died: And Then I Died

29th July 2009:
This was great - I really can imagine Myrtle being an annoying character to write, but you still did an amazing job. She was on spot - canon-wise - but as always, you brought your personal tone into hers and the entire story and, well... it was just awesome. I loved the use of first person - it's been a while since I read it and I got the sudden urge to write it myself. Masterfully done, Susan: everything from the title (loved the title!) to that final line (that incidentally sent chills down my spine). Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much, Steph! It's great that you enjoyed this and liked the Myrtle who made me go insane (I think she's brushed off on me too much - I've been whining ever since writing this :P). When I first saw the staff challenge, writing Myrtle in first person seemed like a challenge in itself. She has a very unique voice, that's for sure.

That final line is my favourite one in this, so I'm really glad that it produced that effect on you. :D

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Review #24, by Romina StephanieA Murder of Ravens: The Iron Queen

26th July 2009:
I loved this! The language was amazingly fluent, imaginative and rich and I just wanted to keep on reading. The way you described Death (or the beyond), and Rowena's apparent longing for her beloved one...

I particularly loved this paragraph: "Go on," I said to him. Don't be afraid. "Here I stay to keep the beacons bright." I'll wait for you to drop anchor again. Ask me to come sailing. Unknown. Uncertain. Hand in hand. Gaze to gaze. A step to the horizon.

I don't know why this appealed to me, but it just brings images to my head that are beautiful and sad, and I love how your writing does that - paints perfect pictures, even though there are no concrete ones, just stream of consiousness, abstract feelings. Gah, don't know if I'm making any sense, but either way - this was a lovely piece. And the ending - powerful. That's all I can say about it.

I'm happy I decided to finally read this piece. Beautiful, Rita (:

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Review #25, by Romina StephanieSoulmates: Meant To Be

26th July 2009:
Aww, Misty, this was so cute and heartwarming. I loved how you started off, the introduction to their story being - not her believing in them - but how others did, and how you went from their childhood up to when they got together, all these snippets written incredibly well and realistically. I loved Victoire (which is saying something, because I don't really like her character, or what seems to be the overall image of her, if you know what I mean), especially her stubbornness and this rebellic side to her. I loved the scene in which Andromeda was included (when Victoire cut her hair) - it was very moving and I think you depicted her very well. As for Teddy - well, what to say? He was dreamy. I also loved how neither Teddy nor Victoire were in relationships all that long and how clueless they were - it made me smile. Anyways, enough rambling. Overall, this was a great, great piece. Keep up the lovely work! *hugs*

Author's Response: Stephanie! You actually reviewed this! *squee* I really am beyond relieved that you liked this. Truth be told, it didn't turn out quite like how I planned. The entire story was supposed to be something similar to the start: short, sharp and straight to the point. But as is always the case with me it seems, I got carried away xD. The hair-cutting scene was my favourite in this particular story, it was symbolic in more ways than one. It's incredible to hear that you liked my portrayl of Victoire even though you don't usually like her character. I wanted to try something slightly different with her and make her as realistic as possible without bordering on boring. I do know what you mean, she does seem to get stuck with being portrayed as a lazy combination of Fleur and too obvious Weasley tendencies.

Aww Stephanie, i love your ramblings and this perfectly lovely review, it's always wonderful hearing from you. Thank you so much!

*hugs back*

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