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Review #1, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Persuasion

16th April 2014:
I absolutely LOVE the way you write. More specifically, I love your narration. This sentence in particular - "She was crying, and she'd given way to that inconvenient practice of not breathing properly." The way you write it all in Andromeda's voice, and such a spot-on voice it is too, is just superb.

Ted. Oh, Ted. He can't stop thinking about her. UNGH. And of COURSE he still thinks she thinks she's superior to him. After all, she left him for her family, if she wants to convince him she cares about him and doesn't care that he's a muggleborn, she's going to have to do more than that.

TED'S DREAMS. Oh gosh, my "aww" at him having dreams about her quickly turned into a childish snicker as he elaborated on exactly what kind of dreams they are. No dying linnets here!

Wait. WAIT. I think I've just had an epiphany. So, Andromeda's dreams are about Ted dying ... because she can save his life? And HIS dreams are about sexy times ... because he'll be the one to free her from her family and her obligations as a pureblood and provide her with a happy marital relationship? (And sexy times?) I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I do like this theory of mine.

Stupidly fallen for. Can't get over. UNGH.

Still loving the Andromeda/George.

And the end ... oh, it's so lovely. Andromeda, so brave! So DARING! Ooh, I love it. And he gives in. He's going to live, yay!

Last sentence makes me sad. :( Epic chapters! Looking forward to more - and hopefully I'll be able to read them when they go up in future!

Author's Response: Hiii. Last of the tasty review smorgasbord extravaganza! Also, may I say that I'm inordinately proud of myself for spelling smorgasbord right ON THE FIRST TRY. Small victories, small victories.

Thank you for the kind words on the prose! What with several writing projects going on in my work and free time, I get in and out of grooves for each project, and I sometimes worry about consistency in narrative voice. So those words really mean a bunch to me!

Baha. I couldn't help myself with Ted and his dreams. I originally started out making them purely "awww"-inducing, vision-like, completely innocuous dreams. And then I was like, "Pfrsh. That's stupid and too gushy." Then I had a long hard look at the plot and the part I wanted dreams to really play in it. And then I was like, "Get real, Writing Self. What kind of dreams would adolescent Ted REALLY be having?" And then I snickered childishly and wrote accordingly.

BUT. This theory of you is a verrry intriguing one. Hmmm. Of course I can't address it just yet, but very interesting indeed. Insert enigmatic air here.

How could Ted possibly get over Andromeda? She's unlike any other girl he's ever met, and, to top it all off, she told him that he shouldn't have been born! WINNER.

If there's one thing Ted wasn't expecting Andromeda to do, it was to mix his filthy mudblood with hers. I've had that scene planned out for a while, and it was so satisfying to FINALLY show Ted that Andromeda is getting over her purist complex and that she cares about him more than an ideology. At last.

Wheee, these reviews were such fun to read through. Thanks so much for keeping up with the story! Reading these reminded me of how much I miss James & Co. from OTR, and I'm going to have to pay a visit to those kiddos soon. >:] Until next time!

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Review #2, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Blood Bond

16th April 2014:
...heh. Yeah. How does Andromeda go about explaining THIS to Narcissa and Lilith? And my favourite Lilith (well, after Ted and George at any rate. And Nelson. And - you get my point) remains refreshing as ever. Don't ever become stuck up pureblood, Lilith dear, it wouldn't become you at all.

And all of a sudden, out of NOWHERE, I'm shipping George/Lilith. Oh dear.

Ack, two awkward Andie/Cissa conversations in two chapters. This is a definite sign that they're beginning to drift apart. I just hope this doesn't go the way of a massive confrontation. :(

Blood bond. It's meant to be, Dromeda! George's total lack of understanding throughout is ridiculously amusing. I'm impressed at Madame Finley's patience. Oh. OH. The dreams explained! WELL, this has been a chapter of ANSWERS and this makes me happy.

Oh Ted. Don't be so difficult!

Author's Response: YAY. I'm so glad you like my girl Lilith. I've gotten some mixed responses on her, but I like to think she's a breath of fresh air for the Black sisters. I also think I can safely assure you that Lilith is incapable of ever becoming a stuck-up pureblood. She's too much of a fun-lover for that stuffy agenda.

...Eh heh heh heh. What an interesting ship. Strokes chin. Keeps mouth shut.

Sigh. I no longer get to write fun, chatty gal talk between Andie and Cissa. It's all awk and tension-filled and surrounded by DECEPTION. Don't like it. But that is the nature of the story, and I knew it when I first started out. Just doesn't make it easier. Derp derp.

YEAH. BLOOD BOND. I was nervous about crafting that particular plot element. World building is tricky, especially when it's also a legit medical condition. But anyhow, ANSWERS. NOW YOU HAZ SOME.

Thanks for the review! :]

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Review #3, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Emergency

16th April 2014:
IT'S OKAY I haven't died. I just had this thing called "real life" get in the way. But I'm here now, finally! Three juicy new chapters to read, how exciting. :)

Ah, yes, we'd just found out about the Knights of Walpurgis, hadn't we? Unfortunately for Andromeda, Narcissa's reaction is as expected. She strikes me as the type of person who doesn't care about something unless it affects her, and the Dark Arts definitely don't affect her, at least not yet anyway. Poor Andromeda. The beginning of the end for the sisters, I fear.

But it's okay because Dromeda will have Ted!


"he vowed to do some very dreadful things, using very foul language" - oh George. He's one of a kind, isn't he? Such a charmer.

...Ted's dying? Ted is NOT allowed to die! What is this madness?

Poor George. Poor, poor George. It's so clear that Ted means the absolute world to him, and it's a lovely thing to see. At least, it would be if Ted wasn't DYING. Even if we know he lives in the end. These kids don't. Sob. :(

Also, if George doubted Andromeda before, there's no way he can now. As he says himself - she DOES care, and there's no hiding that. SO. Now George knows Ted likes Andromeda, and Andromeda likes Ted, he can play matchmaker! Once Ted's finished dying of course.

...I won't lie, the first thing that came to my mind as Andromeda was doing her neat healing thing, while barefoot, was RAPUNZEL. Andromeda is Rapunzel. Anyway, back to more important matters. It's so lovely to see Andromeda's progress in the past few months. Pretty much EVERYTHING she says to Ted just goes to show how much she's changed. It's wonderful.

And then she speaks with repulsion at the thought of being related to him, whether intentional or not, and I remember how far she still has to go.

And she heals him. Somehow. I thought the first time, at George's house, she just managed to calm him down or something, it didn't occur to me that there was some sort of magical reasoning behind it! Very interesting! But his reaction to seeing her isn't too promising. Oh dear.

HA. Love Andromeda's confusion at why she's jealous of Eisley.

Such a beautiful Andromeda/George moment at the end, too. I really do love their blossoming acquaintanceship (I'm sure they'd both be angry with me for calling it a friendship). They're so very different, and yet in some ways so alike. It makes for an interesting level of understanding between them.


Author's Response: WHY HELLO. It was such a treat to find these reviews waiting for me! Yummeh.

Alas, Narcissa. She's turned out to be a character that I like now so much more than when I first started writing. But for all that, she still has plenty of shortcomings, and the most glaring might just be her inability to care about anything or anyone outside of her limited sphere. :( I think it's natural, given her upbringing AND the fact that she's the baby AND the fact that she's always gotten what she wants AND the fact that, c'mon, her name is Narcissa. But it's a fundamental break between her and Andie, for sure, and that fissure is only going to turn into something more divisive as time goes on. I'm making myself sad writing about it, so MOVING ON.

George. D: He talks a tough game, but he would be devastated if he lost Ted. It was important to me, when plotting out the story, to introduce the presence of mortality and loss. It's something that touched both Andromeda's and Ted's lives so profoundly in the books, and there are hints that the second wizarding war wasn't the first time Tedromeda was affected--like the mention that they both withstood cruciatus torture without divulging information. I took that as an indication that they'd had to endure the cruciatus plenty of times before. It's a bit morbid, but loss is something that ties/will tie Ted, Andromeda, and George to each other. Ted lost his parents, George lost his brother, and Andromeda is about to lose her entire family in a different way. did I get on another depressing tangent? Merphrph.

Bahaha, OMG. RAPUNZEL. I had totally forgotten all about that movie, but now I can't get rid of the image from my head. Lolz lolz lolz. Maybe Andromeda and Rapunzel are distantly related. Fourth cousins, twice removed. I'm going with that.

Heh. Yeah, Andromeda has definitely made some headway, but it's a process. Old habits die hard, and especially prejudices that were pounded into your brain through bedtime stories.

I so look forward to writing Andromeda/George interactions. Almost as much as Tedromeda interactions, and that's saying something. Even though circumstances have forced them together, they've finally come to a reluctant admittance of a workable...acquaintanceship. :)

Thanks so much for the uber-tasty review. On to the next!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175Starfall: Falling Feels Like Flying

7th April 2014:
We're in Greece, and so the ouzo comes out. MARVELLOUS. Even if the stuff is foul. I do love drunk Selena.

I wonder if Albus has actually been playing his own little game here. Certainly while there's the possibility that Lisa is evil, they can't assume she is and completely push her over the edge - but by acting as though it hasn't crossed his mind that she could be a spy, it lulls Eva into a false sense of security. If they can make her believe they don't suspect her, that puts her on the back foot.

Of course, she may be able to convince them that she's not a spy and have them eating out of her hand. But certainly it's a good idea to let her think they're dancing to her tune.

Although he does sound as though he wants to trust her, which makes me sad. I don't want my Albus to get tricked. :(

Many things which I love in this chapter. Scorpius saying "sun, sea, sand" and starting off that whole conversation thread again. The reference to the trio breaking out of Gringotts on a dragon, that's always a fun one to throw into conversation. BRAIN-CHILDREN. And Scorpius moaning about his broom, which of course just makes me think "the sweepiest broom!" And then Scorose kissed. Om nom. That was a good Ignite chapter.

Vodka. That'll be Dimitri's then, yes? Mmmm, I need me some Dimitri. Come on, international relations are going overboard right now, surely Dimitri MUST be around somewhere?!

HA. Rose crying unintentionally and being unhappy about it. SO MUCH YES. Because it happens, you try to make a point and then your emotions mess with you and make you stupidly teary and then men adopt the "retreat" approach. Tears get you NOWHERE.

Except manipulation.

GUH. So much coming from this Scorose chat. Of COURSE Scorpius was scared she'd leave him, because everyone has before, EXCEPT ALBUS oh lordy it all makes sense now. And - poor Rose, being alone and not even realising it. But she was, she really was, and I said before that Cheryl and Hestia didn't seem like the kind of friends she should have.

And oh, Scorpius is so LOVELY when he gets mushy. Bless him.

"We... got together in a pretty fraught time. And then when things were quiet, I think we missed some of the fundamental little normal bits and pieces couples do." YES. So much yes. I can't remember if I was the insightful one who pointed this out before, or if you spoonfed me it, but it comes back to the fact that their relationship had the craziest beginning, and they never gave themselves a chance to set boundaries and talk and establish where they were. And now they're hijinking, they can't afford to not do these things.

A beautiful, beautiful Scorose moment, and such a satisfying resolution to their issues. I mean, personally the main thing that comes out of this is that Scorbus reigns supreme over anything else. But I will put up with Scorose! ;)

Cracking chapter bro.

Author's Response: The ouzo is integral to Greek experiences. Do like a bit of ouzo. Drinking Selena was hysterical to write.

Albus isn't strictly playing his own game but he's not been entirely honest with Lisa. He does believe her - but he accepts the possibility that he's wrong. However he knows that SHOWING her this suspicion will only do harm; either she's playing him, in which case it's best to look tricked, or she's not, in which case it could just hurt her to act dubious. It's a trick with no real drawback except for others thinking he's being a soft touch.

And he is a soft touch, because he's Albus Potter.

Brain-children IS a deeply disturbing phrase. I can neither confirm nor deny a presence of Dimitri - literally. It might happen, I'm just not sure.

The crying is SO ANNOYING. Trying to deal with a point when all emotionally pent-up and then crying happens and then men immediately lunge from discussing the issue to just trying to stop the crying from happening! It feels like such a stereotypically girly thing to throw in but it's a phenomenon I've complained of with friends before, so HAD to at least nod to.

Even I didn't quite realise how alone Rose was before Ignite. It wasn't intentional, it was almost a writing decision. To be able to integrate with the Five, she couldn't have a bestest buddy outside of the group, and Albus was always the family member she was closest to - it was mostly a writing decision to allow for smoother relationships with the characters, but it snowballed and looking back it made her very isolated, with two friends with whom she didn't really have much in common (though I really want to revisit Hestia and Cheryl some day).

Scorpius IS mushy. No 'you fill my brain' lines here. A pox on such poor lines.

I don't know if I spoonfed you the whole, 'this relationship missed integral development' thing. I mean, it was intentional! It was wholly the point and a reason why I didn't miss too much with the time-skip. So I might have rambled about it, but at the same time, it was right there in the prose to be spotted (and I'm not going to pretend I was super subtle; I probably wasn't). But I'm glad the groundwork laid out worked well! And this IS the final nail in the coffin on those issues; I do not intend to write, "Scorpius is upset and so isolates himself entirely from everyone," again in Starfall. We will, however, get to some of his issues. Like everyone leaving him.

Except for Albus. Never Albus.

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Review #5, by water_lily43175Starfall: Come Fly With Me

7th April 2014:
So not only do our gang have a spy in their ranks, they don't even have the money to show for it! Oh man. Not surprising; Guerrier was hardly going to help them for nothing. Of course, if Matt had thought about it he'd have split the money across two pouches, if only so that if he lost one down to either a mishap or someone taking it, he'd still have some money left over. Alas, this is not an ideal world.

Greece. GREECE GREECE GREECE. Guessing this is the place where Toby, Will and Dimitri (DIMITRI!) headed to for Toby's recuperation. Good choice, Matt. GRECE.

So, Thane definitely DID know about the fake Chalice. He's just a very good actor. And an interesting insight into Eva - I need to know more about her, she's a very curious character. She doesn't like feeling helpless. Which suggests she's been there before. And I also get the impression that in some sense she thinks a lot of Albus. I mean, she obviously knows (or thinks) she can play him for a fool, but at the same time I get the impression she's a bit taken aback by just how genuine and caring he is? I'm not sure; even when we have scenes from her head she's such a mystery. Total signs of Albus/Eva seeds being planted here ;)


Author's Response: Nope, no money. Then again, Thane and the Council don't have it, but it at least could have funded their globe-trotting. They still have the Malfoy bank accounts to cover their expenses at least. Guerrier wasn't going to help them for nothing, and though they should have been more cautious he was still not the priority. Matt had no reason to split the money - it would have been a good, cautious thing to do, but the money wasn't the priority. It was more about taking it off them.

And, yes, this is indeed that same little Grecian island to which certain other characters fled once upon a time.

Eva has her issues, and being helpless is the big one of them. It's getting to her right now, which is why her self-control isn't as perfect as she'd prefer - despite herself, Albus' efforts at being comforting are, well, genuinely comforting. Even if they let her manipulate him further and exploit the situation, he's doing the right things and that's having an effect. So while she's taking his compassion and thinking of it as a tool to use to drive him around like a Volvo, she is not immune, at this exact moment, to the benefits of compassion.

Where this ends up, I couldn't POSSIBLY comment.

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Review #6, by water_lily43175Starfall: Showdown

7th April 2014:
LOOK. I'm here and I'm REVIEWING. I think your fics have been my single biggest procrastination tactic over the last two years of my uni life...

Yeah, I definitely got a bit confused when Selena randomly threw checkmate into conversation. BUT. Trigger word. Makes sense. They're just lucky Paquet was the only one there. So. Two down, three to go! Or four, if we count Lisa/Eva.

I do like when Scorpius states the obvious. And oh, Rose. "It might do things to my books." Priorities in order there, good girl.

Lisa/Eva is bewildered. Did she not expect Albus to be quite so noble and selfless as he is? Or is concern just too foreign a concept for her to understand? HMM.

Broken broom flying interesting. And ridiculously coincidental, as you'll see when you get to Rails 61.

Fake Chalice. HO HUM. This ... makes sense, because there's a lot of Starfall to come and how do hijinks across the world work if there's nothing to hijink for? The question is, did Thane know the Chalice was a fake? His reaction here seems to suggest he didn't, but I can't help but think he DID know this whole time. Because he's Prometheus Thane. The OTHER question is - because there's more than one question, there always IS - when was the real Chalice substituted for the fake? Many questions, no answers. And a spy in the group to boot. HMM. Onwards!

Author's Response: I am the great Procrastination Machine. When review splurges come, I'll know it's 'cos you're dodging revising. :D

Checkmate was a clunky word to use (though like they say, you don't want it to be a story which someone might accidentally say!!) though at least the first conclusion wouldn't be 'brainwashing' if someone overheard. Still, it's easier done without someone there to listen. All too busy.

Rose SHOULD be worrying if the Chalice would do things to the bag in general. Super-charged magic item plus magically expanded bag, could end poorly.

Eva is bewildered because Albus is talking about putting himself at considerable risk for her, someone he's just met and has no reason to stick his neck out for. That level of altruism is not something to which she is accustomed. From anyone. As for Thane's knowledge of the Chalice, this will be covered. And when it was swapped, IS the million-dollar question, and the one which will be tying the gang in knots for the next little while. But nah, I couldn't blow the Chalice out of the water just yet!

Ta for reviewing.

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Review #7, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Meetings

17th March 2014:
The thought of eleven-year old Sirius in tears actually just broke my heart a little bit. He's BEYOND cute in this fic. And I absolutely adore his and Andromeda's relationship. His worry about not wanting James and Remus to know about his tutoring is SO totally in character. In fact, you characterise all three of them as twelve year olds perfectly. How I love those boys. :)

And then they all die. :(

BAHAHA Remus has a crush on Andromeda?! Oh gosh I think I just died and went to heaven. That is too cute!

Also, I love that bit when Andromeda says about betraying someone's trust on something important. Such a lovely bit of foreshadowing what's to come. You won't betray anyone, Sirius, but you'll get banged up in Azkaban anyway. Poor kid. Such a lovely conversation between them, it's nice to be reminded that there are in fact two Blacks who aren't total nutjobs. Three I suppose, if we count Regulus. Poor Reg.

Oho. OHO. Serious juiciness now. Of course, Andromeda doesn't bat an eyelid at the thought of Bellatrix dabbling in Dark Arts, but the mere thought that Narcissa KNOWS about it all and doesn't mind shocks her to the core. Such a lovely demonstration of how the sisters differ, and how they all relate to one another. This is a very interesting development, and one which threatens the friendship between Andromeda and Narcissa in a way I wasn't expecting. I assumed, naturally, that the issue would come when Andromeda was disowned, and she would be forced apart from Narcissa. But now it seems there are going to be tensions between them, because I can't see Andromeda being okay with Narcissa tolerating the Dark Arts. And that would certainly tally nicely with what we see from canon. Oh man, this makes me sad.

Although I did have to laugh at Rabastan's dismissal of sadist torture. Meet your sister-in-law...

Awesome chapters! Lots has happened to Andromeda since I was last here, and it's very interesting. I look forward to more - and the Ted appearance, of course. :)

Author's Response: It's a guilty pleasure palooza whenever I get the chance to show Marauders Junior. I heart them so much. Actually, I think I heart them more as pre-teens than I do as their snarky, angsty, romancing teen selves. And much better than their dead selves. D:

Lololol. I couldn't help myself. I thought, what could make the fact that Remus marries Andromeda's daughter even more awk? OH. YES. THAT HE ONCE HAD A CRUSH ON ANDROMEDA. I pretend it's not weird or messed up in any way, just because I love Remus and Dora and Andromeda so much. And if you love characters enough, that makes almost everything justifiable. Okay, not really. Where are my morals?

Alas, poor Sirius. He got the very rotten end of the stick. But I have loved allowing him and Andromeda some camaraderie. And I totally count Reg amongst the non-nutjob Blacks. He's one of my favorite periphery characters that JKR ever introduced. Honestly, I think it took more bravery for the poor boy to do what he did than the bravery of, like, ten Gryffindors combined. A moment of silence for ill-fated Regulus.

This comment was making me really sad, and I've finally figured out why. It's because everyone mentioned in it DIES IN A TERRIBLE WAY. D: D: D:

Yes. Huge difference between Black sisters and Andromeda's regard for them. Bellatrix is already a lost cause in Andie's mind, but up until now Andromeda has always assumed that Narcissa agrees with her on the things that "count"--dark arts included. It's definitely the beginning of an unwilling realization.

I think even Rabastan's "scruples" and differentiation between necessary evil and sadism wore down eventually. He was, after all, one of the parties responsible for torturing the Longbottoms into insanity, and I see nothing but sadism there. Ugh. Voldie manages to break down the ethical code of even the bad guys.

Thanks so much for the ongoing reviews!

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Review #8, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Adjustment

17th March 2014:
Oh, I do love Lilith. She's much less tightly-strung than the Black sisters, it's very refreshing. And I also like that she, like Narcissa, disagrees with what Andromeda's doing. It shows that they do care for each other, and that kind of humanity in an environment like this says a lot.

Ted dropped DADA?! I think my heart just broke. :(

"George, you couldn't hex my 12+ if you tried." Haha, love it. The Andromeda/George chat is very interesting. I said they had things in common if only they weren't determined not to like each other! It begins to show here. I mean, even George is shipping Tedromeda now. He knows where it's at!

AHA, WINIFRED EXISTS! Oh gosh this is amazing. REGINALD. Dying.

Ahem. Onto more important things. (Winifred!!!) The Knights of Walpurgis, well THIS just got a whole lot more interesting. Because there's surely no way Andromeda is going to let Rabastan get away with being all Dark Artsy. And once more I'm squeeing with joy, because this is yet another something that ISN'T Ted that promises to cause tensions between Andromeda and her family. It makes the whole thing far more tragic and realistic.

And that Winifred's a sneaky one, isn't she? ;) She's totally shipping Tedromeda as well...

Author's Response: Lilith is a cool gal, in my humble opinion. She's much more chill than the Black ladies, and in the backstory of my head that's primarily due to growing up in a mellower home environment. Lilith is the kind of person who likes the perks of being a rich socialite but doesn't see the need to get toity about it. And most importantly, she really does care about Andie. Obviously the tainting of the Starker bloodline hundreds of years back did some good. :]

It's such fun to run Andromeda and George into each other. They're definitely not buddy-buddy, but they are reaching a degree of mutual understanding. And that's a step in the right direction, amiright? George totally knows where it's at. He's a savvy guy; he catches on to these things!! Andromeda is just a little too single-minded to listen to any good advice. Derp derp.

Eh heh heh heh. I never turn down the opportunity to introduce REAL LIVE GHOSTS into a storyline. Mayhaps Wini & Reg will make another appearance. I'm sure they will. I won't be able to resist.

Yes! One of the huge priorities for me in writing this story was to give Andromeda an arc and a motivation that was perfectly standalone without Ted in the picture. As much as I clearly love me some Tedromeda, I wanted Andromeda's break with her family to be complex and motivated by her own autonomy. We'll just see if I finally succeed with that... Lol. But yes, dark arts is another stake in the fast closing coffin that is her family life.

Clearly ghosts have the best judgement. They have perspective! Experience! Andromeda needs to listen to her friendly neighborhood spectre and get onboard with Team Tedromeda.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #9, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Proposal

17th March 2014:
I AM HERE. Apologies for the absence, real life got in the way. And then I buried myself in my WIP for a few days to get it finished. BUT. I am here now!

Andromeda leaves Ted and her nightmares come back. Oh, Dromeda. And what a scary nightmare it is, too. I do NOT like the blood. Poor Ted-linnet.

Ha! Scaredy-cat Lucius. Typical. And oh, Narcissa, trying to help just as Andromeda had asked. She's such a darling when she's being all loving sister. I know it's going to break my heart when The Split comes. And it's so intriguing to see how Narcissa knows just how to play Druella - and also that Cygnus knows better than that.

And, as if they hadn't revealed their true colours already, their total lack of concern about Andromeda is sickening. They were too worried about their public image to search for her, they don't care where she was the whole time ... BLEURGH. Pureblood society really does stink.

And Cygnus WOULD blame Druella for not "giving him sons". It's an interesting thought, that - while Walburga and Orion had two sons, Cygnus and Druella had three daughters and no sons at all. I like that you mention this, because it's certainly something I'd never properly thought about it before, but YES, of course they would be disappointed with three girls and no boys. More gross archaic purebloodness.

Oh, no. No, no, Andromeda, don't agree! :( I suppose I could live in hope here, that she's going to pretend to be obedient and then run off with her inheritance the minute she turns eighteen ... but she seems so resolute about it all, that she IS going to marry Rabastan and have to live unhappily with her lot. Oh, this makes me sad. Was this honestly her plan all along? Narcissa's right, Andromeda, it's really not you...

I'm sad now. :(

Author's Response: HELLO. No need to apologize! Real life is, like, super important and stuff. And AHHH, you haz finished OTR? Congrats! This is more motivation for me to catch up on the, cough, fifty-three-odd chapters I have left. Eh heh. Seriously, though, I am loving that story so much. It's like I'm treating myself with a double scoop of moose tracks ice cream every time I read it. It's that yummy. Yum.

Anyway... Pureblood society really is the pits. So sexist and status-obsessed. Not worth the pretty dresses. Cygnus and Druella are a fail. You know, the all-girl thing was something I'd never really considered either until I started writing this piece. I was always intrigued by the Black sisters, but I didn't once stop to consider what a disappointment three girls in a row would've been to their father--especially when there was "competition" with Orion and Walburga, who had two shiny, very male heirs. At least Druella wasn't a Tudor queen, or she'd be liable to get her head chopped off.

:( Don't be sad!! But do, if you want, because I'm sad, too. Here we enter into a dark period in the life of Andromeda Black. She's been confronted with one rude awakening too many and started down a path that nearly every other Lady of the House of Black has taken before her. But it ISN'T her, and that is upsetting.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by water_lily43175Princess, Fall.: Princess, Fall.

12th March 2014:
Hello there! I figured it was probably about time I checked out your work! (And, I won't lie, I'm looking for ways to procrastinate from doing uni work, as is usually the case with me...)

First off, I ADORE the use of second person here. I usually hate second person as a rule, and I certainly wouldn't trust myself to write it, but it works perfectly in this, to the point that I can't even imagine it written in first or third. It just wouldn't be right! And I like the structure - how we begin with the end. It makes for a very dramatic beginning, and it's interesting to then see how things unfold - why she doesn't care about dying so young. I used that structure tactic in a one-shot once, but I didn't do it very well; I wrote it rather unclearly in an attempt at creating a mood but it was all a bit too unclear in the end! BUT I DIGRESS.

The difference in narration between child-Dorcas and adult-Dorcas is really well done. Ten year old Dorcas is so cute! And very strong-willed already. Yeah, stand up to that evil Bellatrix, Dorcas!

The theme of 'princess' running through this is just lovely. And Sirius, what a little tyke! Big love for the Prewett twins too; I wrote a novel-length fic about Gideon, and ever since I first began that I've had this ridiculous love for him. And Fabian, obviously. But mainly my Giddy P. They are DEFINITELY the original Fred and George!

The relationship with Benjy is lovely. It's not perfect - far from it - but it feels realistic, especially given the dark times they're in. And it's so bittersweet. It really is horrible to have to write about any of these characters, given they all die in the end.

And Dorcas herself - she's a wonderful character, in that she's far from perfect, and at times hardly likeable. But that makes it all the more gritty and realistic. And besides, for Voldy to have considered her worthy enough to kill himself, she can't have been a particularly flowery person. Her arrogance, in particular, is striking.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last snippet. Voldemort being the personification of death ... AMAZING. And Benjy's face appearing in her head just as she's about to die. GOODBYE PRINCESS. Ungh. Incoherent review alert.

Basically, I love everything about this fic. And I'm off to peruse your author page some more! :)

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Review #11, by water_lily43175Starfall: Upping the Ante

9th March 2014:
Yes, Scorpius wants to watch a Falcons match. Good boy.

Obviously I love Selena. And so I love her recognition that she's got the role she's got because she's not as good magically as Albus or Matt, or as good at reckless derring-do as Scorp, but also that she has the advantage over them of being able to read people better than anyone else. Except Rose when she's doing her Legilimency of course. Selena's far more than just the spare, and I like when this is recognised. Especially the self-recognition.

HA. Scorpius thinks "Bagman", Rose thinks "Hemingway". Love it. And finally, FINALLY, he realises that she hasn't told Matt a thing. Which means she truly is blameless in all this. And he REALLY owes her a conversation.

AHA, well I'm a silly. For a fleeting moment I genuinely believed Lisa was Lisa, and everything clicked! THIS is Albus' arc, she's going to come along and not care about who his dad is and he's going to gain this wonderful new-found confidence in himself and maybe have some sexy times along the way.

And then I remembered that Dresdner's assistant was killed. And Thane was plotting. And "Lisa" has a scar which sounds rather familiar. Ergo, this is Eva.

So! Back to square one. And off on a different course. Because Lisa not being Lisa doesn't disprove my theory; I still think this could be the thing you have up your sleeve for Albus. Although I do fear that any confidence he may gain from "Lisa" not giving a monkeys about his dad may be wiped away when he realises she is Eva. HMM.

And he really needs to learn a lesson or two about trusting people. The silly moo.

Author's Response: Scorpius knows where his priorities lie in teams.

Selena's people-reading skills are probably more long-term useful than Rose's Legilimency. Rose can't run around Legilimencing EVERYONE she comes across; that's horribly IMMORAL as an invasion of privacy and Rose wouldn't do it, it's deeply impractical, and it's probably not easily done without being noticed. Selena, however, is always reading every situation.

While she's not a BAMF like some of the others, she's also pretty low on woe about it. She might not have her own corner of awesome mojo, but she knows what she can do and she's HAPPY with herself. While her strength is her being good with people, I also like having a character who doesn't tie herself in knots over needing to be the best at something.

Scorpius clocks that everything is, really, his fault. The boy's going to have a lot of crawling to do when he talks.

Ha, no, Lisa is Eva. I wouldn't be so kind as to make it easy. Que sera, sera, but we'll see how the story pans out with regards to her and Albus. Maybe his arms DO have the power to save someone's soul.

He could do with being careful, on the other hand, he's not assuming this beaten prisoner of his enemies is actually suspicious. Possibly foolish, but a lot of people would take that at face value, I'd reckon.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by water_lily43175Starfall: The Sky's the Limit

9th March 2014:
Heist time!

I love the structure of this chapter. Having the plan itself intertwined with action makes for a far more exciting read. Not least at the point where Matt gets caught cheating. Definitely had a heart attack for a moment there.

Matt really is good at gambling. In your face, Scorpius Malfoy! Nice one, Gabe.

Yay magical space elaboration. Much nerd love. We both get far too much enjoyment from this sort of thing.

Casual mention of a pocket watch and its previous member. Also much love for this. Should probably be focusing on the action going on here rather than the minute detail. OH WELL.

Nice to see some Scorose interaction. It was chock-full of awkwardness as expected, but nevertheless it's nice to see them both able to put things aside and get on with the job in hand. Mostly.

SO. They're in. Now for the really hard bit. Onwards I go! Awesome chapter indeed. :)

Author's Response: If this was a movie, it would be filmed with the execution alongside the planning. Because planning a heist is a cool sequence, but there's nothing dramatic about showing people standing around planning, and then people doing what they just talked about doing. So I tried to do this like a movie, and it - to my surprise - actually worked!

Matt has his skills. He may not have inherited Gabe's gift, but it's going to come with certain influences on the children anyway.

The most fun thing about Starfall is figuring out so much of international wizarding goodness, and thus how magic fits alongside so many other bits of the world.

The Scorose scene was fun to write, partly because it was good to have them together and bickering again, partly because I liked putting some of the Quidditch details together (more that until I wrote this scene, *I* hadn't realised how Scorpius had an extra reason to be angry with Rose at the beginning of Ignite - she had inadvertently denied him his petty vengeance against Hector, and was making someone he hated happy). Also, this is the first Scorose adventure, just the two of them, in ages. I think since the Acromantulas. They've come a long way and yet, at the same time, not.

Onward! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by water_lily43175Starfall: Let the Chips Fall

9th March 2014:

Ungh Scorp, stop being such a silly! Albus does the right thing in being sharp with him. He's right; why SHOULD Rose be the one to have to initiate this conversation? Scorpius needs to learn that he can't just retreat into himself every time something goes wrong. I think we've seen Rose come a long way since the start of Ignite, but Scorpius still has some way to go. Perhaps because he still has all these inner demons which he either can't or won't deal with.

And Rose didn't tell Matt anything, Scorp; he guessed. So stop being angry with her about everything.

That being said, I do wish Matt would err on the side of caution and not do anything that could be misconstrued as him trying to steal Rose from Scorpius. I like Matt, and I don't like the thought of him getting up to no good in that regard. He's better than that.

And the Scorbus chat ends with a cute bromance moment. I love them when Scorp's not being a moron.

Okay, if Matt's motives in taking Rose to the casino purely extend only so far as to give her a good time away from the downbeat atmosphere that is Scorpius, and to allow them to have an honest conversation about where they stand, then I have a lot of respect for him, for being the bigger person. It's just a shame that anything he does right now will be seen as antagonistic by Scorpius.

"We were together. We had good times. We were even good together, until we weren't." This line amused me.

I really liked Jen's insight on love when it came up in BTP, so I let out a little squeal of excitement when Matt recited the words here. I'll let you off recycling your work, given it's one of my favourite bits. Bah, what am I talking about, I love any sort of Anguis reference. I need the Toby chapter in my life!

Raskoph. Oh cripes. He definitely recognised Rose. And even if he didn't, Thane clearly knows exactly what our guys are getting up to. And has his own plan. I have a terrible sense of foreboding...

Author's Response: YES MANY CHAPTERS.

Even poor Albus has had enough of complaining Scorpius and gets sharp. And of course Scorp tries to be righteous but can't pull it off against Albus. The boy does have a lot of growing up to do, though this meant to be him really tackling these bad habits in himself; once this little tizz is over, we should see him grow up more. Rose has got over the worst of her immature tendencies; Scorpius has improved a LOT since the beginning of Ignite, but you're right, there remain hurdles. And you're also right that his are harder to contend with than Rose's were.

Matt is definitely being naughty. On the one hand, he's not fully lying; on the other hand, he's not fully telling the truth, either. He does still have feelings for her and he does want her back; he even would like it if she came away from the night looking at him better. But he's also not so self-centred he can't possibly try to cheer her up for the sake of cheering her up.

I can recycle my own work if I like! Actually I like the line as it's a favoured pearl of wisdom on life and love I've been presented with, so I like putting it in writing wherever apt. And it's become a sort of Riley-family heirloom of a saying.

More Anguis references soon, I promise!

Raskoph... well. He knows things. What he and Thane talk about, however, are entirely different...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by water_lily43175Kill Your Darlings: Sisterly Care

22nd February 2014:
This chapter made me happy and sad in equal measure. The sad is easy to sum up; Andromeda's left Ted, and that is a shocking crime to commit. Poor Tedromeda.

But there is also a lot of GOOD in this chapter. First off, much appreciation to Narcissa for understanding Andromeda's situation. She's obviously not of the opinion that the woman's feelings don't matter, and so it's nice to see she doesn't expect her sister to marry someone who doesn't appreciate her. Of course, Narcissa is lucky because she just so happens to have fallen in love with someone with an impeccable family tree.

I'm actually looking forward to Andromeda going back to Onyx House. My first thought was that I DIDN'T want her to go back, because that means walking away from Ted. But this promises to be a juicy confrontation, because there's no way her parents and aunt are going to give in and spare her from Rabastan. And no matter how much Andromeda thinks she wants her family back at this point, she's not going to give into them on that basis. (At least, I'm assuming she's not - I mean, she marries Ted in the end so I don't think that's too much of an assumption!) She hasn't been disowned yet; that's still to come. And I have a feeling it could happen by the end of the Christmas hols.

But then, it might not! I don't know what will happen. And that's the exciting thing about this fic; I honestly have NO idea what will happen next. The only thing for certain is that she'll be disowned and she'll marry Ted, but I have no idea how and when that will happen! Which I LOVE.

It's interesting to learn a little bit more about Lilith, actually. I think I said before that I like how she's a bit less hoity-toity than the Black sisters, and I'd assume that the rogue half-blood is the reason for that. (Incidentally - it's an incredible thought that one half-blood a few CENTURIES back makes their whole family unsuitable!) But it's interesting to see that Lilith is suitable friend material, but her brother isn't suitable husband material.

But the BEST bit about this chapter is how, with everything that happens, Andromeda is reminded more and more of how much she cares about Ted, and how much he cares about her. She thinks she can just walk away from him and reintegrate herself into the pureblood society, but it's clear that she's going to be plagued with these memories and the constant comparison between pureblood standards and expectations, and Ted's opinions of her. And the thought that nobody will call her Dromeda again. That was heartbreaking. MARRY HIM DROMEDA.

It's so lovely to see she just can't bring herself to call Ted a mudblood any more. It's sad that she can't tell Narcissa to stop doing the same, but given she's still trying to keep her family, I can understand that. I just hope it doesn't take long for her to realise that she doesn't want to be in that sort of environment any longer.

There's a part of me that's actually worried about Ted's reaction when he next sees Andromeda. After all, she's told him she wants him and yet she's left him anyway. Surely that must make him feel pretty miserable. And I hope, for her sake, that it doesn't become an issue between them. HA, listen to me. Of course it's not going to be a lasting thing, they get married! It's like I said; I know it will be a happy ending (well, happy in the sense of a Tedromeda marriage, but let's not underestimate the pain it will cause Andromeda to be disowned) but that doesn't mean there can't be more drama between them first. HMM.

Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Hellooo! It was painful to write Andromeda's departure. Sigh. D: But as you say, we all know how this story ends, so there's always that little sliver of hope, even when I'm writing the depressing stuff. Still. It's no fun to dice up Tedromeda and leave it for dead.

Honestly, Narcissa has ended up even sweeter and more compassionate than I first intended. Part of the reason is because we usually only see her interacting with her family, which is very different from how she interacts with her inferiors. She doesn't realize just how lucky she is to have fallen in love with the "right" man, but she's totally on board with Andie. For now...

Baha. Rogue halfblood. I'm sure that little contamination back in the olden days has forever given the Starkers a little wild edge, Lilith included. It's been fun experimenting with the rules I think might be plausible for pureblood society. I mean, every social circle has its own hierarchy, and I imagine the Blacks at the tippy-top and the Starkers on the outer ring. Cos IMAGINE a halfblood marrying into the Starker line back during William and Mary's reign. UGH. How foul.

Yeahhh, Andromeda's subconscious is going a bit haywire, which was definitely not part of her plan. I mean, how can you just forget Ted Tonks? Silly Andromeda, you can't. Now begins the part of the story where Andromeda's divided mind pulls her back and forth like taffy. Needless to say, there is definitely more drama in store, and I'm probably having too much fun writing it.

Thanks so much for the read & review! :]

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Review #15, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Things Fall Apart.

20th February 2014:
Oh no, poor Blackburn! I hope there's nothing dodgy behind the potion not working.

Rose needs to be careful in terms of asking Blackburn how she is all the time. I know Rose only means to be concerned and caring, but it's hardly going to help Blackburn if she has all her students - especially the younger ones - coming up and asking her if she's okay all the time.

Yay, I'm caught up! *collapses* Now, let's see if I can manage to read the chapters as they're posted from now on *giggles*

Author's Response: *stares at you reading the entire about 75,000 words in about two days* I have NO idea how you did that. I was expecting it to take you at least a week!

And yeah, you're right about Rose. That's actually what that scene I mentioned in another response is pretty much about. It's hard to explain without explaining the whole scene, which obviously would take a while, but basically Rose wants to see how Blackburn is and Albus basically points out that maybe she doesn't want to be bothered and Rose just ignores him and goes and does it anyway and he goes along with her because he's Albus. Arghh! I was going to leave that scene out because there are a whole load of other things I've planned around the same time, but now you've made me want to include it again because of what it shows about Rose and Albus and their relationship. I think he already said something similar about Angie when Rose wanted to go and look for her.

She does mean for the best, but it's a bit like Hermione and the house elves in a way; she doesn't seem to be able to accept that maybe sometimes people don't want her help. And in a way, it could be seen as a bit selfish sometimes. I mean part of it is that SHE wants reassurance Blackburn is OK, which is only because she cares and she genuinely does want to be sympathetic, but still.

I have had students Rose's age ask if I was OK a couple of times - not when anything was actually wrong, just when another student gave me cheek or something and they were afraid it had upset me. And while it's really sweet of them, it does make me feel I've got to reassure them, which is fine when it's something that really hasn't bothered me, but if you were really upset about something, it would be extra pressure.

*grins* There'll be more discussion about exactly WHY the potion might not have worked in the next chapter or the one after that. I never know how much I'll get through in a chapter.

And yeah, Blackburn would probably be pretty freaked out if she thought somebody'd deliberately tampered with the potion. Not that she's not freaked out already, but you know, MORE freaked out.

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Review #16, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Their Greatest Fears.

20th February 2014:
Right. Interesting warning. I sense something is going to be Found Out here.

HA! I love that Abric's scared of the law. That's such a typical Fletcher thing *snickers* He was the Fletcher, wasn't he? :P

Oh, Albus' boggart is JAMES. Poor, poor Albus. :( I like the contrast; Rose's boggart is also her brother, but in her case she's protective of him and so it's him being hurt. In Albus' case he's just intimidated by his bro.

Angie. Oh, ANGIE. The poor, poor girl. This does indeed explain a lot. I guess this must both be the best and the worst thing for her; she can escape her home environment, but having to return to it every summer is a sad thought. It's nice to see Rose so concerned about her, although I do wonder if maybe she should have shown a bit more concern earlier. She thought of Angie over Christmas, but clearly not enough to invite her to stay. :P

And this certainly explains why Angie feels such an affinity towards Blackburn. I LOVE this. I really, really do. *huggles Angie*

And I'm guessing this is why you asked the question about whether 'Mum' would be the appropriate noun usage? :)

Author's Response: Yep, he's Mundungus's son, so hardly surprising, is it?

And I noticed after planning this chapter how many of my characters had the boggart take the form of their sibling, but for different reasons - their sibling being hurt, their sibling bringing them bad news from home or just their sibling judging them as not being adequate.

*laughs at the amount of sympathy Angie is getting from my reviewers here. She does have a tough time though.

And yeah, Rose probably should have asked her to stay.

There are issues in Blackburn's family too. Not that Angie'd know anything about those, but I kind of enjoy the obvious sympathy between them.

And yes, this is why I was asking about the use of "Mum" in London dialects.

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Review #17, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Clean Slates.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. I'm not sure if I should be suspicious about there being so little in Dora's trunk. Obviously she's not hiding anything in there right now, so if she was she's removed it, but I'm wondering if there should be more in there than just one set of robes. Did Harry ever completely empty his trunk when he was at Hogwarts? HMM. I think I've unnecessarily confused myself. :P

Author's Response: Yeah, I think you might be thinking too much about this. *laughs* There may well have been something she was hiding in there, though.

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Review #18, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Victoire's Woes.

20th February 2014:
If Ravenclaw aren't bottom of the Quidditch table (I remember Albus mentioning so the other chapter) then Gryffindor must be top, because Ravenclaw being third makes Slytherin second. Nifty bit of maths there. *nods*

For a moment I was wondering why Hugo supports the Harpies of all teams, but I guess it's because of Ginny, isn't it? *giggles* I'm so used to my characters backing the Falcons. Though they obviously support the Harpies and the Cannons as secondary teams. :)

HA. Percy makes me laugh every time.

I do feel sorry for Victoire. Okay, Teddy's clearly friendly with Blackburn and trying to help her out, but it maybe wasn't the best idea to invite her along to a plan he already had with his girlfriend. Little bit tactless from him, isn't it? Poor Victoire! I hope for Victoire's sake that whatever it is ISN'T romantic. Because she's obviously cut up about the mere THOUGHT of it being so. But I have a feeling Teddy's going to end up with Blackburn, I know you're not the biggest fan of Teddy/Victoire and pairing him with a werewolf would be very interesting. And given you're not the type of writer to just throw love triangles into stories for no real reason... HMM.

Author's Response: I'll take your word for the Quidditch results. I do have them worked out in my notes, but off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you who is coming where.

And yes, he supports the Harpies because of Ginny. It must actually be sort of weird for Ginny when her son's team is playing against her old team. G.A.A., being all-amateur, obviously doesn't have all the buying and transferring of players. Players play for their county, or if they don't reach that level, for their parish (yep, parish rather than town, because Ireland has a lot of rural areas and obviously the cities have to have a number of teams, because you couldn't have Dublin playing some little village somewhere).

And, *sighs* I actually don't think I'll be bringing in love triangles or anything else to do with romance again. It had me seriously second-guessing myself, mostly for the reason you mentioned - that Teddy does come across as rather tactless. I'm trying to keep all three characters sympathetic, which gets complicated. *sighs again* I have come to the conclusion I can't write romance and I didn't even have any ACTUAL romance here, just references to it.

I actually had a bit of a debate as to who Teddy should end up with. I do know now, but it took me a while to decide. I like both options - his being with Victoire means he gets to have Harry as an uncle-in-law as well as a sort of honorary uncle, so that works well, but I also liked the idea of him getting together with a werewolf, because he kind of does understand in a way most other people, even those who are sympathetic, don't.

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Review #19, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: The End of Term.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. Angie. ANGIE. She definitely has something to hide in terms of family life, because she gets like this every holiday season. I'm watching you...

I don't necessarily suspect Dora of vandalising the memorial, but she's certainly got SOMETHING dodgy in that trunk; she's acting very suspiciously. Or maybe I just think she is because Rose thinks she is? HMM.

Author's Response: *grins* Well, you know what Angie is hiding now. *huggles her*

As regards Dora, I'm saying nothing there.

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Review #20, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Searching for a Key.

20th February 2014:
Oh, Trelawney is such a fraud *giggles*

I don't get why the teachers didn't think to ask the portraits if they saw anything. I mean, if Neville thinks what Rose learned might be important, you'd think he'd have thought to ask for himself. :P

Oh, James, don't be such a rotter to your bro on his birthday of all days. :(

Author's Response: Well, the teachers may have asked something, but the whole jet of light thing only occurred to the portraits when they were talking to Rose and Albus. I mean the table shaking doesn't NECESSARILY mean anything.

And yeah, Trelawney is a fraud. *laughs* I loved having her predict that Blackburn would be absent and Angie's "yeah, she looked out the window and saw the full moon, more like." After her predicting what would come up on the test she made out, I thought it a plausible thing for her to do.

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Review #21, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Investigating Again.

20th February 2014:
Hmm. Rose's investigation is very biased. The mere notion that it could have been someone older than fourth-year disappoints her, and then the thought that actually, it COULD have been a verbal spell, cheers her up again. In other words, she's DETERMINED it's either Dora or Flint, and she's just trying to prove it. Which isn't quite the same as simply trying to find out whodunnit. It implies she might disregard clues that could be helpful if she thinks it disproves her suspects. :P

Interesting that it's someone invisible, though. I wonder if it was someone using George's Invisibility Powder?

Author's Response: *laughs* Yeah, Rose wants it to be something she can solve and more so, she wants it to be Dora, just because she wants a legitimate excuse to get her in trouble again. And she is rather stubborn. Once she gets an idea in her head, she refuses to admit she could possibly be wrong.

She would DEFINITELY disregard clues that went against whatever her pet theory was at the moment.

I absolutely LOVE your idea about somebody using George's Invisibility Powder. That puts everybody back in the frame, doesn't it? Since anybody could have bought that, even a first year. They'd have to be quick, as it doesn't last long, but how long would it take? Very interesting theory.

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Review #22, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: The Hallowe'en Feast.

20th February 2014:
I can't believe I managed to leave that last review without mentioning the memorial. *facepalms* What a horrible thing to do! I wonder who did it *ponders*

You'd think whoever made the memorial would have put some sort of protection on it to stop people tampering with it though...

Aha, so this is Slughorn's appearance! I can't blame you, he's priceless *giggles* "I don't want to be accused of ignoring anybody" - no, we couldn't have that, could we? *snickers*

BAHAHA the One Direction reference, love it.

You know, I think Rose should just start treating Dora NICELY. That would really throw her. *snickers* I'm not sure I think Dora DID vandalise the memorial. It seems too obvious. I'm not sure. *ponders*

Author's Response: Oh, there are protections on it, but somebody managed to get past those. Which raises the question of how? Is it somebody powerful or somebody with some kind of inside knowledge or somebody who has been briefed and trained by somebody else?

And yeah, Slughorn just came in here for my mental enjoyment and because I missed him.

*pokes One Direction reference* If my characters MUST go off on tangents, could they at least be more interesting ones? But I guess they are 13 year old girls and since this is only five years in the future, they'd be 8 today and at an age to follow them in this day and age.

That would be Rose's best plan, all right. And now I'm reminded of a de Valera quote, when he thanked somebody for not invading Ireland; yes, he seriously did. But I'm not sure Rose has the maturity or the subtlety to do that.

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Review #23, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Celebrations.

20th February 2014:
Rose's globe sounds AWESOME. I want one!

Poor Hagrid. Rose is a bit mean in her assessment of his classes, especially her remark to Albus when he says he wants to take it. The frustrating thing with Hagrid is that he knows his stuff, and so long as he sticks to sensible creatures he's more than capable of teaching a very good class. He just ... doesn't. :P I don't think Rose has much to worry about though, in terms of "wasting" an elective spot - if she can take up to three, and has five to choose from, she has more than enough room to take Hagrid's class. I can't see Divination or Muggle Studies appealing all that much to her.

HA, Dora took some sweets. Can't work out if that's her deciding to be a bit more peaceful, or just her wanting some sweets.

And that Felicity is doing my nut in. I can't blame Rose for biting this time round, that was a really imbecilic comment. I guess that's the trouble though - there's still so little PROPER education on werewolves, that it's not a surprise people get carried away.

Author's Response: *laughs* I enjoyed bringing in that stuff about Blackburn's nails, because I think it indicates how paranoid she is about hurting people.

With Felicity...well, even Ron freaked out when he heard Remus was a werewolf. And I mean, come ON, why would he try to hurt him just after he's heard he's a werewolf, when he's been teaching them all year without doing anything? And Ron is from a fairly accepting family, so how much worse must it be for people brought up to believe werewolves are fearsome, evil creatures? I now almost want to write something from Felicity's point of view, showing how she feels about hearing a werewolf will be teaching her, just before she goes away to school for the first time. *laughs* I guess it might give a bit too much away writing that before I finish this story though.

And I think Dora just wants some sweets.

I thought you'd like Rose's globe. Not sure why. I just had a feeling you would.

And yeah, that's absolutely true about her having a limited number of subjects she'd be interested in.

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Review #24, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Tensions Remain.

20th February 2014:
Bleurgh, ROSE, stop biting! I have to give her credit for not using her wand on Dora in the end, but she needs to stop getting stuck in silly little verbals with her. She should have just said she had better things to do with her time or something. But I know, she's a 12 year old girl with very clear ideas on right and wrong and who hates to see Blackburn targeted. I can't fault that. But she needs to learn to keep her cool. There's a reason Dora aims her spats at Rose (and Albus, because she knows that's another way to get to Rose). SIGH.

I do really like Angie, I'm glad that she's appearing more and more. It makes me excited to find out what we don't know about her, because there's definitely SOMETHING there.

Naw Scorpius. I like that he's not a prejudiced idiot. And good on Draco too, for having a bit of common sense!

Author's Response: *laughs at how people keep giving out about Rose and her inability to ignore Dora* Ye're right though; it would be her best bet, but yeah, she's 12 and obsessed with being right, so it's unlikely to happen.

I had to think for a long time how to characterise Scorpius. I didn't want him to be just a repeat of Draco, but I didn't want a Rose-Albus-Scorpius trio either.

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Review #25, by water_lily43175The Rise of the A.W.L.: Ravenclaw versus Slytherin.

20th February 2014:
Oh no, poor Albus lost! :( Well, I suppose at least it wasn't his fault, Scorpius was just too good. I'm glad James was sympathetic about it (for James, anyway), because the last thing Albus needs right now is his big bro being obnoxious.

Uh oh. I'm not liking that threat from Rose. If only she'd learn to just leave Dora be and not rise to her!

Author's Response: *grins* Yeah, Albus lost. He'll have other opportunities though.

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