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Review #1, by YuuFantastic Staff and Where to Find Them: Welcome Aboard

13th November 2006:
I love this instroduction! It's so original and the idea of using 'Welcome to the Hogwarts Express' through the conductor is amazing! At last I've found a bit of time to start going through this! I love the slight summaries (intros) to some of the characters that are seen later on through this compilation and definitely, the use of first person for this introductional (made up word? lol) chapter was spot-on. :) On another note, I really appreciate that you guys invited me for this (can't remember if it was jessi or dobby101, bad memory!!!), but it was fun, even when I was only able to do just one because of the moving countries part. Thanks! And again, a wonderful introduction to this whole fic and enjoyed the tidbits of rumours you used when referring to some of the characters!!! ^_^

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Review #2, by YuuLove Me Knot: Part Four: The Jester and The Fly

8th November 2006:
Poor Harry! I would have hidden never to come out! I do wonder what the Creevey headline would be... And I also wonder about Snape and Filch, what would their opinion on what happened to Potter be?

The part about the Imperius being taught by Lupin confused me although I suppose you did that due to the AU factor and the fact of disregarding GoF where the fake Moody taught the Unforgivables? It's something that you can easily fix with an Author note. I had to do that for an AU fic I've been writing with a co-author because we changed the Sirius being godfather part to Lupin and then it was Lupin who was dead. The reviewers didn't kill us for it. Hehehe! In fact, I think they were satisfied about having Sirius alive...

Harry shouldn't be too curious. I wonder if he'll get found. I'll see when I can get back to this fic. ^_^

Author's Response: Yes, Harry does seem curious and he does go through quite a bit of uncomfortable situations because of his nature, but never fear he'll pull through, at least I hope he does :D

As for Creevey's headline, I can't say too much :P

With the certain details being different from the original material, such as the idea of Harry and Ron being tutored by Lupin, I wanted to let the readers find out which bits were different instead of relying on an Author's note. I hope it wasn't too confusing. There were some hints on why things were different too.

I'm also glad to hear your readers were satisfied with your changes too. I know it's not easy to accommodate everyone.

Thank you very much for your review.

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Review #3, by YuuLove Me Knot: Part Three: Tea for two?

8th November 2006:
Okay, first of all I liked this chapter. I still wonder what the twins were asking Harry about. An octagonal item? Wonder what that could be. And the Creeveys make the greatest stalkers, ne?

lol I like seeing Harry's dilemma about approaching girls and Hermione's reaction was spot on when he treated her as if she wasn't a girl, not completely aware of offending her.

There's just one teeny thing I wanted to suggest. Can you put dialogs in "quotations" rather than in apostrophes? It's confusing, especially if you use the same symbols for dialogs and thoughts. "quotations" for dialogs and 'apostrophes' for thoughts and you'll be settled.

This was a very nice chapter and I hope to the next one sooner that with previous occasions. See ya!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the chapter :)
Hehe, I wouldn't want to spoil the story by telling you about the octagonal item.

About the Creeveys, yes, when I thought about introducing them in my story, I wanted to make them a sort of a
Paparazzi type characters. Though, I also wanted them to have an editorial/reporter role for the school. So, they have developed such skills in capturing the images they wanted.

Harry and Hermione scene: That was one of the scenes that stuck in my head before I wrote it. I'm happy to hear that you believe it was spot on. I did quite a bit of adjusting to try and make the scene flow a bit better. I wanted to make it comedic, yet slightly sad situation and at the same time somehow feel like something that might happen in the original material. To me, that was the highlight of the chapter.

"Quotations": I've used them before, but I felt they looked a bit messy (that isn't the right word, but I can't think of one). I thought the single quotes or apostrophes were cleaner.

I do agree with you though, they do get confusing when I mixed them up with the dialogues and thoughts. I think later on I used italics for the thoughts. However, for the next fic (hopefully there is going to be more), I will try to use "quotations" for the dialogues.

Thank you for reading and reviewing the chapter. And there's no need to rush. Read them when you feel like it. :)

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Review #4, by YuuLost And Haunted: Harry and Hermione's plan

3rd November 2006:
Oh, so it seems things have worked neatly for them and they might return to Hogwarts. Wonder if it will be that easy... Noticed the mistake you told me about and I'm glad you told or I would have been very confused about it... LOL "Hermione instantly scalded herself." I think you mean that Hermione 'scolded' herself. On another note, I notice that some setences start with "Her and Harry." Do you mean to say "She and Harry" or do you mean to say Hermione in a shortened way? Hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: Well the next chapter will be about Ron and Neville and what was happening to them while Harry and Hermione were off at Parkinson's. I've written half of the chapter, and if I really push myself i'll finish it this weekend. I cringed when I noticed the mistake, it was supposed to say 'Wingardium Leviosa'! I think I meant to say She and Harry. Thank you for updating ;)

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Review #5, by YuuIn A Flash: In a Flash

3rd November 2006:
This was certainly very interesting. I could never picture Ron getting so psychotic, but it certainly grasped my attention. True, that in a situation like the one they had Hermione and Harry would be caught off guard because they wouldn't expect anything strange from their friend... I liked the ending very much. :) BTW, this is a gift for all your help. I'll see if I can go through every one of your stories. ^_^ Just one thing, on several occasions you wrote Hermione as Hermoine. Hehehe! :p

Author's Response: Thank you, Yuu! I'm really happy that you liked the story. This was one of my first one-shots. ^_^ You'd have to understand too that I have a small malfunction when it comes to Ron - I can't stand him. But, like all things, I tried to turn that into something positive. Thank you for the review, Yuu and I really hope you enjoy the other stories. And thank you for pointing out the spelling errors - ha! I did this one without Word. :P

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Review #6, by YuuLost And Haunted: A Decision

17th October 2006:
*applauds with silly grin* I see how your writing style keeps improving and I'm really amazed. It's like you're style has been maturing little by little. I wish I could say the same for my own writing. LOL But really, from the previous fic (which is supposed to be sequel to this one actually) you have improved wonderfully.

Just one thing, you are putting dialogs in apostrophes instead of in quotations. It would be better to put them in quotation marks "dialog" because I normally associate apostrophes with thoughts rather than with actual dialog. Same thing might happen to other readers.

"There always seemed to be that feeling that he was been watched,..." 'been' should be 'being' And on the same sentence, although I didn't copy it here 'tree's' should be 'trees' In the sentence that follows 'idea's' should be 'ideas' "..., he heard his name been called" Again 'been' should read 'being' "She didn’t know how old Rebecca’s niece would be right now because she didn’t know what year this diary was wrote." Should be "...because she didn't know on what year this diary had been written."
And you leave readers with an unusual cliffy! Hehehe! Short, but nice. Sorry I got to this after such a loooong time! I've been busy! And actually, I should be practicing for my oral report for tomorrow! LOL Hope to get to your other chapter before this week ends. See ya!

Author's Response: It has been maturing :D I know what you mean. As I told one of my reviewers who I PM frequently, I always condsider Behind These Lost And Haunted Eyes as a newbie fic, because it was the first story i've ever done. In some ways Behind These Lost And Haunted Eyes and Lost And Haunted are like Spider Man 1 and 2. 1 is the first and explains the most, while 2 you've already established verything and can just get into the plot and do what you want to do. I;m going to continue doing this story in apostrophes, but i've actually heeded your advice on another story of mine. It's called Alone In My Head, I have a signature for it. I'm going to use quotation marks for the story. I also feel that Alone In My Head is going to be alot more mature in the writing style :D

Sorry about the grammer mistakes. Apart from description, grammer is one of my weaknesses :( When it comes to grammer, I sometimes write way to fast for my own good and miss the mistakes. I'll correct them.

No need to apologize, i've been pretty busy too. I've never had so much homework to do, one of them been essays. I'm getting quite good a cliffhangers/ Thanks for the lovely review Yuu :)

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Review #7, by Yuu2 worlds, 2 lives, her mission, his decision, their story...: Chapter 1

21st August 2006:
At last I was able to get to this! Sorry it took me so long! At last I have my own PC!!! Anyway, aside from several grammar mistakes, I like how this started. Seems very interesting and I hope you won't abandon this project and update soon. :) I see that your intention is for this to be a Draco fairytale, an idea I also enjoy. Will we also see Harry in the fic? Just curious.

Author's Response: Off course my fic is based with him in it. And about Harry your going to have to wait and find out.

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Review #8, by YuuThe World She Knew: We can try

22nd June 2006:
That Bellatrix is as bad as Bellatrix Lestrange. lol I see that you brought in this chapter the fact that Marietta can fly on a broom. I still can't judge her a Squib. Those people are too hasty to judge wizards and witches as non magical. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!!! The people are so hasty about squibs because I guess they're kind of scared of them, because non of them have met any non-magical people and don't want to acknowladge them! :D

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Review #9, by YuuThe World She Knew: This Spells Trouble...

22nd June 2006:
It takes a lot of hate to be able to cast the Cruciatus curse so like with the Avada Kedavra, no can really judge her a Squib because she couldn't cast the Cruciatus. Plus, it was indicated in the first chapter that Marietta can fly in a broom. I believe that a Muggle/Squib would never be able to make a magical broom fly, even if the broom has magic in itself. To a Muggle it would be like an ordinary broom, in my opinion, so I'm still considering her a witch. On to the next!

Author's Response: Thanks! Everything will be explained in future chapters and things become clearer and I will (hopefully :P) tie up all the loose ends!

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Review #10, by YuuThe World She Knew: Of Squibs and Lambs

22nd June 2006:
This chapter was better when it comes to how you worded it and I didn't find any setence ending too abruptly. I found highly interesting that it turned out that Voldemort's descendant had no magic, although judging from the Avada Kedavra is also a bit harsh by those wizards and witches. It would have been nicer if they had tried to make him do a simpler spell like Wingardium Leviosa after he failed with the killing curse so as to be sure. I always remember that the fake Moody told the students that none of them would be able to even give him a nose bleed if they tried the killing curse on him, and they were 4th year students. Pretending for a child to make the killing curse is cruel by parts of those wizards. I definitely don't like this world. Wonder what will happen. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The Avada Kedavra curse should have worked if he was magic because the world has become so evil (as with all the peopl in it!). Thanks again!!!

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Review #11, by YuuThe World She Knew: The Beginning of the Start

22nd June 2006:
Sorry it took me so long to finally get to this. I've been going through a lot, anyway, here I am.

Very interesting to see a story set very far into the future. I myself have a fic like that, but it's a fairy tale style fic and very different. Hehe! It's amusing to see that Voldemort won, but does that mean that there are bo Muggles? That would make the world have very few people, right? Especially when wizards and witches were very few from the start.

This girl is very wealthy, used to an easy life even when she had 'bad' parents, and it's going to Voldemort's concept of a magical school and Voldy is still alive after so long, or so it seems. Hmm... I still don't have much to say as this is the first chapter. Just one comment. You have short sentences that end a bit too abruptly. You can elongate sentences by adding some more details to the reader. Ex. "I like books. They cheer me up. This one didn't." The sentences are short and cut. You can try something like: "I really like books. They cheer me up with descriptions of the world that surrounds me and give me peace of mind that keeps me away from the reality I live every single day, but this book wasn't exactly my favourite. I definitely didn't like this book and it didn't cheer me up at all."

It's just an example I'm giving you so that you can get the idea. Makes the writing flow even nicer. :) Now on to the next chap!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!!! I'm just finishing off chapter five and then I'm going to go back and re-write the other chapters! Thanks for the help!!!

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Review #12, by YuuLost And Haunted: Malfoys Dilemma

7th June 2006:
Very interesting chappy with Malfoy wanting revenge and all. I laughed at Neville missing Trevor.

Did what Mr. Parkinson say means that this will be kind of like what happens to Lucy in Narnia? (If you've read it or have watched the movie, although I haven't watched the movie, lol) Like when Lucy thought a lot of time passed, but when she came back only seconds had passed and her siblings didn't believe her? It's the only thing that would make sense if what Mr. Parkinson said about no one missing them is true. Like when they come back it will be as if they were only out of Hogwarts for a minute or something.

Wonder what will happen to Malfoy...

Author's Response: Well yes it is quite like Narnia, thats the idea. The story wasn't taken from Narnia though, that was always the main bit of the story. However there is a reason why time hasn't moved, and will be explained by Parkinson hopefully. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by YuuLost And Haunted: Escape

31st May 2006:
So Mr. Parkinson is indeed a servant for the three baddies. Makes me wonder if he is still alive or if he is dead, seeing that this sets several years before your other fic. Will this prequel be long? Just wondering as I kind of wish you would start the sequel for your other fic. lol You can PM me when you update. :)

Author's Response: Yep Mr Parkinson is indeed a servent and a rather patheitc one at that, as I showed in this chapter lol He's the type that sucks up alot. Well I won't tell you if he's dead or alive because frankly I don't want to spoil the ending for you. Your another reviewer who also wishes I'd start the sequel but I just had to start this. Believe me it's my top priority after this story is done :) It's going to be hard though considering all the characters in it, and the plot! Don't worry i'm planning to make this story 10 or less chapters :)

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Review #14, by YuuLost And Haunted: Mr Parkinson

31st May 2006:
Is this Mr. Parkinson related in any way to Pansy? Hehehe! Well, if he is a wizard there is always a chance, although I don't think I trust him much. I mean, who in his right mind would stay alone in a village where people have either disappeared or died from disease? He is a suspect in my opinion. Plus if Harry and co. were lured into the village, I'm pretty sure the minions didn't do it so that they could meet a kind man and have nice chats with him. lol

I also don't trust the Ruby mentioned in the diary. I mean, luring a Muggle girl by telling her about the wizarding world? A bunch of kids going to perform underage magic in a particular night? Makes me wonder if that Ruby is part of the evildoers too. Interesting chap, now on to the next!

Author's Response: Hell Yuu, and no Mr Parkinson is not realated to PAnsy in any way. If that were so I would have made Parkinson more ugly. Also I hardly think Mr Parkinson would have welcomed Hermione. Your reason for not trusting him is perfectly right, that was what I was intending for the reader to feel. Yeah Ruby sounds very weird as well. I mean you could argue that why would she tell a gilr about her school when it's supposed to be a secret. Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #15, by YuuA New Revelation: Give Me One Good Reason To Help You, Mudblood

23rd May 2006:
It's strange to see teachers and even Pomfrey like that in the train. I always pictured Pomfrey being the whole time in the hospital wing in Hogwarts. I also thought only Lupin had been in the train in 3rd year and that it is not a common occurence for teachers to be in the train, but that's all right as it not mentioned.

Maybe you should put Malfoy's expressions in parenthesis so that the reader can understand the expression that Malfoy has as he speaks. It's strange to read 'smirk', 'sneer', etc. It's one of the reasons why I tend to be frightened of the first person PoV, because it doesn't allow me to say: "With a smirk Malfoy said..." Although you can always try to state it in a way with Draco saying: "I almost burst out laughing when I thought that even Lupin wouldn’t allow his feelings to get in the way of their ‘business’. Ha!" In this way, a reader can picture a kind sneering Draco without you needing to add the expression next to what he said.

I'm a bit confused about Lucius. Did he escape from Azkaban at some point?

BTW, Harry is no longer underage. He turned seventeen in July, unless you are making it as if Harry doesn't have his Apparition license yet which you can, but still, he is not underage.

I really can't imagine Muggle haters like Draco and Narcissa watching Muggle movies. I think they don't even know what movies are. Maybe you can change that to something like: "sort of like those romantic scenes in sappy witch romance novels like the ones my mum used to read." Or you can make it as if Witch Weekly publishes sappy novels by fragments in every issue.

Avery is supposed to be in custody since OotP along with Lucius so that has me very confused. Hope you'll explain later unless I missed something. :)

Author's Response: Oh, wow, you're right!! Oh, no! I have to go back and change those things...hmm! ^_^ Thanks for the pointers, I'll get right to it! =D I had totally forgotten about Azkaban, but now I realized what you said was right! Oops! Thanks again!

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Review #16, by YuuMysteries Around Us: The Beginning of the End

20th May 2006:
That bit about Draco saying that he would be able to give his father some of the most powerful grandchildren made me laugh. Does this fic disregard OotP? Just wondering.

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Review #17, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Adeptic Veneficius

20th May 2006:
Very interesting. Witches that receive their magic during their adolescence. Are they supposed to be dangerous? And why does the Ministry need to be alerted immediately? On to the next!

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Review #18, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Giving Up?

20th May 2006:
Argh! I had written a nice review and then when I submitted it, it got lost because I had been logged off. Anyway, I found strange how Brianna speaks so cheekily and with such familiarity to Snape. I also wonder about her meetings with Dumbledore. Now, on typos, on at least two different occasions you wrote 'here' when you were supposed to write 'hear' because you were referring to 'hearing/listening'. On to the next!

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Review #19, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Hogwarts Sweet Hogwarts

20th May 2006:
You should really move the A/N to the very beginning. You have a paragraph that seems to be an intro to the chapter, then you have a sudden A/N, and then, without spaces after the A/N the story continues. It was very confusing. lol Just a suggestion, but I truly think it would be better if you move the A/N from where it currently is.

Okay, now it's when the Sueness starts, I guess. She was sorted into Gryffindor, but she is still quite mysterious and Malfoy seems afraid of her. I wonder how Hermione will try to introduce herself. On another note, I like the fact that so far this is being told from Harry's PoV rather than the OC's. :)

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Review #20, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Late Night Revealings

19th May 2006:
Okay, I guess this chapter connects, but I'm not sure whether it connects with the 2nd chapter or the 3rd. LOL I guess that it connects with the 2nd. Hope to get to the rest later as I'm having an unexpected situation that will prevent me from being much time in the computer today. :)

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Review #21, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Real

19th May 2006:
Okay, this chapter confused me a bit with all that about Harry thinking it had been a dream. On the other hand, the bit about the ladder made me laugh for all the wrong reasons. 1. It reminded me of a fic I have in another site where two of Harry's 'fans' from Hogwarts spy on him with a ladder in Privet Drive. 2. It reminded me of Peeping Toms. Now you know why I say it made me laugh for all the wrong reasons. On to the next!

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Review #22, by YuuLost And Haunted: The Village

18th May 2006:
It's funny to see them acting like little kids again when I'm so used to seeing them older in most fics.

I wonder if the diary Hermione found will have some significance. Does she still have it unknowingly in the sequels or did she lose the diary at some point? I wonder if it will be helpful in anyway although at the same time I think it won't be as in the other fic it was pointed that they didn't remember anything about what had happened while they were in the village.

This was a very neat and enjoyable chapter.

Author's Response: Yes I thought since they're 12, they might as well act like children, also thats the impression I got when i read the first book. You'll have to find out what happens to Hermione and the diary. But you never know, maybe she did keep the diary but forgot about it, and Dumbledore has it. Or she could have left it behind, I will have 2 decided as I write it. I'm happy you liked this chapter, and thank you for reveiwing :)

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Review #23, by YuuMysteries Around Us: Letters

18th May 2006:
Okay, so Harry stole Brianna's letter and sent it to Ron and Hermione? Won't Brianna notice the letter missing? Ehehehe!

Very strange indeed. You know, I never pictured Mrs. Figg as living right next to the Dursleys. I always pictured her as leaving in the same neighbourhood, but not being a neighbour to the Dursleys so it's strange to see it in that way. Of course, this is fanfiction and authors have flexibility to mold things as they want so I won't object. :p

I should really quicken my reading pace! Hope to get to the rest tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

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Review #24, by YuuA New Revelation: Chaos On Cue

17th May 2006:
So Voldemort somehow got Tonks? I have to admit that the thought of Voldemort using a dragon is very amusing. I do wonder how they'll get out of that one and how will the situation be handled.

Will this fic have Remus/Tonks? Hehe! I like that pairing.

It's funny to see how Draco describes something and how Hermione describes it. Nice! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I love the Remus/Tonks ship two; those two ar e MADE for each other! I'll explain everything later on, and it'll make sense. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by YuuMysteries Around Us: The New Girl

17th May 2006:
I like seeing Mrs. Figg here. It's unusual to see her on fics. I laughed at your Big Mary Sue Warning in the summary, by the way, but thanks for the warning in case that's what I should expect. I love it when people actually warn you about it. Very short chapter indeed, but interesting nonetheless. I also wonder about the books and the thought of Mrs. Figg driving is hilarious. Hope to get to the rest soon. I have a chapter from a girl to beta-read, a chapter from another girl to finish translating to English, and reviews to give! Don't worry. I might finish reviewing this fic before Friday. :)

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