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Review #1, by a_shooting_starProof: Proof

9th June 2008:
Lindsey!! =] When i saw this was posted, i literally jumped for joy. i don't really go on hpff as much as i used to and to see a new one-shot from you made my day so much better :) Your writing is always so great and this was no different; I loved it. =]

It just seemed so real, especially the ending. Your characterisation of everyone, especially Hermione, was spot on. The way you made Ron grow up and described it so clearly and realistically and then still showed that he was pretty clueless when it came to love was what made this one-shot so brilliant and realistic. =]

“Just because Fred wasn’t your brother or Remus your godfather or Tonks your friend doesn’t mean you didn’t know them. Fred and George teased you and would protect like brothers. Remus mentored you and was a Professor to you. Tonks tutored you, spoke with you like an equal. They were as much apart of your life as mine or Harry’s.” - they were my favourite lines - they just made me feel really sad because of how much everyone who had died in deathly hallows had touched her life. i have to admit i'd never really thought of it like that and those lines just made me stop and think.

10/10 of course, m'dear and i'm glad you're coming back with some new writing - i can't wait to read it. i'm gradually coming back too, just posted a new one-shot, and i'm working on a few others here and there. :) hope you're okay love and i miss you! until next review. :)


Author's Response: Thanks Steff. I still adore this one shot :)

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Review #2, by a_shooting_starThe Mysterious Affair at Foxglove: Destiny Knocks

14th October 2007:
Oooo, we have a mystery ;) First off, that's a stunning banner! And second of all, great chapter! I really like Jeanne; she's extremely realistic and her thoughts of Shirley make me laugh. Miss Yaxley's tale had me very intrigued and i'm really looking forward to seeing Shirley in action. The way she curtesyed towards Miss Yaxley was funny, especially the others' reaction to it - it just seemed very natural. =D You've got an amazing beginnings of a story here and I'm really looking forward to see where you're going to take this! Wonderful job, Misty!


Author's Response: Yes we do! Yes, laura did a fantastic job on it, I was like 'woah' when I first saw it ;). Thanks so much! It's simpler than the first chapter but I didn't want to overdo it in case I let something slip ;). Jeanne is heaps of fun to write, it was very natural just to write about her general feelings and actions. She does have a rather no-holds-barred approach to Shirley doesn't she? Glad to hear it drew you in. You'll be seeing some of Shirley's methods in the third chapter, which I'm almost halfway through. Hehe, Shirley's curtesy was a throwback to Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot and his inclination to bow to people. Thank you so much, it's going to get tougher to write the upcoming chapters but it'll be worth it =D. Thank you so much Steff!


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Review #3, by a_shooting_starRemembrance: Rememberance

17th September 2007:
I've been meaning to come and read this for ages now and I've finally found the time to sit down and leave a proper review for it. I've never heard the song before but it really fitted this so well - the lyrics just added to the brilliance of this. I loved it so much, it even made me cry.

Harry couldn’t help but feel horribly guilty for tearing the two apart. - that started me off - I can never imagine George without Fred and the fact that Harry feels guilty is just so horrible because he shouldn't. In fact, Harry wasn’t even sure if Tonks had a natural hair color. A question I should have asked, he thought bitterly. - that was one of my favourite bits. it just made me feel really sad - all those unanswered questions. Awh, the bit with Teddy was heartwrenching - he's such an adorable baby - and he'll never have a father as wonderful as Remus.

My favourite bit though was definately Harry's goodbye to Remus. I cried for ages after he died in Deathly Hallows. :) He was my favourite character, after all, and well I loved him :) He had been trying to make a better world. One in which his son could grow up, free from the terror of Lord Voldemort. - that's just so what Remus would have wanted.

I loved that last paragraph, the imagery in it was beautiful. :) It was a brilliant tribute to the fallen and I really enjoyed reading it hence my rather rambling review =P 10/10 without a doubt. Amazing job!

Author's Response: Aw, I didn't mean to make you cry, I swear! But I'm glad that it was sad, that's what I intended :) I love the song, and I had it in my head after I read the book, so I thought it would be fitting.

I thought feeling guilty for splitting Fred and George sounded like a very Harry emotion. I know, though, it wasn't his fault. And that bit with Tonks came out of the just sort of popped into my head. I nearly cried when I wrote that bit about Teddy...I just feel so bad for the poor kid, and I agree, there will never be a better father than Remus would've been.

I cried too when he died :) He was my favorite and I still love him to death (no pun intended honestly) He was the best no doubt. I about cried writing that part too. So sad.

Thank you so much! You just brightened my day so much. I'm blushing. And I love rambling reviews so don't worry about that :) And I've really got to finish your story one of these days...I hate detracts so much time from my reading *sighs* Thank you so very much again! -Allison

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Review #4, by a_shooting_starStalkers Anonymous: Welcome to the Sisterhood

17th September 2007:
I can't believe I missed this :S especially as it has such a lovely banner! :) I love the premise for the story and boy, are those girls obsessed. I kinda feel sorry for Cedric having them that obsessed with him. I liked the way you introduced all the characters and how they go out of their way to interact with Cedric - it was very funny!

I can't wait to see them in action - I once even collected some sweat from his training robes and it smelled divine.” - that's so creepy but so funny. The fact that they've got all that stuff is just slightly weird. haha.

I'm interested to see what exactly they're going to do about the triwizard tournament. Does this take place after he's been chosen? They're certainly going to be very protective about him. And I can't help but wonder how they're going to react to Cho :)

Amazing beginning m'dear! Sorry that I took forever to review - I completely missed it. Can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Heheh, Steff, you do realise that you aren't obligated to read any of my stories right? ;) But I gotta say I love the gesture! Isn't the banner gorgeous? The artist did a great job, I just had to have it even if the story's rather mediocre :p. Oh yes, obession is a scary thing but has oh so much potential for comedy. And this will be a comedy of errors, to borrow from Shakespeare. Ah Poor Cedric, the downside of being a pretty boy.

Ooh yes, I think you should be afraid, VERY afraid when they put their methods to use. They will definetely be expanding their collection in the near future ;).

It won't be anything major, but yes, they will have their minor parts. I haven't decided yet whether it should be before or after, i'll think it over. Oh yes, very. But all while he's completely oblivious ;). Hehehe (rubs palms together in a very evil manner), those scenes are going to be a personal favorite of mine to write. Can you say CATFIGHT? *wink wink*

Thank you so much dear! No problem at all, I'm honoured you even read and reviewed it. Thank you so much!


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Review #5, by a_shooting_starThe Mysterious Affair at Foxglove: From Every Wrong Emerges a Right

17th September 2007:
Oh wow! this looks absolutely amazing already, Misty! I love Agatha Christie novels so this is just the kind of fic that I love. =D It was a good beginning, it didn't hang around, and the mix of dialogue and description was good.

It must be set in the future right? I like the addition of Ginny into it - it kind of links to the Harry Potter world. I think I like Jeanne. Her reaction to Shirley was quite amusing and wow - she's incredibly tall! I like the fact that it's in the first person, you've pulled it off effectively, and I'm very curious to find out more about Jeanne. Baker’s Hall - That made me laugh =D I love the way you've used the initials and the paralells are great. The last line was effective =D It makes me very curious to see how you're going to carry this on and how Shirley and Jeanne are going to get along and where the mystery is going to come into it.

Great job! I shall be eagerly awaiting some updates!! And yay! I'm the first reviewer *feels special*

Author's Response: Steff!!! Me too, hehe, believe it or not, my mom got me hooked onto them in the first place and now she's constantly nagging me to read my school books instead of them ;). Thank you so much for the complements!

Yup, it is. Ginny won't be the only one linked to the HP world. I don't want to ruin anything but -ahem- someone from the epilogue of DH will play a pivotoul role in the fic. Aaaw, thanks! I didn't want to make Jeanna like the typical dumb sidekick, she's got alot more to offer later on and this will surprise Shirley. Heheh, I think I made her too tall =/, I'll look into that. First person is a staple in detective fiction so it will be fun to experiment with it. More of both Jeanne and Shirley will be revealed in upcoming chapters ;). I nicked that from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as you may have noticed *winks*. I couldn't help myself with the paralells, they were just too much fun. Thank you, I hope the mystery works out for the best and has it's desired effect ;)

Aaaw Steff, you'll always be uber-special! But gotta love them first reviewers!
*Massive Hugs*

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Review #6, by a_shooting_starRunning: Two Scheming Young Men

5th August 2007:
Ohmygosh! Is James doing what I think, or rather what I hope, he's doing? Awh! Hopefully, I'm not barking up the wrong tree here but I won't mention it all the same; I'll be a good girl and wait and see - i'm sure you'll reveal it soon :)

Sirius was the most entertaining. He kept drilling his fist into his other hand at the mention of any Death Eater he knew That was my favourite line of the chapter- it's just so Sirius-like and it made me laugh. I liked the way Jenna found it entertaining too.

I love the way Remus adds cinnamon to hot chocolate - extremely in character- and so adorable. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love him. The way you write Remus is lovely.

Great Chapter m'dear! Can't wait for more ~Steff

Author's Response: I can safely say that he just might be doing what you think he's doing ;) Yes, you'll see. Yeah, I figured with most of Sirius's family being Death Eaters, he'd be a little more violent towards the mentions of their names. Of course, Jenna doesn't know any of that :)

I thought that might be a Remus-like quirk so I had to add it :) Aw thank you so much *blushes*! I love Remus to death, he's my favorite and I'm so glad that you like the way I write him. I'll try to get the next chapter out very soon! And I also need to get back to reading your story...I feel so awful when I can't review it all at one time. Thanks so much! -Allison

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Review #7, by a_shooting_starFading Point: Fade Away

5th August 2007:
Well you know how I felt about it, Lindsey! I absolutely loved it as I do with all of your stories and for your first attempt at horror/dark was awesome. You should be proud of this! :)
Um first off, you left one of my notes in there. ^-^ Its in the second paragraph. :P Second of all, your description was amazing in there. Third, I loved the last line; Hermione Granger had reached her fading point. - It was a real effective way to end it. You've got such an imagination, Linds!
10/10 Hope you had a nice holiday! Love you! xoxo

Author's Response: Steff, you always make me feel super special. Thanks, lovely. You are too sweet, my love.

I found that...sorry about that ;-). Thanks for pointing it ou there. Seriously? I worked so hard on the have no idea how amazing you are. *blushes* Thanks, lovely.

I did have one! Thanks, beautiful. Love you more!
xoxo Lindsey

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Review #8, by a_shooting_starRunning: It's All Out

8th July 2007:
Wow, it was definately worth the wait =] Sorry I took so long to review though, i've been away from my computer. But, yeah, I really enjoyed it though - it was lovely and long and it flowed well - I didn't want it to end. It was nice to get some of Jenna's past and I think it definately adds to her character and shows why she is a little jumpy and stuff like that. It just makes somethings make sense - which I guess was what you intended.

I love the way you write Remus - he's so lovely and adorable *sighs* And he just seems like just a good friend to her. Although, of course, I want him and Jenna to get together - I like the way there's so much friendship between them and its not like 'oh wow, I love you' straight away. I don't think I'm making much sense now, am I? :)

The flashback was a nice touch - it finally gave some answers!! and I really want to know more about her now! lol. It was sweet that Remus confessed his secrets although I wouldn't have thought that he knew Jenna well enough to confess the whole animagi thing as its not exactly legal. Maybe thats just me though. :) I like her doubts though. Peter's intriguing me at this moment and I have some suspicions about him! :)

Great chapter! You needn't have been worried about it :) As always, can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Don't worry about taking a long time to review, it's no biggie. Your reviews are well worth the wait :) Yeah, this is the chapter where everything sort of falls's somewhat a climax I guess.

I'm glad you like Remus, because I spend hours fretting over how I write him. It's easier than most, because, in a way, I sort of write him how my friends who are boys act. Ha ha, I know you want them to get together :) You'll have to wait and see ;)

I was originally going to just have Jenna tell Remus about it with the quotation marks and all, but it was real choppy so I decided on a flashback. I'm really glad you liked it :) About the animagi, when I do an edit of this story, I'm actually going to put that in the next chapter, because it would fit better there ;) You'll see what I mean.

Thank you so much again! I love your reviews...I'm going to have to get back to reading your story. I love it but summer's been so busy. But I'm going to finish reading and reviewing all of it! I'll try to get my next chapter up soon :) -Allison

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Review #9, by a_shooting_starDangerously In Love: Nothing Will Come Out Of It

1st July 2007:
Oh Misty you updated! *hugs* And you didn't tell me!! I'm so happy though that i'll forgive you :p hehe. And it was a lovely long chapter - with lots and lots of Remus and even a bit of vulnerable, sweet Sirius. =]

My favourite bit was definately the tutoring with Remus, you managed to keep it on target but at the same time still manage to build up the emotion. As for Remus, he is just so adorable and I just want to hug him. I love the way he's so clueless and you write him as not being the clever goody-goody type but as being a bit of a cheeky marauder too which makes him even more wonderful. *sighs*

Although, I have to say and I can't believe I'm saying this; I think it's just so cute the way that Sirius is looking out for her - and I wonder exactly how he would react if he ever found about it all. You show a vulnerability in him that I really like - it's kinda rare to see it sometimes.

I think Dollie is great. The way she's so hard on herself is very realistic and i think its something everyone goes through at one point or another. And her mental battles with herself were just amusing. Her temper surprises me... she's remarkably feisty. The way she was so happy when Remus stuck up for her was so sweet - it's almost as if he was giving her a bit of hope.

Dollie and Remus spun around to find Sue Milton, smiling vituperatively - That was a great word there. =] I had to look it up but it's great, very fitting. The way Remus stuck up for her was just adorable and in a very Remus-like way.I think it's great you're building the relationship between them so slowly although I can't help but wonder what Sirius thinks about all this. Mmm, i'm sure i'll find out one day.

There was a few typo's in there and spelling mistakes but nothing that can't be easily fixed. =] Your dialogue flowed very well and it's very teenager-ish (for lack of a better word) Basically, it was a great update and I loved it. =] Talk to you soon!


Author's Response: Steffy! You reviewed! *hugs back* Hehe, isn't surprises much more fun? (Though personally, I hate surprises ;p). Aaah yes, the always sweet Remus and silly Sirius ;)

Wow, really? Believe it or not, that took me some time to get satisfactionary results. I wanted to get it just right, the tension, the atmosphere. And I'm so relieved it worked out for the best =D. Hehe, Remus is quite tricky to write, I didn't want him to seem too one-dimensional. Keep OotP in mind, I made sure to include his dry wit yet keep him cheeky at the same time. *sigh* If only he were real...

I've always that Sirius wasn't as put together and confident as he makes out to be. He's got a very vulnerable side to him and it'll be much more apparent and detailed as the story progresses and later on in the fic ;). Hmm.... How will he react? Keep reading, my lips are sealed ;p.

Yay! Dollie is very near and dear to my heart ^_^ so it means alot that you like her. She started out as kinda a Mary-Sue (Euw!) but I like to think that as the story progresses, she develops as a character and generally as a person. She's a complicated, confused kid. Aren't we all? ;) She does posses strong emotions and this is what ultimately makes her... her. It will come alot into play later on.

Heheh, glad you like it dear ;). I can't take credit for it though, Microsoft Word rocks! So kind, so thoughtful. Gosh, we're both such a couple of Remus Narks ;p. It's good that you like the pace of the relationship. I like to see it as a contrast to hers and Sirius, the way it was rushed and hurried. It will be whirlwind, that I can tell you ;). Again, I can't give away too much about what Sirius' reaction would be.

Darn, I'd better look through it again, thanks for pointing that out. Thank you so much loff for the great review! Sorry I responded so unforgivably late >_

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Review #10, by a_shooting_starRunning: A Road Test

15th June 2007:
Yay, you updated. =] Sorry it took me so long to get here, I noticed it a few days ago, read it, but I decided to leave reviewing until I had time to leave you a proper review. =]

I think it may have been my favourite chapter yet - the battle scene was just amazing. You had the mix of dialogue and description spot on and I was caught up the whole way through. It was interesting to get an insight into her head and how she thoughts things through logically in the face of danger. The bit with Lucius was very intriguing... hmm...

I liked 'Jenna Hunting' - it just made me laugh - i could imagine Sirius and James doing just that. And I can't wait for Jenna to find out that Remus is a werewolf - and to see how she reacts. =] In a way, I like the fact that she hasn't figured it out straight away because it's quite original.

I loved it =] It was definately worth the wait and you had absolutely no need to be worried about the action scene - it was very well written.
~ Steff =]

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! Oh you don't have to worry about reviewing right away, I'm just thrilled that you liked it :D

Oh gosh I was so worried about that, and I'm so glad you thought it was amazing. I'm probably the worst with action scenes. And yes...Lucius...another hint ;)

I just had to add the "Jenna Hunting" came right off the top of my head and it just fit. I already have the part where she finds out written actually. I'm getting excited about getting it up here :)

And once again, thanks so much! Your support and encouragement means so much! So glad you liked it! -Allison

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Review #11, by a_shooting_starSacrifice: Love Hurts

15th June 2007:
Wow, that was fantastic. I've never read a Blaise/OC before and that was a great one. =] Extremely bittersweet and just wow. You made Blaise seem very human and I just felt sorry for Kris. The note was very sad and bittersweet. =[ I liked the bit at the end though, the three years later part, was a nice way to end it. It was very heartwrenching that you could see somebody you used to love and yet do nothing about it.
Great job - I loved it. =] Sorry I can't leave you a longer review but I have to go to work:( Bye ♥

Author's Response: Aww Steffy, you always know how to make me smile. I tried to make it good-the ending was actually my BFF, Colleen's idea. So, I have to give credit to her. She really helped me with this one. Oh no, its fine, love. Any review from you is worth it. Have fun at work :-/! Bye ♥!

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Review #12, by a_shooting_starIn a History Class: In a History Class

23rd May 2007:
Awww, that was absolutely adorable. :) Such a cute little one-shot that put a smile on my face. I think you had both Ron and Hermione in character well, especially Hermione.
I’m going to fail my next test! All because of Ron Weasley. - I loved that line! It was just so, so Hermione-like. And the way he took notes for her was adorable. I liked the way it switched to the third person at the end- it was a very cute way to end it. :)
So basically to sum up this rather rambling review, I loved it :) Can't wait for the next chapter of Running ;)

Author's Response: *blushes* Thanks so much! And once again, thanks for letting me know that my characters are all right :) You know how the prospect of them being out of character scares me.
I like that line, too! I knew I had to have her freak out about failing somewhere ;) And I'm so very glad that you liked the point of view switch...last time I tried one, it didn't work out so hot. I'll try to get my next chapter of Running out quickly, but first I have to finish these two annoying reports. ARGH! Thanks again! -Allison

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Review #13, by a_shooting_starPerfectly Imperfect: Shivers...

7th May 2007:
Aww, I love your story :] I've just read it the whole way through and it is fantastic! I love Mia, she seems so natural and her interactions with Sirius are so cute. Your dialogue is very natural and the whole story flows well. The hints at her past are good :D I can't wait to find out more about her.

What to call a feeling which isn’t just a crush, but is far from love? - I really liked that line :] It just made me want to go, 'awww' Your characterization of Sirius is very cute and the way you're building up the relationship between the two of them slowly makes it seem more realistic.

She may end up in Azkaban for having strangled Black to death by the end of their little arrangement That made me laugh.Oh and the Lily/James in the last chapter was great! Very amusing and natural. i'm interested to see where Mia's plan is going to go ;]

Can't wait for more :]

Author's Response: Awww! *blushes* I really don't know what to say! You're so sweet! Thanks so much! These compliments are

I really didn't expect to get anymore reviews, but I just got a chance to use the computer (been having exams, so I've been busy, busy, busy!) and I see one of the most amazing reviews from such an awesome writer! :D

I've just got the hugest grin on my face! You seriously have made my whole week!

Thanks for picking out some phrases and giving me such an all round detailed review! I really appreciate it! I promise to get the next chappie up as soon as I can! I have received such positive feedback for this story, I'm just like so OMG!

Thanks a million! You have no idea how much I appreciate this wonderful review! You're amazing! ^_^

Love ya Lots!
PearloftheOcean a.k.a Sonia

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Review #14, by a_shooting_starCruelty: Only Chapter

7th May 2007:
I've read this about three times now and I'm still not sure what to say in a review. It was amazing, Lindsey. Truly wonderful. I'm sorry that I didn't get here before (my e-mail will explain why :P) and well, I'm still not sure what to say.

I love Bella's character in this. So, I stood at a crossroads yet again in my life: betray my flesh and blood and live or betray the darkest wizard of all time and die - Beautiful line :] I really liked it.
He demanded perfection and whatever he wanted. But these tender moments…these were the moments I lived for - This was the line when I really began to feel for Bella.

It was really beautifully written, although I wouldnt expect anything different from you :P I'm sorry this review wasn't longer but you left me speechless! 10/10, of course :D Love you! x

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Steffy. It's fine, baby girl. I'm just glad you liked it.

I'm so glad you liked Bella. I really worked hard on this. I've always felt that Bella had reasons to why she was so evil, vindictive. You are really supposed to feel for her

Aww...*blushes* Thanks, love. You always know how to put a smile on my face.

Love you more!

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Review #15, by a_shooting_starRunning: The Lesson

28th April 2007:
Yay a quick update! Sorry 'bout the wait for my review *mutters something about homework* Great chapter, as always though.
Best bit about the chapter was, without a doubt, the Remus in it. I love, love, love him and well, you write him awesomely! I loved the ending with him and Jenna and do I sense a little bit of romance there? ;)
I really liked her meeting with Dumbledore... the way she couldn't do it straight away was refreshing - it made her seem very un Mary-Sueish. The hints at her past, again, make me curious :P
Oh, another thing I like is the way they're becoming friends. It seems really natural and sweet - kind of just makes me want to go 'awww!' Wonderful chapter :D Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Don't you hate homework? That was what partly kept me from posting for two months or more. Oh are you sensing a romance? You're not the only one :) Maybe...maybe not ;)
I am so thankful that that sets Jenna away from the file labeled Mary Sue. That's my ultimate fear, that she will become Mary Sue. So big thanks for the reassurance :) Yes, all those lovely hints at her past...the long awaited chapter is coming soon!
And I'm so relieved that their friendship is natural. I love writing all the Remus and Jenna dialogue as well as the Sirius and Jenna dialogue....but I tend to worry constantly that it's not natural. Thanks again! You've turned my day started out well, then got bad...but now it's back to swell again. -Allison :D

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Review #16, by a_shooting_starBlankie: Blankie

22nd April 2007:
Aw, that was adorable. :] I loved it when Ginny was trying to feed Blankie. It made me laugh as you can just imagine it happening. I loved it :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! The feeding Blankie sceen was the most fun to write and was based off a little girl I babysat who tried to feed her blanket! Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by a_shooting_starMummy?: Mummy

22nd April 2007:
After you left me some lovely reviews, I thought I'd check out your stories :D Aw, that was so sad. It was well written but heartbreaking all the same, I really felt for Hailey. I think my favourite bit about this one-shot was the way Harry was with his daughter- it just seemed so like Harry. The last line was adorable, in fact Hailey was pretty adorable in general :] Brilliant job. :]

Author's Response: I'm glad you decided to check out my stories, I'm also glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad Hailey was as adorable as I hoped she'd be. :)

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Review #18, by a_shooting_starFleur: Arrival

22nd April 2007:
Great start :] And an interesting idea, I dont think I've ever read a story like this before. The idea of Fleur in combats made me laugh :] That particular copy had been of interest because it had a picture of Harry Potter in it. Don’t worry, we don’t stalk him; he’s my brother’s best friend. - I liked that line ;]
Can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: thanks =]
glad you like it!

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Review #19, by a_shooting_starChanging Masks: Changing Masks

22nd April 2007:
Wow. I'm well and truly speechless and that is a rare thing, trust me. That was amazing. Like with your other one-shot, I loved the way it had no dialogue because it just fitted so well.

The description of eyes was a brilliant way to begin it. Your portrayal of Sirius throughout was great, just as I see Sirius to be. There were many lines that just made me go wow! Although, To my family, I was already dead, but to myself, I had finally found life. that was amazing and I still maintained a foolish hope that one day, my family would see the light. They never did. I really felt sorry for Sirius here. It was just heartbreaking.

They were a watered-down black, just like I was. - That was my favourite line. So as you may have already guessed, I loved it :] 10/10 without a doubt and I've added it to my favourites, oh and I'm adding you to my favourite authors :D

Author's Response: Yay! I love you! :D :D :D *huggles*

I'm in utter awe that I was able to render you speechless with this simple, little one-shot considering the utter amazingness of your own writing, and I'm so glad that you liked it. I happened to write this during one of my rare moments of inspiration, and some of those lines - like that watered-down black thing - still amaze me. Anyways, thanks a million times for this awesome review. You rock! :D

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Review #20, by a_shooting_starWedding Stories: Epilgoue

18th April 2007:
It's over :[ *is so very, very sad* Oh Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey... I'm well and truly speechless. In a good way, of course, but for twice in about two months you have managed to silence me [[ask my friends- that's usually impossible]]

Well, first off - it was such a cute way to end it and although i'm thinking you meant to break it up in the middle and show the distinction between Hermione and Tonks - I loved it :D Oh and Linds, you couldn't make their life totally perfect could you? I mean with Molly only having six months to live :O Despite everything, I almost smiled when I read that line because it is so YOU. You can write the fluffiest fluff and it still everything can't be totally perfect. I really admire you for that, Lindsey.

I loved the Remus/Tonks bit - it was just a cute snippet of their life and I liked the way he promised her forever - not only is it very Remus-like it's also completely adorable. the Ron and Hermione bit was so cute too. I felt like drowning in fluff- in a good way, naturally.

Welll, i have to say I love this story almost as much as I love you! but you already knew that. I want to live happily ever after now *sighs* Don't we all? It's been a wonderful rollercoaster and I've know that you've found it difficult to write at times but i've loved every moment of it. :D I don't really know what to say now but *runs up to reread it* I'm so proud of you for finishing this :D :D And for the last time, 10/10! Talk to you soon :D

Author's Response: It is over :(. I can't believe either.....hehe. I'm so glad that I've achieved something that cool.

Of course I couldn't make their likfe perfect. It is so me. I just can't live with the perfect ending. There has to be a line,a moment, a second of angst or conflict =P.

Of course you did...I'm gald you did enjoy love you.

Heheh I did know that. You will certainly live happily ever after my dear. *blushes* I'm glad it was a good story. Love you dearest!
Lindsey xox

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Review #21, by a_shooting_starRunning: Lily's House

18th April 2007:
:D You updated! That's just made my day so much better. Favourite bits about the chapter include; The way everyone is trying to figure her out and Jenna knows it (it makes me laugh) and Lily and her mum, I think they seem really nice and I like all the little details in the chapter. Lily's room just seemed very Lily-like, if that makes sense. :]

Love conquers all. I’ll bet it conquers shy people, too - I absolutely loved that line :] It was so like Lily to come out with it and I think it's really sweet. Your characterization of the marauders and Lily was perfect and although this chapter had no Remus in it (:[) it was still wonderful :] It was definately worth the wait.

I can't wait for more and to find out more about Jenna, she makes me very curious and for some more Remus/Jenna interaction :D Wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I had an absolutely rotten day today and this review makes me feel so much better :) Yes Jenna is quite a little she's discovered. I like Lily's room...girly, but not too girly :)

Like I told delta, that line came completely out of just kinda spilled out :) I Remus in this makes me sad too :( I'll try to update as soon as possible...the next chapter will give ya some hints as to Jenna's past. They're not very big, but a hint is a hint. Thanks so much again for the lovely review! -Allison

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Review #22, by a_shooting_starReverse Attrition: Reverse Attrition

16th April 2007:
Oh wow. I usually never read Draco/Hermione but that was absolutely amazing. The way it was pure narration and no dialogue just added to the story and I think you had both Draco and Hermione in character so, so, so well.

And as much as he loved her, he hated her – hated her for her brilliance, her excellence, her spirit, and her unbreakable will, hated how she didn’t need him like he needed her, - I think that line was amazing - it just seemed to me like something that Draco would think. The way you refered to them as the boy and the girl throughout was great.

I particularly liked the ending. And they understood each other perfectly that day because they had, in that one, pristine moment, been made one. - That was an brilliant line. I really enjoyed it, it was very well written.

10/10 without a doubt and I've added it to my favourites =)

Author's Response: I lurve you. :D

This review just about made my day.

I'm glad you took the chance to read it despite the ship - you'd actually be surprised just how many good D/Hr there are out there (once you sort through all the not-so-great ones). I find this ship plausible to a point. The author has to really be able to shape a brilliant plot around them or write them so well that it just seems natural. I'm not sure how well I pulled that off, but I wrote it the way I did - no dialogue or action of any sort - because it sort of smoothes over many of the rougher areas of this ship.

I love those lines too. :D I think I wrote this during one of my rare moments of true inspiration. :P

Thanks for this wonderful review. This is probably the fanfic I've written that I like best. :D

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Review #23, by a_shooting_starWhite Lily Blooming: White Lily Blooming

8th April 2007:
You know, I thought I had posted this review but obviously not :[ It was just sat on my desktop. But... I'm here :] And I hope you had a nice time away and everything.

Aw, it was beautiful. I already told you that I really liked it and that it *almost* made me cry and to see it up, is just wonderful. I really felt for Cho the whole way through. It was very well written though and well done to you for writing a ship that you’ve never written before. I’ve only read a couple of Cho/Cedric’s before and well; yours was amazing :]

My favourite part was the idea of the Lily blooming at the end. I just think it was a great idea and it symbolised their love in a beautiful way. I really liked the last paragraph and the description throughout. It was all very heartfelt and lovely. Cedric, I give you this white lily to recognize your beauty, your uniqueness, you elegance, your grace, but most importantly, my love for you. It’s frozen with a spell. Once the lily blooms, I’ll be back with you,” - I love that line - it was very poetic.

10/10 for you m'dear :] Can't wait for some more of your stories :P I miss them [and you :P] :D

Author's Response: Thanks, love. And I'm glad you finally got to it.

I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad you didn't cry because I didn't mean to make anyone cry at that at all. Seriously. Thanks, lovely. And I was so nervous about this one. It really makes me smile to see that I did the pairing justice :].

I loved it. It's probably one of my more original ideas. I love that line too. I have no idea where it came from. Thanks, love. I missed you bunches.
Lindsey xoxo

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Review #24, by a_shooting_starWhen Worlds Collide: Prelude

7th April 2007:
Oh wow! I feel like i was actually there in London on the bridge. Your writing is incredibly descriptive which I really love and I like the way you’ve kept Draco in character perfectly - it’s just like him to consider turning himself in to the Order and death all within a few paragraphs. It’s not like he’s feeling sorry himself; it’s just that he’s stuck.

I really want to know what happened before now and how the events unfolded. I liked how Wormtail watched it and the whole thing with Draco losing his grip was very well written. I can’t wait for more so I hope you update soon :]]]

Author's Response: I'll have Draco's story coming up in a couple of chapters, I think--but patience might be called for here. . . ^_^

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Review #25, by a_shooting_starCollege Year the First: Promagus

7th April 2007:
I really like your idea :] It’s interesting that their all going to college and I’ve never read a story like it so I’m quite excited to see where this can go.

My favourite bit had to be when Rebecca was speaking to the ghost and she said about her parents never teaching her the correct ettiquette when talking to a ghost ;]

Can’t wait for more :D

Author's Response: Haha. I know that if I were faced with a ghost, I'd have no idea what would be appropriate to say, or not. Knowing me, I'd probably end up offending it greatly.

More is soon to come!

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