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Review #1, by Snuffles_SnoggerAn Open Book: Discord

1st August 2007:

Author's Response: hell yes

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Review #2, by Snuffles_SnoggerSilent Wedding Bells: The Concept of Love

22nd May 2007:
OMG. FINALLLYYY. It was a great chapter and worth the wait, i think. Not much happened but some character developement- but that's just as important as story! Hurry up with that next one!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Hopefully next chapter will be a bit more interesting. :)

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Review #3, by Snuffles_SnoggerThe Dark Guardian: Duels, Nightmares and Warnings

23rd April 2007:

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Review #4, by Snuffles_SnoggerThe Call of the Ancestors: Autumn Flus and Childhood Fears

11th April 2007:


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Review #5, by Snuffles_SnoggerSilent Wedding Bells: Matters of the Heart

9th April 2007:
omg. even I updated!!! you've GOT to now!

Author's Response: :D More chapters are on the way!

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Review #6, by Snuffles_SnoggerPeanut: Miss Genius

31st December 2006:
SO FUNNY! wow! That was GREAT! keep it up!

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Review #7, by Snuffles_SnoggerMon Amour: I'm Loony, No?

31st December 2006:
Incredible. I love it so far! I don't know why. Your character just seems so real! There are probably eighty-million 15 year old girls thinking the same thing when they look into the mirror, myself included. I loved it. I can't wait to see what happens next because something cool IS going to happen. I have faith in you!

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Review #8, by Snuffles_SnoggerAttack of the backpacks: Attack of the backpacks-part 1

31st December 2006:
So funny! LOVED it! It was excellent!

Author's Response: lol thank you :)


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Review #9, by Snuffles_SnoggerThe Angel: The Angel

31st December 2006:
This story gave me goosebumps! Seriously (siriusly) amazing! I loved it!you're an incredible writer!

Author's Response: You really like Sirius, don't you? Thank you for this wonderful review.

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Review #10, by Snuffles_SnoggerTime After Time: By the Lake Forth Comes a Trickle of Words

31st December 2006:
You've just gotta love the ship that'll never sink. Ron/Hermione for ever! I'm impressed. you've come out with some really great stories!

Author's Response: YES! R/HR!! Thank you so much! I like all of your reviews so much!

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Review #11, by Snuffles_SnoggerSilent Sentinels: Percy and Penelope

31st December 2006:
Oh wow. Really incredible! And i love how you brought an anecdote from the bible in. It fit so well! I'm really impressed with this. It was such a creative story as well. Keep it up!

Author's Response: I wasn't sure about how the quote from the Bible would be received, but I'm glad you like it. Thank you so much, Snuffles_Snogger! Hehe, I like your penname.

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Review #12, by Snuffles_SnoggerFirst Impressions: Bonding

31st December 2006:
Loved it so far! Wow! Really great. Keep it up.

Author's Response: awww...thank you soo much!!
i'll try to update as soon as i can!!

lyl lyl

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Review #13, by Snuffles_Snogger:

31st December 2006:
Excellent! They were in character, you really had a creative way of putting harry and ginny together. Keep it up!

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Review #14, by Snuffles_SnoggerHarry Potter and the Meaning Of Love: Harry's Disappointing Return

31st December 2006:
I've been reading this story for a while now and i've gotta say that it's AMAZING! I really loved it. You definately have to keep writing! You have an incredibly talent!

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Review #15, by Snuffles_SnoggerSilent Wedding Bells: The Art of Seduction

19th December 2006:
Another perfect Chappie!! Update soon because i just LOVE this fic!

P.s. I wanna see Sev actually confess to falling for Cammi at some point. How cool would that be? ^_^

Author's Response: hehe, that is a very likely turnout actually. Thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by Snuffles_SnoggerAs Wings Unfold: Chapter Four - Second (Alright, Ninth) Chances

12th December 2006:
You're starting to sway my opinions. The Sevy/Cissy ship is now in the dock!

Author's Response: lol! The ships I write in this story aren't necessarily ones I believe to have happened, but ones I think I can do in a canon way. Having said that, I enjoy writing the hints and suggestions in this story :D Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #17, by Snuffles_SnoggerFor Sirius: For Sirius

3rd December 2006:
OMG! SOOO GOOD!! FOR SIRIUS! WOOO! Yes! Loopy, mon amis, il es bein! The best you've written yet! I love it. And it honors my "sirikins" *wink* Definately very very good. Keep up this kind of stuff.

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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Review #18, by Snuffles_SnoggerAn Open Book: Pre-New Years

30th November 2006:
HAHA! I FINALLY GOT THIS CHAPTER OUT! WHO! Even IF it's absolutely terrible!

Author's Response: ^_^

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Review #19, by Snuffles_SnoggerCracks in the Concrete: Solution to the Lonliness

4th October 2006:
Wow. I'm impressed. Keep it up, LupinsLapdog! I mean... Luster! I mean LOVER. Sorry bout that. Hehe. Jk. But yeah, good job.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #20, by Snuffles_SnoggerInbred: I Would Watch You Suffer A Most Excruciating Death at the Unspeakable Evilness Of My Death Glare, But - You Know - Shiny Stuff…

14th September 2006:
Perfect. I laughed so hard. Keep going!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I will!

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Review #21, by Snuffles_SnoggerCracks in the Concrete: Debates and Dragon Pox

10th September 2006:
*sigh* Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Great story, Loopy!! Keep it up and don't get crushed by homework... if you do, all of your VERY VERY VERY DEDICATED READERS WILL BE PISSED! (me included!!)

Author's Response: Thank youu. Already, I'm crushed by hw, and the thing with my play so...I don't know now. I just don't know. But I am working on chapter 5, slowly but steadily it's coming along.

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Review #22, by Snuffles_SnoggerAn Open Book: Christmas Pine

25th August 2006:
I know, I know, the ending with Sirius was rather depressing... but think of how uplifting it will be when he manages to escape! I give myself an 8.

Author's Response: No way. I give myself a ten, darnit! I did a good job! And i got it out to ya. Imagine if it took me even longer. That'd be a bad thing.

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Review #23, by Snuffles_SnoggerWhy?: Reviews on the Date

14th August 2006:
Update asap! Love your story and this was a darn' good chapter. (Now, about those books... what store could i find them in?)

Author's Response: I made those books up. i doubt that you could find them, but I guess you could look in a gothic bookstore. Thank you for reviewing!!! :-)

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Review #24, by Snuffles_SnoggerDeath To James Potter: A Relatively Dignified Leave

11th August 2006:
Good. Very good. Really, excellent. Keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Snuffles_SnoggerInbred: With This Cauldron I Shall Destroy The World

11th August 2006:
I was laughing the entire time. Though, you know what i want to see? I want to see somebody tellin' Draco that the only way to break the bond is to be nice to whoever your bonded with. Then he can just be like "HUG ME, HERMIONE!" ...i dunno. That was random.
The fic rocks. Hurry up with the next chappie!!

Author's Response: *giggles* I always like to know readers have laughed. And I like that idea *looks shifty and steals it* Thanks for reviewing, and I shall try to hurry.

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