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Reading Reviews From Member: Dark_Steel_Dragon
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Review #1, by Dark_Steel_DragonFinding Himself: Home Again

12th April 2006:
Well I think that I have everyone beat with the whole amount of times read... if i counted right I think it was over 20 times I have read this story... I waited and checked the website everyday for 6 months waiting for chapter 20... very good chapter... sucks that it got cut off I got to read the whole thing before it got cut... please update sooner than you did for this chapter... I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Dark_Steel

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Review #2, by Dark_Steel_DragonHarry Potter And The Angel Of God: Chapter 11: One Dark Quest

12th April 2006:
I am a frequent of this site and by far your story is the best cross-over I have ever read. Please keep up the good work, I like the way you incorporated the Templars, my grandfather was a mason, I will be one as soon as I can find someone to help me join.
If you would like to get more info, or straighten out anything some people find shakey, my email is Blerkdrgn@globalemail.org

Author's Response: Hi Dark_Steel_Dragon!
Thanks a lot for the compliment, but excuse me, when I'm sceptical. My English skills don't last out to even scratch the lower line of adequat niveau for a story composed of Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragon, which are both outstanding examples of fantasy.

Nevertheless I'm curious why someone is interested in joining a secret organisation like the masons. Is it to be someone special or just a means to achieve some knowledge of something few people know about?

C U, Daly

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Review #3, by Dark_Steel_DragonSecrect Moon Love II: What Happend after....

23rd March 2006:
Bloody well, that was great it was so suspenseful I stopped paying attention in my Physics class to finish reading it... just a little advice for you... you might want to consider a follow up story maybe when Harry graduates from Hogwarts and becomes an Auror or something... great job I wish there were more stories like this one.

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Review #4, by Dark_Steel_DragonAngel of Darkness: Angel of Darkness

23rd March 2006:
I liked it personally, it was really good, and the eyes and the touching is great. Great thought about how Draco's touch would feel that was priceless. I just have one question... what language is that? I like it and I was just wondering.

Author's Response: I made them up, I always liked making up my own words and languages so I did with this one. I guess it kind of has an oriental flavor to it but that's just a coincidence. I'm glad you liked how I put my story together, it's nice to get a good review on a story you like, and this is one of my favorites. Thank you again for your great review.

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Review #5, by Dark_Steel_DragonHarry Potter and the Slytherin Curse: Parting Professors

4th February 2006:
Great story... keep up the good work...

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