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Review #1, by Wet NoodleSmudge: Potter is DEAD.

1st June 2006:
I lovles it. My friend never shut up about this story, so I finally read it. I'm glad I did. Great job! Seriously [pun totally intended]

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Review #2, by Wet NoodleCheap and Cheesy Breakable Things: The Only Chapter

1st June 2006:

I love it! keep writing! I can't wait untill 'a private matter'


Author's Response: He he. Vicky again. I don't know if I'll end up writing that one. A Private Matter. I just think too much stuff would have to be changed to make it fit...

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Review #3, by Wet Noodle24 Hours In A Locked Room...With James Potter: Jinxed

22nd May 2006:
Not so bad. I like it, I want more faster.

Author's Response: Thanks! Don't worry, chappie two will be up as soon as I can!! Thanks for the review and I promise to update ~slytheringinny

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Review #4, by Wet NoodleChocolate: Chocolate

29th April 2006:
HAHA!! I'm reading all your stories. This one made me laugh. Me and my friends (who are all guys) have code words for awkward things that we may want to talk about and this reminds me of that. It's a very interesting fic that I think I love.
I love chocolate too.

Author's Response: Hi Natalia! L0L, thanks so much. I love little code thingies. TTYL, Snowstarr.

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Review #5, by Wet NoodleLose My Breath: Lose My Breath

29th April 2006:
I was considering wrting a Marauders fic, a long one, not just a one-shot, probably in the summer. I was wondering if I could use Aimee and Maggie as best friends for Lily as well, if it's all right with you and..Katie?
Meh, I liked this one, really simple. It was a nice short read.

Author's Response: Thanks. Katie really had nothing to do with this, lol. I would say 'yes' to your request but I kind of wrote this fic for my mom because she's such a Remus fan and her name is Maggie so I made her the character. I would let you but I'd feel like I was selling my mom or something. Sorry, lol. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Wet NoodleHappiness: Happiness

29th April 2006:
I cried. So much.
It's Natalia in case you didn't know. Hope you remember me.
Anways, I think it's a fantastic story, I'm still crying and sorry for the typos, I'm sure there are some as I can't see much. Great story. If I would change it, I would add in more memories, maybe two a person.

Author's Response: Thanks. I was going to originally have another memory for each of them and extend Ginny's for the whole nights events but when I posted it it was 15 000 words so I decided to do some major editing. It was for the best anyway. L0L, thanks for the review Natalia (of course I remember you!)

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