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Review #1, by HPismyidolWhy Don't You Kiss Her: Alternative Ending

16th August 2007:
this one was better

tho the other was interesting

i think you should now rite a story made up of the things they share with eachother

like a little collection of snapshots into their relationship


Author's Response: Thanks =] Hmm, i might just try that =P


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Review #2, by HPismyidolThe Cinderella Stories: Only Fooling Myself

16th August 2007:

i likey

this is good

keep writing

i want that sirius remus one rite now!



love you


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Review #3, by HPismyidolHey There Delilah: hey there delilah

16th August 2007:
ey gurly that was fab

i really liked it

she wasnt a typical mary sue

kudos to you

i usually only like sirius and remus parings but you got me with this one

her answer please if yo dont mind

and a request for you to be my new bestie?


Author's Response: what do you think she said? thanks for the review and of course it was yes! in a new story i'm writing, there's a little bit of her wedding in a flashback!

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Review #4, by HPismyidolWithout You: Little Red

16th August 2007:

dont kill her please i love gin gin!

update soon please

Author's Response: sorry. i think we may see another glimpse of Gin in the future, and i've just decided to add some flashbacks of Hermione's where Ginny will be present. as it says in the story summary, A Hermione story of what happens after the death of someone very close to her...
therefore it is necessary for Ginny to die, since i really don't want to kill one of the boys. ginny is really the fourth member of the "golden trio" and so each person will have different reactions.
Ron: his baby and only sister is dead
Hermione: her best (girl)friend, who she regarded as a sister, is dead
Harry: the girl to whom he was going to propose is dead
it really wouldn't be the same if harry/ron died.
however, since you like ginny so much, i will add a little bit of her just for you in the (near?) future, although it is not what i had planned.
i will update ASAP, validation takes a long time; i have the next chapter waiting...
anyways, thanks for your review :)

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Review #5, by HPismyidolSacrifice: Sacrifice

16th August 2007:
i liked it

vairy nice

did you come up with this before or after the last book came out?

Author's Response: I came up with it about three days ago when I was bored at night.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by HPismyidolHer Choice: Her Choice

16th August 2007:

this was so diffrent from any other one ive read and i also love the song

you matched the two perfectly

Author's Response: HPismyidol,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this! I'm so glad you thought the song matched well, I was very nervous- this was my first song-fic. It means a lot that you took a moment to leave a review. Thank you!


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Review #7, by HPismyidolThe Marauders' Journal: Dear Reader

12th August 2007:
mary sue alert!

oh well ill give it a shot

love you writing style tho

vair vair nice

Author's Response: Mary Sue? Really? Hmm, thanks.

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Review #8, by HPismyidolSirius' Marauders: Sirius' Marauders

10th August 2007:
omg i love you like friggin i dont know i just love you!

i cant stand this its so ahmazing i just gawd

i cried i laughed i geesh it was just ahmazing

i love you you are now my new bestie


10 out of 10

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for the amazing review! I'm blushing now lol.
I'm so happy you enjoyed it as I'm quite happy with this story, considering it is the first fanfic I ever wrote.
Thank you!

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Review #9, by HPismyidolTo Find Peace: For the greater good

10th August 2007:
i have just stopped crying enough to leave you a review

you are so brilliant in the way you capture emotion

your flash back was kodac moment persection and i cant stand how heart wrenchingly beautiful this piece is, but i think my tears say enough

-truely your fan
10 out of 10

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Review #10, by HPismyidolWaves in a Conch Shell: Story Text

10th August 2007:

i cried! i was so terribly happy yet sad, this is an ahmazing piece and i just adore you for writing bout teddy. hes my fave of the new generation



Author's Response: Thank you! I like Teddy a lot, too. . . but that's because of his heritage, I guess. ^.^

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Review #11, by HPismyidolBubblegum: inadvertantly suicidal girl, present and accounted for.

10th August 2007:
omg this is one of my favorite stories ive ever read!

i usually dont like mary sues but yours was very likeable indeed

one thing though

you might want to revise the part where she talks about being an animagus it was a bit choppy but other than that your story was so awesome

oh yeah and ppl usually would write that james and sirius would hve liked to skinny dipped but i really liked how you had them scared.

your writing style is awesome sooo

be my buddy?


10 out of 10

Author's Response: well of course i'll be your buddy!

it is actually quite refreshing to get some constructive critisism though i doidn't believe i'd hear my self saying this: it is a little repetitive when peeps keep saying how much they love it.

all i want is one hater.

though i don't believe that that is you.

thanks buddy.


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Review #12, by HPismyidol:

10th August 2007:
i really liked it!

i was sad tho cos i wanted ron to run in and sweep her off her feet

yes im a hopeless romantic but hey cant kill he for it


Author's Response: Yes, I'm actually very romantic myself, but I was just in one of those 'moods' that day, you know? hehe. It would have been nice if things had turned out that way, but alas. They did not. ;) I'm glad you liked it deary!

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Review #13, by HPismyidolNot at Hogwarts: Volume 2: Everybody loves her but I just wanna hit her

7th August 2007:
ridiculous.ridiculously awesome!

again this was fab

i hate mary sues heheh but this one well

she's a crack head

i love the description of her the blackest black of a thestral with out white

god you guys are great


Author's Response: Kudos to eleen for the hair description and backgrond story of Mary Sue!


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Review #14, by HPismyidolNot at Hogwarts: Volume 2: I'M GOING OUT WITH DRACO MALFOY

7th August 2007:
you didnt post the rule that seamus is not after me lucky charms!

i was glad i knew bout the icons otherwise i would have been confused

but again another great chappie

i love you guys *sign and dreamy smile*


Author's Response: Yes we did, it was in here! Luna covers her lucky charms are Seamus walks by and cries 'Not my lucky charms!' or something along those lines... And the frog came form Ernie but Luna is still deluded into thinking Nott likes her.


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Review #15, by HPismyidolNot at Hogwarts: Volume 2: Keyholes, Sparkles and Chocolate, Oh My

6th August 2007:
epicly ahmazing!

i almost peed i was laughing so hard by the last lines

that is a sign of good writing

10 out of 10

Author's Response: Thanks!


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Review #16, by HPismyidolMad about Harry: Owls

6th August 2007:

please keep writing its so good

i really liked this idea

almost wrote one me self

Author's Response: Hey, Hpismidol thank-you for your comments.
I would strongly recommend that you to have a go at your story. I've not written much before, so am over joyed that this has been well received.
'So far' that is... I just hope I can keep it up and do the story justice!

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Review #17, by HPismyidolThose Innocent Green Eyes: Why Is the Sky Blue?

6th August 2007:

i dont really ship this more lily and james or lily and sev but its vair cute



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Review #18, by HPismyidolEleven Years Later: The Bookworm's Dilemma

2nd August 2007:
e vair vair good

but if werewolves were all in azkaban then wouldnt teddy and bill be there too?

or did they get xcused?

im confuzzled a bit so help me out

love ya tho


Author's Response: If you'll recall, Bill is not a werewolf. He was not bitten by a transformed werewolf, but by Fenrir Greyback in his human form. As such, Bill is not Lycanthropic, he just acquires a taste for rarer steaks.

It is not ever stated in the books whether or not Teddy winds up a werewolf. I made the decision when I started writing this that he did not. And though I don't usually use the information from JKR's chats and interviews for this story, I wanted to point out that she herself said that Teddy was not a werewolf.

So, to make things perfectly clear... Teddy and Bill are not werewolves, though they both have some wolfish properties. They have attracted the attention of the Ministry however, and are being kept track of just to make sure that things do not change. This is what upset Hermione so much when their names were mentioned.

Many thanks for the review, I'm glad you continue to enjoy!

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Review #19, by HPismyidolAlbus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy: The Start Of Something

1st August 2007:
grand i was just wanting someone to write a story for this ship

its bomb
love you


Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #20, by HPismyidolEleven Years Later: The End is Nigh

30th July 2007:
what?!?!?!? how long is this going to be?

it must be as long as as as as

oh till 19 years later!

im serious!

you are too good to writer to only have a few chappies

Author's Response: Well now, don't get too worried. Even though this story may be ending, that doesn't mean I'll stop writing. I've already got the barest of an outline for a story that takes place immediately following the downfall of Voldemort. Harry and the gang travel to Australia to find Hermione's parents, and see more of the world before they move on with their lives.

But who knows. I've got others too :)

But thank you for saying so!

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Review #21, by HPismyidolEleven Years Later: The House of Potter

29th July 2007:
i love you


this is so great

Jo should have called you and have you writen the epilouge

10 out of 10



Author's Response: Thank you M! I wouldn't have written the epilogue if Jo had offered it to me though, as it's her masterpiece, and I would never in a million years want to impinge upon it. I'll stick safely to the world of fanfiction, thanks :)

I'm glad you're still enjoying, and thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by HPismyidolGuardian Angel: Guardian Angel

30th September 2006:
what is the song this is based on

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Review #23, by HPismyidolThe Man With Two Souls: The Man With Two Souls

14th August 2006:
that i so emotinal and probably the best one i read out of this chalange, it was very beautiful and moving and i wouldnt mind if it was the end of the real HP series, youre amazing vair vair amazing

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Review #24, by HPismyidolNot At Hogwarts: The Beginning: Spoonaphobia

8th August 2006:
hey where can you find the icons with the 150 rules on them?

Author's Response: I've only seen them on people blogs and was unable to find their origin, however, if you wish to see the first 10 (will post more as the story continues) you can check out our blog at

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Review #25, by HPismyidolHarry Potter and the Man With a Shattered Soul: Leaving Home

8th August 2006:
ummm a little strange and kindof cut off in place but otherwise it has potental

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm avery strange person so my bad


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