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Review #1, by cedrixfanOut of Time: Finding Time Again

29th July 2013:
Good lord. No joke, this is the first time I have read a fan fic in several years. YEARS--this place used to be my LIFE. And today, I visited on a whim and chose at random from the Dobby Awards winners list, and got blown away. Thanks a million for this. Beautiful descriptions, out-there plot (in the best ways), great I tip my hat to you :). Keep at it, please! I'm definitely a fan.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you very much for these compliments! It's fantastic that you picked out this story and that it had such an effect on you. It means a lot to hear how much you enjoyed reading this. :D

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Review #2, by cedrixfanLeather and Lace: Chapter Four: Astoria Greengrass

10th June 2011:
Oooh, yes--THIS is it. This is the kind of story that makes you play out the rest in your head because it is so completely...complete. [Here, try that on for size haha]
For some reason, I thought the ending of this chapter was incredibly depressing. Goodness. Merlin's icky-brown, cordury pants. WHAT a horrific past, she has! *sniffs* While she seems better suited for Blaise and Blaise for her, it can't have been easy to see Draco with another someone...especially Hermione, the woman she comforted and sympathized with in the beginning. I'd be torn between being happy for them and feeling whip-lashingly betrayed.
My heart leapt out and danced an Irish jig around her you revealed that she had switched out the room assignments. What a painfully difficult decision to make! Astoria's points are much higher in my books now.
Yes, this IS it. This is why you had better be writing the next chappy as I type :P. BUT forrealz;; keep writing. I love you. This is genius. ^_^
With [oh, wou'n't it be] lov-uh-lay regards,

Author's Response: why hello my favourite - i have really missed youre encouraging reviews! and this one just takes the cake on all of them :)
im so happy! you have all the right emotions for this chapter ... i know its really depressing, but when i started writing this i made it clear astoria wasn't happy from the start, and yes, she does just get worse haha
im trying to write the next chapter but i have so many stories going on at once. its incredibly hard to :(
lovelovelove dear ra,
your may xx

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Review #3, by cedrixfanNot Once, Not Ever: Epilogue

25th May 2011:
Ah, sorry it took a while for me to finish reading this ;). I have two things to say: 1) I can't believe you almost ruined all of our lives before the Epilogue, 2) I can't believe Draco did such a thing. Two more things: 1) I can't believe you saved us in the Epilogue and 2) I can't believe Draco is so amazing.
Aaaand that's it.
Jk. Really, I ADORED this, May! It's been such a long time since I've read your fanfiction, and I'm still in love with it. Love the writing style, love the characters (particularly the blonde one), love the plot twists (almost died inside), love YOU! Keep it up. I haven't forgotten your other fics, so they'll be paid a visit soon. Thanks for a masterpiece!

Author's Response: why hello ;) thank you dear for coming back and reading this story. i am so glad to be done with it, it consumed much of my study time unfortunately, trying to find the sweetest ending. im glad that it didnt disappoint. your reviews and emails make me very happy and i promise i will be in touch very very soon!
all my love, may xx

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Review #4, by cedrixfanMemory Dust: The Unknown Home

15th August 2009:
Wonderful chappy! Haven't been on here in a while, but this definitely is something I'll be coming back for regularly. I was iffy on Ron and Hermione meeting their friends so early, but so far, you've made it work very well. Keep up the fabulous-ness!

Author's Response: Welcome back. I feel honored that you are still reading this even if you don't come online that much anymore.

I know, i was considering that so many times, whether it's not too early. But then i didn't want to stretch it unnecessarily and so I decided now would be the best time for them to reunite. There are still a lot of things to happen and to be discovered. Basically the story's just started. :D

Thanks so much! :D

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Review #5, by cedrixfanStained Masquerade: Broken Beyond Repair

28th May 2009:
This was a transition chapter, but an excellent one at that!! Hmm...I wonder what Draco will do if he finds his mom and best friend out, given Cissa let's things get out of hand again ;P. Poor Hermione...or Rya, as Calisto calls her. Was Calisto introduced in the story already? I can't seem to remember him at all...albeit it has been a while since I read the beginning chapters. I hope she's merely exhausted as opposed to actually going insane! Well, it'll be interesting to see what happens next: which angel Draco will be for her, what Luna has to offer, what cruelty the Feldons will unearth in the next chapter *angst*. On to next one!

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Review #6, by cedrixfanStained Masquerade: Don't trust the Lady!

28th May 2009:
Woah...wasn't expecting THAT to happen in this chapter! You're sooo talented at love scenes...even if the situation just seems so WRONG. Narcissa and Blaise--haven't read any of those ever. What I really loved was how you conveyed both of their emotions all throughout in different ways: through their actions, their thoughts, even their eyes. It was very intriguing, and I can't wait for more! Though what will Draco do? And what's this about Luna coming? And oh my goodness, did NARCISSA kill her husband?!? Hmm...we'll have to see. Fantastic much action (tehe), and keep it up, girl!

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Review #7, by cedrixfanStained Masquerade: We're Only Human

28th May 2009:
Ello, Lynn! I feel like I've read this chapter before, but I haven't reviewed. Eh. WELL, as to the chapter, OH. MY. GOSH. It's completely captivating, and...the love scene...*gasps in awe*. You're phenomenal, dear, your writing is truly a work of art, as I've said before...and this chapter in particular was quite graphic imagery-wise (good thing, promise!). You. Are. Excellence. Woah, I'm lost for words and can't come up with any coherent sentences at the moment. The "human" theme for this chapter was so unique! Goodness, I must go on to the next chapter though it's 2:30 in the morning. You're amazing, Lynn, and keep it up! Hope you're well.
lots o love,

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Review #8, by cedrixfanThe Game of Love: Chapter 21: Various Visitations

16th December 2008:
I know not all that much action happened in this one, but it was still a wonderful chapter! I can't get over write her so perfectly (and hilariously). Good luck on those exams! I have them this week, as well. We'll dominate them! Fantastic work so far, and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter!
Till the horrid EXAMS infest our brains,

Author's Response: Hi cedrixfan! I'm glad you liked this chapter. Haha, Ginny is a fun character to write. She's not my favorite, but I like using her to stir things up. :P Exams are over, thank Merlin. I think I did dominate...I think you did too! :) Thanks for the review! ^_^

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Review #9, by cedrixfanLeather and Lace: Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

12th December 2008:
Good Lawd, this is coming along gorgeously! Yeah, nothing really happened in this chapter, but it paved the way for the action to come, I'd guess. The first two chapters seemed to serve as an introduction. This chapter had alot of insight in the characters. Poor Ron...well, not really :P. He's always the one people throw out in fics. When he breathed in the scent of her at the end of his bit--that was good. Our sense of smell is the sense closest to our emotions and memories, but authors tend to focus mainly on the sight. Once again, your Astoria is amazing, as in For the Better. In both, she seems to sort of have the same relationship with Draco, only in For the Better, she gained the upper hand. In this...well, we'll have to see (only you know what'll happen -_-). When Draco said, "And sometimes...I wonder,", did he mean something like "sometimes, I wonder if you're sorry about us"? Narcissa's so amazing! You favor her, of course, but she's also believable. There's so much that isn't said about her in the books, like if she really is into the whole death eater spiel or not...but she DOES have that strong love for and desire to protect Draco (Unbreakable Vow). Fantastic job with her. She brings out the good in Draco.
Beautiful job! Please keep writing! Owl me when you have time (I must've been insane to've finished that long thing in one week).
Love ya

Author's Response: I love this review. Even thought its been so long it still makes my heart skip beats. I just love you. Thank you for all your support - everywhere. You are amazing, and even thought this chappie was boring I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it rachie dach (: xx

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Review #10, by cedrixfanNot Once, Not Ever: You

12th December 2008:
Hey, you! *glomps* I've missed you loads. Congrats on the school certificate! So, does that mean you're on break now or has Year 11 started? It's wonderful you have time to write now. And what a beautiful chapter, at that! The tension is so great at the end...for the reader, at least. Poor Draco! And Hermione...I wonder what she's thinking *glares at the author who DOES know*. I especially loved the exchange between Hermione and Lucius. Lucius has changed so; yet there's still something bad in him that I can't really put my finger on. Aww, Nikita (loves on Blaise)! Just when I grew to love her character ;(. Haha--imagine telling the REAL Nikita she died like that. Interesting how the dead Nikita was "devoid of her". That's so true--her soul's gone, her liveliness ist kaput. That scene was beautiful, btw. Another thing I love about this story is that, though Narcissa is dead and gone, you have revealed so much about her through those she left behind. She's very admirable.
Fantastic, May. Hope you're fairing well, and please update soon! Tell me how you're doing, too, alright?

Author's Response: After to years I can finally tell you I'm fantastic! Lol, jks.. So pleased I emailed you .. I had no idea when I'd come back on here ): but here is my long awaited return ..
I was expecting you to be pleased nikita cracked it! But, I did aim for her death to reach this final climax for people to feel sorry for her. She's not bad, just misunderstood. Lucius, on the other hand, is ... Well, he's selfish, that's for sure. But you'll have a nice little ending with dear luce.
As for narcissa! Yay! I worked so hard to hear someone say it and I'm so super pleased it came across - that tho she's dead she's really still alive.
I love you! Hopefully I'll update this soon hey :D xx

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Review #11, by cedrixfanStained Masquerade: The Count of Malfoy Manor

20th November 2008:
O_O Oh, wow, Lynn! WOW. My head's swimming with things to say, but I can't make any sense of it all. This was amazing! Every chapter you write is fantastic, dear. This may be ending soon...? After all, Hermione is back...or is she? Physically, yes, but mentally? Emotionally? Not so sure. Who was she before she took the potion (what exactly is that, anyway?), and who is she now? "To whom had he offered everything?"--Drake sums up the problem really well. I wondered when you'd include the last two lines in the story, and it was SO perfect. Which angel will she choose? Ooooh, the complexity of this story is killing a good way, if that's possible.

This was gorgeous, hun. Keep it up!


Author's Response: Ha, I did it! So you liked it then? So now, that I've inserted in the text the words from the summary, I guess I should come up with a new summary.. That gives me something to think about this weekend...:)
Well, hun, I am sorry I keep making this confusing, but I'll try to explain it here: so Hermione didn't really came back.. The potion worked for a few hours only. She'll be back in Delirya's body.. The potion only grants her to be Hermione again, to have Hermione's looks for a few hours. Then she goes back. The potion was needed for her to be interogated by verona, because The Feldons have a lot of control on their memebers. I'll be sure to make this clearer in one of the next chapters.
We'll see which angel she'll choose. I have a lot of rusprises for you.:)

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Review #12, by cedrixfanWhen Luna met Rolf: Meet the Parents, Part II

9th November 2008:
Wow! This story is remarkable. It's coming along so well. Luna would be the ideal best friend, wouldn't she? It's beautiful how she's changed Rolf and visa-versa. Their time together has been so blissful and wonderful up until this point...almost too good to be true. Does that mean it's time for a fight or some other form of conflict? I hope not, but...well, I'll have to see, won't I? *scowls* I'm so impatient :(. That said, PLEASE update soon! Get some sleep at Uni! Congrats of the Dobby, as well--you deserve it. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You have no idea how incredibly happy I am to hear that you continue to enjoy this story. I have had a blast writing it and I can assure you that what comes next will mantain the same pace and quality! Thank you so much for your support!

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Review #13, by cedrixfanThe Game of Love: Chapter Twenty: Group Date

8th November 2008:
Wow. I hadn't come across this story again until now, and I'm so glad I did! This chapter was bloody fantastic in all its discombobulated glory. Fabulous job, Queen Luna. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

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Review #14, by cedrixfanMemory Dust: As If By Magic

6th November 2008:
Wonderful! I'm itching to read more. Please update soon!

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Review #15, by cedrixfanMemory Dust: Lost and Found

6th November 2008:
Woah, this is intriguing! You've reeled me in. I used to have an aversion to these lose-memory-meet-again stories, but strangely, I've found some very promising ones as of late, this one DEFINITELY included. I'm off to read more!

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Review #16, by cedrixfanThe Bargain: A Karmic Comeuppance

6th November 2008:
Wow! This is so incredible! There really are not enough Blaise/Hermione's on here. I love how enigmatic you've made Blaise. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Please update soon. Love it! ^_^

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Review #17, by cedrixfanColour My World: 8. Victoire

6th November 2008:
Wow, this is intriguing so far! Bloody frustrating, though--when will Victoire get it? I love the irony, how she thinks Teddy's the one who needs to grow up, when it is really she who has some maturing to do. Very much like alot of Lily/James fics on here. Fantastic job, and I'm looking very much forward to the rest!

Author's Response: Victoire is frustrating, I know! I hope it's not like ALL the james/lily fics. I like to set my own trends ;) thanks for the review :)

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Review #18, by cedrixfanI Take All the Blame: Chapter One

30th October 2008:
Hey, stranger! I thought I'd review, even though we've talked loads about this story already. Looking great so far! Keep it up! And I emailed the banner to you...hope you like it!

Author's Response: The banner is AWESOME!

No one else has reviewed here yet :( But I think your banner will make it look more interesting ;p

Thanks so much!

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Review #19, by cedrixfanNot Once, Not Ever: Aromatherapy

3rd June 2008:
Supercalafragilisticexpialidocous...I really don't have a word to describe how I love this story, Mahalia. Wow. You're style of writing is just so...real (for lack of a better word). So sophisticated.

The bar scene was simply hilarious! Yes, Goyle was OOC, but, frankly, I liked this Goyle much more than the great buffoon Rowling made him. OMGsh, I ADORE Jack!!! *blows kiss to the poster above your computer*

Though he hasn't been featured much yet, you've made Blaise quite a wonderful character. I love that he's not an oily Smith. *growls* Zacharius Smith is incorrigible. Hermione's got to put up with him...poor girl.

The dinner scene...well, I was mentally screaming, "NO, Harry!!! Don't even go there," I felt so connected to both Hermione and Ron during it. Hermione's worst fear has come to life, and Ron...well, the poor dear must feel so crestfallen, so heartbroken and betrayed. My heart goes out to the both of them. Hermione must feel so broken with her lack of feelings toward her husband and then Draco...well, she must be awfully confused and/or feel so guilty about her blossoming feelings toward the Slytherin god. A reviewer said that Ron was a jerk, and I most ardently disagree. It's not his fault Hermione doesn't love him anymore, not his fault that she's fallen for his archenemy. Ginny...I love that woman to death. She's so understanding and wonderful. A beautiful thing...oh, dear, she's so right.

Poor Draky...I felt that embarassed-for-her feeling with the old lady. She didn't know that her words hurt him. Draco has changed so very much. Though he was hurt by the lady, he did not lash out at her. Gosh, my heart goes out to him completely. He's so broken...I sincerely hope that Hermione can make him feel better, but I'm glad that he's receiving joy from whats-her-face...I temporarily forgot his gf's name...oops! I don't like her much, anyway...sorry. She seems to have more to her than meets the eye, so maybe my opinion of her will change. She was sweet with the flowers, though. Brilliant poem, btw!

I positively swooned when you described Draco reading his book. I don't blame Hermione one bit for falling for him! He's a new Draco, an innocent kind...a Draco you wish to gather up in your arms and take away all all his pain.

Thank you forever and a day for another fantastic chapter! You're wonderful, and I can't express to what extent!

o_O cedrixfan xoxo

Author's Response: Oh, wow, it's so good to see you back!! I missed your reviews and responses--I actually thought you stopped responding to your reviewers :( What on earth would I do?! ... Probably keep reviewing, actually ... But a holiday to Greece?! I hope you had fun--it's summer up there, isn't it? Lucky ... I'm freezing down here. So much for sunny Australia -.-
I couldn't possibly do Goyle any other way! You'll see why, further on, but I really did enjoy writing him. I love writing things that make me smile while I type. Like now =D But Blaise?! Ooh, I love him. And writing him in this story really was fun. I love writing friendship-relationships, even more so than relationship-relationships (and I like writing them a lot). Him and Pansy are so enjoyable to write, when they're with Draco, as a Ginny and Harry when they're with Hermione. Which I guess you could tell at the dinner scene ^_^
I'm so pleased you liked that, actually. It's hard to write Harry in canon, because only J.K Rowling can really do that. It was so flattering though, when you said you liked my Goyle more than hers O_O I was speechless, actually, and I felt the breath leave me. I actually had to sit down at my computer and ponder for about a minute what I was going to say. But always have to do that with your reviews. They are so wonderful!!
Oh, Hermione feels terribly guilty, as you'll see in the next chapter--there's more Dramione action, there! I hadn't realized what fun it was to write until I actually did start writing it! *squees* but chapter 13 you'll probably all be overloaded with them together (not really, but still ... xD)
Receiving joy from what's-her-face?! *LMAO* You mean Nikita?! Hee, hee ... Well, she's a bit of a sl*t anyway, so you gotta expect that. Though she does make him relatively happy (though someone [who remains nameless but you proabaly already know] does more so :))
Thank you for another gorgeous, beautiful review!! I can't believe you were thanking me!! *lol* You are the BESTEST ever author, and I adore your writing!! Reading you adore mine doesn't decrease my grattidue, either ;) Thank you so, SO much, and I am SO happy you're liking this story! Thank you!!!!

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Review #20, by cedrixfanNot Once, Not Ever: Coping

19th May 2008:
Hey Mahalia,
Wow. Wow. Wow...(YOu said you like the word "wow", right?). ^_^ Really, that was spectacular. Hermione sort of reminds me of Harry during OOTP with all his self-pity; it's not a huge similarity, but a small one. Pansy...well, she has certainly grown up, hasn't she? Unless she's like the Pansy from your one-shot, where she was always "good" but put on a show of b*iness as a cover. She and Draco must be really close friends...or more? I'm not certain.

Nikita...well, I don't like her, but if she makes Draco happy...are they an item? It seems as if Draco isn't interested, almost as if he's using her to keep the Malfoy reputation in order. He took Lucius out and tried to make it seem as if the family is alright and not falling apart as they truly are, so maybe he's doing the same by using Nikita. I'm not sure. Or he's trying to find happiness, or a distraction...w/e.

And Lucius--poor, poor Lucius. Strangely, I see a similarity between him and Hermione. They both seem to focus on one thing...Lucius's being Narcissa and Hermione's being her love-life/wishing for more/frustration/jealousy/Draco...whatever that would be called. Her self-pity causes her not to think of others. I like that Lucius is not the torturous character many writers make him out to be...myself included (my apologies; I know you're a Lucius lover). Major question: Did Lucius DIE?!?

OMGsh, I love you, I love this story. Really, I cannot wait until the next chapter. Thanks for a wonderful read, and I'll check back for updates!


P.S. Ch.13 of Slytherin Song is up, btw.

Author's Response: *glomps* Oh my God, I love you so much! You're the best author! That chapter of yours was just perfect, and still you leave another flattering review for me. *wipes tears* It's just ... *sniffs* ... beautiful ...
Wow is the best word. It's so short, yet it expresses so much. And you used three of them! I'm in writers heaven at the moment--I'm speechless! I know I've said that before, but you never cease at making me so, so, SO happy! Now, about the chapter::
Ugh, yeah, her self pity. I, myself, am not very fond of the whole self pity thing with people, and OotP was very *screams in frustration* material. Is my Hermione getting that way? It's kind of disgusting--the whole pity party thing, I mean. Not Hermione =]

I have a strange attraction to Pansy. I don't like her, yet I do. I don't believe her, yet I know she's so much more than what she claims. Her and Draco are good friends, but they're not anything more--though they do have an unnatural attraction to each other. I think it's good for Pansy, that she married Blaise. Blaise seems like the kind of guy to bring her to earth. *sigh* I love Blaise.
Nikita's a difficult one to understand. You'll some more of her in the next chapter, though it's only a little bit. The one after that will have a lot more, though, don't worry. I hope you'll come to understand how she feels. I think Draco, though, is just looking for a rebound. And you can't deny, he needs it.
Ooh, yes, I love Lucius! I've actually started writing another novel (though I know I shouldn't), about him and Narcissa, along with a heap of other characters. But die? No! I couldn't kill off Luce *sniffs* That'd be terrible. Did it seem like he did die, though? Hmm, I guess not physically, but yes, emotionally he's dead and gone. Oh, dear, my poor darling ... I think I've only just realised how sad this is getting.

I love you too! It makes me so happy getting your reviews, really, honestly, irrevocably happy! Thank you so much, and the next chapter should be soon (damn the que).

Thanks tons, love, and I'm really sorry about the late reply,

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Review #21, by cedrixfanAlive: Alive

10th May 2008:
Wow. This is remarkable! Though I'm a Christian, I believe we can have tastes of heaven through particularly glorious moments, like with Ron and Hermy. So romantic...*sighs*
Are you a fan of Draco/Hermione fics? If you are, please check out my story, Slytherin Song. I'd appreciate it.
Anyway...thanks for a truly fantastic read! You're a gifted writer.

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Review #22, by cedrixfanBride Of Voldemort: Missing

10th May 2008:
Sensational, Mahalia!'re capable of making me feel sorry for Bellatrix, which is quite a feat. Sorry I didn't review before now; I read this a few weeks ago, but it must have slipped my mind to review. I'm glad I read it a second time, for it made more sense to me, and I enjoyed it all the more.
I noticed some of the reviewers of this story commented on how cruel Narcissa is. I disagree with them. Personally, I believe her only flaw in this is that she is incapable of forgiveness, at least, for now. Unless I misunderstood, I think she feels betrayed because Bella picked Voldy over her, over her family. I feel that no one in Bride of V is truly evil other than Voldemort. Lucius and Cissa just want to protect and care for their family, Pettigrew's a bloody craven, and Bella's wrapped up in love. Bella gives her entire self over to V, yet he merely uses her as a pawn in his sick game of power. He lets her think that he thinks she's special to him, when, really, she's nothing to him at all. It's such a sad truth that I almost cried. The song connected beautifully with the story, also.
Once again, remarkable. Thank you for a glorious read.

Author's Response: Your reviews always manage to make my day so, so perfect. Really ... *sigh* Not only are you a wonderful author, but you're also too kind ^^

I'm glad you felt sorry for Bella--that sounds pretty mean. *lol* It's like, "I'm glad you almost cried in my story. I love making people depressed and upset." No, okay, what I mean is it was my aim for my readers to feel for Bella. I think she is a good person, somewhere deep down, but she's been so blind and brainwashed by love it's difficult for her to even understand that she is, as you said, just a pawn in Tom's game.
Hmmm, I'm glad you realised Narcissa wasn't evil or cruel. She's most definitely not. As you sad, she's just incapable of forgiveness at that point in time--and really, who can blame her? Her son is open for attack, her husband is in big, big trouble, and they both know it. The last thing Cissa wants to think about is her deranged sister who did (you have a wonderful eye for detail ;) ) ditch her for a psychopath--a.k.a. Voldemort. Meanwhile, I also like to think that at the time Narcissa was quite worried for Andromeda, being married to a Muggle and all. Poor, poor Cissy.

*lol* Pettigrew is a craven. Absolute weasel, actually. I hate him. But, yes, no one was really evil, except for Voldy. Your attention to detail is so admirable!!! You're so good at wording you reviews, too!
Aw, don't cry! *hugs* Even though it was my plan too ... *grins evilly*

Thank you once again for another fantastic review! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Hopefully Slytherin Song will update soon ... I can't wait to see what you mean by you predicting I'll like the next chapter (they have to kiss. Oh, my god! They have too!!!)

Hugs, and thanks again,
Mahalia .x.x

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Review #23, by cedrixfanNot Once, Not Ever: Monster

16th April 2008:
This is quite good! Rich character development, imagery...the works. You've got it all. You capture emotion perfectly. See? I'm crying! No, you don't see, but you sure let others see what's going on through your writing. I wish more stories were like this one, deep and meaningful, but also real...well, as real as the magical world can be. Thank you for this, and please update soon! Btw: Thanks for the review for Slytherin Song. I really appreciate it, not only because I love feedback for my story, but also because I discovered an awesome writer (aka: you). ^_^

Author's Response: To hear you say that is so ... so ... I cannot find words for it! I LOVE Slytherin Song (unfortunately, I lack on reading fast because my brother is on the computer most of the time *growls*), and your viewpoints are ... well, I WAS going to say "excellent", but they are so much more than that :D

You were crying? Aw. *hugs tightly* You cannot imagine how happy it makes me in hearing you feel the emotions. I’ve been writing since I could put pen to paper and always, always my teachers would say, "Mahalia, you’re description is terrible. You need us to FEEL the emotion." Finally, in year six, I actually got reassuring feedback saying, "Hey, I actually nearly cried whist reading this." From then on my description and emotions just pour out of me. I need to feel the characters as much as you do, and if I can feel sorry for them, then I know it'll have to make SOMEONE out there feel sorry for that character too.

Anyway, I sidetracked :P Thank you so, so much for reviewing! My next chapter's validating (unfortunately it takes so Goddamn long) and it should be up soonish. I'll be reading more of Slytherin Song tonight, hopefully :) If not, I'll definitely keep reading it when I get the chance ;) *crosses fingers it's soon*

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Review #24, by cedrixfanArabesque: Of the Eulogy for a Black and The End of a Rope

26th November 2007:
This is a depressing, yet remarkable story. My heart goes out to Narcissa...poor thing! Yet she escaped the pain. I suppose some things are worse than death.
Please update soon! I'm glued to your writing.

Author's Response: Than kyou so much!

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Review #25, by cedrixfanHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: The Darkest Side of Transfiguration

3rd July 2007:
I'm intrigued! Please keep writing. Two thumbs up.

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