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Review #1, by The Lady of GondorDon't Underestimate Me: Don't Underestimate Me

31st March 2007:
Draco likes Ginny. I woundn't think of this, not even in a 10 years.
And e tricked Voldemort. Nice.

Loved it.

And what I like even more is that Draco is actually GOOD.

Great story. 10 of 10

The Lady

Author's Response: well danka! I'm so happy that you review!

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Review #2, by The Lady of GondorObnoxious Ramblings: Obnoxious Ramblings

31st March 2007:
Ron is dead. Oh Gosh.
And Lucius too. Well, I'm not that sorry for him. Don't think that I am a heartless, evil bitch, but he deserved it. Right?

"I knew that one day I would just get tired of the hormones building up inside of me whenever I’d see her, and I’d just go for it.", “Hermione, I like you.” - couldn't have written it better.

Gosh, I absolutely LOVE this story. You should be rated 100, not 10.
Please keep on.

The Lady

Author's Response: you are so good to me! Thank you darling! I read all of your reviews with a smile on my face!

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Review #3, by The Lady of GondorThe-Boy-Who-Lived: The-Boy-Who-Lived

31st March 2007:
I’d probably be friends with Draco Malfoy - I have never thought of that. Wow. But as he said - NO WAY.

Anyway, this story was very, very, very nice. I liked it.

BTW, I haven't forgot YOU nor YOUR STORIES. Sorry for taking it so long to read this one.

The Lady

Author's Response: Quite alright! I love it when you review! Thanks!

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Review #4, by The Lady of GondorAngel: Deal

11th November 2006:
"She despised every fiber of his being. She hated the fact that she had to be civil to the git." Why?

With a bit hope, she might even like every fiber of his being.

Anyway, great chap. I never even dreamed that she would hit him again, but he desreved it.

The Lady

Author's Response: Don't worry. She will eventually start to like every single bit of his fiber! ( does that sound weird? :D) It's only now that she hates him, but she will obviously start to like him:D. H eid deserve that hit:D Thanx for reviewing Lady! I appreciate it!!! :D

Till your next review,


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Review #5, by The Lady of GondorAngel: Warning

28th October 2006:
I am very sorry about your dog. Really.

Anyway, this chap was amazing.
I can just imagine "He was wearing nothing but his silk green boxers and white t-shirt which fitted him nicely. His hair was ruffled and a couple of strands were sticking out."
And he actually listened to her and'experimented'.

“Well that’s a great way to start of the year.” Why did it have to be Potions? But funny and interesting enough. And they get to seat next to eachother. GREAT.

"What if you do want me?" PLEASE, make that be true. I am dying 4 it.

That is a BAD ending. Do U want me not to sleep and think what can happen.
Oh god, please update soon.

I can't wait

The Lady

Author's Response: Thanx for the consideration!! :D

I'm glad you like the chapter, like you did all my other ones. Can you imagine Draco wearing nothing except boxers and a white t-shirt? Oh Merlin help us all!!! :D

Haha!! aren't I evil for letting them sit together for the WHOLE year!!! :D hehehe

Don't worry I'm going to maker her want him or him want her. Unless I change my mind...:D

Sorry I have to keep you wondering and waiting for what's going to happen next. Isn't that what a good author does, they leave you wanting more and more. Come back and check what's happening next!! :D

Till we speak again,


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Review #6, by The Lady of GondorAngel: New Home

28th October 2006:
It is great. Sorry it took me so long, but I haven't even opened this site for a month. I hate myself for that, but i promise to open it more ofter from now on.

After all, the important thing is that I LOVED IT.

It also made me laugh a bit - "“Wa? I ‘ungry.”
And it brought 'few memories' back - first day and the hat and everything else.

Keep on

The Lady

Author's Response: yay it's The Lady Gondor!!!! I've been waiting for you!! :D jks. I'm glad yopu liked it. I will definitely be writng more scenes where Ron is talking with his mouthful. Anywayz i got to go right now. I have to go to church!!! :D I will answer your next review when I get back!! Ta ta for now!!!


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Review #7, by The Lady of GondorDon't Judge a Book By Its Cover: Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

21st August 2006:
"He instead acted like a gentleman, carrying on conversations, holding the door open for me, and studying with me in the library." Oh God, I hope that will happen in the seventh book.

And your poem is WOW. You're good at it.

I loved this story.

The Lady

P.S. Will you PLS read my fic. Hope you'll like it

Author's Response: Awww I know, I wish that would happen too! And thanks about the poem, I write them in my spare time. I'll definitely check out your story too!

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Review #8, by The Lady of GondorJust For One Night: Just For One Night

15th August 2006:
Do you know that I also wanted to write a one-shot with this song, but I never sat and wrote it.

Anyway, I loved your fic. It was (is) BRILLIANT.

Keep on.

The Lady

Author's Response: Awww thanks! It's a good song, isn't it?

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Review #9, by The Lady of GondorAngel: Be Civil

8th August 2006:
"But he didn’t really care about Purebloods and Mudbloods. It was his father who had trained him to hate everybody who wasn’t Pureblood like him." I like that. he does have a heart. Right?

"Pansy wasn’t even close to being a friend. He asked her one time to the Yule Ball in their fourth year and she thought that they were an item. She couldn’t get the message that they weren’t an item and to leave him alone." I like that too. Nothing between them.

"He hated being compared to his father, even more saying that he was exactly like him. He hated his father. All the horrible things he did to him when he was a small boy. He would always tell him that he was worthless... From that day on Draco promised himself that he would never be anything like his father. He would never murder innocent people and especially children. He was clenching and unclenching his fists and staring intensely at the person who accused him of being his father." AAAHHHHH! I am at the edge of tears.

I LOVED this chapter.
PLS update soon. OK?

You're great.

The Lady

Author's Response: Hello my Lady...again!!!:D who knew he had a heart?!?!?!

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Review #10, by The Lady of GondorAngel: The Train

8th August 2006:
WOW! I loved it. It is quite short, but still, it was great. To be honest with you I DO NOT like Pancy and Draco is my fav, although he is bad. There must be something good in him. I hope he will treat Hermione good. At least better that he usually does.

The Lady

Author's Response: thank you!!! it was short i know. it used to be over 1000 words then i deleted some stuff about Pansy so yea it turned out to be 900 words. I don't like Pansy either she whines too much. I am actually TOTALLY in love with Harry, but i have grown a liking to Draco since my good friend (dm_hg4ever) told me about this site and i beacame addicted to HG/DM so yea. not that i didn't like him before but now i like him MORE. oh trust i will make him treat Hemrione good. not at first but when he starts to fall in love with her. there is good in him but he doesn't realise it yet.

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Review #11, by The Lady of GondorAngel: SURPRISE

8th August 2006:
It is a nice beginning. Can't wait what happens next. Maybe Ron is a Head Boy. That would be cool and funny.
Keep on.
The Lady

Author's Response: The Lady of Gondor!!!!!! you are awesom!!!!! hehehe...thanx for reviewing! maybe in another fic i can make hermione and ron head boy and girl. it would be pretty funny. i think i might write a one shot for you!!!:D

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Review #12, by The Lady of GondorNo Longer the Baby: School

29th July 2006:
I loved it. It's really good and it promises a lot. I just don't know why Dumbledore is still alive and whether Draco and Snape are still working for Voldemort. I hope I will find that out in the ither chpters. Keep on. The Lady of Gondor

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Review #13, by The Lady of Gondor:

24th May 2006:
I am also obsessed with love/betrayal, and I LOVE yours. You are the only ONE that can make me ever cry reading a story. It WAS GREAT. I didn't loke the fact that Ron has become kind of clod-blooded and couldn't unredstand and "see" what Hermione feels. But there is Thomas. Everything else was great. It's cool Ron NOT to worry about money any ymore.
I hope and believe that Tamara and Luka will be together, too. They are made for each other, and wouldn't survive being apart.

Author's Response: Thanks! You know it means a lot to me that you read my fics. I love writing this one, and I am so happy when I get a good review! Reviews are always welcomed and make me happy. Mrs. Black

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