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Review #1, by SweetestSlytherinNot so pleasent dreams: A Dream

16th August 2006:
pigs dont sweat dumbass! sheesh! and ur welcome for the help onn ur pro!i like the banner!

Author's Response: np munkie

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Review #2, by SweetestSlytherinPoisoned Candy: Horcrux How-to and Hazards

19th April 2006:
nice.......i give u a 10!!!!i luff yew seotatop!!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks a ton sweetie! ( : ♥AMW

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Review #3, by SweetestSlytherinMatchmaker: Chapter 4: Back to school

17th April 2006:

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Review #4, by SweetestSlytherinLast Summer: After the Crash

14th April 2006:

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, stay tuned for the next few chapters for a lot more Draco/Ginny moments.

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Review #5, by SweetestSlytherinI'm Sorry, Mudblood: The Unthinkable

24th March 2006:
YAYNESS!!!!!! SweetestSlytherin

Author's Response: 'YAYNESS!!!!!!' ? You STOLE my word. (whimpers.)

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Review #6, by SweetestSlytherinPoisoned Candy: Deadly Dreams

19th March 2006:
ur a meanie!!lol!!well.....yea!!i STILL havent gotten a reveiw frum u yet either missy!!!!lol!!well comment already!!!lol!! ♥SweetestSlytherin♥

Author's Response: Sorry, I've been busy. But I have reveiwed now, with lots of constructive critism. Thanks for your review!! lylas ♥AMW

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Review #7, by SweetestSlytherinPREGNANT: dobby

16th March 2006:
u suk!!!lol!this chappie is awsome-ly sad!!!lol! dont help me much wen im already sugar high!!!lol! ♥SweetestSlytherin♥

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Review #8, by SweetestSlytherinPoisoned Candy: Pain

11th March 2006:
CHICK!!!!!!!1 WORD!!!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha! lylas!!!buhbye!!! ~S.S.

Author's Response: one word. no. so there. wutcha gonna do now huh? huh? lol. im trying to update. im going to this wednesday i hope. ( : ♥AMW

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Review #9, by SweetestSlytherinA Pureblood Can't Love: The Dream

7th March 2006:
awshome...awshome.....haha! ~S.S.

Author's Response: i kno....i kno.....haha! ~S.S.

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Review #10, by SweetestSlytherinForbidden: Seeing Through These Tearful Eyes

23rd January 2006:
wut in the world?!?!?!?!?! im cumfuzzled!! ur insane Rhianna!!!! but we still luv ya!!! ttyl! ur lil sis, ~* SS *~

Author's Response: cumfuzzled?! whatever! but what dont yu understand?! tell me why dont just tell me it is! and its probably cuz yu dont really read the books as well as some. so yea. ♥spiffichick

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